The Distinguished Cute Master


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If you transmigrate into a cultivation novel, you absolutely have to fight over opportunities with the protagonist! I can’t be Long Aotian, but I can be the female version of him!

Unfortunately, as beautiful of a thought that was, our protagonist was still killed off as a boss by the male lead! Luckily, she reincarnated again and returned to when the male lead was a child! Seeing the little thing, bone thin with a vague hint of domineering flashing on his face, she had two choices:

1. Kill him. See how he’s going to be so overpowered when he’s dead!

2. Take care of him and honorably ask for something in return in the future!

Thinking of the treasures only the male lead could get to, the money crazy her chose to take care of him.

But who would have known that she would accidentally raise this cute and upright little boy into a black-bellied wolf! After he grew up, he used his treasures to seduce her!

“Master, do you want it? Then why don’t you dual cultivate with your disciple?”

Master, with tears streaming down her face: If I had known I could get treasures by selling my body, why would I have been a boss in my last life!

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Meng Shi Zai Shang
인생 3회차 스승님
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loreli rated it
May 8, 2019
Status: c1
Hey, everyone! This is the new translator for The Distinguished Cute Master! (Nice to meet you all!)

I honestly fell in love with this novel at first glance; it's just so cute, it makes me feel so fluffy inside!

Plus, it has an absolutely adorable manhua too. And if you've read the manhua already, try reading the novel for extra backstory!

On a side note, it might be some time before I can post. Our website is under some construction right now. Meanwhile, I'll be stocking up on chapters! Apologies for the... more>> wait!

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Fantasy-Magician rated it
May 29, 2019
Status: c785
This is one of few Xianxia novel I haven't get bored with after 500 chapters and that says something...

So- let's start with the bad part of the story because you just have to swallow the bitter pill before you get to the sugary sweet part.

    • Yuan Chu the main character have quite a likeable character, but be warned since she is set as "Plucky Girl" type of MC so... she just doesn't fit the mold of a girl who has went through so many hardship in three lifetimes you expected her to be. It DOES show later on that she is not all sugar and sunshine but it's very subtle.

      Nothing can get her down except for her obsession in Ancient Mirror. She seems to pin all her hope and wish on it, which revealed to be the reason why she is not the broken bird she suppose to be after everything she has been through.

    • The Male lead will develop to a Yandere later on, so if you're disturbed by this kind of character development get the hell out from this series.

      There's nothing

      "Yandere-ish" about Ye Chen Yuan, he is almost a full pledged yandere from the get go. He bribed his rival to not pick MC as master in case he lost the competition. He cut off a villain's hand for touching Yuan Chu's chin and by the time their feelings become mutual he has a mindset that if Yuan Chu dies it can only be in his arms.

    • Like any other Xianxia novel, it branches out to neverending adventure Inuyasha style... at least not as bad as Inuyasha since the author didn't recycle the plot too much except with their parents.

      By the end of the day... neither Yuan Chu nor Chen Yuan are orphans, but it does get annoying when both of them get their parents back and both parents have their own issue that semi-orphan MC and male lead in the first place. Both parents have problem because of miscommunication, which can be solved if either of them are as agressive as Male Lead ironically enough.

Now... the sweetest part... which is explanation of how their character become they way they are, at least for Yuan Chu and Chen Yuan

    • Ye Chen Yuan in the original stories is iceberg type of male lead, who has no interest in girls but then he become the most attentive and pampering male lead who will wait on Yuan Chu for almost everything

      It turns out later on that their second reincarnation is the doing of first life Ye Chen Yuan who realized his feeling for Yuan Chu too late. Using the mirror did a damage to his soul and he vowed to treat Yuan Chu well and give her everything she wanted, hence- why in this reincarnation Ye Chen Yuan is quite unhinged when it comes to her.

    • Yuan Chu isn't a Mary Sue who wants to save everyone... well, she tried when she can do so but she does have some calculation in what she did and more often than not it's for Male Lead's benefit.

      Her character is also obviously flawed with her on track of mind and childish thinking that DID hint hidden trauma such as her desire to not grow up which later on revealed to be her fear to remember being rejected by male lead the first time around.

    • Revenge target list isn't growing is always a plus in my book, especially for reincarnation story. They fight out of their need to survive and not because there's more man behind the other man making them suffer. At the very least with the big bad there's no indication it's really that personal.
    • Guys falling in love with MC for no reason whatsoever... as one reviewer mention, it actually doesn't happen in this story. At the very least there's an explanation of WHY she gets so much attention. Male Lead aside... most guys fall for her after she saved them, or they find out about

      her body type that's perfect for double cultivation.

      The more shallow reason later on is because she went to a school that encourage matchmaking and using a very beautiful disguise.
Anyway... I will give this story 4 stars for holding my attention for

785 chapters and still counting~
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munchiedi rated it
May 2, 2019
Status: c130
I found this one after reading a similar template of FL experiencing God's favour of hitting restart. After being reborn, I find the FL really lovable. Like I could understand why the ML would be super possessive of FL.

Even if she is a mischievous one, loves to act spoiled and at times a bit lazy. She is super protective and hands on in giving support.

And eventhough some may be turn off with ML falling from Mt. Everest hard in love (to the point of teeny line of obsession) with FL.... more>> Like wtf she is 6.

I honestly admire him.


As Yuan Chu (FL) loves to disguise herself in different form and demeanor. And whenever she wears a disguise, Ye Chen Yuan (ML) always finds her!

Like one look in her eyes, he knows and will act a bit like he didn't know but he is more forward and shows his honest feelings.

It always causes major misunderstanding whenever she wears a disguise (think of polyjuice in HP where FL can wear the body and even voice to trick people) one time she disguises as a man to play and follow ML, there was a scene where he have no hesitation in kissing her. Which made her shock that her disciple is gay. ((minor fujoshi alert)) xD


Plus he has major self control.



Correction: Slight sense of control.


He is easily triggered to yandere mode as long as he detects "potential love rivals". Like there was a chapter that he went bat crazy when he thought FL fell for another guy when he was absent.


Overall, it is worth reading if you have a huge patience for @#$% chapters. <<less
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Wisteria227 rated it
October 24, 2020
Status: c25
Rating: 3.5

I'll probably change this sometime, but seriously?? Come on. MC is just 6 and ML is just 10, but he's already having thoughts that he isn't supposed to be having. A big example:

... more>>

"Normally, he could quickly enter a meditative state. He had a calm character. He was always very conscious when he cultivated. But the milky fragrance on Yuan Chu's body distracted him. He closed his eyes. He'd think of her lying next to him and somehow think of that kiss..."

I wish author waited atleast till when ML is like 15 before he starts having those kinda thoughts, like man.. just weird to think that a 10 year old would be thinking like that. <<less
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Evelyn Guz
Evelyn Guz rated it
March 13, 2019
Status: --
Woooa I see this novel en spoilers and read the raw, I'm soooo happy someone is translating this. To people that hate lolicons, I dont know if this is in the tipical loliconmania novel with hecchi touch. Because the MC is 7 and ML 10 and MC even when she has 10 years still look like 8 years, ML began to love MC early, but the puberty hit him hard, and he is a little possesive, but he's resolute to not touch MC till she has grown, and taking notice... more>> that MC lookls like7 and is an inmortal, ML mught have to wait at least 100 years. The truth the series is super funny, about a master that inside of 200 years and behave and looks like 7 years. And a ML that is the discipul and is the adult that want to protect the master against her rectless actions. Maybe sound dull but the nivel is really good and funny <<less
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remyrem rated it
October 6, 2021
Status: --
Just started reading, but I really like MC so far. She's very fierce and straightforward. Got sent back in time to when her enemy was just a child? Who has time for stuff like trying to raise the kid and change the future, she went straight for "kill em while they're young and defenseless!"

There's quite a few TL group switches, a 20 chapter gap in TLs between c40 and c60, but the chapters are available on WuxiaWorld (linked in the Holy Frostice TDCM hub).
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SW1346 rated it
July 21, 2019
Status: Completed
Now, this is a novel that took me a lot of time to read but I never got bored with it.

Why I gave 4 stars? Because there were certain times where it got long along the way because of the kidnappings and such.

  1. Long Parts
... more>>

Parents' issues were solved and god it was long then making the ML prove to everyone that he loves MC and willing to do everything for her. Then there was the dragon seeking for its partner as well. There's this guy who keeps chasing her all the time.


2. ML

I love yandere guys and for the most part, he's just doing it all for MC. Everything he does is for our girl. His whole devotion in cultivating was for her. And I wouldn't mind a few possessive moments here and there. He's just a demon in front of everyone other than MC.


Except he did get a little bit over the top one time. When he shattered the mirror in front of MC. God, they argued with each other and MC was all like "I'll never forgive you." He suddenly grabs her and then said something like "Did you know? Master? I've always thought of imprisoning you, " I just love it.


3. MC

She's determined with her one true goal.


To get the mirror and save her father. Though if the mirror grants that wish, there will be consequences so ML broke it although the main reason why he broke it was because he didn't want her to leave him. And when it comes to you know making love she's almost always the instigator and of course, our poor ML can't handle it.


4. Overall

I think it was a great story altogether. I almost


want their children to be the main character in another series. They're just so cute.

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haru98 rated it
May 22, 2019
Status: c1263
Okay, I started the novel since I saw the manhua. And I took a week to reach the latest chapters (this was done last month). The starting premise is nice and the development between ML and FL is good but ... more>>

as the story approaches the climax, the FL starts to be quite Mary Sue to me. Going off trying to save everyone while sacrificing herself (despite being warned by ML), trying to get anything that seems useful to ML (but ended up causing troubles to ML instead), numerous guys attracted to her for weird reasons (to me). ML is fine, a doting, almost-yandere, possessive, understanding, husbando-material man. But still, he is a amiable character in the novel. Among the two of them, he was the only one who had the brain or the two of them would have die numerous times. Plus, the reason behind his fast, crazy-like rank up is because he wants to be strong enough to protect her. And given the FL's supposed age, she should be much smarter (since she has the knowledge (her memory from second life was concealed partially but still only partially that related to the final boss) from two lives with the second life full of bad things happened to her like being kidnapped by a high level Demonic Cultivator and experimented in various ways) and yet she acts like a real child. Like, seriously? She still remembered all the skills and spells she knew in the first transmigration but her mentality seemed to turned into an actual 7 years old child. She looks more s*upid the more I read the novel. The only reason I managed to read until the end was because the ML and especially the interaction between the White Dragon and White Tiger (their pets sort of). At the end of the original novel, there's the side story of FL and ML in her original world (more like the revenge after rebirth plot), side story of the White Dragon and the White Tiger (the buildup is nice but the ending is quite mediocre) and currently the side story of Old ??? (I forgot his name but he's the spirit inside ML's Sky Pearl and his previous Senior Martial Brother (yes, it's a shounen ai team).

Anyway, feel free to continue reading since the story is quite nice until the later half where I loss the interest. Maybe because the novel is not really my cup of tea. <<less
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Jeonjkook rated it
March 17, 2019
Status: c119
This really cute romance story between the master and her disciple
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omgquiznak rated it
July 30, 2020
Status: c365
I read the untranslated version, and I have to say, it's a good novel. I have a headache right now so I can't find the right words to describe it, but it's nice.


The romance is nice?, and most of all, even though the protagonist is OP, they aren't Mary Sue. The FL, despite having a way too high cultivation (because she has a cheat start and she can suck cultivation from other people), she doesn't really know much about the... more>> technical stuff (concocting pills, medical stuff, talismans - those kinda stuff which I don't really remember the English for). The ML, on the other hand, is OP as f*ck. He can challenge people one level higher than him AND win, (which makes him OP af) but I don't hate him for some reason-blame the author for making him too perfect and making me like him. There are people who can beat him (especially at the beginning of the novel, but he gets really strong starting from the 100?? Chapter?).

The romance was mostly nice, besides some forceful kissing (which the ML got permission for after a while) and THE PACE. The romance started slow, but once the master found out her disciple liked her the romance started going fast as fuuuq and they went from "I have a crush on master" to "I'm going to ask your sect to let me marry you" and "Lets have s*x when your body grows" in less than (around) 60 chapters. (This happens in 300+ chapters but it's a big point so sorry for not spoiler tagging it).

I actually came across this novel and decided to read it because it just so happened to be the novel of one of the manhuas I'm reading, but it turned I liked the manhua more so I'm thinking of dropping it. It isn't really bad, just not my type of read. Sorry for making you read this long review and for the bad English. <<less
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Sam7 rated it
March 18, 2019
Status: c61
Kinda reminds me of Rebirth of Tyrants Pet.

FL rebirth into a Xianxia world and decided to become female boss, killed by the ML and reincarnated again, this time is 6 yr olds. Meet the ML again, decided not to kill him, instead hug his golden thigh. Accepted him as a disciple. Along the way ML fell in love, wants to deny his feelings but just can't. FL is clueless, well you know where this is going.

Feels like nothing new to me. Seems ok so far.
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Bluestone rated it
October 31, 2021
Status: c40
Let's see if I will change this someday. The thing is, the story is good, the plot is okay, the humor is okay but srs the age is so not right, the romance is sooo not right. If the author couldn't wait to write those things up then he should have changed the age. It's really weird reading it okay? They are just 6 (but have old soul) and 10 (literally 10) yrs old, the author can't just wait till they grow a bit older and he started... more>> to write intimate things about them already, like srs, hol up! FBI! He started writing about


ML desiring to kiss her and hug her and possess her every now and then. At the age of 7 and 11 they are already watching someone doing it in front of them and the MC even encountered a PINK pill! You know I mean! Yes that! The ML also can't stop watching the body of the MC in the spring pool. The author even said that her body looks like a 5 yrs old. Author-san! Are you having fantasies??? Seriously, FBI!


I am surrounded by kids and this is seriously unbelievable and creepy at the same time. <<less
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Insideofadoge rated it
March 6, 2020
Status: c28
This is adorbs. The heroine spends about 5 seconds thinking she’s gonna kill the hero, and then she progresses very quickly from “what if I were the boss” plotting to the “why you so skinny, eat more!!!” enjoyment of taking care of someone else. The moral of the story: Mentorship has its own rewards, y’all. Consider becoming a peer tutor or a Big Brother\Big Sister.

I wish the plot would move along a bit more, but I guess cultivators gonna cultivate. There’s some genre-typical underage love happening, too, but they’re both... more>> actually kids compared to when the girl is like 12 and the dude yearning for her is either 23 or infinity years old.

Translator, you haven’t posted in a bit, but I hope you’ve just been cultivating in the desert and will return soon. Your work is appreciated. <<less
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minako25 rated it
May 11, 2020
Status: --
Someone please, please, please pick this up! Though I'm reading the manga, the novel is already completed ><!!

I tried reading the mtl'd version of this but I can't understand some things. And I don't know where to start from the manga to the novel...

I don't want to force anyone or pay someone. I don't have the money and forcing them will get on my conscience. But I really hope someone would translate :<
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BaiYihan rated it
January 21, 2020
Status: c125
I love this novel so much! I started it after reading the manga and it didn't let me down. The master and disciple duo are so in love with each other but whenever one of them realizes the memory gets erased or they shrug it off as something else. My favorite part was when master changed male and everyone thought the two were gay and the misunderstanding wasn't cleared up till the very end. It was hilarious!
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June 8, 2020
Status: --
This novel is justt too cute, fluffyy, and loveable

What more its already finished

Please pick this novel *whine*

I tried to read the mtl'd one... And my brain not junbi okay
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_lillyan_ rated it
March 18, 2020
Status: c30
I like how this one has a different storyline... but the ML is too devout for such a short period of time. All around it’s just too much and hard to keep focus on the actual storyline with how out of left field folks are. Otherwise, it’s a fluffy read.
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