The Evil Man’s Lazy Lady


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This is a sweet, love story of a sloth and a wolf after they transmigrate.

One is a lazy girl who eats and sleeps, sleeps and eats and the other is a big, bad, black-bellied, older brother next door.

The lazy girl hides from place to place for fear of being eaten. The big, bad, older brother tries every means to eat meat.

The big, bad, older brother grinds his teeth: “You are mine. Don’t think of escaping anywhere!”

She burst into tears: “Older brother Wolf, don’t eat me, okay?”

He says at a critical juncture: “Okay, then you eat me!”

Thus, the lazy girl who had just found a good man worthy of trust…… was tied up by her bad older brother and ate clean!

A certain man’s declaration of love: What is a loyal dog? I will be a loyal wolf for you!

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Lippe tea
Lippe tea rated it
April 29, 2022
Status: c6 part2
After making an account in nu I never made a review before however this person 'sslsdm', the reviewer who gave two stars really forced me to say something. I wonder if this person is a kid or somewhere between the age 11-13. I really think there is no logic in their comment. Like dude calling the FL plain s*upid and dumb when she was totally ignorant of the real world in her past life, was living in her own world with little to no knowledge about the worldly things happening... more>> around her and reincarnated in a family as a baby where everyone protected her from the outside world and treasured her- I wonder if the s*upid and dumb one is her or someone else. For Christ's sake she was a SLOTH. A FREAKING SLOTH in her past life. She was living her whole life with only a thing in her mind which was 'How to live my life without doing anything' and was immersed in her motto. Having no care for the outside world or whatsoever she was basically living a sheltered life. And as for ML ha.... he was a wolf dude... hunting for keeping him alive, leading a pack of wolf and being their leader, fighting against the wilderness gave him the sensibility of understanding the world unlike the FL who was living in a carefree way. I would call the FL naive not s*upid or dumb. Read the novel carefully from the beginning and try to understand. I don't want this good novel get a bad rating bc of u ppl. <<less
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sslsdm rated it
January 29, 2022
Status: Completed
For the love of God, I cant stand FLs naivety. I dont mind if she's lazy or whatsoever but damn this girl got empty skull

Imagine being 10 years old and have a past life memories youre still so s*upid, are you a two y.o?
Compare to ML who is mature enough to understand thing happend in the human world this gurl is so....... Incredible.

She's so over sensitive, dumb, naive, and ugh childish.


there's one time she run away from home just bc her mother scolded her for saying something so damn rude about ML who lost his mother long ago, she said "he's a bastard his mother never teach him" or smth like that. And her mother scolded her, hit her bu*t tho (apparantely her family never hit her even when she didnt want to do anything like doing house work, always leaving it to her older sis that makes me think it's so UNFAIRRR to her. They praise her older sis for being hard working girl yet they praise this good for nothing FL just bc she's like A PORCELLIN DOLL LMFAO)

If I were her sis I could die while doing the dishes.

She run f*cking away and said s*upid b*tchy thing like 'oh my mother hate me, she doesnt love me anymore! She choose Xiao Lang (ML) over me, her own child! My family doesnt want me anymore'

She has past life memories, and have been a human for 10 years. And still have this mentality. Im screaming.

She run away to an older man house, and let him see her botty.... 😭 idk man, I must blamed her family too for not teaching her that man and woman is different and you cant let strangers touch or see your private part.

This is the part where I hate her so bad.

Her mom got sad and crying when they found her. She said smth like 'curse you girl! I gave birth to you and you think I dont love you?! Bla bla bla'

And this s*upid FL had a nerve to questioning her mother sentence, and when her sister take turn on saying things (saying like how their mom loves her) she got happy again and think her family still loves her!

Didnt feel guilty over what mess she caused.

like damn your mother let you free from house work, she let you sleeps all day and when she asks you to do the dishes, you act like the whole f*cking world turn against you. Damn, this sh*t is s*upid af.

I understand that is her setting to be a damn s*upid FL and a naive innocent little shit beauty but this is too much.

Ok maybe I just dont like super naive and innocent FL.


Abt ML


He's wayyy smarter than FL. Cunning and manipulative (?)

trigger warning! Close the spoilers tab if you dont want to know!



He r@pe her when she's 13. Mind you FL is dumb innocent and cant understand the way human common sense works, while ML even tho they're the same age understand lots of thing including s3x.

Apparantely he mol*st her since shes a child (both of them is a child tho but still he got his memories and understand how adult world works so.... uh and he knows she's dumb naive but still get his way anw)

And he told her like "promise me, never tell anyone abt this"

Uh... Feels aint right to me, kinda like an old man huh.

Idk man, he groomed her ig?


dont let my review hold you back reading this, maybe you have different opinion from me.

Edit : completed. Dont ask me why I can completed this. Even after getting married for years she's still s*upid innocent, lol this kinda hillarious bc imagine without ML she probably died in a day.

Apparantely I read the author other work, and their FLs setting is the same, which is s*upidly cUtE.

Had a problm with my rant? Dont @ me, this is my honest opinion tho.
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Ukimi rated it
January 31, 2022
Status: Completed
I really enjoyed the love story of the very smart ML and a naive/lazy FL.

I wouldn’t exactly call FL “s*upid” since she’s really naive and ignorant of the world. Even though this is her 2nd life, her 1st life was being a sloth. All she had to do was sleep and eat; she didn’t need to know how to hunt or kill things to survive like the wolf. Plus she became pampered and spoiled in her 2nd life from her family, so she was sheltered from the horrible things in... more>> the world. She’s gullible too as she trusts the calculating wolf who wants to eat her.
The one who suffers is our ML

in his 2nd life his mother dies from childbirth and his father was eaten by a pack of wolves leaving him all alone to fend for himself

in both is past and 2nd life. As a wolf he was the king, the best hunter and killer around. So when he was reborn he already knew how cruel the world can be.

So seeing this lazy x smart pair is very interesting 😆 the smut is good too 😌 <<less
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Neleothesze rated it
May 12, 2022
Status: MTL after C8
I have to start by saying.... WTH SORT OF DOCUMENTARY WAS THAT?! Do they know any word aside from 'lazy'? Sloths evolved to survive with very little, low caloric food. Compared to other herbivores that spend 2/3 of their lives chewing grass/leaves, sloths are extremely efficient animals. When other herbivores would have long starved to death, the sloth would still be alive.

Plot 4/5: The actual/human story was nice... with a few uncomfortable moments (ymmv) but overall interesting relationship development. Like others have mentioned, Shu Lan (the FL) can come across... more>> as lazy & naive, but she is a product of her environment, just like the ML - and heavily influenced by having been reborn with her animal memories intact! (When Shu Lan does bother thinking, her brain works just fine. But the brain is the most energy-consuming organ in the body. You should imagine how much experience a low-energy animal like a sloth has with reasoning & deep thoughts) TBH, Xiao Lang kinda creeps me out (this sort of scheming, two-faced character that's interesting to read about but you wouldn't want to meet irl).

Characters 4/5: I liked the period-accurate portrayal of village life, the Shu, Xiao, Qin, Zhu families and I really liked the secondary leads Cheng Qingran and Zhu Yuanbao... but since I knew they wouldn't get together with the FL, their side plots felt redundant (and skippable). Those parts didn't really enhance Shu Lan's characterisation and it was clear that as nice as both of them were, they were just there to advance the main couple's relationship. <<less
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whyareyousopicky rated it
January 29, 2022
Status: Completed
Thank you very much! I used MTL for one breath! I must say I like the smut very much! I hope the author will write one novel for her son as she mentions and I hope to be smut too >3<

I must say that this cnovel is the first one I came across with both youngest male protagonist and female protagonist marrying each other and also did it at such a young age lol and of course the laziest female protagonist. Only our male protagonist can tolerate her hahaha :DD
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Maiasia rated it
February 18, 2022
Status: Completed
It's a cute story with a simple MC and a VERY black bellied ML, each truly personifying the spirit of their first lives. Readers please be aware that this heroine is not brilliant or witty or very outgoing. She is pretty much her sloth self in human skin. She loves to sleep and eat and is truly innocent to the evils around her. She has no complicated thoughts or feelings, which IMO matches pretty well with the ML, who is the complete opposite. ML is a bevy of feelings and... more>> thoughts. He is cunning, strong, and totally his wolf self, overcoming challenges and rivals with ease. The protagonists of this novel starts out younger than many I've read, ML being sexually aware at a young "human" age, making me wonder how old both were when they'd died. It's interesting to read about their first intimate interaction even if my prudish self was a little uncomfortable (IDK why since I've honestly read more R-rated things.) This is an adorable read with little drama and a lot of dog food. It's not a novel to take in too deeply cause it's not trying to impart life lessons. It's a cute read to pass your time. It makes me wish I could find a guy who would spoil me even a fraction as much as the ML spoils the MC. <<less
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whitespade rated it
September 21, 2022
Status: Completed
First of all, the kids are really kids, they start heavy petting at 10 and s*x at 13 so if you can't with that, don't start. The FL has a bit of a brain problem so she thinks like a 5 year old. The ML is manipulative and try to dye FL into his own colour since little.

If you can look past that, this novel is pretty good! ML really love FL and eventhough FL is late in recognising, she also really love ML. There's no dog blood drama, just... more>> endless petting. Every one near and dear to our MC all have successful loving relationship so it's great that even side characters have happiness. I also love the fact that MCs are not super rich people, just normal hunters and farmers because her brain is really not good, it's more fitting for her to just live quietly like this. <<less
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July 9, 2023
Status: Completed
I came to leave my comment because I read that the FL is a naive fool and that the ML is double-faced and intelligent, in my opinion both are idiots, only an idiot would reject the opportunity to maybe become a marquis or something else, too It seems wrong to me to say that he r*ped or forced her, they only kissed until the FL gets her first period, which is when the ML and she begin their active s*xual life. I can't say that he ab*sed her, but if... more>> he manipulated her, it should be noted that by then she already liked him.


. It also seemed sick to me that his brother-in-law will marry the sister of the FL when the brother-in-law first thought of marrying the FL who was only 10 years old, because "when the brother-in-law sees how cute and naive the FL is, he is attracted to her, but He admits that he is a minor and that he may not be able to propose marriage, too bad" that sounded sick to me, adding to that that he later marries his sister and thinks something like "and now Shu Lan will be my little sister" Is he really? Crazy.


These types of protagonists are exasperating, if you just want to read something to pass the time, then read this novel and if you want to read something with quality, look for something else. <<less
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WhiteCh rated it
March 20, 2024
Status: Completed
It is a solid 3.5-star novel. Not particularly amazing but it's a simple novel with a good conclusion. Be aware that the FL, Shu Lan, is pure lazy she is a sloth literally and figuratively, so don't expect She is this secretly badass woman. Most of the problems are either solved by themselves or by our ML, Xiao Lang. So if you can not stand this kind of FL maybe this novel is not for you.

However, I still think you should give this novel a try since the focus of... more>> the story is not the conflict with others but the relationship development between FL and ML. So it is nothing more than a romance and a bit of drama happening there and here.

Now let's talk about why it is 3.5.

World Building 4/5:

Lol, I mean what can I say, the premise happened in the countryside in ancient China time, there was no political conflict nor were any wars that happened near our characters, just gossiping between women and petty conflict. There is The Capital, but it was just a passing mentioned. There is no martial arts conflict, assassination, or Taoist art. Couldn't even poke fun at any plot hole because there is just none since it is so simple.

The problem:


Some of you may be a bit uncomfortable, but most of the story until chapters 35-40? Is in their teenage years. Heck, even their marriage is an underage marriage (At least both FL and ML are the same age). At that point, I just pretended that they were 18, to make it easier to digest.


Character 3.5/5:

The FL, Shu Lan: Lazy as a sloth and naive like a girl who never meets conflict in life. The main comedy of the story is just about how lazy she is and how frustrated her mother with it but can't do much be all of them still love her.
The ML, Xiao Lang: Good old loyal and dedicated ML, like a wolf to his mate.
Rather than the FL, I think what makes this story fun is the development of our ML. It started a bit like enemies to lovers, The ML had a grudge from a past life with the FL because she defeated him. But as time goes on He starts to like her and wants her to be his wife.

The problem with FL:

A lot of people give this novel 2/5 because of the FL, but In my opinion, her behavior is not much of a problem, I think the author knows this, hence, the main reasons for most conflicts were not a result of her naivety, just petty scuffle between children and women. I can't even remember any problem caused by her other than the one at the end of the story, even then it is small and was solved in one chapter. So yeah, relax guys, I can see her behavior being a problem if the premise of the story is in the harem or martial arts center world, where there are a lot of green tea b*tches or white lotuses, but what exactly do you want her to do in a small village? Condemn some 10-year-old girl's family to execution just because she pushed her or called the emperor and demanded 100 whips to the girl, if I were her even I would just find the conflict quite absurd and funny. To justify her behavior:
Not much of a spoiler to be honest, because it was shown in the first chapter.

In the previous life, our FL is a sloth. No, I am not kidding, she was an animal called a sloth. But died together with ML, who was an Artic Wolf (Both she and ML killed each other LOL). If you guys are familiar with what sloth is, I think you know how inefficient their lifestyle is and that is the life principle our FL live with. It doesn't help either because her Family pampered her and our ML in the later part of the story will also pamper her. There is no big conflict that would drive the FL to do some big brain move.


Conflict 3.5/5:

When it comes to romance other than one boy who likes the FL, there is no third party that tries to divide their relationship or cause much ripple. The ML is also fully dedicated to the FL.

The Conflicts are small so I just mention the important ones. The first started with hate from the ML and The FL was scared of him. So the ML bullies her as revenge (He can not take losses from our FL lazy ass, don't worry the bully only consists of forcing her to walk, switching her food with bitter one, and pulling her hair) but at the end still take care of her need. But when another young boy pops up, is when the ML feels the crisis and tries to get her. ML's love only fully blooms and starts to fully pamper her when

ML's father dies

and the FL comforts him. Another conflict is related to ML's side of the family when


His aunt tried to steal ML's family money and make him hunt to earn money. For context, ML's mother also passed away when he at the age of 7? Years old. So don't be too harsh with him

, by the end though our ML solved the problem.

You could say that ML's life is more tragic and melodramatic than the FL, she won the golden lottery and have a family who was willing to take care of her and love her lazy ass. The conflict is mostly central to our ML endeavor of getting FL and a bit of development of FL's realization that she likes him, 3.5 is probably an appropriate score.

Smut 3/5:

Eh, I would say meh. Compared to other stories it is not that spicy. The first smut does not even start with FL and ML. If you guys want smut just read the last 20 chapters, it is when they are already married and go ham with the smut. The first part of the story mainly builds on their relationship since childhood, so it is not that surprising that the story is not smut-centered until around chapter 30s.

A simple romance story that starts with a simple premise and ends with simple but a satisfying conclusion to the story. A quick and easy read if you can get past the FL's unusual characteristics. Mainly focus on the romance between FL and ML, with a bit of comedy on how lazy she is. I quite like the story and the author doesn't drag the conflict and story too long either, it knows when it should end and doesn't stay long. I say give it a try until chapter 30s when their comfortable with each other and then drop it, if it still not up to your standard. <<less
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111catcat rated it
July 10, 2023
Status: --
I have seen a lot of naive FLs but this much nativity & s*upidness seems like a mental disability. Couldn't complete the novel bc plot is not good for me either. I felt some physical pain while reading about FL, a 13 y.o don't have to be like a 5 y.o even she was a sloth in the past. You can make a character naive & innocent without taking it this far. The worst part is she doesn't understand what's happening to her when ML was doing s*xual things to... more>> her. <<less
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Eeria rated it
April 3, 2023
Status: Completed
It’s a 2.5

There is barely any romance. There is a bit of smut and many plot holes. I dislike the FL, yes she is lazy but more than lazy she is happy to be a fool who only like to sleep. Though the trait tend to lighten toward the end, it’s really not convincing. Laziness isn’t enough to justify the lack of personal growth but again it’s a light smut novel so should not have any expectations there. ML is subpar but at least isn’t not an as*hole though he... more>> was a bully. <<less
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hastingsj rated it
January 10, 2023
Status: Completed
No drama. No real romance either. Some smut. The MC is a reincarnated sloth very slowly learning to human and having low goals/standards. The ML is a reincarnated wolf who wants nothing more than to have an exclusive relationship with the MC where he isolates her from all her friends and family (yeah he's evil no joke)

This gets a 3/5 from me despite being interesting and a rather unique premise mostly because of some uncomfortable factors:

1) the characters are way too young to star in a smut novel ... more>>

the MC and ML are 13 years old at the age of marriage and start being s*xual with eachother before the age of 10. it is gross.


2) g*ooming

both MC & ML are the same age, but they have vastly different mental capacities. The ML takes s*xual advantage of the MC very very early on (when she does not understand what it is and he clearly does) and spends most of the book tricking/threatening her to not tell her parents what they did. It honestly feels like pe*ophile behavior. He clearly knows that if others found out he would be in trouble


3) the MC isnmore than just slow

she is uninterested and uneducated to the point it feels like a mental disability. It makes to ML taking s*xual advantage of her worse because she clearly does not understand the situation & would let literally anyone take advantage of her no questions asked. its not a relationship or romantic. all she knows is that getting kissed and "poked" feels good


4) never strive for anything & ignore all opertunities

there are weird hanging plot threads in the background and the MC is too lazy & uneducated to notice or care, while the ML goes out of his way to turn them down:

  • MCs brother-in-law has some secret political background
  • her brother is a scholar (who has a secret hidden expert master who taught the emperor) & he will be taking exams to become an official in the capital
  • her grandpa returns and takes her parents away to play out a noble family struggle drama fully in the background... while she gets married in the countryside at 13 and everyone is just okay with these 2 kids living alone while they all go to the capital.
  • The ML is recognized for his potential by an old army master retired as a rural blacksmith (same guy who taught the emeror). wants to raise the kid to be a god of war... and ML is just kinda like nope... I dont need power or martial arts or anything else. If I had any life outside the MC, someone else would take s*xual advantage of her.
It feels like there is a whole second book happening in the background and the author doesn't care bc these two 13yr olds (who know nothing about life outside their small villiage) starting a family (at the age 13) is the goal? <<less
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Freyalily rated it
September 18, 2022
Status: Completed
The ML an as*hole at first, but he will became better and better

He kinda groomed the FL tho haha

FL is very lazy, but not the type of people will hate kinda lazy, she become less lazy when she grown up and understand stuff

She still kinda naive tho, but not annoying to me


What I dont really like is, they had s*x pretty early, if im not mistaken, 13 or 14 something?

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stella.novels rated it
July 4, 2022
Status: Completed
Nothing special but it's good. I don't feel that FL is boring or anything. Honestly, I liked her and I usually hate s*upid fl. ML was good. I loved him being gentle AND NOT HATING HIS PARENTS AND THE SHU FAMILY!! I hate ML who hates every human other the fl. "He onky has fl" "He hates everybody other than her😍" 🤮🤮. I loved seeing him sad for the... more>>

loss of his parents

and that he cares for fl's sister. I gave 4 because I didn't liked the author writing about others. The novel is and should be about them and a little about others so you just know their backstory and why they act like that. It was interesting, hot and short. <<less
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Anastrisha rated it
December 21, 2023
Status: Completed
I swear I already put this at the novels I already read but somehow it's not bookmark...

The story is nice and fluffy. I love the dynamic between the two, tho this story isn't that memorable beyond the two leads.
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dnd rated it
October 31, 2022
Status: --
It's funny if you don't think too much about it.

The FL and ML are an animal reincarnation so even if they are a human now, they still have the previous life characteristics. Like the FL who's have a habit like a sloths and an prey kind of mindsets and so it's the ML. This comes with plus and minus part. As long as you could set it on your mind you'll have no problem reading it (in my opinion).

I've not read it far enough but I do plan to finish... more>> it later.

The translation is good, the writing also good. The story is actually quite heavy but being folded on gentle vibe, it became a light one for those who want it that way. <<less
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