The Empress Returns


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When the Arpen Empire decided to no longer wage war, small countries nearby could finally breathe. But this peace was meant to be shattered, for soon after, envoys were sent to each country issuing a golden decree to each of the royal families.

“To establish an alliance with the Arpen Empire, each kingdom must send a princess to become a Crown Princess Candidate. The princesses will undergo six months of training to divide them into those who have the potential to become empress and those who will be concubines. Any kingdom disobeying the imperial edict shall be seen as enemies and their access to the River Judith’s stream will be blocked.”

“The God of Judith” was an age-old love song that had been sung from generation to generation. The ballad passed from the grandma’s lips to the little girl’s, from her to another, and another… etching a place in time. But this was no tale of admiration and envy, for all whose ears it reached agreed that the God of Judith was foolish.

Standing by the banks, a woman gazed at the River Judith before her… where the god may have stood thousands of years ago, her hand resting on her heart, a suffocating feeling clutching at her.

“The god isn’t the only one who’s foolish… Humans are the same as well… You and I.”

Viola’s long-cherished dream was not to marry and be someone’s wife but be hailed as the queen of the Kingdom of Koronis. She longed for the crown, even more after losing her only flesh and blood in the war. Once a half-royal, she struck a deal with the king to restore her status. It was a political marriage to the Crown Prince of the Arpen Empire.

“I’m going to be a queen, and I will take my identity back.”

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돌아온 황후
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9 Reviews

New alette
Jun 03, 2024
Status: prologue
Smut is top-notch! Some plot holes and sudden transitions without detailed explanations. But, overall, I like how the author made the FL to be a strong character. And no unecessary villains that will frustrate you. Would read again!
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May 02, 2021
Status: --
From reading this I think it had a good premise at the beginning. Like the FL is bad ass and I love how skilled they made her. The thing I heavily disliked is how naive they made her. She just married him without looking into him LOL. Believing he's a knight and not the crown prince. I- than the ML he always peer pressures her into the more intimate moments. And don;'t get be started on how he manipulates. I honestly expected the story to go another route than what... more>> they went with. I hope she kills him LOL <<less
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Jul 19, 2021
Status: --
  • It is said that "leave your reviews on novelupdate and support " so I am here and leaving it and thank you for your hard work
  • And I would recommend it because it has a very strong FL (that everyone always complain about) aside from that I kinda really felt bad for other princesses I really wish that it solved for good and synopsis is kinda felt deep and that's all
5 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Jul 16, 2022
Status: c185
There are a few moments that are confusing, but overall the story is well written and well translated. I guess those confusing moments can be blamed on the final plot twist.
The smut is... a lot. If you’re here for it - you won’t be disappointed. FL and ML want each other even though FL is conflicted between her love for her homeland and her feelings towards ML. He tricks her into falling for her, but she forgives him somehow (probably because all the pleasures he could give her - as was stated multiple times).


All the major plot twists are rather childish and easy to predict. The fact that they were fated lovers and were meant to be together for many generations before was something that even a monkey could have predicted, but we’re not here for that - we’re here for the smut. And smut is what you’ll get and you won’t be disappointed. She finds out that ML cheated her to be his wife even though he’s the crown prince she despises but she still can’t live without him. She runs away, regrets it and she’s happy when he finds her. I’m just glad they didn’t bother with long description of what has happened in those 8 years they spent apart. Not much has happened. She gave birth and there was war. But once again - read it for smut, not the plot.
He wants to punish her for those years when she run away and tells her that he no longer loves her, but he can’t even act accordingly. And as soon as he finds out that he’s the father of her child they suddenly became a loving family. There was no reuniting, no confessing their true feelings. They just had s*x and started acting like they can’t live without each other again. But than once again - we’re here for the smut and smut it is.


The transitions between some actions aren’t smooth, at one moment they say they don’t love each other and I’m the next chapter they can’t get their hands off each other.
But if you’re here for the smut and a completed translation - you’ll find a few days of addictive read.
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May 30, 2021
Status: c61
It's okay. It's using the usual plot devices like secrecy, lack of trust, dubious consent, political intrigue of sorts and emotional drama without much novelty, thereby making the novel feel a little flat. It's not totally unreadable, though -- the smut is hot and the plot is intriguing and promising, but the storytelling is a bit meh.
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Sep 05, 2022
Status: --
I don't write much reviews because I'm not good at it but this novel is a bit underrated (in literal sense) imo..

Plot was good but I think author is new to writing because there are some obvious flaws and amateur narrations. Although he convey the basic story greatly but along the way he introduced some good plot points and ended story without realizing their potential. As for world building and lore, he added some points just as plot convenience and plot armor which seems obvious upon reading.. And biggest flaw... more>> was in writing some plot twist...


there were 3 most important turning of the story. 1st was a time skip, before time skip happened, FL thought of escaping ML after she find out (misunderstood) that ML is cheating on her (there were also previous circumstances where she already hated the ML and just when she was falling for him a little she saw ML cheating on her). Well, just when this scene over and FL thought of escaping, boom next scene 8 years already passed and she's still on run and ML came to find her after. And author did not explained how she escaped, who helped, what was the aftermath or how ML was doing, where she went to hiding what, she suffered, nothing, and the next scene they are having s*x... Even afterwards some events of time skip are just casually narrated in 1 or 2 line.



2nd scene was the ending scene there are 2 events happening, 1st the FL got in hostage situation and tried to escape from the castle of the divine and scene changed next thing we see ML fighting a God and loosing to him, the God is gloating in victory and we see FL fired an arrow towards the God everyone looked at her in disbelief and scene changed whole country celebrating the victory over God for 1 week... I mean wtf without any warning or narration FL just appeared and we got no scene explaining how she escaped, and as for ML vs God it was most exciting thing and ended abruptly without any action.


Anyways, story have lots of smut scenes I mean every 4 chpts after there are 2 chpts of smut... Although it was indeed hot and good but repeatedly reading it was exhausting, and even my horni was gone halfway through the story..

Well despite my criticism I did enjoy the story and so my ratings... For ratings on the site, it sbould be 3.6~3.7/5 so ppl would not misunderstood it as tr*sh but only an avg read <<less
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Jun 23, 2023
Status: c185
This is a really good novel. A lot of smut (sometimes too much) but the plot is also good. Nothing groundbreaking but pleasant enouth to read the story until the end and throughly enjoy it.

The translation is also very very good
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Sep 27, 2021
Status: c51
It started off as a good novel but the FL is giving me a headache with her "I hate you but I love you" attitude.


spoiled myself to read latest chapters and it confuses me how they could snu snu right after they kill all the knights with her in the same place they kill them. Even as far as declaring that he no longer loves the FL but can't get enough of her.

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Sep 17, 2021
Status: c90
We have a lovestory with revenge (more or LESS), a bit of mythology... Not so bad. But the dynamic between the main characters sucks.

I'm curious to know how the legend came true and what about her revenge !The translation is excellent; To read without waiting for a masterpiece!
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