The Princess’ Bedroom Doll


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Raha, the unwanted Princess in the golden cage.
It was one winter day that her tyrant brother gave her a s*ave to warm the bed.

“Didn’t your servants tell you to listen to your owner well?”

“So. What should I do?”

The man was a prisoner trampled by the empire and a s*ave on the verge of death.

His eyes were full of hatred.

She must also have been the object of his hatred.

Raha was willing to give her life to the hatred.

However, the eyes of the man who returned had changed.

“Raha del Harsa. I want her as a prize.”

The Princess who wanted death and the s*ave who wanted her.

What is waiting for them at the end?

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황녀의 침실 인형
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10 Reviews

May 19, 2022
Status: c54
I wouldn't call this my favorite novel, but it definitely is enjoyable and very nicely translated. Plus it has what I came here for.😉😏

Background: Raha, the FL, is a princess who inherited the "eyes of the successor". This made the rest of her family hate her because the "eyes" were supposed to go to the heir of the throne, Raha's twin brother. Enraged, her brother then develops a complex and, to prove that he is strong and the rightful ruler, goes on a military conquests across the continent, taking over... more>> any country he can get his hands on. He also develops a crazy obsession with the FL. Because the "eyes" protect her from danger, he can't ever hurt her, so instead cages her and adorns her with jewelry and gives her "s*x s*aves" from his conquests, while keeping an extremely tight leash on her. It's during one of these conquests that the FL's brother captures the ML and gifts him to the FL. Because the FL hasn't had anyone close to her before she grows attached to the ML. And there is lots of smut.


The FL is interesting. She's trapped by her crazy brother and doesn't have anyone to support her, but still tries to make the most of the situation. That doesn't mean she's a pushover. She can be cruel when needed, but is also kind and tries to help those in need. I love how smart she is. She's not a super genius but has learned how to handle her brother and play politics to protect herself.

The ML is where this story falls short. I don't find him very interesting. Although we still don't know much about him, at chapter 54, I find him rather dull and a flat character.

I came her for the smut, but actually stayed because of the FL and her crazy brother. 😂 And the amazing translation!

Overall Rating: 7 <<less
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Jan 07, 2022
Status: c87
It's dark, it's angsty, it's sexy, and I'm very much intrigued to see just how much worse things can get for everyone involved.

The lead couple manages to somehow walk the line of power imbalances in a way that doesn't turn me off. Their dynamic has the salaciousness of a master and a sl*ve, and the pure earnestness of two victims finding comfort (and maybe a little bit of hope?) in each other. There are no misunderstandings between them, Raha is depressingly straightforward and broken and Shed uncovers the truth behind... more>> her bad reputation immediately.

Beyond the smut, there's your typical court drama and hinted at traumatic backstories for princess Raha and her evil twin brother. I'm excited to read more, which isn't surprising given the author is the same as "Princess Shu" and "Tragedy For The Villainess." <<less
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Jan 02, 2022
Status: c12
Since no one is writing an early review of this exciting novel, I will. Though it's still too early to give an overall review, I think an initial reaction would be acceptable. The story's premise has potential and is intriguing, especially the complex female lead, Raha, the mysterious, s*ave-male lead, Shed, and the mad twin brother, Karzen. These characters have their roles, but I can't say much information when there are few translated chapters.

I can't accurately describe Raha as she's a bit odd in some areas. She's empathetic in her... more>> peculiar ways. However, it might come off as pretentious; Raha is just a sad, cold, and lost soul. Aside from her current status as a "doll princess" created by her crazy twin brother, if power is given to her, she has the potential to be as cunning and cold-blooded as her twin. Raha gives off the vibe of 'not caring enough to give anyone sympathy when my situation is as f*cked up as yours, ' her cold reasoning of lowering herself and her tendency to be resigned of her pitiful life is a bit painful to read. She feels so empty that you'll be able to think she can't escape her fate of a caged bird. Even though she's smart and perceptive, she can't move that much because of how much power her brother wields, so she has no option but to be submissive. To add, her reputation is hanging loosely, all according to Karzen's schemes.

Karzen has a sister complex to Raha to the point of having a questionable obsession to either kill her, giving a twisted brotherly love, or just a predator on the prowl. Aside from being a typical blood-crazed tyrant, Karzen is likely to harbor dangerous feelings for her twin sister (I hope this is not the case, but since he has a love-hate relationship with Raha, he might be, but then this assumption of mine can be wrong as the POV is limited) then there's also the mysterious s*ave whom we haven't heard of his point of view yet, except to his obvious sexual attraction to Raha, Shed certainly is planning something in the shadows that has to deal with Karzen in some point. So I think that Shed and Karzen will eventually fight to possess Raha. The fun part hasn't started yet, and while the smut is definitely consensually hot, our girl Raha ain't passive in bed either. <<less
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Feb 08, 2022
Status: c26
Oh my goodness, this novel has me hooked! Fair warning to squeamish readers, this novel is on the darker side, and does not hesitate to include taboo material. That's what makes it all the better for me, though, as I enjoy more mature content. It'll keep you on the edge of your seat. A rare novel in which I'm invested in the FL's clever efforts to survive and manipulate her brother.

I'm not surprised that a lot of people hate him, as he was written to be hated, but I actually... more>> really like the villain in this novel. It's her brother, by the way, who was designed to be utterly psychopathic, somewhat narcissistic, creepily, nearly incestuously obsessed with his twin sister. Despite all that, he doesn't feel like a caricature of some cackling villain that we're supposed to loathe for the sake of pitying the protagonist, he actually gives off an eerie, frightening vibe. He actually lives up to the 'Tyrant" title that so many "Tyrant MLs" get in other, less adult-oriented novels get.

The relationship between Raha and the ML is also really intense, in the best way. The smut does not disappoint; it's spicy, and simultaneously really depressing, haha. They're both broken individuals that slowly figure out how to live again when they interact with each other.

Anyway, this is a great refresher among the many regressor/isekai stories that revolve around the same plotline. Looking forward to the rest! <<less
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Jan 23, 2022
Status: c22
Still at chapter 22 but Im sooooo into it! The pacing of the storyline is so well written as well as how the author created the well detailed characters. I love how the top tier psychopathic brother Karzen Del Harsa is, to her sister; so creepyyyyy yet it makes you want to read more.

Thank you to the author and the translators for this mind boggling, intriguing and well written novel. More translated chapters to come, jebaljuseyo 😍❤️
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Feb 19, 2022
Status: c29
I try not to start novels before they have at least 50 chapters, but I love the cover, so I couldn't stop myself from reading it. (I love pretty art, honestly.)

And... I'm blown away. It's an R19 novel, so there is a lot of sex, but that aside... I'm enjoying this so. much. The FL is amazing. She's able to make most of her terrible situation by using whatever is available to her. She doesn't stop herself from making important and somewhat cruel decisions, but at the same time... more>> she's compassionate and kind when the situation calls for it. I'm really happy to be reading about a smart FL.

And I love the dynamic between her and Shed. I can tell, this is going to be an amazing novel and I'm glad I discovered it. <<less
4 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Jul 11, 2022
Status: --
The brother is really crazy but I'm rooting for ML and FL. Lots of snu, lots of angst. I don't see much imbalance between the two since ML


does return back to his original position to help save her.

3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Feb 25, 2022
Status: c30
It's interesting. Karzen is scary af for a bro to have and I'm not even surprised for any mental/behavioral issues Raha may have developed from years of enduring his psycho twin's atrocities. In a way, she's quite strong to keep living in her own way with no allies at all.

Shed is a bit mysterious. Their time together and intimate scenes are like her recess/stress outlet. Lol
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Jul 31, 2022
Status: c80
FL Raha reminds me of the badass, scheming-behind-fake smiles, mentally unhinged Roxanna from "To Protect the Female Lead's Older Brother" but trapped in the position of Princess Leah from "Predatory Marriage" with the obsessive brother who secretly wants to sleep with her and control her every action.

Her past and present is a tragic living nightmare. She is helpless and powerless (literally has no personal guards, no familial love, no allies except for her personal doctor), but the only reason she has survived for so long is because she is incredibly... more>> smart and knows how to act as the perfect doll in order to maintain her facade. She does not allow herself to feel true emotions until she meets the ML.

Although ML is brought in as her "s*ave, " he rarely behaves like one, especially in the bedroom -wink wink-. I really like how their relationship progresses in a healthy way and


although they lie to each other about their true feelings before the separation, they quickly make up and communicate through their bodies and words when reunited.


FL's brother is a piece of sh*t psychopath and gets what's coming for him. <<less
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Aug 02, 2022
Status: c81
TLDR: It is a mind f*ck. The ML and the Princess's Doctor are the only rational ones in the bunch. It is a good story (don't get me wrong). But it is a mind f*ck. If you know that going in, I'd say read it with a few tissues next to you.

Trigger Warnings: r*pe, Malicious sexual predator behavior, Mental abuse, Physical abuse (mentions), Traumatized people, Suicide. Healthy Relationships/Mental Health of Characters: There are none of the FL's family is mentally healthy.

The Emperor is psychologically abusive. The mother was psychologically and physically abusive. The Former Emperor attempted murder. The entire royal family is f*cked up (excuse the language but it is appropriate to describe the level of mental illness pervading the family).

The FL is a traumatized person who emotional abuses and r*pes the ML. (She has her reasoning but I think it could have been written in a way that avoids the abuse to the male lead and would have given her the sympathy vote while also showing she was not mentally stable.)

Storyline: There are extended flashbacks and multiple narratives in this novel. The drama is intense. (I recommend having a few tissues next to you when you read.) There are moments where the FL's situation is so sad I cried. The drama depicted is not your teen drama stuff. It deserves that 'mature' or 'adult' genre. The drama and storyline intertwine to create a very intense story. There are times when the translation is unable to properly express the drama and meaning the novel. (The translators try really hard to bridge the language gap but there are times when I was thinking "wha?". But the storyline is just complex that makes the translation hard (in my opinion).)

Overall: It is a complex world. The world building is somewhat lacking for the storyline. The drama is intense. The translation is great. (They do a good job at answering some of the questions a reader might have about who is talking, flashbacks and other such things.)
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