To You Who Will Destroy Me


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She was in possession of a romance fantasy game for women. Although she was a supporting character, she was the youngest daughter of a graceful and beautiful noble family.

The moment she was about to be happy under a comfortable environment and with the warm love of her new family. The supreme darkness of this world has permeated her life as if it was the last apocalypse.

“Erel Elorence.”

Barkan Hamash, a villain who will kill his first wife and destroy her family. A man like a deadly venomous poppy flower has proposed while having a chilling smile.

“I fell in love at first sight. Please marry me.”

Oh My God.

The first wife that was killed by his own hands that she mentioned, wasn’t that her?

“I’m sorry, but I’m completely blinded by you,” A man worse than the devil whispered abominably, pretending to be sorrowful. “If I get rejected, I will be so upset… I wouldn’t know what to do.”

On top of his head, there is a huge figure that stated [Favorability -18]

She had already played the game and she knew it well. If she refuses him, she knows what kind of ending will be waiting for her. So, she had to stop her impending destruction somehow.

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나를 파멸시킬 그대에게
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3 Reviews

Spatika shetty
Spatika shet
Feb 12, 2022
Status: c24
Beware that theres r*pe in this story. The ML doenst really love the FL yet. So if you enjoy yandere stories where the ML is madly in love with the FL, this might not be for you right now. This seems more like a slow burn type of story.

The ML is scary. If I was in the Fl's position, my head would have turned white from stress. I've read alot of novels where the ML is considered to be fearsome and dangerous but this is the 1st novel where I've... more>> genuinely feared the ML. I think the reason why I find him to be scary is because it reminds me of true crime stories of men who enjoy torturing and raping women. Obviously the ML doesnt physically torture the ML, it more like mental torture. He enjoys playing mind games with her. But he does have a sadistic desire towards her.

I like the FL's character, shes no mary sue. Shes not dumb and is smart enough to be able to deal with the ML. I honestly admire her personality coz I would have multiple mental breakdowns with all the stress she has to deal with. <<less
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Jan 25, 2022
Status: Chap 24
Trigger Warning: R*pe, noncon and dubcon.

Read this novel with eyes wide open at the trigger warnings and the problematic content depicted in the novel.

The male lead, is an extreme yandere. He is a morally reprehensible man who derives pleasure in exacting sadism, especially towards the female lead.

... more>> The main draw of the novel is the female lead. She is aware of the dangers she is in and tries her best to survive through intelligence and resilience.

As of Chapter 24, the latest chapter translated by the ever talented Shy Heaux Translation team, if you're up for an erotic, psychological thriller, do give it a read. <<less
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ani ianna
ani ianna
May 02, 2023
Status: Completed
I have finally completed this novel through google translate man it took me nearly 1 week to finish this slowly sometimes binge reading finally today at midnight I finished reading it it was a fun ride ML was a little red flag in early chapters like after 30 chapters we see character development from both FL and ML sides he is too afraid of losing her at starting he was a big red flag but after reading we will know both characters are made for eachother really well I really... more>> like the FL but only 1 thing I wanted her to have is big interaction with her original mother (goddess) she was her real mother she should have shown more real emotions towards her a hug from daughter to her mother I what I only needed the most....

Well whole novel was very good but they could have made those long chapters a little short without giving much details in deep for me personally I enjoyed but it would have good if they would have reduced the amount of chapters to like 170 something they are in total 240 but still it was good I appreciate the writing skills......


actually the game yrel is the half part of lee rayeon our FL our FL is from this game world and daughter of the godess Nashva her last child who because of falling from high place split into two forms and born in different worlds just like an egg the real content of egg is what should be eaten but the outer shell is just the body which doesn't have have soul response etc. thats what happened in this novel lee rayeon is the soul part who born in Seoul accidentally instead of her real world other part was born in gae world that's why she was incomplete in herself without her other part they both needed eachother to become one true self.....


It has more plot in comparison to smut.. <<less
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