Sweet Villain


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“Everyone gets what they deserve.”

She thought he was the savior who would prevent the fall of her family, but he was an invader who drove her to the bottom.

“I gave you a choice, and the decision is up to you, Ms. Han Seo-Yoon.”

“Up to me… Why are you doing this? What did I do wrong?”

‘Not because you did anything wrong, but because you stand out.’

Tension and excitement are turned into hatred and contempt, and Seo-Yoon’s heart is trampled down before she can even confirm the identity of her emotions.

Love? Of course she didn’t love him.

Insanity and obsession felt in a calm consensus.

The more they tried to escape, the more they were tied up, the affectionate oppression.

“Nothing started it, as you said, but it makes no sense to end it.”

Is there any way to get away from him before being thoroughly broken?

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다정한 빌런
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