The Elegant Sea of Savagery


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Irina Noviac, the eldest daughter of the Marquis, was entrusted to Count Elenoa Schuberg after her father’s business continued to fail. All rights were handed over to Elenoa, whom she has known since childhood.

“You belong to me. So don’t go messing around.”
“Are you treating me like an object?”

However, even though she became a maid, her reputation of a “Crazy b*tch” during Academy days will never change. And now, Irina, who is self-disciplined and confident, stands in front of Elenoa.

“I can do more than what meets the eye. I can even do manual labor.”

Elenoa, who wants to own her completely, and Irina, who is trying to move forward despite difficult situations. What kind of voyage will they embark on in the future?

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우아한 야만의 바다
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January 24, 2022
Status: --
I don’t know this has such a low rating when only one chapter is out?
I’ve been reading the manwha and I really like it.

The male lead is respectful to her, he doesn’t force her to do anything and tries really hard to make her not work but doesn’t stop her when she does.

she’s fiercely independent but pretty naive at the same time.

her fiancé is struggling too much with his own family problems to commit to her.
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January 24, 2023
Status: c19
I don't know if this falls under Dark Romance, but the main couples don't feel very romantic at all. In fact, there is more romance between the FL and her long time childhood boyfriend. The ML has been obsessed with the FL for over 7 years, but she still feels nothing for him despite his entrapment.

Up to Chapter 19, the story feels like it's going no where. She still loves her childhood boyfriend from beginning to her current status. And the ML is still doing dark hidden things to keep... more>> the FL chained around him. In fact, the whole story resembles Wuthering Heights somewhat. But while there's tension because of the ML's dark behavior, the ML is too dense and stubborn to be any fun to read about.

I'm dropping this series because it's just slice of life so far with very dull repetitive details of her love with her childhood boyfriend and the 3rd wheel ML trying to entrap the FL. <<less
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Gebieterin rated it
July 8, 2022
Status: c14
The author is exceptionally talented at creating unique, complex characters driven by different motivations. The great characterization lends to an engaging, albeit dark, plot.

The one character is a true yandere (which I'm guessing contributed to some low ratings despite "male yandere" being one of its tags...), so just skip this if that's something you dislike.

But if you enjoy complex characters, an interesting plot, and awesome translation, I highly recommend this!
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May 23, 2022
Status: c1
I originally started this with the manwha adaption & later learned it was also a novel. I had found some very poorly translated English chapters of the webtoon but got the gist (I was impatient waiting for the official English to release). I'm thrilled to see this is still being translated since when I originally checked here there was only one chapter. I'm trying really hard to be patient so I can binge a bit as more chapters get released. It's a good story tho, if you're into possessive and... more>> calculating ML's.

Really, nothing says "I love you" more than raising a black market empire to buy the debt of the family of the girl you love just so you can keep here under your thumb indefinitely. Yanno? 😂 But in all seriousness, give it a chance. Four Seasons does an excellent job translating for ease of reading.

*Four Seasons if you see this BTW, idk if you have patreon or some other way for readers to tip/donate funds for your hard work but I'd definitely like to thank you, I fully understand what a difficult task this is while not being paid to do so. I appreciate all of your hard work! 💜💜💜 <<less
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Sammybunny40 rated it
March 26, 2022
Status: --
If you like manipulative, obsessive, love struck MLs then this is the story for you! I really enjoy it, but it's pretty heavy handed. There is plenty of the ML making things incredibly difficult for the FL and backing her into a corner where he is the only option. He does try to let her have her freedom and for her to do things her way, but it seems the Yandere side always wins out in the end.
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