I Became the Tyrant’s Helper


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Ahelissa Seraf, a traitor who became a helper of the tyrant.

“Your parents abandoned you. So forget about it and live.”

She grew up as an orphan in the Pelanders, the assassination guild of the Kingdom of Lobel. However, Ahelissa, who had grown into an adult, ignored their warning. She left her home as an independent woman to search for her parents who had abandoned her. Instead, she finds an injured man in an alley near her house and helps, and unable to turn her gaze from the pitiful lad, she offers a helping hand.

The man was none other than the most powerful in the Kingdom of Lobel. The king.

“There’s something I want to check.” The man caressed her skin with his calloused hands and whispered, “I wish you could come with me to my palace. That’s my suggestion.” He was acting strange, spouting dangerous suggestions.

It was even stranger that Ahelissa couldn’t find herself rejecting his proposal.

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폭군의 조력자가 되었다
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Realvnv rated it
February 28, 2022
Status: c12
Is the source written correctly? 'Cause I'm %95 convinced that Wattpad is where it belongs.

I usually read a bit more to write a review to see if the work actually gets better, but I don't have a hope for this one lmao.

It was obvious how shallow characters're gonna be from the 1st chapter alone:

... more>> The MC chick, a child whose parents cared for a great deal, found that her parents abandoned her one night.

Now, how do you excpect a child to proceed? I repeat, she was greatly taken care of. Wander the streets in the serch of them? Ask everyone she saw on the way if they had seen her parents? Wait in her house for fear that her parents wouldn't see her when they came back?

... well, she did wander the streets, but then followed back a total stranger to their house.


Ya sure quite quick to adapt and trusting, sis.

Then a huge ass time skip and we see her dragging a man, who is hunted by god-knows-who, to her home.

Here, I want to say that the man who took her in as a child (nope he wasn't an organ trafficer or a s*ave trader or simply a pedo 'cause this is a novel) is the head of an assasin guild. She never recieved a professional training, BUT AT LEAST CAN'T I EXCPET HER TO KNOW WRONG FROM RIGHT? WDYM LETTING HIM IN YER HOME? ARE YOU NUTS?


Ehm, this girl's brain circut is a mystery on its own, maybe it just shut itself down on its own accord after witnessing the girl blush 10000th time that night.

ML is also annoying. He is like an air filled balloon that a single logical sentece could make it go puf!

He also keeps finding our blander-than the-air-this-balloon-has-in-it MC "interesting", "fascinating" yada yada.

The usual but cringe nevertheless.

Translation us fine, +1 for it, otherwise...

PUF! <<less
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skevansye rated it
December 28, 2022
Status: c29
The author desperately wants their characters to be clever, but they're just... not?

Our FL decides she can't leave at night because she doesn't know the man she just dragged into her house, but then proceeds to leave him alone while she goes to work the next day.

And why would someone who grew up in an assassin's guild ever drag a guy, who was very clearly stabbed, into her home in the first place???

She's also supposed to be clever because she guesses the ML's "clues" which are almost laughably bad. At... more>> one point she's like

oh you brought me here to pretend to be your girlfriend because this tattoo on my neck is related to someone you know and me pretending to be your girlfriend has something to do with that person, right?


Why is that your first thought? He can want a fake lover for so many reasons, but he's like no you're absolutely right- you're so smart omg.

I also just don't care about the plot.

I don't care that someone's trying to kill

. Neither character is likeable and they're just so dumb.

They also have no chemistry, unless you count all the times she just randomly blushes at him. Literally only the translation is good.

2/10 do not recommend. <<less
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