Our Binding Love: My Gentle Tyrant


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She was transmigrated into a novel where she became the cannon fodder who abused the male lead and ultimately suffered her demise under said male lead. And to return back home, she had to obtain the city boundary map first.

Ye Mu doesn’t want to play a game! Now that she’s inside the book with such a plot, the only way around her death is to kill the male lead first and let this world collapse!

However, upon seeing a scraggly, skinny little boy whose brows were full of perseverance, her hand won’t move…

Well then, she would subdue the male lead’s tyrannical tendencies! How to do it? Raise the male lead and have him help her find the city boundary map? That’s a good idea!

Despite raising him properly, the male lead seems to have grown into a devious man who won’t listen to her. Moreover, he lures her over with the city boundary map.

“Do you want this or not? Then come to my bed.”

Her face was full of tears. Where was the promised honest and upstanding monarch? Does she have to raise him all over again?

The man smiles and pats her on the head, “Come on, stop crying. Wash and go to bed.”

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Guiding a Rival to Become the Emperor
Raising The Enemy Only Brings Trouble (Manhua)
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Kittyflare rated it
September 21, 2019
Status: c213
I'm writing this review with 0 spoilers. I intend to write another review again, and that other review will come together with spoilers.

Firstly I want to clarify that the English translations are done in parts, so altho its "chapter 76" for English translations, in truth the Chinese chapter is actually at chapter 38. Yea. In short, theres basically 494 parts for the English translation to complete and that's a lot.

Also I realise some of u state that it's 76 chapters in and the story is slow because the MC and... more>> ML are still 6 and 9 years old respectively, actually that's incorrect you're only at 76 parts (eng translation), in truth you're at chapter 38 according to the raw Chinese novel. So of course they're still this young.

Anyways, I want to talk about how this is an AMAZING story, really.

The MC is definitely not Mary Sue. She earns her right to stand on the same ground as ML, I like how they both try to protect each other and they are both competent enough. At the same time, this story doesn't make it so unrealistic that's its unbelievable how op the main characters are. Nah, it does make sense why both MC and ML can be quick thinking on their feet, if you consider their background and the kind of experiences they've gone through, that it does make sense.

Also there's really cute fluffy romance OMG >< like oh man it's soooo cute but these chapters start arnd Ch107 in the Chinese raws, so that's like part 214 for the Eng translations, and we're currently super far from it in the eng translations. Anyways, I plan to write spoiler chapters (like only those with the cute romance) in English for others to read, so u guys know what I mean lol but it's spoilers alert so read only if u want spoilers. I'll prob post it on my website soon and I'll send the link for anyone who wants to read it yea <<less
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SW1346 rated it
July 21, 2019
Status: Completed
Now I will give this one a 5 star mainly because I love how it progressed and all turned out very well.

  1. ML
His character Mo Linyuan was a very sweet child who grew up to be very mischievous but all along still devoted.

... more>>

He became the emperor indeed just as our MC wanted and he did get the map which MC needed to go back to her previous world to save her father. But then, just as you can imagine he didn't want her to leave but respected her decision. He even suggested the idea for her to stay for 100 years then go back to her world which our MC didn't even think of. (Like seriously?*)

He also married her and stayed true to his promise. He never let anyone in his harem, never had any concubines and such even though his subjects want him to. For the sake of the kingdom, you know heirs.

After MC died, yes died because of poison, he kept her body and believed that she will go back after he fulfills his destiny. He became a bit of well out of it after MC died.

In the end, she came back in the middle of war I guess. And he solved everything the had many children and certainly lived until old.


2. MC

She is a brave MC just saying.


Unlike the other MC thus far, she fought alongside our ML and even make some several plans for some of their fights.

Although she hesitated to accept our ML's proposal because she was worried about what he would feel afterward. She wasn't able to let go of him though. Eventually, they got married but she died.

Her soul went back to her world and was able to save her father got this permission to live in our ML's world and be happy. It was a touching moment then she went back.

After everything was resolved, they had kids and lived till old.


I was impressed with our couple's devotion to each other and their strength to live after every trouble after another. Great story. Tearjerking one too. <<less
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koco2018 rated it
February 22, 2021
Status: c181

The female lead, Ye Mu, doesn't pull out the root of the problem and instead has sympathy for tr*sh. ... more>>

When the female lead gave mercy to her father by allowing him to take her hostage and flee the battlefield... I was damn near fed up. That WHOLE war plot had me hating Ye Mu's character. Was the author trying to showcase that Ye Mu had compassion for her loving father? Because if you wanted I could list over ten HEAVY reasons why that tr*sh should not be allowed to stay alive. Ye Mu shouldn't even like him, her standards are WAY too low, dude gave her one fiberglass shred of kindness, and now she is risking her life for him.

"Awww she still loves her father, she is helping him.. AWwWwW" f*cking stop. There is ABSOLUTELY NO REASON why she should even have this scene. Ye Mu is an idiot. Her father saved her ONCE after; nearly handing her to the main wife's family to be killed and tortured, sent her to the emperor to be r*ped, nearly skewered her with a sword, damn near blew her up from forcing Qi into her, he forced her right before he died to learn a martial art that negatively impacted her life forever. She is still suffering because of him... gurl. WAKE TF UP!

THE ONLY REASON SHE IS STILL ALIVE IS BECAUSE SHE FOUGHT FOR HER LIFE. And she still forgave him after each event... forgave him enough not to hate him, I mean.

Let's not forget, Ye Mu is 6 years old when all this happens. Until her father dies, she is max 6 years old. LET ME SAY IT AGAIN; nearly handing her to the main wife's family to be killed and tortured, sent her to the emperor to be r*ped, nearly skewered her with a sword, damn near blew her up from forcing Qi into her, he forced her right before he died to learn a martial art that negatively impacted her life forever. SHE IS 6 YEARS OLD!

And haha HAhAhaHA THIS ***** YE MU was mad that Mo Linyuan set a trap for her father to rebel against the emperor that led to him dying... ah, no wonder I'm dropping this story.


The male lead, Mo Linyuan is TOO unrealistic, like, there should be a limit HE IS STILL 10 YEARS OLD!!

Author is having this baby think and act like a hardened war general versed in tactical thinking... I know that the female lead's soul is older than 6 years old, but what do you have to say about that kid? I've read many stories but this one doesn't even let the male lead grow for himself and instead claims that the female lead is teaching him... not to mention sometimes he comes up with a better strategic plan immediately after she introduces a tactical plan.

He fled from the palace at 6 years old, he met the female lead at 9 years old and learned how to read and the national policy... FROM 9-10 YEARS OLD THIS GUY IS NOW A WAR GOD?! At least give the character some time to grow and realize things for himself! If you want him to gain knowledge without writing how he acquired it then put a time skip.


After the succession war scene in the story, everything fell apart. The plot, the characters, the already non-existing logic. I was interested in Ye Mu's new powers but it's not interesting enough to trudge through the rest of the story. I was barely holding on, and then Ye Mu's disgusting compassion for tr*sh reared its head again.

Ye Mu is already blessed with all the buffs the author could possibly think of, Mo Linyuan has all the buffs that would complement the female lead... AND YET YE MU STILL! She still treats those who hurt and try to kill her with compassion.

Where is the line Ye Mu? Your father repeatedly tried to kill you and he's OK, but assassins that haven't killed anyone yet are dead. WHERE IS THE LINE!?!

EVERYTHING IS FORGIVEN WHEN YOU HAVE BLOOD TIES p.s. just show me a shred of kindness and I'll treat you like a king. - Ye Mu <<less
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Kurobito rated it
April 21, 2019
Status: c80
Well, overall the storyline is worthwhile. Each chapters are short but concise which don't make you feel burdensome to read it.

Talking about the story, the MC and ML are cute together and they complete each other. This story give me some mix feelings to it.

The raws are not so hard to read so anyone can give it a try with google translate.
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CN_Cyanide rated it
August 22, 2020
Status: Completed
Oh, I see so many 5 stars in the review section and I get sad since my initial review was also a 5-star one. But then after 180+ chapter (according to the raws, not the translated chaps) I had to change my opinion drastically. As a matter of fact this 3-star is not a 1-star review only because of the first part of the story being so good.

Now, let's go dramatic and spoiler-ish.

Let's first talk about the beginning: It was a very good beginning. Although the "reincarnated into another world"... more>> plot exists everywhere I thought the story progressed really well and offered us a character whose personality matched her position in the army and not a 13-year old with a temper and a knife in her hands (like reincarnated female mercenaries/killers/generals usually are pictured as in this kind of stories).

But now, let's talk about the part where everything starts go go awry.

I'll give everyone some hapiness and spoil each section separately so you don't have to suffer if you just decide that you want to read to see the ending but really feels like throwing your pc out of the window at the same time like I wanted to do.

It starts when you arrive in the part where they start their journey to go get the treasure in the map that has been talked about since chapter 0 (remember? The one she wanted to find to go back to her world).


Arriving there, Lin Zhizhao who was the supposed Fengshui master betrayed her, as the royal couple previously expected. And do yourself a favor if you don't want to pass out from anger: skip till' chapter 190, and then keep on reading.
I'll even give you guys a rundown through all that happens in between:

* LZZ runs from YM over and over, getting stuck into every single trap in the way, YM saves him time and time again even when she does it;

* he imediately ignores her safety and keeps on running.

* Eventually they find his mother bones, he tells her a sob story (its impossible to be sad after hating him so much), and reveals Yan State is trying to kill them and frame Zhao state for their deaths so they can begin a war between Zhao and Mo States and become the senior fisherman.

*Then the running and falling into traps repeats enough that he starts to fall for YM.

They get into a place, she is drained from her strenght, has a fever, Mo Linyuan appears. Cheers.


After all that situation, it was difficult for me to continue reading, I took a 2-month break and went for other novels.

But then, I came back hoping that after this arc the author got her stuff back together and delivered a good ending but...


As many people might ask, if they think just a bit: There was no need for them to hurry that much going after the treasure. And even if they did it at the beginning because they thought other countries might thirst for it then..., they could just have retreated temporarily, after they learned from LZZ that everybody else thought the treasure was false after they investigated the place previously.

If they had been a bit more rational, all of the plot of ML and FL getting poisoned and FL losing all her cultivation to the ML, making herself a weak chicken, could have been avoided. But then, she needed to be weak so the next act could depict her as a damsel in distress... sigh


And finally, we get to Min Liang


He is another unecessary character, introduced just for the sake of the plot. He doesn't have a very compeling back story as any of the villains in the first arc, he appears briefly in their disappointing wedding, where the author makes it so she keeps her virginity so we get in the dark of whether the ending will be a reunion in the future or they will continue together in the ancient times (that's my guess).

He is... whatever. And I just didn't care that much about FL and ML at this point (and this is alarming), but then... FL gets poisoned AGAIN and ML wants to swap blood with her AGAIN, and I didn't care.

She goes comatose in this world, her soul returns to the future.


The Final act, and the final spoilers


She goes to the future, there's a conspiration against her and some nonsense about her becoming a human experiment, she makes it so her father is safe somewhere and (after explaining all that happened to him) leaves him and commits suicide destroying this organization that was after her (the one related to the pirates from the beginning)

After that her soul goes back to the past, there's a reunion, unification of all countries, 2 sons and one daughter and then they go travel together abandoning all behind to their now-18-year-old-son. The End.


Final considerations: I feel that the reason that the later part of the story was so bad wasn't because the plots weren't that good. The ideas were ok, but they were rushed. Many characters were introduced suddenly without properly setting their story. I don't think they were linked very well, and they relied on the main couple making poor decisions so they could happen.

I think this story might have been ok if it was extended to be a 500 chapter-lenght one, that way they could have tied every single event and provided much more fluffy moments between the royal couple.

I was disappointed. But I think that if you like this genre, you should read it nevertheless.

Cya all~ <<less
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ricachuu rated it
May 16, 2020
Status: Completed
A reaaaaally good story! I like how almost all of the characters were written very well. Everyone had their own complex personality and emotions, and no one is truly completely evil or good. I love the dynamics of the main couple and how their relationship developed throughout the story, making me wish to have a kind of love like theirs, too.

There were a quite some scenes which made me cry my heart out like

... more>>

the scene where her dad in the novel (Ye Li) gave all his power and life for the MC as his final act of kindness. Even though Ye Li was an evil bastard who has done a lot of bad things, I couldn't wish for his death because I know how he sincerely loves Ye Mu (MC) as his daughter and how he wished that in the end he shouldn't have been greedy and could have been a great father for her and watch her grow up.

Also, when Min Wenjun (Silent Buddhist Master) sacrificed his vitality to fix the negative energy within the MC and to allow them to spare his mother. Ahhhh he was such a great second male lead that I felt so bad for him since he couldn't be with MC no matter what : (

Lastly, the farewell between MC and her real father. It was quite bittersweet as her father did love her very much. Sad to say that the MC has to die in the present time to go back to the past and be with the ML


And of course, I love how the story started, developed, and ended. All the major characters had a connection in some ways to one another which I looooove. Also, the story did explain how the story in the book that the MC read and her experience in the past era were quite different but at the same time had similar outcomes in its events.


Turns out the book that she read in the start of the story was written by none other than... her first child with ML lololol Their son wanted to spite the ML for stealing his mother that he wrote a biography about the ML's life but without the MC in the story so his dad would die alone in the book lololol


Highly recommended! 10/10! <<less
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dona rated it
November 16, 2019
Status: c6
I feel bad for saying this, but around 40 chapters I got bored. There´s been too many transmigration stories like this where MC has to work hard to gain ML´s favour in order to not be killed, to the point where they have all become a mush in my head. And all characters are typically drawn from a template, I can hardly differentiate them from one novel to the other.

It´s not bad if you haven´t been exposed to too many of these type of stories.
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Avonberry rated it
January 15, 2020
Status: Completed
I started this reading the english translations, do note that they do not reflect the original chapters--they are half the original. So 70 in eng is around 30 in the Chinese chapters, hence why the build up is slow.

BUT. I guarantee this story is worth the read. Just finished it and absolutely love it! Now this is what I call a love story. Our female isn't a flower vase, all talk, no bite. Oh no, she has to be one of my favrouties in all these type of reincarnation and... more>> transmigration stories I've read. And lest not get started on the male, now that's what I call a real man. There is an actual plot in this novel too, apart from their love story. SO MUCH FLUFF.

Don't be fooled by that though, along with the fluff comes along cruel murder, and betrayal. Gosh, I even cried when one of the villaneous characters died, that was how good the portrayal of emotions depicted.

I would wholeheartedly read this all over again, recommend if you >>

    • Enjoy plots regarding military strategy, tricks, outsmarting your opponent and the like.
    • ACTUAL romance, not the kind where its instant love, no the kind where two human beings come to trust and believe in each other.
    • Smart female lead. Cute but not an airhead.
    • Respectful male lead, still has that possessive streak tho ;)
    • Growth of characters, even side ones. Redemption of some villaneous ones too.
    • Building of friendships.
There are also some side characters you may ship our girl with, but it's not like those where they non-sensically fall for the girl immediately.

One thing to note for, is the several time skips that occur, usually like months later/ years later.



GUYS, come one? You cant expect to fall for the person who made you miserable in the first place right? He's a prince, who had escaped to her country and the original character (before our girl came into her body) took an interest in him, killed his guards and took him as a s*ave. She also abused him and then sent him to a paedophile for punishment. (Don't worry, our girl comes in the nick of time)

Yeah, so don't expect it all sunshine in the start.

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Jaewohn rated it
February 1, 2021
Status: c162
I'm giving this 2 stars. Honestly, I don't really like relationships where the leads are really young especially when FL is literally 12. And ik she's a transmigrated soul and all but that doesn't change the fact that she's in the body of a 12 year old. I dropped this because of how they're sexualizing a 12 year old girl and a 16 year old boy. In my country that's illegal. I would be okay if they kissed or cuddled or whatever, but the vibe was like he was forcing... more>> her. And then she's like sh!t I might be falling for this boy who's forcing me to get into a physical relationship with him. I don't understand how some of these reviews literally ignore this part. When I started reading this I thought it would skip quickly to when they were both AT LEAST over 17 BUT it goes really slowly in age and then the "romance" is in age 12 like??? Anyways, if you're okay with the 12 year old and 16 year old romance then go ahead and read this. <<less
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ishrocks18 rated it
August 24, 2019
Status: c66
I am glad I picked this novel to read. Honestly it is the type of novel for which you would come back again and again and can't wait for the next release.

MC is so cute and honestly with the ongoing you would fell in love with her just like the ML. She is such a little sweetheart who could go at all lengths to save the ML

And talking about ML well he was initially suspicious about her but with change of time he became extremely loyal to her.

Really looking forward... more>> to the day ML becomes a two faced black belly. <<less
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Jayen rated it
May 3, 2019
Status: c8
The story is interesting especially how the MC is hesistating whether she will kill the ML or not, which shows that she is a person with conscience and moral.

I really like this kind of story. Absolutely looking forward on this novel.
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DENKI rated it
July 19, 2020
Status: c202
I literally loved it until chapter 200.

She is just starting to be unreasonable, how the hell does she still have the will to go back home after all they’ve gone through.

„I will never marry anyone blah blah“

... more>> i really hung with the story it was really good the Plot was DELICIOUS but there was no romance to be seen, no where? And now finally when something romantic happened in Chapter 200 she doing the NO I CAAAANT.

I can’t handle this..

romance is a total sub genre and the much that we got till chapter 200 is laughable.
The Story is good but not romantic it’s not and it’s kind of getting boring with all those mischievous people.
i genuinely enjoyed the Story till ye li died but like..

after that I just kept on forcing myself cause I was hoping: now there surely will be a time skip! And their romance will blossom right?

nah man it ain’t happening.
Everyone that is interested in the Story because it’s romance I wouldn’t expect a lot if I was u. <<less
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Rin.Rin rated it
June 17, 2020
Status: c131
I love the development of this novel. It's very well pace in regards to romance and plot.

I am mainly writing this to clear up some things:

    1. The chapters are split up so it may seem like a lot of chapter = lot of progress but no, so don't be quick to judge.
    1. Plot is not that repetitive from where I've read to. At the MC circumstances, she does not hold any power. Given that everyone around her either is a noble status or know martial arts. She... more>> can only do so much. Someone coming to save her is the only option.
        1. MY thoughts on the father:

          I feel an enormous amount of pity for the father. Although he did kill many innocent people and used others just for resources, at the end of the day, he recognized his fault for being greedy and driven mad for the boundary map. When he achieved his goal, he realized all the things he did to get to the point did not make him feel satisfied. He learned to love, feel guilt, remorse, and all kinds of emotions towards the MC and really had a huge character development. The father felt human emotions for the very first time in his life. Of course he deserves to die for all his crimes but I can't truly hate him by how the author wrote this novel. The author did well bringing the father general and the MC relationship as ripe as it could be making me utterly sob when he died.

        2. Also why the father is crazy and a blood-killer general is bc:

          he practice some evil martial arts that has negative side effects. Such as being extremely uncomfortable "needle like pain, " ill-tempered, short amount of patience and even being oddly blood-thirsty at random times. So in other words, killing people and see blood shed calms/stabilizes the heart. THE REASON WHY the general taught this to MC forcefully is to protect her life. BC this method is the easiest way to become strong.

      The author is very good at making plot twists and creating scenes to upsur many emotions in the readers. 5/5 <<less
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Haruna89 rated it
April 24, 2020
Status: c169
❤️❤️❤️ THIS IS A GEM ❤️❤️❤️

Gonna say that I truly ship the FL and ML.

Although some characters are being forgotten but love the story.

My only hope is that whoever gonna translate the novel they can reach the end.

Waiting for the next chapter. Well done translator team.

*one thing seems illogical is that most of the main leads are very young in age. But then this is a novel right, you can make any stories.
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bakarutt rated it
June 23, 2022
Status: c204
I really enjoyed the beginning of this webnovel because the female lead seemed smart, cool, and sassy. So I went to the untranslated webnovel to enjoy the word choice. I was somewhat disappointed at the simplicity of the writing, but it made reading easier so I can't complain too much.

There were quite a few interesting characters in this webnovel; I enjoyed the female lead's novel-father's story, the monk's story, and even though I was getting tired of the novel, I pushed on through and was glad to read the previous... more>> empire's heir. Each of these stories had memorable moments that I'm glad to have experienced.

Now, aside from those memorable moments, the novel was really getting worse as it went on. The female lead's IQ seemed to be plummeting to negative digits as she was falling in love. I didn't feel any fluffy romance between the two main characters - these two main characters had potential chemistry, but the story between them wasn't told well or I've just read better so this pairing flopped for me. If the characters are becoming less unique and the plot is becoming less engaging, I had to drop this.


I read up to the female lead losing her inner energy to the male lead and still managed to save the male lead, and just had to stop there. Why is the female lead's uniqueness of not being a physically-weak-girl being taken away?? The chapter titles after this point really did not make me want to continue reading anymore.

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goldweb rated it
August 6, 2021
Status: --
The MC is just too infuriating

... more>>

The reason why she approached the ML and curried favour with her dad was so she could get the map but when the map is about to disappear she forgets about it and starts worrying about her crazy dad?? He tried to kill her for goodness sake. Also, she's supposed to be a soldier, but she doesn't act like one. She is supposedly a special force soldier but she's so impulsive. She runs into a battlefield to save a crazy man with no plan whatsoever. I just... too infuriating

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SnowDax rated it
December 29, 2020
Status: c162
As of writing this review, I just read up till chapter 162 and I'm planning to still read more.

However, I'm writing this review mostly to vent about side characters in this novel as a forewarning for people who wanted to read this.

I actually LIKE this novel. I love the interaction between ML-FL. They are the reason why I'm still reading BUT...

I questioned a lot about the side characters.

... more>>

An adult prince felt something when he kissed FL's cheek who's six years old? I tried my best to think that this is just him feeling this because he never held a kid before and was stunned for her adorableness as a kid, not woman. Both ML and FL are kids, 9 and 6 years old, if I'm not mistaken and although they were close, FL who's an adult never had any inappropriate thought of ML and was only focused on searching a way to go home.

Then, the monk. I'm not Buddhist but I had a bit knowledge about them and it irked me a lot that the monks are very partial in their conducts. They chose who should they saved. It was something else if the person already committed a crime, but when the monks tried to chase away a pregnant woman because she bore child of illicit affair, saying that she would dirty the temple, I'm just so done with this monk.

Although I think author write this to make FL shone when she rebuted the monk, still.... This is why, it disgusted me when he still said the name of Buddha while doing this questionable stuff while monologuing that this was a test for him. No, it's not. Using a religion to harm an unborn child just doesn't sit well to me. Especially not when the mother wants to keep the child.


Do I recommend reading this? I'm not sure but give it a try and see what you thinks about it. I like ML-FL's interaction but so far they're the only one that I like in this novels. Other side characters seems s*upid and just exists for ML-FL to shine through their s*upidity. And yes, this includes characters on the ML-FL's side as well. Not just the villains. Honestly, I'm hoping future chapters would redeem the lack of side characters' personality but considering how they tie the Father's character with some cheap backstory...... I don't actually have hope. <<less
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October 14, 2019
Status: c247
Interesting story from the very start. Not to over dramatic like some stories but in interesting pace. You can slowly enjoy everything. The male lead is so romantic in his so called tyrant way... hehe. thumbs up! ☺☺☺
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AngryattheAuthor rated it
January 25, 2021
Status: Completed
I mean if you're looking to read something that doesn't slowly rot your IQ away then this is pretty good. Nothing too special about it, but at least you won't hurt your nerves by the end. All I can say is... It's a hella calm read with a reallllly small sprinkle of punch but I'll still allow for your sanity to stay intact.
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July 26, 2020
Status: Completed
This is one of the novels that gave me thrilling experience and full of emotions. I cried, laugh, fell in love with the characters and most of all the plot showed us from their childhood days until one of them died and returned. It is such a precious novel. I love it.
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