Be Indulged


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Amelia, the ‘dirty lady’, who has become the disgrace of her family because of the stigma of killing her fiance.

When she was invited as an Empress Candidate, she knew that she wouldn’t become the Empress. She was only forced to go to the capital by her uncle to find a man to entrust her future with.

And while the Emperor did want Amelia to be the Empress…

…It seemed like he already knew her.

A strange, le*d sound echoed through the room. He said looking closely at her face,

“And I advise you, don’t do anything useless.”

As she gave him a puzzled look, he grinned and pointed down with his eyes. She saw his manhood poking her thigh.

“It’s up again.”

Contrary to his languid expression, his manhood stood ramrod straight again, as if he wanted to take her at that very moment.

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9 Reviews

Apr 30, 2022
Status: Completed
Please note that there were a rap* and violent scenes included in this story that maybe will trigger you so please read this at your own discretion.

No, the rap*st wasn't ML.

... more>>

The one rap*d FL was the general from barbarian army who came to invade FL's fiance (Elliot) territory. The rap* scene was detailed so it might be a bit disturbing to read.

Technically, Elliot and ML also "rap*d" FL at that time but they're under the general's threat. That event really traumatized both Elliot and ML. Elliot chose to kill himself out of shame and ML was depressed because he "rap*d" the woman he loved.


ML was actually a good guy. Although he's a bit yandere, he didn't force himself to FL even though he could do so with his status as the emperor. He was afraid of reminding her of her past trauma if he embraced her so he waited until FL took the initiative herself. I also love him because he accepted FL the way she was even after "that thing" happened to her in the past because not all man could accept it even though love was involved.

FL was also a likeable character. We'll see how she changed from a cheerful woman to a gloomy woman with severe inferiority complex after "that thing" happened. And then under ML's love and care, she turned into a cheerful woman again and was able to regain her confidence in front of other people. She really deserved to be happy. <<less
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Aug 11, 2021
Status: c2 part2
The story seems very intriguing. FL has lost her family except her younger brother and is with her uncle who hates her. ML already seems to have an obsession with her but so far he seems like a nice man, a change from other novels.
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Mar 23, 2022
Status: Completed
It’s twisted, it’s dark, well written, and well translated. It’s short and sweet much different than what I’ve read so far. For once the ML is complexed and 3 dimensional and the FL is also likable. There was a part where I audible gasped from shock. Smut was good but at times the story was far more interesting and I was rushing past those parts lol check the tags if you’re triggered by violent acts
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Nov 04, 2022
Status: Completed
Before you read, a reminder to read the tags ESPECIALLY if you are sensitive to some. This has "rape" tag. This time that tag is not just because ML forced himself into MC (must be noted that ML at that time was a weak and young figure that was threatened to do so by the actual rapist), but because MC was violated by an enemy general and used as a plaything that others could use for his entertainment. Once more, do not read if you are uncomfortable with... more>> that tag. You are already warned, if you still read and complain about it in the reviews---

I find the overall romance plot sweet and refreshing as it talks about a traumatized r*pe victim (MC) and the ML doing his best to make her recover. It's my first time to see a "male yandere" who didn't punnish nor care that MC had physical relationship with others and instead direct his anger on the ones who are really at fault.

However, I just have a few problem with this novel:

    1. "previous ch & next ch button" are wonky. Often times it will bring you to the wrong page and so if you are not keeping tabs with the number, you might just find yourself lost at what is happening until you realize it's the wrong chapter. Similarly, the chapters in the latest release at novelupdates also had 2 wrong link (directing you to the novel's description) and had missing chapters, hopefully by the time this review is finish they would have fix it already as quite annoying.
    2. "Childhood Love" tag is not real. I read this for this tag and I just want to point out this is non-existent unless you consider being teenager as still being a child. ML is 15 and MC is 18 when they met. I removed that tag to reflect on the actual story so it shouldn't be up there anymore.
    3. Incoherent translation. I feel like some got lost in translation and editing. It's not that bad as I could still understand the intention for most but there's one that I'm still confused until now: are ML and the first prince half brothers or not? At one point it said "the first prince pass the throne to his half-brother", but it kept indicating that the empress dowager is the biological mother of both, and nowhere had it said that he's not the prev emperor's child (I think by then he wouldn't be able to succeed him).
    4. Politics and Social Rules. This one is really leaving me at loss. I initially thought that author didn't think it through and was willing to make brain dead dramas but almost everytime it shows us the drama, it would explain why it would normally not happen.

For example is the sister of MC's ex-fiance. There's a part where despite being aware of the emperor's favor to MC, she still continued to PUBLICLY harassed her. For someone claimed to be smart and mingling in aristocrats, why doesn't she know when to shut up her mouth? And it's not like the country is lax on insult as we get to see that as soon as the emperor's brother heard it, he immediately condemn her and about to punish her.

And then there's the empress dowager. I seriously have no idea why she's targeting MC? She's already at the top of the pyramid, so long as she doesn't do anything s*upid she could easily live a comfortable life as her son is the king and the other a grand duke. I could understand if she doesn't like MC because of her reputation but I don't think it warrant her to do things that threaten her own position? I think as a dowager that live and remain in her position without any illegitimate child, she shouldn't be that dumb to go against her own child, especially when she is aware why he values her (MC). She could have easily tried doing other internal issues that could cause conflict and misunderstandings with each other and thus threaten their relationship but noo, sell out your country cause yes.


Other parts I found weird is how ML never consider having his guards to protect MC (this could have easily avoid the later angst) until it was too late and then there's the dumb enemy general that thought it would be fine to have a physical relationship in an imperal palace of another country but could easily assume as him being dumb just as how heartless their king is (selling out his own general oof).

Finally, ngl I wanted to read the story of ML's brother but just couldn't stand him in this novel (he had help in causing the problem in the later of the novel) and so might not read it immediately. <<less
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Helen nufa
Helen nufa
Nov 11, 2022
Status: Completed
I read the reviews first saying that there was r*pe in the novel but didn't expect it would go into detail on that despicable scene. So yes, it was dark, very dark, for me. I probably won't read this again in the future. But the FL was very strong, I salute that. And the ML, he can't see anything else but FL. My heart breaks so much for the misfortune that befall on FL 😭. Despite this was a fiction, it happened a lot in the real world. Probably much... more>> worse. I pray that may everyone be happy, always. <<less
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Sep 04, 2022
Status: Completed
I don't think I'll want to read a novel like this ever again.

... more>>

I know it was tagged as "r*pe" but the ML being one of 'those who touched her' really doesn't sit well with me even though he was drugged and I thought the r*pe thing would not happen completely but they did to her multiple times ㅜ.ㅜ I'm so mad and sad that I feel like the FL didn't receive that fair justice that she deserves. I would prefer it if that shitty barbarian didn't make the ML do it to her too. I was waiting for a heavy plot twist but there's nothing that can ease my mind. It's really disturbing. This kind of novel is really not of my taste. Fortunately, I read this first bcs I was about to read author's other books and saw it has "abusive characters" and "r*pe" tags too.

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Jul 08, 2022
Status: c11
I’m kinda iffy about this entire novel.

But, one thing that I think every reader of this novel should be aware that the relationship between the male lead and female lead is not really healthy.

Read it if you want to but just go in knowing that before you start reading.
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Tang Ning777
Tang Ning777
Jul 31, 2023
Status: Completed
It was dark! I didn't expect this turn of events at all. I mean it was clear what trauma Amelia had suffered but the extent of it? It slapped me across the face. I cried for both Amelia and Carlos.

Let's talk about Amelia. She was pretty good. Most of the time, in historical Koreans web novels we only see the most innocent and shy FLs who can't do sh*t for the life of them. But here I only saw a female lead with unimaginable strength in her character.

As for the... more>> ML, he was kind of a yandere with conscience. He treated Amelia with such tenderness. I can't imagine the trauma and guilt he had suffered. Seriously, I cried for this man. Carlos was totally giving the perfect male lead vibe but with two-faced trope. I liked his possessiveness, his affection and enthusiasm for Amelia and even his viciousness for anyone who dared to harm her.

While reading the synopsis I thought that it would be straight up smut with barely any plot. But this?

The spicy scenes were good.

The plot was plotting.

The characters were three dimensional not just paper figures.

The character development especially for the FL was satisfying.

I am excited for Claude's story!

And before I go, can we appreciate the last speech Amelia gave to Durante? Mic. Drop. This queen ate and left no crumbs. I am so proud of her for this😌😌😌 <<less
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Nov 15, 2022
Status: --
I’m astounded by the amount of good reviews on this. This fic is so... bad. There’s a whole mini mystery going on but not really because it was told to us in chapter 3 I believe (this is 10 chapters with each chapter split into multiple parts)

Everyone is bullying FL bc of this “mystery” that happened in her past but in comes the emperor who apparently knows her from back then but FL conveniently doesn’t remember him. And of course the emperor is madly in love with fl... for... more>> really what seems like no reason.

I primarily came to read this bc it seemed like a quick read that would have decent smut. Well, smut is not really here and their relationship is incredibly cliche. I really wanted to avoid saying it’s cliche, but really.

pitiful noble girl with tragic past x powerful emperor who just really loves her and knows she’s a victim!

I don’t mind reading stories like that, honestly. But this is incredibly poorly written. It’s just so much bullying while the character being bullied says “... ” and it goes on. If FL is bullied, ML comforts her. If an enemy is bullied, we’re supposed to cheer bc that’s what they get or something.

But it all feels so childish. I wanted to at least make it to the first proper r19 scene, but the story is so uninteresting that I just don’t even want to force myself to read more. <<less
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