My Son is a Transmigrated Prince


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Song Yuan accidentally picked up a 5-year-old child.

The child has bright eyes, chiseled features, and prideful demeanor. He referred to himself as “this prince” and his mannerism was wild, cool, and stuck up.

“This prince will never eat such lowly food!”

“How dare you flirt with other men behind the back of my imperial father?”

“He insulted this prince and you sided with him? This prince will sentence his entire clan to death!”

Song Yuan was very disturbed. The DNA test had confirmed that the child was, indeed, her son, but why did he act like he was delusional?

More importantly, who was the father of the child?

The prince was going mad from worrying; Imperial Father, if you don’t come soon, Imperial Mother is really going to cheat on you!

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Dina36933 rated it
February 11, 2020
Status: Completed
This story is so beautiful, it made me want to meet my son as soon as I possible, even if I am still a single woman without a husband now. Haha
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Ellie44 rated it
January 18, 2020
Status: c100
Okay I mtled this till the latest chapter which is 100. From what I can see, you can expect a bitter sweet ending. Honestly, I regret reading it. I dont want a sad ending.

... more>>

so, her son, went to the modern society to meet his mother. But his mom cant remember her life when she was in ancient times. They had a paternity test and it was confirmed that he is her son. Then grama and grandpa found out. Soon, they met the father, the emperor. He lied that he doesnt remember his son and MC, saying he also had amnesia like MC. It was found out by son soon after MC recovered all her memory. The son told MC and MC said that she's used to it. Apparently, the ml, forced her to marry him and tricked her a lot of times. One day ML gave MC a diamond ring uaing the money he got from selling paintings, he said that he'll go back to the ancient times. He dont wanna abandon his people. MC cried. MC asked his son if he wanted to go back with his father. The son wanted to go back to the ancient times, because first of all, he grew up in that place and he cannot integrate himself in the modern society like how MC cant integrate herself in the ancient times. So ML and the son will go back to the ancient times after a month. So ml, MC and son used the times to bond. And thats it. Ill wait for more updates.

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Schneeri rated it
January 28, 2020
Status: Completed
I cried for like 15-20 chapters near the end, continuously. I love the interactions between the MC, her parents and the princely son. ML was manipulative, but regretful in what he did. They truly loved each other.

I don't think I will read this again because I don't want to go through that heartache, but I'm truly glad I read it. Prepare a lot of tissues, but it was worth it.

... more>>

I just wish it was not a bitter-sweet ending. I hate that the MC's child did not grow up with her. I understand that it was her son's choice, but I wish they could have a couple of years together at least. MC also mentioned that she could not think of having another child again, and that left tears in my eyes for hours.

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Bookworm_Sueweetie rated it
December 14, 2020
Status: Completed
Actually, the premise is really good. The plot twists were also good. The relationship between ML and FL was kinda realistic. A modern woman can't easily adjust with the norms/laws of the past... but what I hated is how selfish the FL as mother. She abandoned her child bc of misunderstandings and her stubbornness. Even the young Crown Prince has to prioritize her happiness more than his own feelings as a kid himself.

Some might considered it happy ending but I feel it to be bittersweet.

... more>>

The kid was reincarnated as the son of the leads again in the ending. But before that, he sadly lived alone and had to ascend on the throne just as 15 yo to give happiness to his parents. He died up to 60 years being emperor with only just short happy memories of him being with his parents together.

The d*mb FL cried joyfully thinking that her kid having a happy life (*rolls eyes*).. when it was obvious that he have to take responsibility and have to sacrifice his youth for the sake of his parents' "happiness" (*sigh*)


In this story, the ML was deceiving and the kid might be spoiled but always giving and accommodating... but FL can't even put her kid and husband in her priority list when she got no important reason to stay. It feels that the FL gave more important to having access to internet and live in easy modern world than to live with her own kid bc it is her "happiness" (*face palm*) <<less
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Itssalwa rated it
June 18, 2020
Status: Completed
Me going fo edit my review bc my last review somehow looks dumb.

Anyway. I think this novel is very memorable to me. I thought this was a cliché transmigration story, but it's not!

Maybe this is my first childcare (not really) story. I remember after reading this, I was addicted to read a novel with FL has a kid. I enjoy reading this. There's not any drama that makes my heart and head boils with anger. A perfect smooth sailing story. No strom, no rain, no thunder, it's just calm as water. I remeber I really like the interaction between Son and grandfather. They're cute

Once I read a spoilers where it say that the ending was sad or bitter ending. But I think this is happy ending. I already read this for 3rd time, and yes the ending is HE. ¡! Major spoiler included ¡!


Yes. ML and the son went back to ancient times, because their responsibility as the emperor and crown prince.

Son misses MC so much, after went back to the ancient times he kept coming back to MC palace and almost everday he would sleep there. And he misses Yakult too : (

The father was no better. He even pretend to be really sick when Son already reach 14?

Why he pretend to be sick? Bc he's planning to go back to modern times to meet MC again. But he could not go back easly, he have go make a reason of his death before he go.

Oh yes, the son and ML life are a book written by someone in modern times.
So the book explained that ML dead early bc he crossed times, but the truth is he go back to modern times leaving his son behind to rule the kingdom.

ML son become a good and capable emperor. Many commoners like him bc he is a capable emperor.

In modern times, MC and ML got married but MC did not want a children anymore because she feel that it was so unfair for the Son (Rong Ting) bc RT never recive her fully love and never recive a warm family should be.
ML respected her decision.

But then RT comes to MC dream saying why MC did not want him to be his child anymore?

MC said no, she want RT to be her child again.
Then after that, MC plan tk get pregnant and successfully giving birth to RT ;)

Happy end

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crimsoniv0j rated it
May 21, 2020
Status: Completed
This is quiet a tearjerker novel. When I thought It's going to end up as a bittersweet but no. It does have a proper closure. They just separated for a while and all came back to live with MC. It was a perfect romance for the family. If you finished the novel, no one is left behind, even the son came back. 100/100
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ciel_annn rated it
September 3, 2021
Status: c44
I'm now taking time out from this novel. After reading a plenty of novels that have Scum ML, this was my first time to detest ML. He is the worst one so far. I don't know how the author wrote redemption for him in the end of the novel. So after taking time out and vaporizing my stress built by this novel, I might again braze myself and read it. Because the child is cute, and I really like novels that has FL raising a kid.

So why is... more>> ML scum? I can't able to turn on Spoiler, so if you don't wanna get spoiled, stop now:

First of all, our FL transmigrated into ancient time with her physical body. And due to her golden finger, she got once powerful family, now declining in her pocket. That family adopted her. Hateful ML was at that time a crown prince and had friendship with the son, aka adopted FL's brother. So, when ML disguised himself and got out from the palace to meet FL's brother and saw our FL, he started being attracted to her. But his thoughts were impure. He was planning to use FL to get support from FL's family. He didn't plan to give FL empress position, but concubine. But of course, during the process, he fell in love with her. The problem began. Why? For now I predicted that FL's foster brother also fell in love with FL far earlier than ML. So after up and down, FL became empress of the country and got married with ML. And I think when ML realized FL' brother's feeling towards FL, he sent the brother to the war. FL tried to stop her brother from deporting to the war. At this point, conflict between ML and FL started. And the brother died during the war. Again, it seems a lot of things happened. And FL decided to leave the ancient time and get back to modern time. She did it. But at the process, she lost her ancient time memory. FL's son came to her from the ancient time. She accepted him as her son even without her memory due to mother's instinct.

ML also came to modern time, and DIFFERENT from his son, he had an identity as a heir of really powerful family in China in the modern time. When he deliberately came across with FL, he realized she has no memory of him. So what do you expect from sickly psycho? Yeah, you guessed it. He began stalking her and playing innocent party while getting near FL. He is basically building a PERFECT CAGE for FL. Why I hate him? BECAUSE HE IS F-ING MANIPULATING FL and as FAR as NOW he doesn't have any guilty conscience of destroying FL's foster family. HE IS LIKE A GREEN TEA b*tch. He is so fake. Whenever he plays innocent party in front of FL, I want to puke on his face. DISGUSTING BEHAVIOUR of DECEIVING FL for HIS OWN GOOD.

But no, if you think the reason of taking time out from this novel is ML is only this. PARTLY YES, but ALSO BECAUSE OF FL.

FL is nice for sure. However, She is s*upid. Not cute, but frustrating. She doesn't realize this f-ing ahole is FISHY. OMG, how s*upid is that? Even her child thinks ML is fishy when he takes bus with FL (while he is unimaginably rich) and removing distance between them.

OK, so in conclusion, it's the PERFECT EXAMPLE OF AHOLE, SCUM ML and INNOCENT, but BRAIN DEAD FL.

Thank you for reading this until the end. Translation team, and plot building is really good. So, it's worthy to read it and stress yourself. SO 3 star. <<less
5 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
cosmicpeach rated it
December 20, 2019
Status: c18
For now I can't say that I like this novel. I will only give 3.8 / 5 stars.

While reading all 18 of these chapters (I read the raw. 3 chapter in here is like 1 raw chapter. Even the raw is still on-going), my facial expression didn't change at all.One time, I fell asleep. but that's okay, because this is still the beginning of the story.

In chapter 18 we just learned that Rong Ting is truly the child of our MC.

This novel has the potential to be a good novel,... more>> we just need to wait, so yes, I will keep reading it :) <<less
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Wife of Sovereign
Wife of Sovereign rated it
February 17, 2021
Status: c56
This novel is soooo good! I love the MC and her son, her son has to be the cutest child I've ever find in Chinese Novels, I guarantee it. I usually found MC's children to be either mildly cute, hilarious, or straight up annoying. But this one stole my heart. If I have to rate every child of MC in other CN novels, they'll get roughly 5/10 but he's 10/10! He's so cute, mature, and think of his mother first before anything else. He always assured his mother that what... more>> he wanted the most ultimately was not a complete re-unification of their family, but her mother's happiness.

The translation was decent too. There are some stumbles here and there with the background but it might be just me.

The MC too, although she was confused with the whole transmigration of her son, she still took care of him the best way she could. Some child-rearing novels with businesswoman MC usually had a feeling of somewhat neglected children even though the supposed main focus was child-rearing. But this didn't feel so. I would rate it 5/5 but

I hate the ML. Really. Hate. Him. What did he do to deserve MC and Rong Ting (The cute prince) ??? I'll list his bad traits


1. He forced the MC to marry him in the ancient time. The context of this was, he used to cover up his real identity and interact with the transmigrated MC and her adoptive brother (The MC was bodily transmigrated, not only just her soul). The MC fell for him and told him that she won't mind marrying him, but on the pretext that he was only a common person. He used an edict to force her to marry him. They fight a lot because of this.

2. He's an obsessive a**hole. Yandere. Manipulative. And truly, mentally abusive.

3. He found out that MC's adoptive brother had a feeling for MC. This is before MC married him and before he revealed his real identity to the two brother-sister. And he's strongly against it.

4. It was strongly implied that he forcefully send Meng Qingrong (MC's adoptive brother in the ancient time) to war just for the sake of getting him away from her. They fight a lot because of this too.

5. When MC cried for her brother's obviously unwilling departure (the brother covered up and saying that fighting for the country was his dream despite his declining family already intended to lay low and didn't want to get involved anymore after his father's injury), the bstrd held her against her will and told her that he didn't like it when she worries for someone else but him. If that is not mentally abusive, I don't know what is.

Srsly, he through and through a fcking creep, stalker, and manipulative abuser in my eyes. But so far in the story, there's no good man at all. I hate the stalkerish pushy upperclassman too. Damn it all.


My 4-stars is solely because of that pos. But the author really wrote this novel nicely, she gave the insight of what was wrong and what was right. But the ML was really a hard sell, I don't know what the author would do to force them back together, but I honestly cannot forgive the a-hole. An innocent person died because of his obsession with the MC, he's dangerous and I don't like him in general. Why can't we find a new father for the precious dumpling? <<less
3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
BaiYihan rated it
October 18, 2020
Status: c37
The MC lost her memories after coming back from transmigrating to ancient china. It´s an interesting idea but I don´t really like the personality of the kid. He is very much a spoiled brat and he tries to take The MCs problems into account but he really doesn´t. The ML isn´t great either. He´s not very proactive in pursuing the MC which is a disappointment and he just ignores his son half the time.
3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
carollsc rated it
August 1, 2020
Status: c25
It was interesting at first and I liked the interactions of the mother and son duo. I do not like however the introduction of the ML. It was kind of anticlimactic. I hate when they have bad ML, also from reading the spoilers I'm not excited about the ending and I feel like it was quite lame. In the end I didn't read too far into the story which is why I'm giving it a 2 star but It's getting boring and more cliche now that the ML showed up... more>> so I'm dropping this novel. <<less
3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
jarigemuk rated it
April 22, 2021
Status: Completed
I had read this last year. One of the most memorable rebirth/transmigration novel that I ever read because it start with the arrival of the FL son out of nowhere. I really like how it portray that none of the characters magically fit in into different era. Both FL and ML + Son decided that they should respect each other's decision and not forcing themselves into the relationship.

... more>>

The scene at the elevator where the FL separated with her son and husband make me cried so hard that I had to take a break. Fortunately, the author redeem with a happy ending where they reunite as family once again


for a 100 ish chapters, I really think that it worth a try. Absolutely recommended toward those that like bittersweet type of romance and a little bit of family bonding. The little prince is also really cute, I remember that the mother send him to a kindergarten/class something and he able write calligraphy which impress everyone. The little prince comment on his empress mother's modern lifestyle and at the same time reminding her to be faithful toward his emperor father make me laugh. The interaction between the FL and Little prince is definitely one of the highlight of this story.


I think the ML is also quite tragic because his regret of holding to someone that he knew shouldn't caged. So if you don't mind the overbearing type of ML, then go on

2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Dianille rated it
February 22, 2021
Status: c60
Uhm, I give this 3.5 stars rating. I don't like this type of ML. He basically deceive her in both timeline. I feel really sorry for their kid. I just want this story to be about MC and her kid, without ML on sight
2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
hobbes rated it
August 26, 2021
Status: Completed
FINALLY a chinese novel in which the emperor and empress face doesn't look like jade. Its a really good break for someone after reading a novel filled with praises of the looks of the ML and FL in every damn chapter.

This is complete slice of life novel. The novel mostly is around the prince. The story flow is great. You dont get bored anywhere. The flashbacks of past and present are merged perfectly. I loved the FL and the kid. The ML was so so for me (Def not my... more>> type).

The FL is really good. She seems very realistic. She is really good with the prince. She understands that he has transmigrated and needs time to get used to the people and things in the modern world. Adults cant get used to everything so quickly, much less a child. She understands this and doesn't apply her modern day ethics on him and gives him time to adjust to the society slowly. The interaction with the ML is good. She understand the difference between being a husband and a father, she doesn't force the prince or the ML to accept or reject anyone. She lets them make their own choice.

I loved the little cutie pie prince. When he transmigrates he wont know anyone else other then his mother and everything will be new. Because he loves his mother very much, he accepts things slowly even if he feels very uncomfortable. He loves the FL very much. In the beginning he blames her for leaving him and not remembering him, after slowly understanding her and the circumstances he JUST wishes for her to be happy. He will even wish for her to not remember anything painful even if it means forgetting him. Such a sweet kid, I want one too.

I saw some comments about the prince being bad. HE IS KID, GIVE HIM A BREAK. He is just 5 years and will be desperate for love. Please dont apply your modern day mentality on him. Because of his love for his mother he does so many things which makes him really uncomfortable and tries very hard to adapt to the modern world to make her happy. What else do you expect from a 5 year kid?

I dont really like ML, he is too manipulative both in the ancient era and also in the modern world. He plans everything so that he can be together with her again. Good thing FL dint give a f*ck about him even after regaining her memories. He is not a good husband nor a good father. I feel he fails as both. He completely ignores her wishes and also ignored the kid being shut in his own world. He does love their child but just loving is not enough. It has to be shown to the kid in actions how much he adores him. The ML doesn't care about such things. OK, He is my SON. I love him. Period. WTF?

Story line


The FL would have disappeared for one week. She wont remember anything for this period. She would have transmigrated and become the empress and have a child with the ML. The pain of losing the child when she transmigrates back to modern world makes her lose her memories. The prince very desperate for a mother finds things related to her and transmigrates into the modern world.

The ML also transmigrates and comes across the FL and child and he will make a huge long term plan to get her to like him again and form a family.




The ML and prince go back to the ancient era as they will have a huge responsibility as the emperor and crown prince. The ML stays for 7 years, makes things ready and throws everything to his son and fakes his death and comes to the modern world again. (In modern day time, he comes back in a week). The prince also will be very sad but he understand his responsibility. He becomes a good emperor.

The FL will be heart broken after their departure. She goes travelling and tries to overcome her sadness. The ML doesn't meet her for a few months even after coming back. The FL realizes that after they leave that nothing was important. All their fights and heart break. She realizes that she has always loved him. They get married. She will not want any kids as she would have decided to have no one else other than the prince. The ML respects her wishes.

One day, the FL dreams about the prince and he tells her that if she wants he will come again. So they decide to have a child again. The prince will be born again but he will be a baby so he wont be able to say anything to his parents. Initially he remembers everything, but as he grows up his memories of his past life fade away. When he will be 6 years, his memories will be exactly as it was when he left. They become complete again and live happily.


Its a very sweet novel. I really loved the prince. He is my fav. I liked the grandparents too. Its good read.

Go for it, you wont regret reading it. <<less
1 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
ReadBhell rated it
September 30, 2020
Status: c59
If you do not want a typical story of transmigration and romance where the protagonists meet, fall in love and marry then this is your novel, I liked the relationship between mother and son, and the relationship between father and son, I would have liked them all to stay together, I was sorry for the end; the good thing is that the FL and the ML still have a chance... or so their open ending suggests... well, it was nice to hang out
1 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
September 21, 2020
Status: Completed
I thoroughly enjoyed this novel. One of my biggest pet peeves with HE novels is that there’s usually a lot of drama, they overcome it in the end, and then they rush through the wrapping up things and the ending. This one, although feels a bit rushed, did not leave a bad taste in my mouth. It was a really good turn of events and I like how the characters did not forget their core personalities just to make the plot convenient. I’m giving it 4 stars though because I... more>> don’t know, the introduction to ML was a bit... disconnected of sorts. It felt weirdly out of place - and that is something, given that she had a son pop out from nowhere.

PS prepare tissues in the last few chapters of this novel. <<less
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LonelyHomie rated it
July 29, 2020
Status: --
Omg I loove the son so much he is such a sweet heart. This story is so worth it. If you're emotional like I am then just be ready to cry a bit. Omg my heart went to the son he has such a beautiful soul. He always put everyone before himself.
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fanneeywp rated it
July 10, 2020
Status: Completed
I love this so much! I think the two main characters are MC and her son because this story is about bonding the mother-son relationship

... more>>

to the point she love him so much, so sorry and heartached she don't want to have another child because she feels she haven't give him motherly love enough


On the other hand


the romance is about couple's quarrel, their struggles after they've got together, ML and MC understanding each other all over again, maybe they're not compatible, they're from different world.

This is what I see for the first time, transmigrator!MC realized as a modern person she's not suitable with an ancient person at all. They have different views and ideas about almost everything. She's missing her home. She's suffering in the palace. Then they're learn to let go.

Nota top-tier tragedy but surely not a fluffy either.


Author can make this novel BE/OE if she's end it at


ML and son going back to ancient time


But it's not! It's a HE. Very satisfying. <<less
1 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
July 19, 2021
Status: c53
The characterization really affects the overall reading experience. I'm going to drop this novel mainly because I don't like it when the MC is being repeatedly harmed/hurt. In this case, she is not yet harmed/hurt but she will soon be.

She stated that she does not like deception. Her words and action, be it in the ancient life or in the modern life, both show that she values honesty. However, our hateful ML just keeps on deceiving her in both lives and manipulates her. It does not help that the little... more>> prince (her son) is not cute at all. I know others may disagree, but he's not the type of kid that you can call little treasure or bun. The way MC and son gets along is more of an elder sister-younger brother type than a mother-son.

Overall, the edited mtl by Piper's Pickups is good and easy to read. There's a plot build-up and MC looks like a likeable heroine. I just can't bring myself to enjoy this because of the characters. <<less
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ickersons rated it
April 15, 2021
Status: c57
More of a 4.2 but I want to be nice. I like the idea of it and the writing is good, I just feel uncomfy bc it seems the same energy as the rebirth stories where MC goes back to a ML that treated her like tr*sh in a previous life. ML also seems very manipulative, which is a common trope in these novels but he manipulates the MC which is uncool. Other than that the MC is understandably confused, but not totally naive to people and their intentions. I... more>> like the family dynamics in the story, and the Crown Prince is cute and funny. I just read the spoilers of other reviewers I think I'm gonna stop here it might be too bittersweet for me. <<less
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