You, My Devil


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Yuri, the Prince of the enemy country who colonized Heina’s homeland, Constance, and brutally murdered her fiance.

Called the red-haired devil, he takes Heina, the Princess of Constance, as his trophy.

The person she can never love starts asking her for love…

A romantic fantasy of a man who tries to defy fate and a woman who is trapped in his world.

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나의 그대는 악마
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Latest Release

Date Group Release
03/07/22 Mystical Series c7
02/28/22 Mystical Series c6
02/22/22 Mystical Series c5
02/15/22 Mystical Series c4
02/07/22 Mystical Series c3
01/28/22 Mystical Series c2
01/17/22 Mystical Series c1
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