My Son is a Transmigrated Prince


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Song Yuan accidentally picked up a 5-year-old child.

The child has bright eyes, chiseled features, and prideful demeanor. He referred to himself as “this prince” and his mannerism was wild, cool, and stuck up.

“This prince will never eat such lowly food!”

“How dare you flirt with other men behind the back of my imperial father?”

“He insulted this prince and you sided with him? This prince will sentence his entire clan to death!”

Song Yuan was very disturbed. The DNA test had confirmed that the child was, indeed, her son, but why did he act like he was delusional?

More importantly, who was the father of the child?

The prince was going mad from worrying; Imperial Father, if you don’t come soon, Imperial Mother is really going to cheat on you!

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New Itssalwa rated it
June 18, 2020
Status: c20
Srry for bad english

Here's my honest review!

... more>>

Translation : it's quite good no it's reallyyyyy good thankyou for picking up this story translator-nim!

Story plot : Interesting! Give it 4, 5/5

Character : maybe 4?

Because Nu only have 20 chap I will read through MTL but I can't wait too long just to write review

Honestly I thought this novel quite cliché your transmigration story but with bun. Butttttttt I never think that this story quite different that it makes this story uniqe

I enjoyed reading this so far. And FL child is lovely it's so fun to read his part srrsly I almost laughing out loud whenever FL dad and FL child had quarrel :'))

I've read the spoiler and I think this story had happy ending


The ML and their child go back to the past leaving FL in modern times because they HAD responsibility in ancient times cuz tthey're a ruler. Kay? I'm sorry I forgot this part but as far as I remember The ML leave FL notes, it's containing the story abt ML and their son life in ancient times and abt the ML death at the age of 37 (the legend said that the person who cross the time will have short life span) but his death was a lie. In ttruth is after he give Their Son emperor title he cross time again but their son make ot as if he is died. So then the son become emperor at the ege of 15 and then he will rule the empire (he is a good and wise emperor) soon the ML came back to the past and meet FL then they will married (The Xie Family will inherit the family company to ML) the FL doesn't want to have a child because she always felt that her child is just Rong Ting and she didn't want to have ankther because she felt it's just too unfair to Rong Ting. (Because rt didn't fully recived family love so she feel that's unfair) but then Rong Ting come to her dream and said that his mother didn't want to have him again as son ofc Song Yuan said no and she always want RT to be her child. And slon sy will got pregnant and Rong ting once again born (rong Ting will remember his past life until the age of 13 or so I guess so he will npt remember the time he rule the country)

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Dina36933 rated it
February 11, 2020
Status: Completed
This story is so beautiful, it made me want to meet my son as soon as I possible, even if I am still a single woman without a husband now. Haha
16 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Ellie44 rated it
January 18, 2020
Status: c100
Okay I mtled this till the latest chapter which is 100. From what I can see, you can expect a bitter sweet ending. Honestly, I regret reading it. I dont want a sad ending.

... more>>

so, her son, went to the modern society to meet his mother. But his mom cant remember her life when she was in ancient times. They had a paternity test and it was confirmed that he is her son. Then grama and grandpa found out. Soon, they met the father, the emperor. He lied that he doesnt remember his son and MC, saying he also had amnesia like MC. It was found out by son soon after MC recovered all her memory. The son told MC and MC said that she's used to it. Apparently, the ml, forced her to marry him and tricked her a lot of times. One day ML gave MC a diamond ring uaing the money he got from selling paintings, he said that he'll go back to the ancient times. He dont wanna abandon his people. MC cried. MC asked his son if he wanted to go back with his father. The son wanted to go back to the ancient times, because first of all, he grew up in that place and he cannot integrate himself in the modern society like how MC cant integrate herself in the ancient times. So ML and the son will go back to the ancient times after a month. So ml, MC and son used the times to bond. And thats it. Ill wait for more updates.

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Schneeri rated it
January 28, 2020
Status: Completed
I cried for like 15-20 chapters near the end, continuously. I love the interactions between the MC, her parents and the princely son. ML was manipulative, but regretful in what he did. They truly loved each other.

I don't think I will read this again because I don't want to go through that heartache, but I'm truly glad I read it. Prepare a lot of tissues, but it was worth it.

... more>>

I just wish it was not a bitter-sweet ending. I hate that the MC's child did not grow up with her. I understand that it was her son's choice, but I wish they could have a couple of years together at least. MC also mentioned that she could not think of having another child again, and that left tears in my eyes for hours.

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cosmicpeach rated it
December 20, 2019
Status: c18
For now I can't say that I like this novel. I will only give 3.8 / 5 stars.

While reading all 18 of these chapters (I read the raw. 3 chapter in here is like 1 raw chapter. Even the raw is still on-going), my facial expression didn't change at all.One time, I fell asleep. but that's okay, because this is still the beginning of the story.

In chapter 18 we just learned that Rong Ting is truly the child of our MC.

This novel has the potential to be a good novel,... more>> we just need to wait, so yes, I will keep reading it :) <<less
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crimsoniv0j rated it
May 21, 2020
Status: Completed
This is quiet a tearjerker novel. When I thought It's going to end up as a bittersweet but no. It does have a proper closure. They just separated for a while and all came back to live with MC. It was a perfect romance for the family. If you finished the novel, no one is left behind, even the son came back. 100/100
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