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After the end of the game “D-Rank Hunter’s Regression,” Yeon Seonwoo awakens under a strange ceiling, only to discover he’s been transported into the game itself as a minor, unseen character. Desperate to return to reality, his plans are thwarted when he’s unexpectedly kidnapped by Lee Jehee, the formidable S-Class hunter and protagonist, plagued by insomnia. Jehee seeks Seonwoo’s mentalist skills for relief. But the term ‘help’ is a stretch for the mentally strained Jehee, leading to Seonwoo reluctantly signing a dubious contract as Jehee’s exclusive supporter – or more accurately, a servant. Bound by this agreement and summoned at will, Seonwoo finds himself entangled in a world of intrigue, power, and unpredictable challenges.

Will his wit and skills enable him to break free from his master’s grasp and find his way back home, or is he destined to be entwined in this game world forever?

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hideun ending-eul saengseong jung-ibnida
히든 엔딩을 생성 중입니다
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14 Reviews

Amaruna Myu
Amaruna Myu
Nov 27, 2021
Status: c8
I'd like to highlight a few words in the synopsis:

"kidnapped", "servant", "s*ave"

they are actual words used in the story and an apt way of describing the two's relationship right now.

... more>> while the other only review now states that the character interactions are interesting and they can't wait for the romance to bloom, as I read from my own perspective, I think of the male lead as a possesive and oppressive @$$hole.

my opinion may change as I read further, but this story so far is giving warning signals on protagonist and male lead relationship.

I'll refrain from rating until I have more information. <<less
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Feb 23, 2022
Status: --
I thought it would be good, lkay.. MC is a blathering idiot who can’t get his sh*t together. ML is a crazy as*hole with huge ego eugh really disgusting personality. Ok ok its fine s*ave contract ya ya but THEN THE RING. It’s too... ... more>>

s*ave ring? if the master feels “upset”, the ring gives “melancholy” effect to the servant which forcibly makes him feel sad and so MC has to flatter and prostrate himself to the ML so the ML laughs at him being s*upid and “feels better +1” like come on... I thought ML was like another Yoojonghyuk but... this ML is disgusting...


Ahh these kinda MLs who think they da sh*t whatever I wonder how romance is gonna develop with this toooooooooo skewed power balance. Infact I want ML to HURT! PAIN! REGRET! what he did to MC I want MC to RESIST!! STAB ML WITH REJECT!! then maybe I will feel refreshed <<less
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Feb 12, 2022
Status: Completed
It is a fun read with a light ride and just the right length. Even there is a feeling of rush at the end, the ending is actually great for me.

The story tells us about the one who wants to end his hideous loops, and another one who is lost in a bizarre world he thinks does not belong to him.

The relationship starts with a crook twist which is understandable due to Lee Jehee's accumulated psychological issues through numerous regressions, and the symptoms often appear.

Meanwhile, Yoen Seonwoo is cute, sassy,... more>> funny, and can adapt himself quite well. He is on the soft side, not a typical headstrong.

The comedy in this story is good. It makes me feel light while the actual situation is serious. There is a gap throughout the whole plot, but it is acceptable due to the nature of the daily novel.

PS. The main story is PG-15, but the recent release side story is 19+. <<less
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May 05, 2022
Status: c44
For people looking for updates which isn't clear on their site, the translator Tam has dropped it unfortunately.

So I'll get into why this is unfortunate. Most reviews already cover how the severity of the 'plots' used is pretty much real. Threats, kidnapped, servant. But our MC has their own strengths, perhaps it's because of their own knowledge that they feel more secure in talking with Mr. Crazy but the fact they acknowledge it is good writing.

The world building is a bit messy but intriguing nonetheless. And I can admire MC's... more>> abilities, because for Mr. Crazy, MC is a tranquilizer. MC's necessity for Mr. Crazy is sensible writing.
MC feels removed as he is present in the game world he is transported to because unreasonable circumstances has him involved in dangerous situations. Though the only thing I can note that is bad is the supporting cast, I would say it's due to it's short publication but at the beginning, there are all suddenly introduced and there is this jarring contrast with the MC and the reader. He's familiar as they were game units, but now they're people and suddenly introduced to the reader. <<less
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Aug 05, 2022
Status: --
I can respect some reviewers rating this story highly, but I don't think I can agree with it being 4 or 5 stars.

The point of the entire story is really just him, Seonwoo, being oppressed and treated badly on purpose by the author's whim. Him being in pain, in distress, forced to be in physical closeness-- is all justified loosely because the Male Lead is "Crazy, Handsome, Main Character"

The author makes it that Seonwoo is forcefully put in a sl*ve contract against his will at any cost. The author forcefully... more>> writes Seonwoo's rights and human autonomy into the void and basically strips him of any new autonomy he acquires for himself for funsies and for the sake of putting him is awkward and truly humliliating situations with the male lead. Like idk, the trope in itself isn't new, but I feel particular disgusted and horrified, since the author either just isn't good at writing this trope, or has a personal masochistic fet*sh.

I recognize that my review is really critical, but it sucks because I can see potential in this story, and it doesn't help that I've seen other stories with this trope done very well, like Necromancer's Survival, and a couple really good Danmei novels.

I will reframe from rating this story, since it was my friend who reccomended me this. I'll wait for more chapters to come out and see if I still feel the same, or that the author and the novel really deserves the hype. <<less
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Jan 24, 2022
Status: c23
There's nothing about this novel that should really make it unique but for some reason, the whole situation with MC makes you wanna read it.

It's like unraveling the mask of every character. I want to see how ML truly acts, want to see MC grow stronger and of course the love between the two of them.

It's too early to say anything but I'd give this a 5/5 for making me want to mtl it.
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Mar 25, 2022
Status: c14
I'm really sorry for the translation team handling thus for giving the 1 star, they're great the translation us smooth and it would have been a nice read if only the ML wasn't being just a crazy a-hole ordering and basically disregarding MCs life is kinda irritating.

I'm on the irritated borderline angry since c4 and it just kept getting worse and worse.

... more>>

First of all, MLs behaviour with MCs really is like master and servant, he's short tempered and doubledl face, he's blackmailing and coercing MC under the threat of dying or of major injury.



Second, the ring is definitely a s*ave band like in the other novels, if ML calls him then it takes MC to ML no matter what he's doing, the emotional manipulation that it does whenever MLs favor is the negatives is disgusting and the fact that he can get aroused is mildly disturbing because it means that it can act as an aphrodisiac if MLs favor stays in the negative.



A more shorter description of this novel in the "beggining" since I'm not presuming that I know hot it ends would be...


Cowardly threatened dog s*ave shou x Sadistic mentally double face gong. <<less
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Sep 13, 2022
Status: c12
I'm at chapter 12 and I'm incredibly frustrated with this novel that I'm going to put this on hold.

The MC and ML's relationship is incredibly uneven. The MC is a big pushover and the ML is selfish and has no respect for MC as a person. Rather than a master servant relationship, it's more of a master dog relationship.

ML has the power to:

... more>>

summon the MC at anytime. This is extremely devastating to MC's personal life. It interrupted him in the middle of cooking that oil is spilled. Then another time when he was out with work acquaintances and didn't get a chance to properly say goodbye to them.


What's maddening is this is all played up for laughs but it's not funny at all.

If we compare it to something like Necromancer Survival, despite the unequal power dynamics, at least the ML in that tries to not go overboard. <<less
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Mar 23, 2022
Status: c40
its a nice read a bit on the relaxing side for now.... anyway it doesnt warrant that bad comment

Its a bit exiting to see how will the MC fall for the ML actually xddd hahhaha they kinda dont really mashh uppp
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Nov 30, 2021
Status: c9
Not bad.. It's cute and funny... I'm looking forward to seeing the story progress and character development... So far it's enjoyable. This is my first BL novel hope it doesn't disappoint me. The story setting in interesting. MC is cute❤and ML is hmm.. Well.. You're scary and possesive type.. I'm cool with that😌 Let's hope for the best👍

Oh translation is great👏 Thank you❤🙏
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Nov 25, 2021
Status: c7
Since there's no reviews, I thought I'd leave my 2 cents.

It's really early to tell but this seems like it could be very good! I honestly love the theme and the world building.

Right now, the male lead and MC are still getting to know each other, but I can't wait for the romance to bloom. I feel like the author depicted the tension between them very well, and it's very interesting.

The translation is also pretty well done, kudos to the translator!
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May 18, 2024
Status: c44
I've only been able to read through to the end of Tam's translation (which was dropped at chapter 44), so I can't say what the whole series is like, but this story is well and truly my cup of tea. I'm aware my tastes are a bit different from others though, so this isn't a recommendation (or condemnation) for general audiences, just my own opinions.

Not sure which parts would and wouldn't count as spoiler, so everything goes under spoiler block for now.


Yeonwoo and Jeehee's whole situation is in no way fluffy happy cute or wholesome. Jeehee's extremely toxic behavior, coercing Yeonwoo say and agree to things that in Yeonwoo's right state of mind he would likely never say, by using the powers of the master & servant/sl*ve ring; toying with Yeonwoo like that, largely just for his own entertainment, that's the kind of spectacle of a story that I'd be willing to pay money for to read more of.



I'm not a big fan of Ddari's character so far, but I could be convinced to like him more as time goes on. His overall behavior to me feels grating but I'm quite sure it's SUPPOSED to be grating, I'm not saying he should be removed from the story (yet), just that I find him a little annoying.


I'd say overall just to take the listed tags seriously, and if this story doesn't seem to be to your tastes, that probably won't change the further you read unless your preferences change.

There's definitely more I could say, but I'd probably have to reread the available chapters to remember more things to say. I'll probably come back to edit this review later.


WordExpert licensing the story with an official English translation doesn't bring me much hope that I'll be able to read more of this story any time soon, as the website itself doesn't seem very put together (when clicking on the links that SHOULD link me to their "about", "privacy policy", "help", and "terms and conditions" pages, there's either a "404 not found" error, or nothing happens at all), nor do I have the means to be buying the new chapters anyways.

When I get in a spot financially that I Can afford to buy the chapters, and have the means to (they seem to only be accepting "Stripe Payment" which, while available in my country, I expect will be a pain to set up), I'll definitely be considering buying those chapters. Even with how sketchy the official licensed version's website is, this story has been very entertaining and I don't want to stop reading it.
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Apr 19, 2024
Status: Completed
I'll try to make this with the least amount of spoilers.

This story doesn't really start off with a good feel, but it progressed and ended well. Surprisingly the opposite of many other novels. In fact, the side stories weren't really side stories. They were more like the final chapters you need to read to complete the plot. It did feel a bit short though. There were parts where multiple events happen in a single day (like they were having a sweet moment one minute, and then wham bam death and... more>> misery) that could've been paced better.

Still, I liked the story. It was cute and I loved the supporting characters. Their relationships were really bad in the beginning but overtime they developed a family bond. It's nice to see stories focus on the dynamics with the characters other than the main couple. <<less
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Oct 16, 2023
Status: --
It's a very good story, but I had barley gotten to chapter two and it disappeared. Even on here it's gone. So yah, can't say much but it seemed amazing.
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