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Group Name NovelMultiverse
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Series (6) Chronicles of Heaven, Heaven Awakening Path, Isekai Nonbiri Nouka, Master of Science and Technology, Sword Whisperer, The Tutorial Is Too Hard
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Group Releases
Date Title Release
12/27/18 Heaven Awakening Path c75
12/27/18 Heaven Awakening Path c74
12/27/18 Heaven Awakening Path c73
12/21/18 Master of Science and Technology c3
12/16/18 The Tutorial Is Too Hard c177
12/16/18 Sword Whisperer c11
12/13/18 Sword Whisperer c10
12/13/18 Sword Whisperer c9
12/12/18 Sword Whisperer c8
12/12/18 Master of Science and Technology c2
12/08/18 Master of Science and Technology c1
12/07/18 Sword Whisperer c7
12/07/18 Heaven Awakening Path c72
12/05/18 Chronicles of Heaven c1
12/09/18 Chronicles of Heaven prologue
12/04/18 Sword Whisperer c6
12/04/18 Sword Whisperer c5
12/01/18 Sword Whisperer c4
12/01/18 Sword Whisperer c3
11/29/18 Sword Whisperer c2
11/29/18 Sword Whisperer c1
11/29/18 Heaven Awakening Path c71
12/09/18 Isekai Nonbiri Nouka c1