The Distinguished Cute Master


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Yuan Chu and Ye Chen Yuan are both characters of a xianxia novel. When she gain knowledge that the body she transmigrated to is none other than Yuan Chu, she claimed that she must fight the protagonist for opportunities!

I can’t become Long Aotian but I can definitely become the female version of him! Unfortunately, even though her idea is great, she was still killed as the Last BOSS in the end.

Luckily, she was reborn again and the protagonist at this time is still a child!

In front of her was a boy who looks so thin and rugged but the gap on his eyebrow proved that he still had the domineering side of a King despite being little.

She made two choices.

1. Kill him. Look what he’s going to do then!

2. Cultivate him. In the future, just and honorable ask him for something in return.

However, since she wants to get all sorts of treasures from the protagonist, driven by her greed in money she finally chose the second option. Who would have thought she will carelessly raise the honest cute young boy to a two-face big bad wolf instead! When he grew up, he took out the treasures he kept to seduce her!

“Master, what do you want? This one or that one? If you want it, how about doing dual cultivation with this disciple?”

Master’s cheeks streaming with tears: If only I had known earlier that I would have to sell my body like this…

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Meng Shi Zai Shang
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03/19/19 MayO c2
03/13/19 MayO c1
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New Sam7 rated it
March 18, 2019
Status: c61
Kinda reminds me of Rebirth of Tyrants Pet.

FL rebirth into a Xianxia world and decided to become female boss, killed by the ML and reincarnated again, this time is 6 yr olds. Meet the ML again, decided not to kill him, instead hug his golden thigh. Accepted him as a disciple. Along the way ML fell in love, wants to deny his feelings but just can't. FL is clueless, well you know where this is going.

Feels like nothing new to me. Seems ok so far.
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New Jeonjkook rated it
March 17, 2019
Status: c119
This really cute romance story between the master and her disciple
2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Evelyn Guz
Evelyn Guz rated it
March 13, 2019
Status: --
Woooa I see this novel en spoilers and read the raw, I'm soooo happy someone is translating this. To people that hate lolicons, I dont know if this is in the tipical loliconmania novel with hecchi touch. Because the MC is 7 and ML 10 and MC even when she has 10 years still look like 8 years, ML began to love MC early, but the puberty hit him hard, and he is a little possesive, but he's resolute to not touch MC till she has grown, and taking notice... more>> that MC lookls like7 and is an inmortal, ML mught have to wait at least 100 years. The truth the series is super funny, about a master that inside of 200 years and behave and looks like 7 years. And a ML that is the discipul and is the adult that want to protect the master against her rectless actions. Maybe sound dull but the nivel is really good and funny <<less
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MayO rated it
March 14, 2019
Status: c1
Hello dear readers!

It's MayO once again with a new novel this time. This series is filled with fun and adventure, due to the quirky behavior of Yuan Chu, added with the "yandere" tendencies of the novel's protagonist, Ye Chen Yuan!

BTW, this novel was translated using MTL so don't expect a spot on translation, english isn't my first language either so if someone would pick this up, go ahead!
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