My Whole Family Are Villain


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Fourteen-year-old Su Bei almost died when she caught a high fever, got transmigrated into another world, and finally figured out a shocking truth—it turned out that her original world she was just a novel and her whole family were villains.

The woman who gave birth to them was the cannon fodder in the novel. She and Su Xiaobao were written like this in the extra chapter: One was a little bastard who tried to bully the male lead’s daughter and eventually got thrown into prison and the other one became an escort who, after having failed to seduce the male lead, was killed by an evil director. They also have a dad whom they never met and was the biggest villain in the book.

Back to her original world, the first thing Su Bei did was to take Su Xiaobao and find their father.

Su Bei: Su Xiaobao, quick, call him.

Su Xiaobao: Call him what?

Su Bei: Call him dad.

Su Xiaobao: I don’t want to, do it yourself.

Su Bei: Dad!

Looking at these two dirty children in front of him, Mr. Qin’s eyes showed disgust.

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243 Reviews

May 02, 2020
Status: c79
I'm just here to refute a certain reviewer and clarify in case someone misunderstand this novel.

... more>>

I honestly don't see where you think it look somewhat in*est-like to you, but Daddy Qin is just old-fashioned. And he was closer to MC and love her more cuz :

1) MC's deliberate closeness with him at first worked so they're closer (doesn't mean he doesn't love the twin brother just stricter).

2) MC is a girl, a cute girl, soft voice, very smart, and good tempered - which means predators especially since she's from rich family. Nothing wrong being more protective of her compared to her brother.

3) The one who received most of the bullying at school was MC. If you read properly, the brother was still pretty well received in school cuz he's smart and handsome. Only MC alone was bullied, so of course daddy will be angry for MC.

4) Forgive Daddy Qin, he's never raised his children from childhood. When he met the children they're already pubescent teenager, and so his concern about puppy love might seem too much that you think he's too personally involved. But he's just a silly dad who loves his children and his concern is true. At least he would allow MC to fall in love (only with someone he agrees and for now there's only one candidate atm lol). Heck, he's just on newbie dad stimulant, it's normal to be acting protective like this.


Other than the family fluff, this is just another cliché novel of "my whole family is OP". OP CEO dad, OP School Prince twin bro, OP School Flower MC, possibly another OP male lead. But hey the interaction is nice. I love that the twins are a pair of bro-con and sis-con. And Daddy Qin ayyy *drools* <<less
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Mar 14, 2021
Status: extra 2 part2
The gender roles are very, very real here. I've compiled a selection of quotes that I think accurately convey the sexism in this novel below.

    • Ch 36.2 "This was how a girl should be dressed."
    • Ch 37.1 "This is a man's responsibility, understand?"
    • Ch 40.2 "Qin Shao had read a quote on the internet: sons should be raised poor, and daughters should be raised rich."
    • Ch 50.2 "Recently, he read a lot about children's education on the internet, such as: sons should be raised a bit strictly, while daughters are raised rich and more delicately; parents should cultivate the sense of independence on the sons, and tell daughters to seek for family helps when needed; to let the sons learn how to be responsible and teach daughters how to cherish themselves
    • Ch 73.1-73.2 "Boys and girls were different. Girls usually were used to keeping things neat and tidy, while boys had no qualms about throwing their clothes all over the place." "But his children were a boy and a girl. They had a different gender, and they were no longer young children. What must be separated has to be separated."
    • Ch 91.1 "Fortunately, one of them was still a white bun. A girl didn't look so good with a dark tan."

To summarize, there is:

    1. an unfortunate emphasis on how children should be raised differently according to their gender, which feeds into
    2. a weirdly anti-paternal, competitive, & borderline callous way Qin Shao treats his male offspring
    3. a strange emphasis on keeping the twins separated, even though they're? Siblings?? What do you think they're going to do????
    4. most noticeably (bc it comes up about 3x/chapter), uncomfortably regular body-policing from the male characters. & demands to keep her dressed modestly to avoid attention.
yeah... All together, considering male/society tendency to view daughters as property they own/control & flavoring w the "but what were you wearing" prevalent brand of thinking, it's.... not great.

oh! & let's not forget the insinuation the other exceptional 14 yr old little girl/"villain" was tortured to unaliveness by a pe*verted director! Annnd

I have to add that I wished the author had gone without the unnecessary romance.

Especially to a man who fell for her when he was in is 20s & she 14.


The things I did enjoy:

    • the FL's indulgently high intelligence stats. Top ranked at school & winning computer competitions against adults outside of school. Nice. Good for her
    • her defense of the noveau riche & her words scolding the classmates who tried to bring her down as an "upstart"
    • the comeuppance Su Bei's bullies/assaulters suffered
    • the full family events like when they had matching shirts, or all made dumplings together.
Lastly, I will say the translator did a great job. The translations were easy to read & grammatically correct.

The sexism just tainted the entire experience, though. & I found the majority of the other tropes employed...distasteful.
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Aug 07, 2020
Status: c67
It's not a bad novel per se, but I personally gave it around a 3-4 while reading. Just a bunch of combination of things led to me dropping this novel out of boredom to wait for English TL releases:

  • SoL plot without any overarching plot. It's fluffy but the middle parts haven't really entertained me.
  • This novel is a mess of cliches. Everybody on the MC's side is OP. MC demonstrates near competence in everything that occurs. Everything is a face slap for the enemies.
  • As a software engineer, it physically hurts me to read how the novel portrays "hacking". This is my biggest gripe.
  • I can't take the conflict seriously at all when it's between 14 year old children and the bystander comments on whatever is happening is so exaggerated.
Once again, it's not... more>> bad per se, but it just lose its excitement for me after the initial first 1/3 of chapters. <<less
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Jul 24, 2020
Status: --
When I read novel with theme like this, I try to look more than just the fluff and the romnce between MC and ML since that is the same in all wn. The author put more emphasize on Su Bei life and achievement than Su Bao. I dont even see the usefulness of her twin brother there but just a decoration to brighten Su Bei's white hallo as protagonist. It's not only her but also his life that needed saving. She's supposedly a teenager (and an 18yo) that tried to... more>> battle her fate as canon fodder and villain, but now all the other characters were there just to serve as the canon fodder for her and just to make her appeared more dazzling than the original protag or more smart and having intelligence than others, basically she's more more more than others.

I mean, before she's Su Bei, she was originally could only stay in bed, reading and studying and was transported into Su Bei's new healthy body. But a weak person who could only study and learn piano and master it in bed could also did it in the new body? A sick person that could only read coz her sick body could learn hacking? How? She isntalled the computer in her hospital bed or she sat hours in her frail incompatible body? And the uncle or big brother that often interacted with her and saw her grew up then turned into ml?? I'm speechless. I bow my head and withdrew. <<less
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Apr 17, 2020
Status: raw98
This is actually pretty good!! I really love the dad, he's a great dad and is a daughter daddy, lol! both MC's brother and dad loves her very much! You can feel the love from the dad even though he doesn't talk a lot through his action and small gestures! I hope that the main love interest for MC is that Lin dude!


... more>> I just wanna give Qin daddy a big hug!! I love him!!! He's so freaking sweet!!

Love that the dad is very considerate to MC and her brother. He tries to make sure that they know that they don't need to try and get people's favor. Daddy Qin to me is a little bit of a tsundere towards his son, it's cute to see them interacting when they are together. The small time skip at the end was a bit rushed, so was the romance. The author should had written more, very sad to see such a great novel end like this. <<less
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Jul 07, 2021
Status: c99
Amazing, until they ruin everything right before the ending with the romantic subplot.

This is a story about the protagonist's family relationship and her fulfilling childhood, and as that it's very good. That part of the story is absolutely the heart of it, and it's lovely. However, there is also a romantic subplot. And the romantic subplot is tr*sh.

The ML is introduced in a very positive light, and the author continues to pile praise on him to make him sound like a good person. Many people are fooled by this. However,... more>> if you stop to think about what he actually does... the ML is a creepy adult man that's pining for a little girl and does various grossly inappropriate things regarding it.


A: He is her boss. At this point, he doesn't know she's 14 years old, but is aggressively flirting with her. As her employer. She makes clear hints to keep it professional carefully calling him "Boss", and he explicitly notices this, and then the book has whole paragraphs about how he's hurt that his female subordinate doesn't want to flirt with him.

B: Their first meeting IRL is at a party hosted by the ML, where a waitress under his employ gives the little girl alcohol alone in a dark corner until she's totally smashed. She thinks it's apple juice. He watches all of this. And then only after sitting there, doing nothing, watching it all go down, "heroically" carries the drunk minor back to her family...

C: After realizing that she is 14 years old, the ML puts in a token effort to appear like he's given up on dating a minor. And then proceeds to take her out to dinner multiple times a week behind her father's back for the next four years... fully aware that her father would be absolutely furious if he found out... and they're still employer/employee, he is employing a minor and also dating her...

D: His token effort is to go and get a therapist to deal with his pe*o tendencies. However, the therapist is not an impartial professional, it's one of his school buddies. And despite getting therapy, he obviously make no moves to give up on chasing the little girl and continues to have heavy, intimate contact with her constantly. He clearly has no intention of giving up on her, just a guilty conscience.

E: Still pretending not to take an interest in the 14 year old girl, when the ML sees her talking to men her own age he goes green with jealousy and aggressively separates her from her male friends, shoving her into his car and driving away. Then he pounces on her in the back of his car. *This* is the "romantic" confession scene... it reads like a kidnapping...


And this bastard, he's depicted as the heroic good guy... he gets the protagonist girl in the end and nobody sees anything wrong with it... her Father has incredible trust in him and thinks he'd never do anything untoward at all...

Basically, 10/10 book, it'd be amazing and perfect if you just rip the romantic subplot out of the story completely, it doesn't add anything to the core story at all except to make you feel gross inside. <<less
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Jun 12, 2020
Status: Completed
The novel is cute!!! Though, I would have to say that it is more on the familial love than romance.

The story is mainly on the young female lead (About 15 years old) and how she become closer to Father Qin and their daily life. She has also joined a competition on hacking/coding (?) which she has learnt from her past life. There were a few face slapping scenes but the cutest would be the relationship of Father Qin and FL and the twin brother and FL. Father Qin is a... more>> wonderful dad!! He learns slowly and improves himself. He is also a big daughter-con. The twin brother SXB is reliable and would always protect his sister. The relationship between SXB and Father Qin is funny as well. Hahaha for example:

Disclaimer: Rough translations (uh from my head/without checking the dictionary)

In one of the examples, the topic was ‘father’. The female lead has written ‘Daddy is very good. From what I see, he is gentle and very patient... Dad is amazing. he knows a lot of things and there seems to be nothing he can’t do. Or actually the only thing he’s not familiar in doing would be looking after us but he continues to learn. To be by Dad’s side should be something that I won’t regret. Long time ago, I wish my father would be very talented. But now, I just want him to be by my side forever.’

While for SXB, ‘To be honest, I’m not very familiar with my father. This person is strict, boring, always have a cold face and love to talk about the things he knows to us and tell us a bunch of theories... I often think why is he always initiating a fight with me?’ Although he has a lot of weaknesses, in general he’s a passable father. I hope that we can live together peacefully.’

Haha the teacher’s comments and question were the funniest!! The language teacher asked the form teacher, “Are you sure both of them are twins? And that they are of the same father?” While the comments on SXB question paper was, “The use of negative/opposite words to describe his own father, the examples are touching, interesting. It is sufficient to show that the relationship was pleasant and sweet, with conflicts and the counter examples.


The romance is super sweet even though I felt that it was short. I haven’t had enough chapters of it. v.v But oh wells I’m not complaining.

Jian Shao Dong is a wonderful male lead. Very ideal I would say!! N super sweet. As I have mentioned before the romance in this novel between the female lead and JSD is very little like in the last few chapters I believe. The novel first describes the feeling and admiration JSD had before she realised her real identity. He admired the FL before he knew of her true identity and age from the various discussions and all. On one of the chapters, it was on the finals of the competition the FL joined, JSD found out that the FL was q. He was shocked but mainly he had to suppress his feelings for her because it’s a romantic relationship he couldn’t have. (Since it’s with someone who isn’t of legs age) That chapter described that his feelings developed from admired to liking Q and he was about to confess with the bracelet (if I remember correctly) after deliberating it got very long on his feelings. But once he knew that the person he love is actually someone this young he felt crushed. Hahah it described that he went to see his friend who is a psychiatrist. His friend joked and said why are u here? Are u planning to invest in my place? Then he’s like no I’m here to see a psychiatrist. Then the friend asked, “why?” The ml: “I fell in love with a girl.” The friend was like, “so? Is she married or something?” The male lead was like, “no. She isn’t of legal age. I feel like I’m a pe*vert.”

After that visit to his friend, he went there several times. In front of the female lead, he acted like a big brother and helped the female lead and SXB. They often hang out together. He had this feelings for 4 years (well since the novel skipped 4 years).

Confession: After 4 years, the female lead was in the first year of university or college in University B. The male lead often “coincidentally” saw the female lead outside the university and send her home and such. On one particular occasion, he saw the female lead and Yu Xiang Xiang (I cant rmb the name but SXB’s friend and he is the one that joined the same team as the FL and vvv, and 4v/vvvv’s brother). A boy came to confess to the female lead. YXX came to stop the boy and said ‘hey u can’t even see me next to her is it?’ Then the boy was like, “sorry sorry I didn’t know u had a boyfriend.” The boy walked away. After he left, YXX told the female lead, “he isnt even on par with me on looks yet he dares to ask you...” When JSD saw that, he felt that he couldn’t control his feelings. So he went to consult his friend again who became his ‘drinking partner’. His friend said, “This is an advice not coming from a psychiatrist but a friend. U should confess now after all she’s of legal age.” Then JSD felt motivated. He thought of it for the whole night on how he should confess. On the next day, JSD called the female lead but there weren’t any answers. After a few calls, the female lead’s friend picked up the phone and said that the female lead wasn’t by her side. He asked, “did something happened?” Then the FL’s friend said, “we met a car accident...” JSD, “where?!” The female lead’s friend, “yeah but” and JSD hung up and sped his car to the location. When he saw the female lead, he ran and hugged tightly. The FL was shocked since it’s the first time another guy hugged her other than Mr Qin and SXB. She explained that she was just there to help the people in the chain accident with calling the ambulance or moving them out of the vehicle. JSD felt more calm after hugging her. In between the FL looked at the friend questionably on whether she explained properly. The friend said that she was about to explain but it was cut off and she said she won’t disturb them and left leaving the FL and JSD. JSD said that she shouldn’t do this that makes him worry to death even more than anyone or anything else. The FL tried to lift the tense mood by saying, “Jian big brother are u exaggerating.” But JSD said, “if you need a reason. It’s because I like you.” The female lead was taken aback and tried to run. JSD held onto her wrist and said that he liked her for 4 years. In his head, he thought of even if the FL thinks he’s a pe*vert he will still tell her. The female lead said that she will think about it and left frantically.

hahah in between there were descriptions of how she considered and how the male lead who wasn’t confident in himself was frantically thinking of how to message the FL saying that she can forget his confession and they will go back to the same relationship. In the end, he couldn’t decide and consulted his friend again. When his friend asked what’s wrong and whether he was rejected. JSD said she will think about it was what she said. And the friend was like “r u an idiot. If she said that she will think about it, it means she will consider on the relationship.” And he thought, “ as a psychiatrist I bet she will accept the confession.” In the end like what the friend has said she accepted the confession By saying that she would like them to try out the relationship (broken English) .

Ok I won’t spoil since I felt like I wrote an essay already. But all in all, their relationship is super cute!!! JSD is someone who is very caring and someone who is deeply in love. The FL treats it very reasonably and decides calmly (Ofc she was hesitant and such).


As a reader, I’m a huge fan of this author. The author’s style of writing for the two novels I have read, which is this and The Female supporting character just wants to live a good life, is of rather on describing daily life and it’s on a slower pace. There won’t be so much dog blood or misunderstandings in this two novel I have read. Interestingly enough, some may find it boring or well it may be boring but somewhat addictive... AND for this two novels, the male leads and family members are lovely!!! I would recommend being patient and being slowly addicted to this author’s writing. <3

In conclusion, I would recommend this novel if you are looking for a novel that’s on familial love, their daily life and that you wouldn’t mind that the romance is on the later part of the novel (you are patient). <<less
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Nov 07, 2020
Status: c74
This had a promising start but soon fell off into a tedious repetition of either;

- crowd jeering at main characters just to get face slapped

-main characters are in the spotlight and crowd is bedazzled

-cannon fodders drawing reader aggro like no tomorrow

-simple passive clean up of those said cannon fodders via golden finger aka. the father

The OG story makes no sense at all, ... more>>

for the OG villains to be categorized as villains is exaggerated as the OG ML is the one who's acting like a rabid dog biting at someone who's tired of acknowledging his existence.

One of the biggest flaw in OG story line is that ML/MC had hardly enough screen time, but the father gets detailed description of his life including people that hardly cross the ML are also being mentioned but mainly harass the father, so even for the reborn/transmigrated MC who has read OG story, cannot use it to her advantage against OG MC family.

It is sure a stretch to involve the original villain and main character's children, as normally those enmities gets solved early and the curtain for villains closes after MC & ML tie the knot.

To go as far as even making children's life miserable that never met their biological parents nor have a big role to play in in the lives of MC's family, their demise seem unfitting. OG MC's presence and influence is also as faint as a fly in the entire story. Plot convenience galore.


All of the characters are flat, they are all accessories to highlight the MC, but thanks to the boring writing, MC is equally as flat as the rest. She appears to be unfazed by the world of mortals high upon her little cloud but has little bees delivering the latest gossips to her. Her and her brother achieve everything with ease and at top speed without break a sweat. (MC being transmigrated and reborn is still somewhat understandable, but the brother who spends all day online gaming...???) The protagonist halo is so strong that even at times when she's not #1 her father would still pamper the crap out of her instead of giving any acknowledgment to the brother (who in comparison excels in everything) showing bias and favourism as a parent.

At the beginning it was undeniably cute that all three main characters looked out for each other but slowly it just descended into the brainless pampering. It started to lack strong sense of emotional narration or the thoughts of individual characters in certain moments. Vaguely saying what they feel and making it "mysterious" is honestly shitty plain lazy writing.

Instead of getting anything of value, you just get more moments of MC in the spotlight. It gets old and tiring real quick. My interest to keep on reading just kept falling exponentially as the story went on. <<less
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Feb 13, 2021
Status: Completed
You can't help it, Qin Shao is a great dad. The ups and downs, the missing 14years, was an unavoidable accident. I'm really proud of Qin Shao because he is acting as a great father to his children trying to make up for those missing years. He is a busy businessman but he still tries to be an active parent in his children's life. Going to school events, praising their hard work, taking them to business events, he is really commendable. His personality isn't the type to rough-house at home... more>> wrestling and whatnot, but as a new parent he is really trying his best and we can see his effort. AND it's not where we readers are exasperated at his failing attempts saying "it can't be helped", he is steadily gaining the children's trust and we can see he is a great man to his children.

Su Bei and Su Xiaobao are amazing. Xiaobao is a genius, and Su Bei is OP. It's really fun to see their interactions with Qin Shao, their personalities are so similar they're like mini-me's lol. The drama isn't drawn out and overrated THANK GOODNESS! The mess with their mom is cleared up and we can't hate her or like her, the feeling is absent and she is not a shameless b*tch trying to take over the Qins or force herself into her children's lives WHICH I LOVE, so maybe I like her a bit for that.

This story is definitely great and slow enough to be relaxing and not boring.

ML Spoiler down below.


The ML is Lin Shaochi. Honestly, I'm only writing this to defend him because some readers are repulsed that he fell in love with a minor. Lin Shaochi was 20, Su Bei was 14, keep reading.

Listen, Lin Shaochi is a respectable man who fell in love with an intelligent woman (Q) he met online. He was caught unaware by her identity as the 14year old Su Bei, and decided to end his love for her since she was a minor and unattainable morally. He was in love with Q, and an older brother figure to Su Bei.

When Lin Shao found out Su Bei was Q he decided to end his love and stay as Su Bei's older brother figure, while going to a counselor to put an end to his feelings that he deemed completely inappropriate.

Briefly after we read this, the author provides a time skip of 4years where Su Bei goes from 14 to 18, the time that was skipped is then talked about in passing moments so it doesn't feel too empty.

I won't spoil more because that's for you to read later, but by reading this can you really say Lin Shaochi is a pe*ophile?

All the while Lin Shaochi is acting as Su Bei's older brother he is properly suppressing his love for her.

  1. He never seduces the minor Su Bei because he is impatient
  2. He never makes suggestive moves towards her because he can't control himself.
  3. He does spoil her though, lol, Qin Shao banned junk food so Su Bei roped Lin Shaochi into taking her to get ice cream. Lin Shaochi couldn't help giving in, but he also thought junk food was unhealthy so he specifically asked the shop to put less ice cream on the cone. SLY! LMAO

After 4 years of counseling to put an end to his feelings, he couldn't. His counselor who was also his friend, sighed and said Su Bei is an adult now, since you love her so much just chase her formally.

BRUH. I have shipped a 13 year old with a 2000+ year old. This gap of 6 years is NOTHING. Read some Chinese Wuxia and chill out.

I'm perfectly fine with an age gap AS LONG AS the minor becomes an adult before any "playful action" takes place. A minor is still a minor, let them grow up and then you can start deep kissing and playing. Our Lin Shaochi did exactly that too, he didn't cross the line with a minor and properly waited until her adulthood! Well... Lin Shaochi didn't really "know" that he was waiting, since he was fully focused on not having feelings for a minor and spoiling the adorable Su Bei.


Extra 1 Spoiler thoughts.


The extra chapters had me crying so hard. I'm still in tears.

XiaoBao *CRIESSS* POOR KIDS! I'm so sad!! I'm so glad that XiaoBei found her dad! That kind of future is too terrible! Now I'm starting to dislike the 'mother', her kids would've gone through so much pain if Xiaobei hadn't gained knowledge of the novel.


Extra 2 Spoiler thoughts.


I can't see, I'm crying too much. I'm so.... what do you mean by 'its a happy ending?'??? fck you, it's not. It's not happy at all. It's tragic and pitiful, heartbreaking and annoying. You damn author.

This s*upid... I knew. I knew after reading the first extra that I wouldn't enjoy reading the 2nd extra. I knew, but I wanted to finish the novel. and aerialrain's translator said that it's a happy ending... you lied.I wont trust you anymore. How is that a happy ending?! The author just ripped my heart out and shoved it back in, this time without a cushion around it.

I didn't need the extras!!!!! Why did you have to write something like that! YOU SADIST!!!

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Jul 31, 2020
Status: c33 part3
If the story had more balance between the siblings and focus on their relationship with the dad, I would be more than glad to ignore all the dumb cn tropes. I mean... I think I've only read 2-3 novels where the dad is allowed to have a good, normal relationship with their son. It might be cultural, but the whole "difference of s*x" is... A father can't carry their 14 yo daughter to their bed because that's.. improper? The hell?

About tropes, I don't necessarily dislike them, but if you're going... more>> to reform a villain... At least let them be a villain, instead of simply switching their roles with the heroes, otherwise what's the point of making them a villain in the first place? If you just want a misunderstood character, they should be a canon fodder, not a villain.

And while I'm at it, there should be at least a more believable reason for the FL halo to have fallen on Su Bei's head. A few years laying around in a hospital doesn't cut it. <<less
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Mar 25, 2021
Status: --
The MC is top notch student who has finished her high school and even done her college entrance exam (in another world) so 8th grader subjects are a joke for her. I accept and perfectly understand this.

The MC is proficient in hacking.

The MC is good at music, piano.

... more>> Wait, what!!???

The MC has only transmigrated and spent her time in another world in mere 4 years. Even at that time, the body she was at was supposed to be not so healthy. So, how could she mastered both piano and hacking... really?

Able to play piano is not a shocking thing, after all most middle-class to upper class Asian family love to push their kids to learn piano or other instrument since young.

But, hacking? Or not only hacking, the MC won the National Champion against adults. It's really a true exaggeration. I know there are genius out there. I know that there is a genius hacker that is barely teenager.

However! Their effort into becoming the computer geek really could not be underestimated. They had spent their days in front of computer, not only in just 1 day or 2 days, or 2 months or 3 months, but they had spent their days using computer, cracking computer for years. A top notch Programmer, a top notch hacker, all of them not only had the "talent", but also had the time dedicated to their hobby/proffession, and also resource. Yup, resource! Good hacker, good programmer need top notch utilities as well. Also, their knowledge didn't come from just reading one or two books. Accumulating their knowledge, their experiences for years, is what makes a programmer and hacker's capabilitites.

So, during the MC's transmigrating to another world for 4 years, not only had she learnt to play piano very well, but also learn to become a top programmer/hacker, also learn how to become a good student, plus don't forget she spent her life reading a lot of novels as well including her own world novel... all done in the not so healthy body she was supposed to be, who spent time mostly lie in bed and studying. And it was stated clearly at the beginning, the MC was "MUDDLEHEADEDLY" spent the 4 years in another world.

Oh, how convenient that the muddleheaded state still can inherit the body's skill in playing piano, and even learn together, in hacking and studying...

I really, really don't have anything against OP Character. But over exaggerating one's ability is also not my cup of tea. And this over exaggerating is actually some very cliche or some popular talent to show off the characters in Chinese novel... Really, why do Chinese drama or novel always painted the cool talent for the protagonist to be Piano? Can it be something else? Why not make it Guqin or Guzheng to be more sophiscated? What about Violin? Or Do the protagonist whose Club and talent are not musical, but rather in Plays or Arts are not cool?

Instead of making her OP talents being hacking and piano, I honestly really wanted the MC just seek another realistic and unique talent.

Even a talent for archery is actually more relatable. After all, she was living in a backward village before, so who knows she could use archery to hunt some wild bird or wild boar, it would be very shocking and able to amazed the mass. Even a talent for breaking some bricks is acceptable, lmao. MC had lived since childhood in a backward village. You see, if you guys ever watch a Chinese Youtuber, LiziQi, then you should understand that there's a lot of traditional skills that could make us gawked in admiration, that had been done by LiziQi.

Or even singing talent is even more acceptable despite its cliche. After all, despite not having proper vocal training many people could still sing beautifully. Or actually, the MC can even display playing OSU or some game, clearing the difficult boss on stage, LOL, showing off her "supposedly" fast finger movement in keyboard. It'd actually very funny and refreshing scene.

Alright, I honestly really like this novel idea! I even like the earlier chapters. The dynamic between the twins, the father, the butler, and then when the MC and the twin find new friends, Oh I'm so glad for these children to find friends rather than just love, love rival or enemies!

But, after 10 chapter or so I was so bewildered because the MC's twin, Su Xiaobao was so underrated. He even absent for several chapters straight, and only has one or two sentences, or only being mentioned. And he is the MC's twin, Goddamn it! Who goes to the same school even the same class! I mean, where the hell is their interaction?????

The twin boy is indifferent and quiet, but not to the point of having only a few lines in several chapters, right?? Even the unnecessary passerby's comments in their school forum actually had longer and occupied more space than Su Xiaobao's appearance.

God, I'm so sad for this boy. The reason I love the earlier chapter was because the dynamic between the twins is still good and balanced, but after chapter 10 Su Xiaobao faded away little by little...

I really like the idea about family dynamic... but in this novel the family dynamic is too heavy on the side of the MC... while the MC has a twin. For so many reasons and excuses, the male twin of the MC was pressed of appearances... so that MC can shine....

Why though, really....I actually hope the MC and her twins fly together and shine together, it'd be cooler and interesting that way, IMO. <<less
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Jan 27, 2021
Status: c96 part2
Don’t anyone add Supernatural or Romance as a genre. Like, do u even know what a genre is?

Well if u don’t know, a genre is “a category of artistic composition, as in music or literature, characterized by similarities in form, style, or subject matter, ” (Oxford Languages).

There is absolutely NO ROMANCE till like the last 5 fking chapters, u dumbasses. How in the world does that make Romance a genre?! The romance doesn’t give any feels either. It’s not like “Finally, you don’t even know how long I’ve been... more>> waiting.” It’s more like the Naruto characters all hooking up at the end playing Who Doesn’t Have A Partner just so they can prepare for the next gen. No one should read this for romance

Also, who da fuc put Supernatural?? You’re kidding, right? She went to an alternate universe, yes, but that is only a tool for the author to turn-around and reshape the family’s life. It’s just the premise. There is absolutely nothing supernatural about the story after that, therefore, it’s clearly NOT A GENRE.

If you’re frustrated, make it a tag. But it’s not a fking genre.




I really appreciated the relationship the twins had with each other. The tactic understanding they had. Sibling love is always overlooked when it isn’t destined to be in*est. I feel like the ML award should go to him rather than the dad.

There’s some satisfying face-slapping.

The MC is 100% Mary Sue. suBei. equals (“Mary Sue”) ; true ... bc she’s also good at programming

She’s beautiful by racist, misogynistic Chinese standards. She’s obedient and clever. This is a dis if u couldn’t tell, but I’m just annoyed with this troupe.

Another thing that I don’t like is how the author makes MC’s brother and dad kinda, like, fight over her? It’s fine for the brother to do that, but the dad isn’t) t allowed to do it back. He shouldn’t play favorites so obviously, especially when the MC is all he has. The dad had is whole life set, and gained two children. The brother unwillingly left his whole life behind, a life where the twins solely depended on each other, and MC is trying to care for some stranger just as much as him. He has to share her now in some strange, new place where he’s not welcomed at all by the dad’s attitude. Like, the brother deserves some love.

I don’t really recommend it. Slightly romantic at the end (if I’m being nice). And like byunnie said, it’s “a good read to pass time”, but that’s it. ╮ (╯▽╰) ╭ <<less
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Sep 05, 2020
Status: c38 part1
It's... okay. There are a lot of cliches that make me roll my eyes. It is entertaining enough to pass the time, but I wouldn't expect anything amazing. It is a bit annoying at times though, just random sexist things that are regarded as totally normal. I know it is a cultural thing, but I have read enough chinese novels where sexism isn't so rampant.

Also the author doesn't seem to understand how the things work that she writes about. Mainly talking about getting drunk and hacking.

The translators English... more>> also isn't too great. It isn't terrible. It didn't bother me when reading. But it was noticeable enough for me to find a few sentences every chapter that could be improved on. <<less
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Jun 23, 2020
Status: Completed
This novel ended on a good note, but then the extras just made it into a tragedy ???

Very sweet, light novel that can give you instant satisfaction. Just, I feel sorry for the dad since he's forever a bachelor ?
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Apr 14, 2021
Status: Completed

The first part was great, I loved the close relationship between the twins. I wish they had given more depth to the male twin & not just have him be like a foil to the MC sometimes. And not made the relationship between him & the dad so cold (because MEN apparently).

And then the heavily implied gender roles and abrupt time skips that are only used to excuse the relationship between a minor and an adult.. made me very uncomfortable.

In the last ~17 chapters of the novel I felt like... more>> I wish it had just ended earlier without the whole shitty romance side plot, or at least paired her with someone near her age who she had actual interactions and chemistry with?? My enjoyment gradually went down as I read till the end. Why did it have to be the adult man she wasn't even initially close to?

Moment of silence for 4v, the ship could have been great... <<less
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May 13, 2020
Status: c88
I wholeheartedly recommend this book. WHy?

  • It's very MTL friendly, so go read it.
  • Cute father and daughter/son relationship.
  • Cute sister and brother relationship.
  • Focus on family.
  • Independent MC who is not some love struck fool with only face value.
  • Cuteeeeeeee moments~~
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Nov 06, 2020
Status: Completed
At first, it was going well and felt like one of those father-daughter Korean novels (Suddenly became a Princess one Day, daughter of the Emperor, etc.), but then I noticed MC started doing things that are out of the normal.

... more>>

For example, I understand that she lived in another world for a while, but in that world, if I'm not mistaken from translation, she was mostly bed ridden for 4 years due to the soul not fitting the body and only read books, so how did she acquire such superb computer skills? I mean, she was poor before and later bedridden for 4 years due to soul instability with the body! In hindsight, it might be the "genes" of the father that makes the twins learn fast (envy) and always takes top spots no matter what (or maybe it's the halo), as typical of the presidential text.

Next that follows is age. The age in the story is... badly timed? The twins are 14, but MC sometimes gives me the feeling/image of being 4-6 years old pleasing daddy. Also, book ML and FL's daughter is the same age as them when obviously, the two got married after the twins' mother gave birth? And then there's the half-sister born to their mother, who's suppose to be 12, but is apparently in the same grade as the twins and mixing well with them (though different class) ?

Finally, let's talk about family relationship between the twins and father. The twins are obviously reliant on each other and are close to one other, but the act of MC buying brother clothes and helping him peel shrimp and feed him duck meet makes me think she's more like his mother than sister! As for the father, he is more close to the daughter and always thinks of her first in everything, throwing his son aside because he thinks that "sons should be poor (trained) and daughters should be rich (spoiled) ". Now, the most red flag for me was the father-daughter relationship. At first, it was okay, I can accept the fact that he paid more attention to the daughter than the son because she was willing to please him more. But I also kept in mind that she's 14, not a small and cute 4 or 6 year old child anymore, but an pre-teen (who should have the minds of an adult?) who should understand the relationship between men and women. Although their interaction is sometimes unnerving (father worried about daughter's early love and her dressing up to the point he makes her change clothes and check every boy he thinks is suspicious and warns them), it became red for me when she bought him a tie. Now, this might not be a big deal, but in most C-novels, I know that the ones to buy ties and belts are the wives/girlfriends as a way of restraining their partner or hinting at the night life. Along with father's overprotective behavior, it really made me think. It got worse when MC says she doesn't want a mother or stepmother. I feel heartache for daddy. I mean, for the first 30 (40?) or so years of his life, he was a work-a-holic and didn't even remember that night, then he became daughter-strict and follows her words to live in abstinence for the rest of his life. If such a man really exists in real life, I would be wowed and probably want him as a father too, though I'd feel a little bad for asking him to abstain and at the same time happy?

Now, let's talk about MC's relationship with other men. First, there's the boy from their old school, who suddenly saw her as beautiful, then there's her brother's friend-enemy (who happens to be book ML and FL's daughter's crush, but who finds her annoying), who also starts to see her in a new light once she starts to show beauty, the brother of a male classmate's brother whom she met through e-sport (? she somehow acquired very good programming skills for someone who was poor and died horribly only to then be bed ridden for 4 years), and finally the love-interest, a 20-year-old business partner of her father (whom her father comments is like him when he was young) who had online tech dealings with her. Also, their are the friend-enemy's group of male friends backing her along with the males in e-sports. All-in-all, the proportion of her female friends/acquittances is probably only 1 in 20.


All in all, it seems like every male characters in the story spoils her and lay the path for her. Relationship-wise, it doesn't feel very balanced and it seems like only she is really happy. I understand that it's her story and she's the protagonist, but I feel that the world revolves too much around her and seems to favor only her while taking away other's happiness so that they could also revolve around loving only her. <<less
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May 23, 2021
Status: Completed
Well, this was an okay novel. I wouldn't call it great, but it was fun to pass the time with. I only read it to see the familial developments, but that barely changes throughout the story. The only character I wholeheartedly love is our MC's twin brother. I'm a sucker for the whole brother-sister dynamic, but it's how caring and cautious, that was what drew me to him. He had a realistic reaction towards their dad, and well, he took care of his sister properly.

... more>>

The dad was kind of annoying and MC was way too OP and the ML was predictable if you ask me and romance was bleh, and late. ML was still a pe*ophile if you ask me and the only good thing about him is that he realized his feelings and sought therapy


The only reason the dad and son get along to an extent is our MC and I think the main reason why I dislike the dad is because of his blatant disregard for his son sometimes. There are moments where they really get along without the cause being MC but it's rare. Call me biassed, and I'll agree to that since I really loved MC's brother. He should have his happy ending and I just got so frustrated by the way everyone treated him.


The last extras were nice cuz it showed a reality where they still met their dad and he comes to save them and my heart hurts so so much for MC's brother.

9 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Mar 02, 2021
Status: Completed
Su Xiaobao (the twin brother) is really pitiful. He's purely a foil/pendant to the MC. His existence is meaningless. The way he was written was more like a pet than an actual character.

... more>>

That sad part where MC and bro were hungry and bro decided to go sneak downstairs to get food but MC stops him and volunteers to go cook some noodles but then she meets her dad downstairs, they ate together and she fell asleep, all forgetting about his starving brother waiting upstairs.


Actually everyone is nearly 2D extras with some lines to serve as a great foil for the MC to display her 'greatness' or just placed there so there's actual dialogue happening.

In a comparison, imagine poorly depicted manhwas about female leads transmigrating or reborn into a baby and being pampered by an all powerful dad (+ extra brothers to spoil her). Yeah this is it. Moreover, compared to those manhwas that actually have substance if read in novel form, this novel is like a narrated version of the manhwa itself, meaning they lack details to properly flesh out the characters that they are basically 2D. Heck how do you even place details when characters just up and disappear and then pop back again on a whim and then disappears again after a line or two like some invisible ghost hired to add word count.

The conflicts are underwhelming, even more so with the way they were resolved.


One was about the biological mother of the twins that appears around 3/4 of the story who lasted for like 2 or 3 chapters with just 2 or 3 lines per chapter and everything of her past grievances was one-sidedly 'resolved'. The mother wanted to meet the children for guilt of abandoning them. She talked to MC dad about taking them in to show her motherly love to them but MC dad rejects it of course. Then she saw the father and daughter getting along during a parent-children school excursion and she was finally relieved that the children were living well and she puts down her guilt and she disappears in the story. Just like that. Like... okay MC doesnt want to meet her, MC dad also doesnt want them to meet, MC mom actually not really prepared to fully love them as her children, so since no one wants to be involved with each other, everything is resolved without MC and MC mom actually talking to each other.

What even was the point of MC mom appearing?? There wouldnt be any difference whether or not she existed.


Also the glorification and romanticizing of hacking, showing your skills in being a potential public menace is something to be proud of? Hacking tournament is a popular thing for prolly a few years back since we even got a 'great god' record but network security doesnt exist to the point that even MC dad was skeptical of the possible success of that Lin guy's business proposal?? Why does that Atom company even exist and what the heck were all the 'hackers' doing that they werent notorious from stealing business secrets when theres not even a strong network security??

The romance tag there is just for around the last 10 chapters it might as well be removed.

I gave it 2 stars, one is for the good translation and the other is because technically it's not so bad a read. Just not recommendable if you're looking for good characters and plot. This is really just if you feel like it or have absolutely nothing else to read. <<less
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May 21, 2021
Status: --
kk... I read it because most reviews said its good... and well... its okay...

firstly this is super marry sue MC... the whole time I read this I keep questioning MC abilities. its too bizarre. so a bit spoiler... firstly she said she somehow 'dream' of getting on different world and reading a book about their life so she knows whats gonna happen and all of that. she also said she was a sickly girl who was bedridden, so thats why she can only read books... BUT heres the thing, how... more>> the hell she get the time to practice piano? study... sure... but piano tho? okok... maybe she is a prodigy and have a talent sure.. maybe she did have the time to practice during her 'dream'.

BUT THEN! how the hell she can be a MASTER HACKER just by reading books? HOW? I dont get it? sure shes smart in class because shes older during her ' dream time' so we can say shes a bright student... but what the hell with the hacker thing man... I cant pass through that... its too marry sue lol... come one of all the skill... why hacking? its like saying shes just a computer that can scan a book and instantly gain all the knowledge... f*cking hell

The interaction is cute and all but I kinda cringe a bit since shes not that young but she act like a little kid with her dad or maybe its just me idk... hmm what else.. oh yeah the bio mom is truly a piece of shit... thats all, next!

idk this is one of the most ridiculous marry sue MC I ever read and ive read many books with typical genius MC but this one is just *mind blown*... hah... genius is fine, musical prodigy is fine... hacker tho? too much for me sorry... too ridiculous

but hey if you still want to read this for the family interaction sure... even tho her interaction is getting too sweet and her brother suddenly lost all kind of characteristic but sure... read it... <<less
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