The CEO’s Cute and Delicate Daughter


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Yu MengMeng has transmigrated into a CEO’s runaway bride novel as the “bun”, as in “bun in the oven”.

Her mother was a strong, delicate, yet sometimes scatter-brained woman. She worked very hard to raise her and her brother, but her mother somehow still ended up owing a lot of money. There was also a string of crazy relatives.

Her twin brother was a high-IQ genius child. The little boy took on the responsibilities of taking care of both his mother and his little sister. He was both her dad and her mother. He was so protective that she barely had any friends.

Yu MengMeng, albeit being a transmigrator, had forgotten much of her past and was just a cute and silly little girl.

One day, when she was on her way home from kindergarten, Yu MengMeng “picked up” an injured man. That man looked 90% like her own twin brother and also looked very wealthy. Thinking of how poor they were and how hard her mother and brother worked for money, she decided to swindle some money from this rich-looking man!

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New Crayon rated it
March 30, 2020
Status: --
I REALLY REALLY love this novel! The story is consistent with the title, and whoever commented like MC is sooooo marysue-ish what do you expect from the title? Alright, I'm a little bit lost with the ending like 'oh, thats it?' But not disappointed tho. It's a very good heart warming novel. Eventho the MC is a transmigrated person, she didn't have the memories of an adult and kept her mind pure. She did have a dream about the novel she currently in tho, she only dream it in the... more>> early chapters but because she's in a toddler's body her dream is a bit fuzzy after that the author didn't mention about her dreaming again. <<less
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New ferndoll rated it
March 6, 2020
Status: Completed
This novel is so cute! I read this on a MTL site. The story is from the perspective of a child. Very refreshing take of rebirth with the usual josei romance trope of rich CEO Dad and beautiful Mom. I wish there are more novels like this. This novel is going to be in my favorite pile!
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Acidelia rated it
February 28, 2020
Status: Completed
I adored this novel. As in the description, it's the typical josei drama but from the lens of a sweet child. The appeal of this is a lot of meng family moments, with less focus on the dogblood moments between FL and ML that those dramas typically have (which may or may not be a negative depending on your tastes). However, the novel still does retain a lot of action and drama which moves the story along.

Personally, I continued to read because I adored the father-daughter moments. Although it's tagged... more>> transmigration, the only thing MC retains is that she's the daughter of the FL protagonist in a book –otherwise she behaves like any standard 2 year old would. Her main goal is to have a nice, happy family and it's fun to visualise the lil princess advising the tough CEO father on how to woo her mother. I think my personal small downsides were the amount of canonfodder who kept interrupting the healing family life (there's not too much but sometimes I wonder over their necessity). But again, the biggest appeal of this novel is the father-daughter moments. Though I did also love seeing the MC's eventual growth and maturity in the extras.

Overall: 4.5/5 <<less
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March 2, 2020
Status: Completed
I MTL the story because I thought the premise was very cute, and it is indeed a very cute fluffy story. The MC is very perfect Mary Sue if it bothers some people, but she’s also a little kid so it doesn’t bother me too much. She’s reincarnated but she doesn’t have a perfect memory of her past life, it’s kind of like a fuzzy dream, so her thinking is in line with her age, just with a boost of maturity from her dreams.

Things tend to resolve itself very smoothly... more>> with little conflict, but the best parts is the father/daughter fluffy times which I enjoyed and the story isn’t really about drama anyway.

However, the time skips towards the end makes for adult characters that appeared prominently kind of just disappear. I get that as she gets older, the focus is shifted more to her younger generation, but I wish for at least a little more at least regarding one character.

Anyway, in summary, the story is lite, obviously the focus is on the father/daughter relationship, don’t read expecting depth or twists. But enjoy a fluffy story slightly different from the other reincarnation ones. <<less
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March 3, 2020
Status: --
The plot of this novel is actually good.. there is very little romance in here... most of the plot describes how cute and delicate our MC is (see??thats in title.. what else did you expect????)... and how she build relation with so mane necessary and unnecessary characters.....

And there are so many questions I want answer...

... more>>

what happened to the girl her uncle saved??what was her point to be on this novel???

What the hell happened with the organization that wanted to control her father???

What happened to her aunt who helped her mother in demise??

What happened to her childhood friends???

What happened to her twin brother... he didnt even had any reason to be on this novel... he was just another character

How can thr character didnt see some obvious truth for a long time and created misunderstanding??


Anyway this just told the story from MC's perception... all other character is irrelevent... got it??

Anyway it wasn't that bad of a novel.... if you want some character devoloping and father-daughter relationship buildup then you are sure to like this novel <<less
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clair17 rated it
March 1, 2020
Status: c41
Lately I'm into novel with cute bun involved between MC and ML and try to give this new novel a shot of MTL immediately after its release on NU. I have high expectations honestly as I am fond to have those cute buns to deepen the bond between MCs and MLs in such novels. However, I'm quite disappointed to this novel.

I will try to be as objective as possible and give it 3 stars as I feel that compared to the other novels with cute buns, this novel felt like... more>> lost its way in the plot. Here's why.

1. The main focus of this novel is Yu Meng Meng and how she conquered every other buns, uncles, aunties, grandpas with her cuteness and wits so yes, less romantic story. But I find it nonsensical believe me I am nonsensical tolerant in most novels to have 4 y.o. Girl to have the freedom to go wherever she wants to go without any guardian or permission from one.

She could do whatever she wants just because she is cute and everyone dotes on her and forgive her. Later, uncle an that got his heart stolen by Meng Meng took this 6 y.o. Girl and spend the day in his cruise ship that filled with adults party, I mean gambling and stuffs, without her parents knowing. And another time, she was brought by the same uncle to a club.


2. The memory things from her past life is kind of useless as everything is solved with Meng Meng's ultimate loveliness.

As described in the description, she ocassionally dreams of her past life but it was limited about the story within the book which is her current world and it didn't change her child-like behavior and thinking which kind of unique. But I just felt this function is way too convenient for her. One side she would go to deep thinking on how to avoid things from the book plot but after some thinking and a bit of the action, she rather chose to do whatever she wants as a child but hey, her charm is way stronger than the book plots.


3. Messy relationship.

Most characters are really unnecessary. The author loves to add drama after drama with more relationship between powerful families and in the end, Meng Meng's charm solved it all.


Overall, I just don't see how the plot progress without any magic charm of Meng Meng. Many problems are solved at the end without us knowing how things got solved except it was all thanks to Meng Meng.

Like how his mother and father suddenly grow from hate love relationship to ambiguous state and later engaged all of the sudden

I admit it is quite refreshing to see a novel with the main focus of a child but I just hope for more growth and plot instead of story on how everyone dotes on Meng Meng as 70% of the story I've read so far is how everyone pleases Meng Meng and I felt it is a bit too much.

Honestly, I felt this worth 2 stars but then gave it 3 cuz maybe I'm too biased and MTL misled some things and I decided to dropped this without finishing it. You can give it a shot if you want to try something unique and have the patience for quite nonsensical way of things in this novel. But I won't recommend it if you want romance and heartwarming family story with plot progress. <<less
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