The Crown Prince I’m Raising Has Turned Evil


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In pursuit of repaying her favor to the Empress, Xie Lin Lang traveled thousands of miles to the side of the decrowned Crown Prince in hopes of teaching and raising him to become a brilliant and intelligent emperor.

However, she didn’t expect that her first mission after arriving would be to prevent him from becoming evilized!

Seeing the Crown Prince about to poison the water source to kill the family of his enemies, Xie Lin Lang cried, “Don’t do it, your highness! Revenge done precisely is the trend nowadays! How about I teach you a set of unbeatable martial arts instead?”

Seeing the Crown Prince with his army ready for a coup d’etat any second, Xie Lin Lang cried, “Don’t do it, your highness! I have the money and the food. How about we go the peaceful political route?”

Days after days of trepidation, she didn’t think that the Crown Prince became evilized anyway! Not to mention stealing her bride, he even trapped her into a corner.

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solivagantsoul rated it
December 28, 2020
Status: Completed
seeing that no review is here ill try my best to put forward my thoughts on this wonderful novel.

first of all I do have to admit that reading the summary although I could vaguely guess that politics would be a huge part of the novel I still assumed a large part of the novel to be the MC acting as a regent or emperors tutor/ half-teacher guiding him, while indeed this happens its far more than that. The ML is not as 'simple' nor as 'helpless' as I though him... more>> out to be. At the same time I love that the status quo of the MC being smarter and physically stronger never changes as a lot of times towards the end the ML will find ways to dominate.

another thing I loved about all this is that tension in the novel existed, yes we know that somehow the MC definitely wont die or will turn the tides somehow that feeling in the moment carried by the words and actions of the MC is great. The MC here is portrayed a powerful but not completely OP (at least imo) person, she has flaws and makes decisions according to her feelings too sometimes (ofc if it wont harm her/countries interests)

its also great in that she isn't found to be a woman by the ML instantly or very early in the novel but only after more than half the novel was completed.

there is no messy harem drama and love rivals apart from one or two, no s*upid cannon-fodder villains or brain-dead women/men. A large part of this novel is about the growth of the ML with the help of MC who comes to his rescue after being hopelessly abandoned and tortured. Not only does she save him, but guide him to be reborn and think broader as a person who aims to be at the top. She pulls him out of his haze and strengthens him physically and mentally. This not just a story of his growth but hers too. They encounter various obstacles on their journey but they work hard together to make their visions and hopes come alive.

mtl is easy to understand but I hope this could be translated fully so you could truly enjoy some amazing moments and quotes in full. <<less
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here for the wronged side characters rated it
February 19, 2021
Status: c26
This is one of those novels I read only for the romance and kilig factor that ended up making me fall in love with the MC instead. I love how she's sooo capable and sticks to her values. Honestly, the MC might as well be the ML of another novel. I say another novel, because as OP and awesome as the MC is, the ML complements her soooo well. He's the dark type, but not really a yandere? Like, he's not irrationally dark like the cliche, he actually has a... more>> personality, a backstory, and a motive. But don't get me wrong, he's still super intense and cunning and asfjdalksdhakhdsfa. Same as homegirl, she's so fleshed out but mysterious that as readers we can't wait but anticipate the moments that the ML will discover these OP traits of hers. I'm so freaking ready, haha.

For the people like me who came here for the good ol' cliche romance, this story gives you just as much kilig as most other transmigration/ancient china novels while being something new at the same time. Also while not having an annoying self-contradicting FL. The fact that she was hiding her gender at the first parts also added to the suspense, esp since the FL and ML were childhood friends. Imagine his future shock! Just read it ffs, thank me later~ <<less
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HumaerahAkhra rated it
February 5, 2021
Status: --
Don't need to hesitate, this is a beautiful story. I even regret a little bit because this is not a reverse harem story 😂

You need to know, I hate novel with more than 100 chapter but this novel hook you in a unique way that you keep reading it until the last chapter. I honestly want to read more extra chapter even tho its already have a perfect ending.

Xie Linlang is a strong female lead but she's not perfect. She's cruel to herself and more cruel to her enemy, the... more>> only people she can't be cruel to are Qin Jue. She indulge him so much its make me jelouse and tell you, this is my first time ever got jelous to the male lead!

I really want to aploud the author, she/he really done a good job building this story. Thank you for making this story and thank you also to the translator. Good job! 🧡 <<less
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Haruna89 rated it
April 27, 2021
Status: c47
This can be count as one of my fav story.

ML doesn't suspect that FL is a female, even if FL is a male ML will still love her. This is the first time that I read ML will love the other party regardless of the gender.

Fellow readers this novel is truly worth it.

Thank you for picking up the story.
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LeashQuiche rated it
March 27, 2021
Status: Completed

  • One of the healthiest relationships I have seen in this kind of novel. Both the MC and ML see each other as equals and, even if they want to protect the other, they both know to give each other agency, trust, and freedom.
  • The MC does not suddenly turn into a damsel in distress once the ML comes around; neither does she become a straight up sap.
  • The story ties up a lot of loose ends by the finish.
  • No harem

    Although she has a lot of admirers, she isn’t wishy-washy and confronts them when she knows about their feelings.

  • Things move fast. Even if the whole thing is over 500 chapters
  • The plot is complex, but also straightforward. The author impresses us, not with a dog blood court intrigue, but with the creativeness and thought process of the characters.
  • Characters are not there to “be there” they continually pop up and play a role. And not just a role in the MC/ML’s romance.
  • Spoiler

    ML does not suspect she’s a girl until around halfway through and then has time to think about if he would love her the same regardless of gender.

  • While the MC does have plot armor, it is not to an unbelievable extent since a lot of it is shadowed by her flexible and creative strategies or reasoned out by the author

    e.g.: the fact that the MC’s products sold so well in the capital is surprising given the lack of marketing. But later, they reveal that The prime minister’s daughter was helping out the whole time.


  • The synopsis is misleading. The MC is not as naive nor is the ML as yandere as described. So, if that’s what you’re looking for, you should still read this novel to observe a healthier relationship.
  • Some points are not cleared up and many events happen in an unbelievably short amount of time.

    for instance, how she somehow murders the empress’ brother, is taken by the empress, kidnapped by the Voodoo doctor, develops Kuva (I hope this spelling is right. I sacrificed legibility in order to read the MTL) becomes the State Preceptor’s apprentice, introduces the civil exam, becomes the number one scholar, hunts down the voodoo village people, kills another village after hiding out there, and gets the 9 nails in her all within 1 — maximum 2 — years.

  • While many characters are given a variety of backstories and personalities, the author heavily emphasizes the backgrounds of the MC/ML.

    For example, the ML’s relative who had been r*ped and sold underground for a year would not be able to come back to normal society much less hold a man’s hand as quickly as they did. Especially with their ingrained thoughts about “purity” and “virginity”

  • A lot of assumptions about group homogeneity

    for example, the author assumed that the s*aves would be United on a front and help each other even if it meant dying, but if that were the case, then they wouldn’t have watched their comrades die for all of those years. Also, history has shown that desperate people will turn on their comrades to protect themselves.

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November 4, 2021
Status: Completed
READ IT! Its kinda long but the politics! The schemes! Character growth is really worth it! The MC is super smart and clear with her want and needs. She has principle and moral AND talent. Our ML is decisive etc all the great male lead character hahahaha

The ending is really perfect, the storyplot is amazing and super satisfying

This is the best historical, well, I personally think since this is more complex and “real” than Rebirth of Military empress
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Sound_Night rated it
August 20, 2021
Status: c35
I'm writing it now since I'm a forgetful person, but I really, really need to say it...

Ahhhh! So good, I thought it would be a typical black bellied sly ml, and this story would be wholly focused on revenge n all, but the character growth on ch35 is the best I had EVER read. At that time ML finally opened up his mind and broadened his horizons.

MC is op, but she's not overly perfect. She's also a rlly great teacher. She doesn't force ML to accept her opinion n also... more>> tries to understand his mindset (otw also tries to make ML understand that revenge isn't everything) Ml's also stubborn at first but the way he slowly trust n accept MC n open up to her advice is rlly great as well. The character growth feels so natural n amazing.

But I'm not saying the rest of the chs are boring or anything. In fact, the beginning of the chapter till now are extremely important in their journey to slowly understand, accept n trust each other. You can clearly see the improvement of not only the ML but also the MC. It's a really interesting read where I can actually immerse myself in.

I've only read till ch35, (which. is. the. best. chapter--for me.) so idk if they'll give more explanation about the mc's past. After all, her insight n cleverness is something to ponder about. I'm really, extremely, interested in her past.

I'm really looking forward to future chapters (つ≧▽≦) つ
PS: if they make any extra chs, I rlly won't mind if they focus it on the mc's backstory. <<less
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wethairdampskin rated it
July 3, 2021
Status: Completed
No way no way no wayyyy

This novel is so soooo good. Especially in the midst of the gender-bender genre.

I really hate it when the author built up FL's character as an OP but when FL and ML got together FL became weak and needy... and clingy -_-

BUT LEMME TELL U ITS NOT THE CASE IN THIS NOVEL Both FL and ML's character development feels so natural and the principlesthat FL has from the very start to the end of the story is still as strong as mountain. Her personality is... more>> definitely not the fickle one.

I loveeeee this one 😭😭 a lil bit sad bcs there arent many side chapters : ( ((

Read it guysss 100% guarantee that you'll find urself binge-reading at 3 am :)))) <<less
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Kikiji rated it
July 2, 2021
Status: c3
Considering I couldn't get very far into this before going "... what the hell is this" mentally, take this review with a grain of salt.

It does seem like this story has some good points down the road but I can't get over how lopsided the logic is. Like, it makes sense (?) but not really (?).

In the first few chapters alone there were several points that cropped up. For example, ... more>>

Among MC's renown OP achievements was... preserving ice - which is great - but wait for it, so that the people can eat shaved ice year round? Tell me I'm not crazy to doubt that there aren't more important things to point out about how this knowledge can impact the country like trade, food preservation, rich vs poor lifestyle change, etc. Something like shaved ice seems to be the least of everyone's worries when the country isn't at peace and people don't have food on the table.



Another time it was said she couldn't rush back to help her benefactor due to the fact that most of her connections were forged through the person she became the disciple of, therefore it was simple for that person to block news of what had happened until it was too late. Disregarding how our super intelligent OP MC seemed to have had all her eggs in one basket here, she then chooses to straightforwardly rush to find the exiled crown prince aka son of her benefactor instead while.... disregarding.... all.... political... implications and consequences... of her actions... which she and this situation in general is deeply involved with... okay. Better hope there's an adequate explanation in later chapters that I haven't read after dropping.


The rest of the story seems to go the same way in terms of logic. Like it makes sense, but only if you look at it sideways.

Hence, my reluctance to continue the story upon seeing from reviews that her strong point is in her intelligence and strategizing... in this story where logic is just a little skewed.

But that's just my personal taste so if something like that doesn't bother you, it does seem like a good story to pick up. <<less
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tedy2004 rated it
April 28, 2021
Status: Completed
Don't hesitate to read this novel, I think you'll like it as I did. It's one of the few i've read that has an interesting story line in ancient china, though the world detail is not that good at least we know where the action is happening.

I would've rate it as 4 stars but i've changed my mind as I rarely read 200+ chapters plus with a good fantasy ancient chinese story and the MTL is so friendly!, 90% of it you will understand (there are him, her annoying... more>> misunderstandings so you need to change them in your mind when u are reading -.-).


The story's problems: 1-Some characters are forgotten, 2- the narrative of the story sometimes feels rushed, especially at the end of the story, I guess it's acceptable.


P.S. Bed scenes aren't detailed. <<less
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September 22, 2022
Status: c132
This story is everything. It might start off a bit rocky, but believe me when I tell you how good it is. It is addicting mad has so much suspense, it keeps you wanting more. AND THE CUTENESS FOR THE LEADS!?! Out of this world. Everytime they do something romantic or what is considered romantic in my standards, I KEEP ON SQUEALING! So I do implore you to give this book a try!
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Wife of Sovereign
It's very good. Engaging and very fun to read. The MC is crossdressing, so far it's not clear who else knows she's a girl, but she always hid the secret and act like a boy. Looking at it from another perspective, some men got obsessed of her while thinking she's a guy, lmao.

It actually exceeds my expectation. And her relationship development with the distrustful and blackened ML is really compelling. 9/10 from me. This is the type of story that even if I hadn't read it for a year, I... more>> could still remember the rough details fondly. <<less
1 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
miumiumiu rated it
May 16, 2021
Status: Completed
Wow! Finished the whole thing on MTL.

Really great world-building.. MC is amazing, not so much emphasis on her transmigration... But idk how she is so genius tbh her whole existence is a Cheat code and the ML is very lucky to have her...

My only complaint is.. there’s not enough dog-food... She spends months years away from ML because theyre both so busy T_T and the ending is unfulfilling...

But that’s all this is good 500+ chapters worth yes!
1 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
iriswoohoo rated it
April 14, 2023
Status: Completed
INCREDIBLE story of romance, healing, friendship, politics, and vengeance. It’s really an epic. Despite the many chapters, the writing is fast paced and you never get bored. I kept binge reading chapters and chapters for three days straight. Love the ML and MC! Personalities are so refreshing.
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