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“Do you want your passport back?”

He stared straight at her eyes that were clearly shining under her short bangs.

“…Give it back.”

“Then you will have to work hard for it.”

While she was chewing the meat in her mouth hard, the next piece of meat came into her mouth right after. Avoiding it was not as simple because she thought the fork would become a weapon in this man’s hand.

The meat that she barely chewed and fell over her neck in chunks.

“What should I do to get it back?”

“While growing up, did no adults tell you this? You can’t just say what you want, so don’t say it like that.”

A large chunk of meat could not fall over and felt stuck somewhere in her throat. Sarin clenched her fist and tapped her chest.


“Well, if you’d just spent that money on laundry, we wouldn’t have had a chance to face each other like this. Don’t you think so?”

It was a simple favour until the money was received, and then it was malice. Owen’s interest borders on malice. His golden eyes glistened. It looked like a completely crazy look, it gave her goosebumps from the inside of her wrist.

“…My flight is just around the corner. I have to go back.”

Not interested in feeding anymore, he laid down his fork carelessly. She could hear the sound of metal hitting the plate.

“That’s your situation.”

Word is that her situation is not over yet.

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_EyeCandy_ rated it
February 10, 2022
Status: c32
The story is really interesting so far. Usually in stories like this (involving the mafia and smut etc.) the FL is always strong and she knows how to kick ass. However, it's kinda cool to see another FL that's not that OP and is just desperate to do things because of the people she loves (her sister and nephew). She has her own weaknesses but she's not fragile either.

The more she learns about the place, the stronger she becomes. She has a really good character development so far. Also, the... more>> misunderstandings are easily cleared up in the early chapters which is very good.

I also love the ML because he asks for her consent first before doing anything *ehem*.


Anyway, when she said stuff like "don't lay a finger on me, the ML agree. like "ok sure, so if you don't want me to touch you then I'll just masturbate in front of you" (trust me, this scene was so hot)



The masturbating scene was ch 22 I think, or somewhere in early 20s. And their first night was ch 30.

Trust me, it isn't like some other smut with bland and "meh" scenes.... their scenes are really hot hahaha

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