Joyous Debt


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In order to survive, Tang Huan must seduce Song Mo nine times in his dreams!

Naughty little fairy vs Tsundere male lead

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czeihne rated it
November 24, 2021
Status: Completed
I know it would sound as smut with the title and the goal, but this one has a plot. The FL needs to enter the ML's dream 9 times and get him committed to snu snu with her willingly.

Summary below

... more>>

Dream 1, it was hard for the FL to seduce him as she was a bald nun, ahahhaa.

Dream 2, she is his little niece, not blood related though, since the 2nd uncle was jjst picked up. When her father died, she lived with her 2nd uncle and cancelled the marriage agreement with another guy. Everytime she successfuly seduced him to bed, before she was taken by the light, she will tell the ML that she does like her and she will seduce him again on. Remaining dreams he has

Dream 3 She is a widow, still a virg*n and the ML wasa butcher, the ML initially felt disgusted with her since she allow men to talk, hold her hand in public.

Dream 4 She is dressed as boy, applied as an apprentice and the ML became her Master in learning Lantern making. The ML here is kind and gentle person, their story is quite romantic.

Dream 5 The ML has a twin brother, who wanted to marry the FL. During the wedding, she only found out about the twins but the ML would be her brother in law. They got married but did not consummate since the guy was tricked to do it with her maid.

The twin died and they eventually got together, one thing here is that the ML, somehow recall their previous life as Master Lantern Maker and apprentice...

Dream 6

ML is a young master and she is a maid hired to take care of a cat. Which has the same name as her when she was an apprentice.

This time, both of them have memories of their previous lives

ML can only remember her as in Dream 4 and 5. at the end of Dream 6, he was able to recall her in Dream3 as butcher's neighbor.

Dream 7, FL was a wealthy businesswoman taking care if her brother as her parents already passed away.

She hired the ML as one of her men to look after her brother and as her people to protect them. In this story, she was the passive one the ML was pursuing her

He noticed that all dreams end when he c*m inside her, so he insisted on holding back or not doing it entirely with her as he was afraid that she'll be gone again and start a new world


scratch. She was sent to a bridal chamber as Generals wife where the ML killed him, and since he cant accept he allowed FL to marry someone else, it made him decide to end that world and start a new one

Dream 8

This one is quite a difficult situation for FL this is because the ML remembered dream 2, the uncle-niece, and before the dream 2 ends she said, something like, she only hooked him to bed. So in this dream, he has been waiting for her and knew that when the original body is about to die, she will occupy the body.

This time she was caught, she somehow confessed that she was a ghost who has 1 month to obtain yang. She almost told everything but lied that she doesnt remember past lives and her real identity in the real world.

He killed his father who just got married with a woman who looked like the FL.

He prepared a dead body to replaced the woman and took her away. He waited as she got sick and died, then the FL took over and questioned her what she was doing to him all these lifetimes.

She still pretended and was asked to accompany him to the barracks as a male servant. She has been asking him to help her find a man since she has a 1 month deadline

Like the cliff jumping scene.

Dream 9

He was able to remember what she said when she was a bald nun about her being flower thief for 9 lives.

He's a prince and she's the daughter of prime minister. They both pretended not to know each other while the ML promised not to trust her this time. Battle of wits between them as to who would show their feet first. They eventually became honest with each other,

all cards down. I like the

stabbing scene ahaha

They went back to real world, both with previous 9 lives memorjes. The chase continues and they got married in the end and had

a son and daughter. When they finally did it in real world, they were doing role play with all their 9 chracters. Ahahah

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FairyWithoutWings rated it
November 15, 2021
Status: Completed
I love it. This is one of the books I finished only in 2 days. Chapter is until 123 and completed.

I want to thank the translator because if you did not pick this up. I won't even find this gem. Love love love
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loveaddiction rated it
January 19, 2022
Status: Completed
Just one word! The FL is extremely scum! SHe doesn't like the ML. She's a flower thief and her first target is actually the ML as soon as she comes down the mountain so it caused her accidental death LOL because she thought the ML was an ordinary person! (ᗒ ᗨᗕ) She's extremely scum in every dream but the ML always falls in love with her in the end LOL. It's funny~
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oyasumi_pp rated it
February 14, 2022
Status: Completed
Excellent QT! Did not expect it from the summary/smutty premise but it’s so good.

In fact, the plot is very heavy and well executed. Not that much smut actually so I wouldn’t even say it’s a smut novel lol.

The characterization of ML and FL has an interesting dynamic. FL is not your conventional character and is not shy about s** and her actions and bravado surprised me a lot even though she’s kinda scum she’s not without feelings. ML is your typical kuudere cold guy who turned really warm once in... more>> love. Their chemistry is really good 😍! Character development of the ML and FL is good. I can see clearly how romance is developed in this novel. You can see the journey of how they overcome misunderstandings and their preconceptions. I like how ML do not fall in love too easy with the FL. I haven’t read such a challenging QT task novel since Male God Come Here. So this definitely go to one of my top 3 fav QT novels!

The length of this novel and each arch is also appropriate. Translation and MTL quality is also good and readable. <<less
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