My Vengeful Former Lover


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‘Even if our marriage, which the emperor has decided, becomes my revenge on you. Shouldn’t you endure it, my lovely bride?’

* * *

When her father’s strategy, which led to rebellion in the neighboring country to make his son-in-law king, had failed, Deatrice, who lost her fiance, ended up getting engaged with the emperor’s favorite knight to avoid the crisis that befell her family.

As the duke’s daughter, marrying a knight was a shame. What’s even worse was that the person she had to marry, the emperor’s favorite knight, was Lucius Elliot. He was her former lover, who she had to break up with because of her father’s opposition six years ago.

Lucius was a passionate and affectionate lover. However, he lost his title and his land and was pushed to the battlefield after he was proven to be an illegitimate child by the Deatrice’s father’s trick.

Six years later, the two of them faced each other with the situation reversed, bearing the bad memories of the past. Deatrice was becoming heartbroken by Lucius’ action, which she couldn’t tell whether it’s an act of revenge or regret…

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부러진 가지를 잡지 마세요
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7 Reviews

Jul 31, 2022
Status: c42

I don't know if this is truly a smut because there aren't any scenes yet so far. (CH 42)

In my opinion, this story is very realistic. It's not the typical Romeo and Juliet where they'd do anything for their lover and run away with them even if it means abandoning your current life just because, "In the name of Love".

NOPE, this story shows how the FL valued her life, and her dignity more than her love for the ML. She chose to stay in her mansion instead of running... more>> away with ML. She might look like a bad person in the eyes of others, but I think this makes it more realistic. Some people would value what benefits them more instead of throwing away their life and living in a world where they would have nothing but each other. I don't blame her for her decisions.

Just think about it? Do you think you're ready for the harsh consequences of running away? And do you think your relationship is that strong that you would readily throw away everything you have for the sake of love?

You would have second thoughts too.

As for the ML, I understand his grief too. Being abandoned by the one he loves the most, being treated like sh*t for being an illegitimate child, and being sent to war so that he'd die.

I understand how his heart became so cold and icy and now wants to take his revenge on Deatrice.

Anyway, I believe that if they communicated properly with each other and if Deatrice sincerely apologized, maybe, just maybe, they can start things all over again. However, this will probably take time and effort, because wounds that deep need a lot of time to heal. <<less
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Feb 27, 2022
Status: c13
I'll give it 4 stars as there's only few chapters yet. So far I like the story.

What the readers should consider while reading this is that Deatrice was also a victim here.

... more>>

And even if she agreed to run away with him , it was more likely that the duke will find them and his life would've become even worse.


Also this story is written mostly on Deatrice's pov so even if she thinks she did all wrong to him, we cannot trust that judgment completely. There is a tendency for memories to get distorted over time by emotions. So maybe, just maybe she is blaming herself more than she deserves. And maybe she would've acted differently if she knew he was an illegitimate child beforehand.

Can't blame the ML here too as he had no choice in being born or becoming the heir of the county.


And it seemed he also had no clear idea of what happened when he was six years old.

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Dec 20, 2022
Status: c100
I was hoping for some angst, some slow burn and some nuanced characters with this novel, but the male lead is irredeemable. The MC was actually okay, her past mistakes definitely changed her attitude towards other people and herself.

As I said, ML is a piece of work. I was done with him by chapter 58. By chapter 99 he was no better. He goes back and forth between hateful and h**ny, but there’s no hate smut, so it’s not even hot. It’s just sad.

I’m dropping this at chapter 100 because... more>> everything is just sad, both the ML’s lack of self-awareness and the MC’s lack of options. She is truly pitiful and he made her that way. The only thing that could redeem this story is if she turned around and ruined his plans. I realize the whole idea is that he’s “getting even” with her, but this is too far. Her father ruined ML, not MC. I cannot continue this novel knowing that she’s somehow going to forgive him after he’s repeatedly revealed what a terrible person he is. He may not be sadistic, but I would almost prefer that at this point. It’s less cowardly to be straight up about it. His only redeemable quality is his pretty face.

This entire story would make a great premise for her rebirth revenge story, it’s that hopeless. <<less
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May 19, 2022
Status: c34
It's very interesting. I really like the character dynamics and I know there's going to be A LOT of growth from both characters. The MC reflects and thinks a lot about the issues that have occured and I honestly really like the way her love for the ML is portrayed - not infallible. It's real and not unconditional.

The story is only like 34 chapters long right now, but I can FEEL that this is gold.
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Eloise Azz
Eloise Azz
Aug 07, 2022
Status: c62
The story is refreshing since it didn't have any of the usual cliche tropes. Unlike other korean novels that overuses the reincarnation and isekai tropes without even any good reason behind it just because its the trend. This novel reflects a more realistic view of love that other current novels of our time seem to overexaggerate believing that with the power of love everything works out.

I like the fact that both the ML and FL have their flaws and that their reactions are consistent with their personalities and circumstances. The... more>> angst that this novel gives me is satisfying enough as we see the internal struggle of the characters in staying rational and true to their hidden intentions whilst also slipping from it because of their emotions and past.


That would be when the ML doesn't pull any punches when it comes to acting out his vengeance to the fl. For instance, when he manipulated the staff of his manor into thinking that the FL is a sickly woman to justify his actions of ostracizing and denying her any authority within his house.

I love that he doesn't just plainly harasses her like the other leads in korean novels but actually makes a logical approach to avoid any bad repercussions towards him by the people in the mansion.

The FL is also not any pushover that just accepts this treatment but also tries to figure out to turn the tables on the ML by acting out as the sweet and sickly wife he wanted just so she can make him let his guard down.

This is one fine war of attrition between ex lovers.

But despite all the scheming, when it really matters the most they still end up worrying for the well-being of the other person. Like when the ML got shaken up when the FL almost got mauled by a wolf. His reactions are reasonable not because he's in love with the FL again but because anyone would still feel disturbed when the person you used to love have gotten into danger in front of you.


Overall I really do look forward for the development of this story that's why I am giving it a 4 for now. I hope it keeps at with its smooth progress so far and hopefully we can get that steamy smut sooner. <<less
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Jan 26, 2023
Status: c1
I really liked the female character, she is not a bore who keeps crying in the corners on the first difficulty.

When you read it, I understand that it seems like she is a villain and he is a saint, I agree that the way she ended things was very immature, but if you think about the social context of her life at 19, she running away from a life good to be with a guy who lost all his money and status overnight?

I don't believe she's bad for thinking about... more>> the future and her quality of life.

Not to mention that the male character seems to me like a guy who really needs a good talk with a psychologist since he has a lot of resentment kept against Duque and Dea (even though he is aware that it was not her fault) he still has the pain of break up and also because he changes his mind a lot and has a few tantrums, I'm not particularly a fan of him. But I'm completely in love with the female character.

I want to thank the translation team for the incredible work the translation is very good, I spent all day reading the 112 chapters available. Thank you. <<less
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Sep 07, 2023
Status: c1
is this dropped? someone please help

for my review... this story is amazing. it has the perfect amount of as*hole love interest, and he makes up for it. the protagonist is very interesting. it took me a couple of tries to get into and im so glad I stuck with it.
1 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
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