These Lunatics are Obsessed With Me


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“Han… Yi Jin? The dual-class loser villain bastard, Han Yi Jin?”

Han Yi Jin had reincarnated as an insignificant villain in a male-oriented modern fantasy novel.

Han Yi Jin, the small-fry villain who hung around the main character, Kang Yoo Hyun, and died at the beginning of the story.

“Aren’t you acting a little strange today?”

“What’s strange? F*ck off if you don’t have any business with me.”

To avoid suspicion, he acts like Han Yi Jin from the original story. This rather attracts the attention of the gongs, and Yi Jin is looked upon with suspicion.

[Synchronisation is complete.] Shake the Catnip (S): All stats of the designated opponent +20%

In the meantime, he had acquired the “Catnip Skill” from nowhere.

Because of this skill, which becomes more effective the higher the intensity of the skinship, Yi Jin begins to attract the obsession and interest of the other characters…

“I love it when you curse.”

“Hyung, would you like to go out on a date with me?”

“You wouldn’t think of that if I cut off at least one of your legs.”

“Keep running away like that. I’m curious how far you can go.”

These crazy bastards are obsessed with me.

“Why are you all staring at me with those eyes? Get the f*ck out of here, you crazy bastards!”

Will Yi Jin be able to escape safely from the clutches of the gongs?

Will he be able to escape death?

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또라이들이 내게 집착한다
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New RavensChrome rated it
May 26, 2024
Status: c89
3 stars.

The story starts off strong! Just as advertised in the summary. The balance in the drama and how the ML and MC meets easily hooks reader's in.

The thing that this story suffers from though is the inconsistency in its pacing. It feels like the story loses its drive after the initial part of the story is resolved. Alot of the plot feels like it was thrown together without any real thought. The reason why I say that is because parts where it should be tense and fast paced feels... more>> like it's dragging on and parts that should be slow and methodical goes by real quick.

The romance of the story also suffers because of this. Just a huge FYI, this is not a romance story. Romance is an after thought in this BL, supposed to be superficial and shallow at best with it being used as comedic relief of some sort. But the author really wants to emphasize the budding feelings between MC and ML, and it seems kind of desperate to me while trying to make it subtle. Because of this, it makes it feel super forced.


The subtlety comes from the fact that the ML spent 300 years in another dimension accumulating PTSD and losing his ability to socialize properly as a human. MC also doesn't help because he's too tunneled in on the fact that the ML has a harem of heroines from the novel.


Due to the above, the MC and ML just doesn't click. Therefore it feels forced. The only bridging connection that keeps them together via plot is MC's skill. All the other side characters that are interested makes it obvious that they're just that. Side characters. So there isn't real romance happening there.

The thing that probably would help on the romance side is putting POV shifts to the ML on what he thinks of the MC. And it's not a writing style issue since the author does it plenty of times with other characters. But they probably didn't side, again, romance is supposed to be secondary in this story.

This story barely holds my interest. I think the one thing that would've kept my interest is if I knew what the MC was working up towards. MC's goal of wanting to survive is superficial to the plot. It's so predictable that it doesn't feel like the end goal to the story. Yes, there's another mystery that appeared, but it's a mystery therefore not tangible enough for me to grasp to keep going towards the end. I'm almost 90chapters in and I'm still waiting for the other plot shoe to drop. <<less
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Lllll rated it
May 5, 2022
Status: c3
So far it's really good. Obviously not much has happened yet, but the writing and translating are super immersive. It keeps you in it and it makes you crave more. And It's tagged as harem so I'm excited to see it :p
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leeuhna rated it
July 17, 2022
Status: c14
I don't normally leave a review this early but since this is a newly translated novel, I decided to do so in order to encourage more readers to try this out.

If you're in the mood for a cliché hunter with a system trope, then this is for you—of course with the side dish of a reverse harem BL. I always say that even a cliché plot can end up as an amazing story. It just depends on how the author executes the story and how he/she portrays the characters. And... more>> I feel like this story is gonna end up exactly like that. Although this story has a cliché premise and has some predictable scenarios, I felt compelled to read as it continually grabbed my interest. What I especially like here is the MC's character. From the moment he woke up in a different body to the latest chapter, his character is down-to-earth, in my opinion at least. Not perfect but likeable. He uses his brain, doesn't act like a newly born chick, and especially not a pushover.


The MC, Han Yi-jin, has a "golden hand" which I thought was kinda like Midas touch but in his case instead of turning everything he touches as gold, he has the capability to upgrade everything he touches—whether it be a weapon's class, an awakener's stats, or even a dungeon (although not confirmed but only implied).


The supporting characters, including the OG protagonist—Kang Yoo-hyun—have diverse personalities that may not be unique but interesting at the very least. So far, there are 4 prospective gongs/semes/male leads (whatever you'd like to call them) that have appeared.

For now, I'm gonna wait for more translated chapters to be posted and will probably update my review then. <<less
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deasMUN rated it
September 2, 2022
Status: c209
bought all the raws. Story starts great but can't seem to keep itself consistent. Ending feels rushed and there is little to no romance, being possessive doesn't count when one party is clearly afraid.

mc: 4/5

story: 3/5

translations: 5/5


the reveal of MC being created from his brother's power came out the last couple chapters as well as the end boss twist with a 'gotcha' moment regarding some villains is written poorly.

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srrrahim rated it
September 17, 2022
Status: c33
So far, this is actually pretty good

MC is not as annoying as I thought he will be

I never expected that the story will also involved constellation like ORV.

... more>> Mc's OG body has little brother, and because MC already sync with that body, he feel attached toward this little brother that he never met (I think this setting is almost like s class that I rised)

MC has unique ability that need skinship to activate it, and because the original novel's protag is ss class, and that ability is only s class, so MC need more intimate skinship Lol

If I can get another free ticket from the official website, I may try to read further, but if I can't, then I probably will try to move on and forget about this until someone pick it up

4.2/5 stars <<less
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Levilevi rated it
March 3, 2023
Status: c86
Finally little bit interaction between ML and MC (ch79). Only tiny bit interaction ... more>>

yoo hyeon let (or asked) Han Yi Jin to hangout and watch disney plus in his room


So far no romance (ch73), only action and adventure and comedy. The story itself is fun to read. ML is not appearing much maybe because it still early?? He always described as nearby MC (kinda like MC bodyguard), but rarely written except when someone touching/holding hands with MC and he got angry. It is clear ML is possessive type. He throws dagger on Eden a lot because Eden always clingy to Yi Jin.

About Eden

MC is so mean to Eden. I don't understand why. I know MC is kinda homophobic, but he didn't treat Soo Hyun that bad, only few cursed word. Eden is his longest friend, Eden also kept his promise to never reveal MC ability, he also support MC to go to dungeon. He is bit pe*verted but he never actually done anything pe*verted. He is clingy but so is Soo Hyun. The way MC treat Eden and Soo Hyun is different. I don't understand why he always called Eden annoying when Eden is the closest to him and always be his bodyguard, bring him along with wind power or shield him.


About inconsistencies in story

Sometimes there's inconsistencies like how MC's memory of past life is erased/blocked by system, he can't remember what he liked to eat or how was his life before but later he said he lived such an active life like doing skydiving. How come he remember?


Personal Opinion of MC

MC forcing everything has to follow as the novel is also annoying. From the start his existence alive itself is deviant of the novel. His friendship with eden or friendship with soohyun. He joined Odin. His brother is awaken. All are different from novel. But his dense head kept saying ML should be together with ogFL. He knows full well everything is different from novel but he insisted, "this will be like this" when given briefing about dungeon, in his heart he was smartass who kept screaming "no we will separated" and kept daydreaming, even guildmaster warned him once to focus. I'd rather he lost his "novel memory" as well because it just annoying. Idk why it is necessary for author to always add this type of trope for MC in isekai. The type "ogML will meet ogFL". Can't he respect the feeling of other human instead forcing everything has to be the same as novel.

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kimdj5149 rated it
August 15, 2022
Status: c16
Ahhh it's so good! I made this acc just to comment on this I really really love it! The translation, and everything on this! Afcourse I also did notice about the clichè parts but I will just ignore them, the most importantly is the MC is so likable! This book is totally my new favorite, I'm looking forward for the future updates!

and talking about the part where they kissed, I don't like that part since I kinda want it to be poly but it's obvious that it's not gonna be one, don't hate me for this! I'm not a person who always likes poly, it's pretty rare for me to want one!!

so far so good!
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zahram99 rated it
July 12, 2023
Status: --
Oh this one is quite fun 😆

Also it has a lot of sweet and fluff 😍😋🤤 specially Mc's familiars 😆

It had also a harem vibe but MC will shoose one person 🤷🏻‍♀️ 😍

... more>> I think the ending was just a little rushed 🤔 and the topic aBout M'c brother and Og was quite shocking 😳

It was just a waste that I read it raw using google translate 🥴

But in general I can say I enjoyed it so I recammend reading it 😄

I wanna give it 4.5 star but it doesn't have.5 so I will just give it 5 star 🤭 <<less
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Usagixneko rated it
May 20, 2023
Status: Completed
Highly recommended for everybody who love obsessive-possesive boyfriend candidates.

The focus is not on the love don't wait for any smut scene in the main story, but YES! there is in the side story.

I also felt a lot of déjà vu, it reminded me the most to the [I don't want this reincarnation], but otherwise it was okay for me.

For those who are looking for big fight scenes.... There isn't. Everybody here is an OP and with the cheat skill they just become more like cheat characters. But I think thanks... more>> to that everything seems to be smooth and fast, easy to read.

And maybe what I liked the most about the whole "who got the right to posess the MC's body, shall I return to my original world? " the writer solved it very cleverly, and maybe it was the most satisfying solution for the dilemma.

It was kinda funny to see how the MC changed slowly everybody's fate, and how childish were the other characters among themselves. They showed different type of love to the MC, but of course there was only one winner. ^o^ <<less
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luhyung rated it
December 9, 2023
Status: c80
Very Mary Sue and I suspect MC is actually an omega while everyone else is an alpha. Either that or there better be a good explanation for MC’s attractive scent. Also MC is intentionally acting dense.

MC: why is ML treating me like the heroine... unless... No, I’m overthinking.

Literally this exact scenario happened with Eden and the Kang brothers. If I was this good at picking out my exes’ red flags, I wouldn’t have had to waste my youth on them. There’s no way MC is simultaneously this aware and unaware.
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Doodled93 rated it
October 12, 2023
Status: c45
So far so good-- I find this fun and the worldbuilding is interesting, too. You pretty quickly move off the "original" plot and it so far seems focused more on the story than the relationships-- you definitely get the bases down for who the ML and the romantic interests are to the MC, but it hasn't boiled down any 1 on 1 focused interest with any romantic interest quite yet. Slow burn and fun read, would recommend
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stefasa rated it
December 4, 2023
Status: Completed
This novel is so GOOOD and ADDICTING!!!!

Its a good mix of bl and action (fighting, dungeon, hunter theme)

The Bl element so far is that the MLs flirt with him and are obsessed with him. Its also funny, how its not only the MLs that like the MC but other characters as well.

The romance of the MC and ML are slow, there is yet to be any heart to heart moments of conversing really, the ML has issues so its taking a while for him to open up more.... more>> Its at the Side stories that they have a proper heart to heart conversation.

highly recommend to read

HERE is a moment of the MC and ML KISSING!!!! to activate his ability the MC has to have touch his target (ML)


Here is the English translation:

Whether it was because of what I was about to do or the desire to live, my heart continued to pound. However, having made a firm decision in a short period, I didn't hesitate as I lowered my head.

"Hani-jin... what are you..."

"Be quiet."

Kang Yoo-hyun's black pupils shook. Currently, the blue light didn't linger in his eyes, as if he couldn't use the skill at the moment. But maybe, his eyes would soon shine blue again.

'*Special conditions required for higher grades*'

This strange auxiliary skill always forced me into disgraceful acts. This time, too, perhaps I could hope for a stroke of luck. Shaking off the distractions in my mind, I closed my eyes and pressed my lips against Kang Yoo-hyun's.


Because my eyes were closed, I couldn't see what expression Kang Yoo-hyun had on his face. He was probably extremely shocked. I recalled the time when I kissed Kang Yoo-hyun to defeat the Drug King. This was even more intimate than back then.



Was it effective? I pulled my lips away and looked into Kang Yoo-hyun's eyes with a doubtful gaze. I felt a heat in his eyes that I had never seen before.


"How is it? Perhaps the skill now..."

I was about to ask if it had activated when a 'ding' sound rang out, and a new blue system notification window appeared in front of my eyes.


This is the second time they have kissed so far

Some cons of the story


-The MC is a little dense for some oblivious things, I would see some things before he did and it was very clear to me it was that way. MC being a little dense it a funny trope sometimes for comedic effect but it sucks when it comes to important moments for plot. It only happened like twice and he figured it out a few seconds later but it was still clear as day to me. I like the MC's personality its cute and funny but for plot he isn't a strategist for sure, I liked it this way a bit not all MC' need to be a this way.

-The plot twist was a little rushed at the end, I wish we got more on the viewpoint of the "plot twist involved"


btw I finished reading the novel on RIDI <<less
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October 14, 2022
Status: c24
I like it, but-

It kind of feels like a mesh of a lot of dungeon stories. Everything reminds me of other stories, a cascade of deja vus. MC has a brother missing, feels like a deja vu. OG protag had been living in hell and continuously fighting his way through it for centuries, deja vu. The MC originally tr*sh bag, oh- that's probably most of the stories. I would deal with cliches- but it doesn't feel like just cliches.

I suppose the only different thing would be reverse harem- but even... more>> that feels a little forced. <<less
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rosesakura95 rated it
December 13, 2023
Status: Completed
Currently reading the gaiden or sequel of this novel on ridibooks!

Couldn't wait to read the translation so I read the mtl version on ridibooks. It doesnt take long to finish since most chapters are short.

All in all, it was a fun read and everything that you do not understand as the novel advances and all mystery parts, get explained in the last chapters.

This is not a Harem ending novel. While it is a novel where multiple love interests are introduced, you can basically already tell who the end game is... more>> from the many interactions that our MC has with them.

The MC can be quite dense when it comes to romance so don't expect this to be a romance centric novel. The MC has a straight mentality throughout the novel, so he only sees the love interests as friends and even ignores their romantic advances many times. To him it is not normal to be so touchy between guys, and since the original novel didn't have any bl elements, he even ships some of his love interests with the heroines they were matched with in the original. LOL this part always cracks me up, I am like Han Lee Jin stoooooop and look at the reality in front of you, you have already bent that guy. i think the sequel that I am reading rn is more romance focused so I am excited to see more of our 2 leads' interactions. <<less
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