Sweetie, Sweetie, Sweetie


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The contract marriage partner of the supporting villain got possessed by me. The gods are raging to save the world, but their stamina, strength, and agility have no status window as 1.

I followed the cliché of the possession and pretended to have lost my memory, but the supporting role of the villain started looking at me with strange eyes.

“As you claim to have lost your memory, everything you have done so far is unwritten and unanswered.”

I pretended to be close with the supporting role of the villain so that he wouldn’t go down the villain route, but this time as well, he started seeing me with those strange eyes.

“I don’t know what’s going on in the baron’s little, round head.”

At the end—

“We’re holding hands, so I don’t have to save my face in front of you.”

Grand Prince, we’re just in a relationship only to get married smoothly and then get divorced smoothly.

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스위티, 스위티, 스위티
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New iLoli678 rated it
May 4, 2024
Status: c44
(there might be ververyverylittle spoilers idk)

i feel disappointed honestly,

the emotional side of MC is shallow, in the early chapters it got described how he misses his family and everything, but in the wedding day he was just like okay and it only got mentioned in one line and not even describing how he feels

and isnt it weird how he is supposed to have amnesia but still remember all the card/board games and no one is questioning that? The archduke are supposed to be highly intelligent or whatever... more>> but the way he don’t question that just tells otherwise, not only here too

PLUS I really really hate how the MC is starting business so easily, he was just a college student, yet he is starting business without much thought and actually succeed, the actual problem that it is all due to his fiancé and the servant who helped him to find resources and didnt do the job and everything HIMSELF. It really doesn’t feel right that MC is relying too much on the ML way too early

the romance is overall good but I cant enjoy it when the characters arent even that enjoyable

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Levilevi rated it
March 25, 2023
Status: c127 of 163
Read on ridibooks. Such a pity translator doesn't continue this TL.

Duke (ML) is not sweet at start but hateful (up to ch 14), he is very suspicious to Baron (MC). He thinks Baron is con artist and trying to find excuses that he is con artist. But dayum ML (Duke) fall in love so hard he is super sweet (ML started liking MC around ch 28 or less). ML likes to steal a kiss on the cheek and said it was a greeting and in return asked MC to kiss... more>> his cheek as well.

Plot is :

ML was supposed to be supporting villain and lost his family later he realized his true enemy and joined the real hero the novel. But the lost of ML family caused him uncontrollable in battle and being hated by many nobles. ML also cursed by nameless demonic evil for 1000 years (ML is last generation with curse). That's why he is on celibate his whole life. MC is supposed to be a dead fiance of ML. But God of this world gave him divine power which stabilize ML curse and also MC real purpose for being alive is to save the world from real villain. Turn ML to be a hero (not supporting villain), befriend the real hero and defeat the real villain together. Both ML and MC never had relationship before. ML is smooth talker and a flirt (total opposite 180⁰ from his usual cold self) to MC. MC is very friendly and everyone love him. ML fall in love first but he isn't even shy about it and show his love boldly. He is sweet. Romance : 8 (slow burn) no coercive

Story plot : 8.5 (there's real plot going on here but fortunately not heavy like death flag)

Battle / fight : very little and almost none. All battle is written very swiftly. So we won't getting much action/fighting scenes. Everytime the enemy is attacking it only written in few lines and ML won. Sexy scene : idk it's shounen ai and I haven't finished yet. I read the R19 but not sure yet because it slowburn story

Gwanggong : not quite gwanggong type. ML does obsessed on MC because he never fall in love before but he is very respectful and won't do anything that causing harm to MC

What I like : both ML and MC understand each other feeling and respectful. Even both are flirt with each other they still decided not to date. Yet. Even tho they are married. Because MC wants to make sure he makes ML saves the world first before their relationship <<less
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ChristinaAugust rated it
February 12, 2023
Status: Completed
This novel is a bit ambiguous for me to rate... 3 feels too low and 4 feels a bit high. I'd rate this 3.5/5 precisely.

This is a famous series in its COO so I tried it out of curiosity. The characters are likable and the plot that makes use of typical rofan cliche is interesting... but that's all there is to it. The sentences always sound too plain and the same goes for its narratives, descriptions and emotional depictions. Like something is always lacking/feels missing when reading because it feels... more>> like a typical romance story for teenagers. I know that the novel is meant to cater to younger audience but it honestly wasn't such a satisfactory read for me.

The characters... they're likable but they were also a bit off. The MC is fun and refreshing but he has no unique charm or personality at all. Just like a typical rofan MC somewhere. Same goes for the ML, not to mention the misunderstanding and drama that happened near the end of the main story also felt... awkward. Like it was OOC of the ML. Characters felt more like plot devices than actual depictions of people in the specific worldview.

Still, I guess it'd probably be a fun read to younger audience who are new to BL, or to people who want something light to read. So this is my rating. <<less
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SimpinForHotStuff rated it
April 3, 2022
Status: c5
For the first four chapters of this story I gotta say that it's actually good y'all should read it.

There's no romance yet and the ML did not show up too BUT for now MC is planning on revenge on his scummy family.


So in chapter 5 he's 'preparing' to meet the ML.

9 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
December 28, 2023
Status: Completed
If you want to read something fluffy, yes you found a good novel

The relationship between them is such a green flag

But sadly it's too short for me, I just want more side stories

And I felt that nearing the end (last battle) the plot was too rushed, it's like the author just want to finished it quickly
4 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
ichigofanz rated it
September 6, 2023
Status: Completed
I read the manhwa first, then I found out that the manhwa was an adaptation. Of course I had to find the wn!! And I'm not disappointed, the story is very interesting, I almost forgo sleep to read the whole thing... 😂

There is some conflict between MC & ML in the middle, completely normal between couple, but overall, their interaction is really sweet, ML is completely besotted with MC.
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