My Son Might Be A Villain


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Su Ran, a music prodigy, woke up transmigrated into a book.

At that point in time, the main story arc in the book had already been completed. As a villainess female supporting character, not only did she need to take over the original owner’s pitiful life in poverty, she also gained an instant son right at his rebellious period.

Ten or so more years from then, the son would turn into a twisted, evil villain. He would appear in one of the extra chapters to pick on the male and female lead’s children.


Su Ran: Son, you shouldn’t be too outstanding.
Su Han: Why not?
Su Ran: ’cause you will be killed.

Su Ran: Son, would you like to learn music from me and become a zen, little fairy boy who only needs to drink dew.
Su Han: No, I want to go into business so I can support you.

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New GreenTeaBag rated it
May 13, 2020
Status: Completed
Sweet and fluffy novel that I really enjoyed. When reading transmigration books with children in it most often you are faced with an adorable little buns that know no better. In this novel the child is already a teenager that has seen the worst in his family and clearly remember it all. Hence why I liked this novel so much - the main characters had to put more work into winning the childs trust.
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New procrastination_day rated it
May 12, 2020
Status: c36
Pritty promising so far.

The realtionships between the MC and her body's previous relationships with the other people is described with delicacy and complexity. And I was eager to read more.

I particulary like the description of the "son" who'll become a villain. The way he behaves is verry similar to an inteligent teenager who has been abused and neglected by his single mother.

Hopefully the the ML's appearence won't ruin everything.
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Tachi Works
Tachi Works rated it
February 13, 2020
Status: c13
Although it's true the MC was reliant on ML to rescue her... she didn't really have a choice. She's a regular girl, her enemies are well-connected moguls.

This is some dark secret-society level threat, not "omg why cant you just stand up for yourself" "say No!".

That's like saying "if jack the ripper corners you in an alleyway, simply say No! and he is legally not allowed to kill you :) "
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Lumina25684 rated it
February 11, 2020
Status: Completed
It's almost like a slice of life. If you're looking for satisfying face-slapping, this is not it.

Romance?... Some, but it's mostly about the mother and the son. ML had to work a bit and the fight between father and son is amusing. I also like how ML teaches his son. Can kind of get a glimpse of businessmen's child raising lessons.

Unlike most transmigrated story where villainess turns out to be a good person and MC takes revenge, this MC is passive and only wishes to survive. However, the fact that... more>> her son came to love her so easily despite being 12 and treated like that for so long might be questionable.

As for ML taking revenge against original ML... It might seem unreasonable to you, but very reasonable to him. That's the woman he loves. If ML can do that


drive her out of her family, tainted her at 16 (FL drugged (resulting in her Su Han) and scared her forehead), lured her into the red light district and let others humiliate her to death.

She was 16 for goodness sakes. After they found out, they (orig. ML and 2nd ML) only apologized in their hearts despite realizing that all the things original did seemed like a child's tricks compared to FL, who had nothing done to her except being ignored by her husband all because she's his wife and mother to his children.

They realized that they bullied back against another bully, who used childish, open tricks when compared to their life ending schemes and retaliations.


to original and knew that he was wrong, but still did nothing else, then you say he doesn't deserve retribution? At least he's left with a lifeline (accusation instead of bankruptcy). What original FL, ML and second ML did to original host ended in her shame and death while they continued to live high and complain about trivial stuff like my husband ignores me. <<less
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January 29, 2020
Status: Completed
A transmigration story, but not when it's not yet begun, or in the middle, but it's a story AFTER the main story ends.

The story of transmigrate MC into a villain AFTER her fate is sealed as BadEnding.

I didnt feel MC brain to 'downgrade' like the usual MCs (thank goodness!), and no overbearing ML too! Didnt get cute bun, but there's cute tsundere son!

... more>> If I could ask for more, I wish the author would write more of what happens with the protagonists and all the characters that involved there.

And of course, more MC, ML and son and his siblings interaction. I could dream ^^ <<less
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March 10, 2020
Status: Completed
I actually read this because of the childcare tag, but I'm glad I did. Not the best novel out there, but the story is satisfying and fluffy and good for a two day read.


The extra about the previous world Su Han made me cry a bit, though I'm glad he and his father got a good end.

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Arrange rated it
May 5, 2020
Status: c80
The novel is pretty good and doesn't have many dog blood dramas, well there's still some gruesome drama going on in the background, but all is been taken care of by the almighty ML.

The MC cleary separates herself from the previous body owner and decides to live her life by preventing the plot to destroy her son's future. Very wholesome motherly love. (Apart from the times where the only thing in her mind was "did you do your homework?", seriously, that's some PTSD material right here.)

The rivalry between son... more>> and father is very funny because their personalities are basically the same, typical cold and awkward man (very gap-moe).


The only thing that doesn't sit well with me is about the fate of the children of the one surnamed Song (sorry I can't remember). I mean their father's company went bankrupt and then their mother went insane. They were such sweet beans, I don't wish to see them transform into the villains of the story and hate the MC's family. (Even though they rightfully can do so.)


I still have to read the ending. I will update my review later~~ <<less
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weirdnshort rated it
April 20, 2020
Status: c40
I'm reading the raws with english translations for this, so I might not understand the entire thing.

It has the typical trans-mitigation cliches but there's a bit of a difference. This takes place after the main story ended. The villainess got her just desserts... which resulted in her fall, getting disowned by her family and a teenage pregnancy. (Though I'm really side eyeing her family... why would they ignore their pregnant teenager)

She basically neglected her child. But against all odds, her child was brilliant, independent, handsome, athletic... etc.

The child... more>> later becomes a "Villain" to the novel's epilogue, hence the "Villain" in the title.

Anyways, I really like that the kid is a 12 year old teenager, unlike most instant kid trans mitigation stories... He's a bit rebellious, trying to be independent, yet yearns for his mother's love. he's a bit of a Tsundere.

In some cases, since he's quite smart, he helps the MC quite a bit. They only have each other to depend on...

The new Su Ran (MC) - isn't worldly smart. But she still has a "cheat". In her former life - she was a brilliant composer... but everything else, her assistant took care of. Therefore, in this life, she depends a lot on Su Han quite a bit.

I really enjoy the son/mother relationship. They're cute.


Now on Chapter 40.

Most of humor of this novel is based on misunderstanding and lack of communication. lol it never gets old... XD

I really liked it when the original second male lead of the novel


basically ranted about the FL of the original novel.

I really like the aspect of figuring out what happens after the "happily ever after ending"? Is what is presented in the novel really what happened.

Father and Son's relationship:


omg the meeting between the father and son, is hilarious. the total convoluted novel's plot makes the explanation so challenging. Poor Mr. Lu. Totally misunderstood. lol.

6 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
chuvalulu rated it
January 28, 2020
Status: c3
This is my first time reading a novel that is focus on the interaction of the villainess and her son wherein the transmigration of the MC is the time when the original plot has already ended.

Looking forward for more updates😊
6 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Sea of Sorrow
Sea of Sorrow rated it
March 6, 2020
Status: Completed
First novel I MTLed since I liked the story so much that I just couldn't wait for the translation!
I really loved the mother-son relationship the MC developed with her son! It was just so cute and fluffy that the ML only spoiled it with his appearance every time. ; (

Also, the MC was such a loving and caring mother that I felt like I was reading about my own mother at times... (@[email protected])

Ps. Su Han is the best. ML was unnecessary.
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ohmycalla rated it
March 3, 2020
Status: Completed
I'm happy I found this story. It's a great novel, I love MC and her son. I wish I could read more about them.

About the ending...


I cried because of Su Han in the novel, I can imagine the pain he felt when his mother died. I'm glad author gave him a happy ending. Author let him experienced the warmth of having a family. The same thing with Su Ran in the novel.

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Vanny Zhang
Vanny Zhang rated it
March 29, 2020
Status: Completed
This is my first review.. I decided to write a review because I want to let everyone who hesitate on reading this novel know... You won't regret reading this!!

One thing I love the most from the story is how heartwarming they portrayed the family's feeling.. it's not your typical cliche where the girl will be a perfect mother right after she transmigrate and the son will be an octopus that can't bear to be left for 5 minutes.. the son has mother-complex (yes, I need to admit that), but he's... more>> a very cute tsundere boy.. not that novel who will say "I love you *hug* *kiss*", but they use action to show their feeling instead.. >< As an Asian, I'm not used to say "I love you" to my parents (I never said that), and this novel really suit my taste... hahaha..

And the ending...


They show the real situation of the real Su Ran and Su Han.. I swear, I almost cried.. I'm happy that the author decided to give them HE.. and about real Su Ran's complicated feeling towards his son.. that's definitely my fav part of the novel.. I wondered how can Su Han lived for so many years if Su Ran never cared for him.. it's almost impossible IMO.. and when real Su Ran protected him and told him to leave, I almost cried.. ToT and the relationship between real Su Han and his father really warm my heart..

4 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Honefuusen rated it
February 19, 2020
Status: Completed
I like the story because while it might be a romance novel, this story heavily tells about the mother and son relationship. To be honest the male lead in this novel is borderline a nuisance, lol.

I liked the MC because she's such a chill person. Except for being talented in music she is very much a grounded character. Even without ML present, this story could have carried itself with only the mother and son. ML was more of a plot device to solve all the villains and MC and her... more>> son can simply sit back and enjoy the ride.

Of course it doesn't mean that it was a bad novel. Simply that there wasn't much action and it was a very laid back story with springkles of evil here and there.

Just, the ending was bad. It felt somewhat abrupt and left many questions unanswered for me. <<less
4 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Soleus rated it
January 29, 2020
Status: Completed
Loved this story. I MTLed it and it was easy to read btw. The story is simple and heartwarming. Su Ran transmigrated into a novel and become an insta mother. The story more focused around Su Ran and Su Han (her child). About how the child start to warm up with his mother and how both find their happiness after that.

Oh, I really loved the extra about Su Han though. That really touched my heart.
4 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Purple Lotus
Purple Lotus rated it
May 1, 2020
Status: Completed
Some chapters away from completing this novel, I actually had some minor dissatisfaction, but actually seeing past Su Han just made me tear up and now just satisfied that Su Han got to be happy. To hell with romance and reason, our Su Han deserves his happiness. I really recommend this heart-warming story.
3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
frostcrystal rated it
March 29, 2020
Status: c46
I'm about halfway through the raw at the moment (the translator splits chapters). This is a fluffy little story, but I admit I somewhat lost interest halfway through. I'm just not that into camping, and to be honest the romance is a little dull... just the mother-son relationship aspect is more exciting for me. In a sense, I feel that her child warmed up to her too fast partially to speed up the development of the romance, and would have rathered that it was done differently.
3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Kael97 rated it
March 19, 2020
Status: c70
The start was promising because it is not the usual transmigration series where as the MC could have avoided being labeled as a villain. Its genre is more of slice of life et al interaction between MC and her son. Though I guess it could have been more different if MC stayed as a single mother all throughout the story, becase I dont like how overbearing and cunning the ML is. He's the "ML"- typical cold business tycoon that can overthrow any business competitor whenever he want. And I agree... more>> that I felt that he was there just to solve the problems for MC. He was the reason I felt that reading this was becoming boring and dragging. Lol difference in preference I presume.

Correct me of I'm wrong but I dont know if some of the questions I'll write below are considered as plot holes, either I just did not understand some things, or its just that I did not finish reading the story, but below are the following:


1. I think that Su Ran adapted easily with the life of being a mother given the fact that she was below 20 and has been relying on her assistants.

2. There are not any deep reasons how ML manged to fell in love with Su Ran.

3. Su Ran's backstory was lacking. How she doesnt have any parents but has assitstant... Was she adopted to become a musical genius?


I read the mtl'ed version btw. And again, I think that preference really matters. <<less
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Pristine Xia
Pristine Xia rated it
March 15, 2020
Status: Completed
The story is really good and very enjoyable to read. The ending is also very satisfying and touching. Definitely one of my all-time favorite reads♡

... more>>

I really appreciate the closure chapters for original Su Ran, Su Han, and Lu Shao near the end.

The main story itself is filled with fluff and cute family interaction.

For the original Su Ran's ending, I thought Song Zeyu was gone to look for her all these years.. but I'm really glad she ended up finding someone like Mr. Gu as her significant other. Although it means there is no Su Han in this alternate world because the incident between her and Lu Shao didn't happen, but I still wish all the best for the original Su Ran and Lu Shao at there.

Also, the closure for original Su Han in the original story, although he was defeated by the Song's but his father Lu Shao still found him and ended up rescuing him. Original Su Han also experienced around 5 days of transmigration as main story Su Han where he has a complete family consisted of father, mother, and 2 younger siblings. He got to experience this kind of family's warmth and I was so touched for these moments huhuhuhu ;;---:; Original Su Han realized this isn't a dream, but an alternate reality where his mother didn't end up dying... still, when original Su Han finally returned to his world and main story Su Han was back just in time for the college entrance examination, main story Su Han was quite baffled because he thought the college entrance examination was suddenly held 5 days earlier LOL.

On the other hand, after original Su Han returned to his world, he started called Lu Shao 'Dad' after a slipup because he used to call him that in the other alternate world in those 5 days (ugh, I'm tearing up again). Original Su Han also started to understand Lu Shao as his father better too. The two's relationship felt like going to grow closer from that moment on.


Overall, the author really gave many satisfying ends :')

Love this story so much! Thank you author for sharing this story with us💕❤ <<less
3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
xxchroniclerxx rated it
March 12, 2020
Status: Completed
This is a very fluffy and heartwarming novel. The beginning is a little rough as ... more>>

Su Han's previous treatment by Su Ran was very horrible and honestly a 12 yo going through that is really sad but it the gloom doesn't last long so yay


It can be said that Su Han accepted her pretty quickly despite all but

it's only because Su Han probably desperately wanted some love and warmth from his mom so when he saw the changes in her despite his head saying no he couldn't overcome his want and need for a parents love


Interactions b/w the ML and MC and their son is adorbs like uwu. It's petty but at the same time cute lol.


Have to say that what happened to both Su Ran and Su Han in their previous life was a nightmare but the at the end they both got a little warmth. I was wondering about the "multiple reincarnated individuals" tag so that got resolved. I cried a little with previous Su Han's last experience and that the father and son in that life would probably get along just fine.


This is such a cute novel that I MTLed it (pretty easy to understand) and would recommend to read for the fluff. <<less
2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Shuuka4ever rated it
March 10, 2020
Status: Completed
I think this is underrated! To me this novel is heartwarming and makes you want to have a su han hahaha. I am not good at expressing my feelings (I may be just too lazy) but give this novel a try ! Especially because mtl is easy to understand (this is like the 3rd novel I managed to finish reading using mtl but I have tried reading like 100 hahaha never understanding a third of what it’s been “translated”)

I also want to clarify something, having a dad is extremely... more>> important (cannot believe there is a comment saying that the father is not needed! Who in this world can truly say that?) in this novel the figure of a father is VERY important so please don’t believe when other say it is not! <<less
2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
lazykitty_99 rated it
March 6, 2020
Status: --
Some said MC here is weak depending on ML but considering her past life she was a shutin master pianist n composer. Still she did a good job in improving her new life and instant son life. Well she was minding her own business but some past people like oriFL of novel come to bother her that isn't her mistake..... more>>

well my heart broke for ori son (novel life) even though he was saved by ML of that life at end and he did get to see his "new life for five days" which he feels didnt belong to him. But I did hoped that Su han and his Dad did have MC in orinovel story too maybe not as his mother (as she is dead) but maybe in other person..

Author did gave oriMC a good ending but considering how pathetic of mom she was to Su han I didn't have any pity for her (well she was raped at 16 which she organised for fp and got disowned, pregnant and duped in red district for 5 years by fp n mp which she continued after that)

But the way she did treated Su Han offset all pity for her. Su han grew up wild. She threw him in a garbage bin when born, didnt feed him and many more things..

ML even accepted MC disregarding her past at red district even though our MC was a transmigrator.

This story is filled with MC and her son interactions later on adding ML too.. a tiny bit antgst that too is orifp creating probs which ML solved for Su Ran otherwise it is fully fluff.

I love MC character. She didn't go all out at first with Su Han as son rather treated him as a roommate. The way she cared for Su han is so funny like giving him homework and then having Su han interact more with his friends, asking him about any love interest, then thinking about buying Su han a home later too for marriage...

When ML tells MC about him being Su han Dad her first thought was * dog blood drama then thinking ML is here for retirement from Su han (which was what su han thought too) . Then she remembers how oriML son can read advanced economics n she was like to ML can you teach that to Su Han..

Her idea is Su Han can't be lagging at any places comparing to oriML son who smashed villian Su Han..

Su Han was always like at guard that she won't go back to her*work*..

It isn't like some novels where past is forgotten in a single day rather it took time for Su Han to took off his guard with MC.

During ML n Su Han standoff when MC took Su han to meet ML as his Dad (while they have already met before). ML was like staring at Su han with his oppressive aura and Su Ran was like to ML - mr lu this is my son why are smashing him in front of me...
Out of 100 chaps I guess 95 are fluff...

This novel is one of my fav due to sweet content.
I enjoyed reading it even with mtl. Now I am looking forward to translated version... <<less
2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
MeimeiXgreetsXNiangniang rated it
March 4, 2020
Status: Completed
This isn't really a review more like a response to others' review.

I don't really think that the ending is abrupt but I do agree that it left many questions.

In the last few chapters before the extras, the tension was receding already and it's only a matter of time before the story ends. However the extras were so colorful that us readers wanted to know more. And yes, it left many questions. I think it's good enough that the author let us glimpse of what happened to the original characters.
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