KR (4.2)
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A world that suffers from an emptiness that devours people and a disease of the mind… The only way to solve the situation is to summon a being from another world and sacrifice them. Those who were chosen as sacrifices were all old or wounded and were on the brink of death, and they gave their lives for the world, receiving everyone’s respect.... more>>
KR (3.2)
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Lohengrin had been betrothed for eight long years.
Even when she lost her voice, her fiancé remained steadfast by her side, never once breaking off their engagement.... more>>
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A commoner girl.... more>>
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“I’m getting married soon.” ... more>>
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Humanity’s first 8th Class Mage.... more>>
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Roseline was married to Grand Duke Melchor, the empire’s number one knight.... more>>
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Belinda Curtis is a training instructor for the Royal Knights that is well-known as a level-headed and blunt person.... more>>
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She entered the world of a romance fantasy novel in which the original heroine entered the villainess body.... more>>
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Erit, Ezet’s older sister, runs away after three years of signing a contract marriage. In the place of her runaway sister, she entered the Duke of Jaxen’s castle.... more>>
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A few years ago, her daughter said.... more>>
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Olivia Claudel, the despised of the Duchy of Deorc.
The employees of the mansion gave her the cold shoulder. While the Duke’s adopted son, Kevin Deorc, r*ped her continuously.... more>>
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Amelia, the ‘dirty lady’, who has become the disgrace of her family because of the stigma of killing her fiance.... more>>
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Something’s wrong; it's like I’ve been possessed.... more>>
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Alusha, the princess of a fallen kingdom, had an unwanted marriage with the emperor, the conqueror.... more>>
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I knew Winry would not look back at me, but I only hoped that I could stand by him in the shadows.... more>>
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After an unhappy marriage, Rose Etoile dies miserably at the hands of her husband, the Emperor of the Solstern Empire. Somehow, she goes back to the day before the emperor's marriage proposal to her, and at the rate she's going, it looks like she'll have to marry that bastard again.... more>>