Regression Of The Dating Sim Player


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Choi Ye-Hyeon, an F-class hunter with no combat ability, has only skills to check the status window of himself and the other hunters.

Choi Ye-Hyeon made money by following the ranker party and selling potions and status ailments at a slightly higher price than the market price.

Then, a huge gate that has never appeared before appears in the sky over Seoul. Due to the unusual size, the Hunter Association dispatched all the hunters, but they were annihilated before they even reached the boss room.

Just before his death, a notification window flashes in Ye-Hyeon’s blurred vision.

【system】 Loading is complete. Do you want to start? (yes/no)

When he opened his eyes, he went back to three years ago. Ye-Hyeon’s ability (job), who was a simple ‘player’, was changed to ‘dating sim player’.

In order to save his older sister who will be in coma, and to survive by clearing the extra-large gate that will appear three years later, Ye-Hyeon is uncertain, but he has no choice but to attack the four targets as the system tells him to.

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회귀하니 미연시 플레이어
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20 Reviews

Oct 03, 2022
Status: c174
I really love this novel so far. I mtl'd everything so I probably understand about 70% of what's going on but I'm really excited to see it be translated and I look forward to reading the translations.

The story itself is really interesting. The awakening as a hunter and clearing dungeons has always been a favourite of mine and having a gay harem is just so much better. Harem novels may not be for everyone so be cautious if this bothers you. There are four main male leads that the protagonist... more>> does have to raise his affection and intimacy with. I also have no clue who he ends up with in the end but I love all four so I'm rooting for them all.

The protagonist's main goal after regressing is to save the world, which is a bit hard at first as he was originally an F-ranked hunter that usually just carried potions into dungeons to heal the main people that are clearing them. Through different quests that get him closer to the 4 male leads, he is able to gain more skills and information that can help him on his quest.

I'm enjoying the whole mystery aspect of it all and unravelling secrets with the protagonist that he didn't even know about beforehand. I'm really curious to see what the author has planned as the novel continues on.

My thoughts on the characters overall are pretty positive. They can be pretty annoying and frustrating at times but it's never really been an issue for me. I think the most annoying interactions between the MC and the four male leads has been interactions between the protagonist and male 3 where


The protagonist was accused of stalking male 3 even though all of their run-ins were accidental. The protagonist goes on to defend himself and say he's not a stalker and then goes on to stalk him to prove he's not a stalker??? At least that's how I understood it. He wanted to be in places, like in the archery gym, before male 3 to show it's not just the protagonist walking into places that he knows male 3 is, but male 3 is also showing up at places the protagonist is at already so that he can accuse male 3 of stalking. I'm not sure if that makes sense or if that's fully what happened but it's how I understood it. But also the protagonist staked out different gyms every day just to find the right one like cmon please don't do this. I don't know why it bothered me so much I guess I just found it kind of hypocritical of him but whatever.

Another frustrating thing I guess is just how mean male 3 can sometimes be to the protagonist??? I guess you can call him a tsundere of sorts or just emotionally constipated but he can be pretty rough and rude a lot. It probably has to do with MC being a healer because he seems to have an issue with the healer profession due to his brother. He gets nicer but the violence and rudeness still annoyed me a bit sometimes.


MC Choi Ye-hyeon:

Overall though I like the protagonist, Choi Ye-Hyeon. He's definitely not perfect but he really tries his best. We can see that the failures of his previous life and his inability to progress back then has really given him this mindset of seeing himself as weak and useless, thus he is not striving to improve himself. He becomes complacent and set on his uselessness in things such as combat and when it comes to understanding his skills better. It's nice to see his growth and journey as a player who originally wasn't able to do much but is now capable of creating a change and developing his skills to become stronger.

My opinion on the male leads are as follows:

Male 1:

Light spoilers:


Kwon Joo-ho

In the future he's known as the strongest hunter and uses swords as his main weapon. The MC thinks that Kwon Joo-ho hates him so he tries to avoid him as much as he can until he realizes that he's a target.

Kwon Joo-ho is actually quite cute though. He has a cold face on the outside but his affection for the MC is the highest of them all. He seems to have met the MC before which seems to be the cause of his affection.


More detailed spoilers:


Although MC says that Joo-ho hated him in the future, I think that Joo-ho had also liked the MC but then something soured his feelings. My guess is because of the bad rumors that one guy whose name I can't remember spread had spread about the MC, which I think included MC sleeping around with hunters in order to get carried. Joo-ho seems like a person of integrity who really respects strength and these kinds of rumors probably had an effect on his feelings. Of course this is just my speculation. His thoughts on the MC though warm my heart and make me want to squeal because he's just so in love with the MC and wants to love and protect him and he calls him pretty a lot. I hope we can see Joo-ho open up more in the future and be able to express himself better.


Male 2:


Baek Hae-won

He's a fire wizard (not sure if this is the right term) and is one of the most powerful hunters in the future. Currently listed as an A-rank hunter who works for the Hunter Association which confuses MC as he's meant to be an S-rank so he's unsure of why he's hiding it.

He's the one I have the least impression of at this moment. I don't hate him or anything but there's not much we know on his real feelings. On the outside he has a beautiful appearance and a nice and helpful personality. He's kind of like the face of hunters towards the general public. On the inside however, we can see that he can actually be quite cold and crass, and he's really suspicious of the MC. He's very two-faced but not without reason as we can see from how the story progresses. He seems to really enjoy stirring the pot sometimes when it comes to interactions between the MC and the rest of the male leads. This leads to some amusing moments for us and him, and an overall headache for the MC. Of course, this is all to help the group become closer so he's really helping them by doing so. He's the most indifferent to the MC so far and is the hardest to change his intimacy and affection.


Male 3:


Shin Dokyeom
Another of the strongest hunters in the future. He's a genius that uses a bow to fight, and the MC really admired him in the past.

He's the one that the MC admired the most in his previous life. The MC wanted to get close to him in his new life but that doesn't really go as planned as he seems to be really hostile towards the MC.

Dokyeom is really prickly I guess? He's usually silent and anti-social like Joo-ho, but he's more rough and temperamental. He butts heads with Joo-ho a lot after fights in the dungeons and can be pretty intense. His intimacy levels with levels with MC are the only ones to go into the negatives despite rising affection which is pretty funny. His attitude gets better as time goes on and the MC works with him to be nicer and voice his thoughts out more. Overall I do like him and I hope we can see more growth on his part and hopefully some softening to his jagged edges.


Male 4:


Yoon Seungjae

Another strong S-ranked hunter in the future. He's the youngest of the main characters and his profession is tank. Wasn't really involved with MC in the future but he's the first target that the MC gets to know.

I think he's my favourite male lead other than Joo-ho. Although he was reluctant to get to know the MC at first, he quickly warmed up to their friendship and ends up quite clingy towards the MC. He seeks contact and affection from the MC the most and honestly it's like a breath of sweet, fresh air after having to endure the cold and distant personalities of the other male leads. He's quite protective of the MC and is always devastated every time the MC gets hurt. He will defend MC with all he has, even against male 3 when he's being rude to MC, and is always on his side which is really sweet. He's not taken very seriously by the MC until later due to being younger but that doesn't stop him from trying to prove himself to the MC.


I'll make changes to this as I keep reading and my feelings change but I'm really hopeful for this series and I can't wait to read the translations as they come out. For the translations themselves I honestly think they're fine? It's much better than having to MTL it all and I'm just grateful that the series was picked up in general. So thank you to the translator for your hard work as well!

I've forced myself to put his on hold until more chapters come out so hopefully more updates can come out soon! Really looking forward to see what the author has in store for the future! <<less
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Sep 16, 2022
Status: --
unfortunately, its in first person, present tense. fortunately, its also in 3rd person, past tense

unfortunately, it switches and combines all 4 variations at whim and creates a honestly very jarring read

not much else to say, plot is interesting, and characters are mediocre - too bad the flimsy pov and tense ruins it. Maybe if it ever gets a thorough edit it will be legible, but currently I would not say so

TLDR; The POV and tense switch around sentence to sentence, making it not worth a read to me,... more>> give the first chapter a look yourself despite what any reviews might say.

Checking whether or not the technical writing will bother you is easy and fast enough that its worth just giving a few chapters a read <<less
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Sep 17, 2022
Status: --
Like the other review said the usage of tenses and rapid pov shifts isn't great. While I don't agree switching between the 2 in non academic pieces is bad if done well, this one was clearly not done well. The translation so far just seems robotic and boring, not sure if something was lost during translation. Maybe it works in the other language and it flows, but in english it doesn't.
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Sep 27, 2022
Status: --
Surprised at how harsh some of these reviews are. The story only has a few chapters so there isn't much going on yet but it's no worse than any other hunter novel and is pretty good.

As for the change in tenses that's more on the story than the translator and is common with korean writing. Some translators choose to change things to make it flow better at the risk of impacting the story a bit. Personally I prefer translators keep it as accurate as possible rather than rewriting things. This... more>> isn't some confusing, clunky mtl like a number of other stories on NU and is pretty standard quality. Those sensitive to grammer may struggle with fan translated works in general. <<less
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Nov 09, 2022
Status: c8
I have no idea if it's the translation or if the source is this bad, but I feel like I'm having a stroke while reading.

Not only does it change POV and tenses mid-sentence, some parts are simply complete nonsense from the first chapter onwards. "If" is used for "when", "who" instead of "whom", "tries" for "tried" - you get the idea.
Sometimes whole sentences don't make any sense whatsoever.

The whole structure seems like an elementary school assignment. "... said character X", "... did character X", and in case the writer didn't specify it in this childish manner, you have no idea who the speaker/actor is.

This is typical for KH novels so I won't blame the translator for this one, it's very likely how it was in the original.

I honestly have no idea if the story is good or not because I'm busy trying to comprehend what I just read.

People who failed elementary school language classes shouldn't be writers, the Korean webnovel market still needs to learn that.
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Sep 26, 2022
Status: c29
Not bad for now

I am actually pretty curious about all mc's target. MC has 5 targets, and he only discovered target no 3 and 4

No 4 is ... more>>

a younger cute kinda tsundere gong. He has the potential to be an S class tank


No 3 is

a weird guy who despite liking the MC and has high affection meter, but he has negative affinity meter towards MC. But MC really like this guy from his 1st lifetime because he is really towards MC kind back than. But now, because MC acting suspicious and he thought MC stalked him, he kinda hate MC and avoid him


The other potential mission tragets : the s class from hunter association, the s class that MC really hate from the 1st timeline, the s class shadow manipulation with low esteem

If you are planning to read a relaxing story without too much complicated plot but still enjoyable, than maybe you can try this

MC mission is to save the world, but he is only a dating sim player and his power is s class healing but he has low mana. I don't know how he will be able to save the world with that kind of setting lol

The setting is good, but it is kinda slow <<less
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Oct 17, 2023
Status: c471
I mtl'd this from he start (thanks God it's easy in comparison to modern/idol setting) , at this point I hope I remember all the important plot points hahaha. I still wait for daily updates where it can blur the whole reading experience and important information. So my spoiler could be not 100% accurate in details.

I recommend to read all this in one go, so you can keep on track for all the main plot and character's story.

I would say its 70% romance (including the filler, since the filler is... more>> mostly related to enhance the MC and MLs feelings/relationship) ; 30% main plot. The main plot


so MC is come back to the past and try to stop this mega gate that will happen some years later. He has this dating/affection&intimacy system with him who makes him to approach MLs. I don't remember why and how it contributed to stopping the mega gate, but it must be related to that.

The truth behind the mega gate, heavy spoiler ahead:

There's this healer organization behind the rising gate appearance, their goal is to restart the world or rewash them to make the gate disappear. Which will kill all of them. The interesting part is the leader of healer organizaion and the leader of the awaken association is also a re-do. And now MC is an extra variable to decide what the final outcome.


There will be backstory for each MLs. But I would say MLs still pretty 2D since that backstory really is just some flashbacks. The story is mostly about their sweet interaction and relationship growth (especially in earlier chapters). In later chapters, it gets more sweeter.

This story great if you're looking for sweet stuff. The plot is interesting but it is SLOW and it feels there are a lot of filler to reach an important plot checkpoints. But if you're enjoying sweet interaction between MC & MLs WHILE waiting for the main plot to unfold, it is actually fun. <<less
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Feb 09, 2023
Status: c63
Honestly I was super excited about this story based on the synopsis, but unfortunately literally everything else makes it fall flat.

Maybe some of it is owed to the translation, which many people have already discussed, but fundamentally it's bad writing on the author's part. Paragraph structure is messy, intent is convoluted, characters are shallow, FULL of filler. Plot and relationships are slow burn but not in a way that feels meaningful; rather, it just feels like so much unnecessary filler to bump word count without contributing to story.

In addition, all... more>> characters feel shallow. Author tries to give MC dimension, but it falls flat and just feels like a spineless coward teenager full of cringe although he's supposed to be someone with a complex backstory, trauma and struggles, and conflicting intentions. Rather than a complex character with deep contradictions, we get a one-dimensional embarrassing old man that acts like a teenager. Side characters are not much better in that they all just feel like trying to be complex but actually all ego and not very interesting.

In terms of romance, the author introduced heteronormality and had MC kinda care about leading people on, but also s*upid and swayed so easily at the same time.

I'm really sad, I really wanted this to be a truly enjoyable story but unfortunately just about everything falls flat. But it is lacking enough that I feel no pressure to keep reading, so maybe I will even keep up with new chapters lmao. Sigh, I read up to here hoping it'd get better but not seeing much improvement... translation improves slightly from the beginning, but the story is just as bland. <<less
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Sep 24, 2022
Status: --
I really like this novel so far, MC started off working from the bottom in his original life.

MC is something like a potion scalper, (if you played FFX, he is like O’aka). He is a non-combat hunter that follows others into the gates and runs a business by selling potions & etc to wounded hunters.

Of course, other hunters dislike him for this reason. (He needs to be carried and then he sells potions at higher price.)

The story begins with an unprecedented monster at a gate that kills everyone,... more>> and the MC regresses.

I’m excited to read more of this novel! <<less
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Feb 21, 2023
Status: c64
If you like the title, Hunters and gates, and don't mind slow burn, you might just like this novel.

The perspective is from the main character's, Ye-hyeon's, point of view. For me, this narrative style can be fun and frustrating at the same time. Fun when the combination of the narrator's thoughts and observations forms a full picture (e.g., it's obvious to readers character A has a crush while MC is oblivious). And for me, frustrating when the perspective doesn't give enough information, leaving MC (and readers) in the dark. This... more>> review is a little over 1/5 of the current release (281 chs) and there's still tons of backstory/fleshing out needed for characters in the main party. I wouldn't say the characterization is shallow. It's been very consistent. I'd say the situation is more like looking at icebergs (not iceberg MLs; the MLs have their own distinct characters) ; you know there's more under the surface, but you're only shown the tip right now.

So it is very slow burn, on the information and romance fronts. Actually, I kinda can't believe


the author hasn't made Ye-hyeon/MC have a sit down with ML 3 who obviously has some sort of beef with him, albeit an ambivalent one, while MC has had an unplanned sit down with ML 1 who he thinks hates him, although this is unconfirmed. MC realized, he regressed 3 years, ML 3 is not the future ML 3 he met before. MC has not realized, ML 1 is not future ML 1 who he has a bad impression of, like...?? Can we slow down and talk pleaseeee. The breaks between gates have been skipped over so much! So many lost opportunities—


Anyway, the Hunter/gate part is done well. Not info dumpy, pretty solid worldbuilding. But it kinda felt like a low blow to throw the pot of


"bad" boss monster naming sense on American hunters? Even having a dumb quarrel over a name with a Canadian hunter, are you for real?? There are so many ways to play this off, but author had to choose this one...


Except for the lack of interactions so far outside Hunter/gate stuff, the flow of the story could be called "realistic." It's been fun to follow along as MC takes his regression one step at a time. The journey's been kinda "messy" (as real life usually is), but things are slowly coming together. Can't wait to read more. <<less
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Dec 09, 2022
Status: c38
I actually kinda like it. If you enjoy action fantasy story, something like outer world gate with monsters and hunters, I think you would enjoy this one too.

The dating sim part... eh, it's not too bad, but not that great either. MLs are a**holes. If it were me I would be so f*cking annoyed that I have to get along with these people. Of course MC is also struggling a lot with the whole dating thing, I think this is why he's relatable to me LMAO. He's so weak but... more>> he took advantage of the fact that he's a healer really well I guess? But he doesn't really think stuff through sometimes. How the hell is he gonna

take care of the team that consist of self absorbed and prideful people, they don't even know each other...

I guess we'll see... So far it's so-so, but I rated it as 4 because I like action fantasy story. <<less
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May 02, 2024
Status: c507
The following review contains spoilers. Please be aware.

Note: The following review is not complete. I will come back and complete it hahaha.


This novel... Is not for everyone.

... more>>

If you like the harem route, then go ahead.


The story is about Choi Yehyun (or Yehyeon, I don't know since I just MTL'd all the chapters I have read), the MC. He was originally a doorman, the lowest of hunters, but he gets back to the past (3 years) when he dies in the Super Gate, the largest portal that has ever existed.

After he regress, he unlocks his true job as a "player", with a Legendary (L) classification. His job comes with a system that pushes him to do certain things, such as collecting strong men (specifically 4 targets, AKA the love interests). He do a party with them, but he didn't expect them not get along, so he has to be a mediator for them.

Choi Yehyun's Skills


The system gives him a skill called "Healing Light", that allows him to restore injuries to their original state, and that's his main skill. He didn't awake as a "healer", because his job is a "player", but he "pretends" to be a healer, since they are treated as royalty for their "valuable" abilities.

He also has other skills (he unlocks/gains them when he accomplishes some things). The most important are the following:

    • Inventory (he can put almost whatever he wants in this space, but keep it secret most of the time).
    • Gathering (helps him to collect ingredients for potions that he sells or donate to and Alchemist named Yuria).
    • Kiss of Blessing (with a kiss, he can grant a blessing/buff to their targets. The effectiveness depends on the kissing area. For example, the lips give a stronger effect than the cheeks).
    • Ok, I don't remember the name of this one (it is a skill to heal over a wide area. It is extremely powerful, but when he uses it, usually passes out and it has a 30-day cooldown).
    • Mental Barrier (allows him to resist skills that mess with the mind).



Baek Haewon

Yoo Juhoo

Shin Dokyeom

Yoon Seungjae


Choi Yehyun' Sister


She has a illnesses called "Mana Rejection".

It is not said directly, but implied that it is a "state anomaly", but Yehyun can't confirm it since normal people (as his sister) don't have a "status window".

1 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Jan 22, 2024
Status: c119
reviewer "ike_00000" has said most of what I wanted to say. The writer (or maybe the translator?) simply do not have the ability to execute all the nuances that they want to portray. This lead to a shallow, bland & boring read.

it doesn't help that MC has negative IQ & negative EQ with zero situational awareness. All he do is whine & complaint that the world did not cater to his wish! Such entitled thinking just rub me the wrong way. He also has severe inferiority complex and his continued... more>> "woe is me" laments get annoying pretty fast.

MC is also being super unfair to all four of his dating targets. He keep comparing them with their future self that he "knew" and get mad/whiny when they don't act/react as his expectations.

but get this, MC don't actually "knew" any of the targets in future. All he "knew" were rumours that were circulating around and we know how reliable that is!!! While MC did interact with one of the targets before, he only occasionally supply potion to him and not even of conversing term so all his judgements are skewed and such plot hole just annoys me!

MC approach all dating targets with pre-assumptions and don't treat them like a "person" but only as stepping stones to complete his Quest. So yeah, as a reader, you can see from a mile away why this approach is flawed.

reading this felt like watching a non-motivated youtuber playing a game they hate and just complaints the whole time while refusing to read & follow the instructions. It's obviously their fault but they keep blaming the game. <<less
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Depressed Reader
Depressed Re
Oct 01, 2023
Status: c92
I love this novel! I think it's great, although it did change POV's on the beginning. Now it's 3rd person. The plot is great and I like the premise a lot. Probably my favorite novel because I like these kinds of novels. The translation is pretty good too in my opinion. I definitely recommend.
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Sep 20, 2023
Status: c94
The story doesn’t feel heavy to read even with all of MC’s frustrations laid out. Relationships between the love interests and MC slow asf.

... more>>

MC: Choi Ye-Hyeon

  • contradictory, conflicted, low self esteem, patient, enduring
  • I actually don’t mind him that much, perhaps cuz it’s fun to watch him try to improve himself tho it’s slow, realisation takes a while and with the fact everyone tells him to do anything cuz he’s a healer doesn’t help

ML 1: Kwon Joo-Ho

  • silent and awkward
  • Man pls, I need you to speak more, you are so boring

ML 2: Baek Hae-Won

  • Very nice and kind, gentle and knowledgable, easy going


  • Very pretty, wish I could see

ML 3: Shin Do-Gyeom

  • Tsundere personality, cold, harsh, cynical
  • Annoying to interact with, would never be friends with someone like him in real life

ML 4: Yoon Seung-Jae

  • Puppy personality: super clingy, overprotective, simple, love skinship
  • Most straightforward out of all the MLs

Meh, I don’t ship MC with any of the MLs, I’m neutral and don’t really care who he ends up with. My favourite character would be MC and my favourite ML would be Baek Hae-won.

MC is by no means my type of personality but I like how he struggles and although I wish he would develop some stamina and stop making me think he acts very uhh those whiny girly stereotypes sometimes (but that’s mainly in the beginning), he’s just an ordinary person surrounded by individual’s who he does not vibe well with but must be around so it makes sense everyone clashes.

When all the MLs became a team, I could already tell they weren’t gonna work well as a team at all but it was funny to see them being so chaotic.

One of the reasons I like Baek Hae-Won is cuz he’s so adaptable to everything and he’s not harsh with his words at all (unless you read his mind like MC lol), plus he’s pretty (even tho I can’t see sh*t at all) but I wouldn’t necessarily ship him MC as they are wayyyy too incompatible with each other.

I don’t think MC is very compatible with any of the MLs as none of them understand MC that well and none of them try to understand MC (including Yoon Seung-Jae). Now my problem with YSJ is 1) he’s definitely too young, 2) too clingy and 3) his personality just doesn’t work as a long term partner for MC specifically.

If I had to choose between them all, I’d say BHW just because his EQ is good and once MC gains his trust, he will definitely be a good person towards MC and treat him sincerely and not overbearingly like YSJ. KJH also works but only if MC is perceptive enough of his emotions and thoughts and KJH himself expresses himself more and actually communicates. SDG is just a no, they would become a toxic relationship of wearing each other down bc he would not be clear with his words to MC and is super insensitive and doesn’t appear to want to change at all, even to chapter 94, he is still the same (unless the author forces it somehow).


I can’t feel no f*cking plot honestly, it’s taken a backside bc of the romancing but I think it’ll pick up in later chapters since it’s still reminded every once in a while.

I wouldn’t call this a masterpiece but it’s interesting enough to read when you’re as bored as I am. The relationships MC has with the MLs are the most biggest part of this novel and I like how they’re atypical and not straightforward as like and disliking this person and that person, just like in real life.

I was pleasantly surprised at YSJ and MC’s relationship started off with bad impressions but slowly (pretty quickly actually) changed. Some relationships that started out hating or disliking each other for a while before putting aside your prejudices and finding out the other person isn’t actually as bad as you originally thought, the feelings of realisation and closeness just makes you feel so warm and fuzzy when you actually look back and reminisce.

Overall, my enjoyment is 4.5/5 <<less
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Sep 15, 2023
Status: c92
I’m enjoying this a lot. The POV/tenses do switch which I’ve seen in other novels as well so it doesn’t bother me. It seems that was one of the biggest reason for the low rating, which is unfortunate because it’s a fun read.

So far the plot isn’t very heavy. Which makes sense considering it’s only the beginning of 400+ chapters. Right now it’s more of MC trying to build up his relationships and ... more>>

form a solid team so he can survive the future and save his sister

. The buildup is slow but feels more organic because of this pacing. MC is learning how to get along with each ML and struggling to build that rapport while battling with the realization his knowledge of the ML’s isn’t exactly helping him get closer to them because his knowledge is based off their future version vs the current/past.

Ex. Of one of the tidbits I like about the “realistic” aspect of going back to the past

one of the ML is immediately suspicious of MC and how he occasionally is aware of the ins/outs of the gate when he’s supposed to be a newbie. MC knows he needs to pretend to not know but he slips up time to time. Which makes sense because how can you flawlessly pretend you have no knowledge of the future and pretend your years of experience never happened. You’re bound to slip up somehow by accident.

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Aug 07, 2023
Status: c318
how frustrating it is when something big is happening behind the scenes, you know it happens but knew nothing about it at the same time..

i think the relationship between the leads is progressing realistically, , slowly sure (with a LOT of fighting), but it seems organic since people with clashing personalities and different bg is forced into a group lol

But then again, read this people! Though the beginning of this novel have some choppy and awkward sentences, it become smoother in later chapters :D

the characters have their own personalities, but... more>> as of chp 132, we lack the harem (lol) members bg history though it is dropped occasionally. Looking forward to more depths to them...

Edit c318 : it's great, the plot thickens, now more bg history is known, the MC and his harem members all undergo character growth (especially MC), , all in all, I enjoyed this! <<less
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May 05, 2024
Status: c4
Spoiler free review

Ill edit the rating in the future because this review is more on the translation. I remember dropping this immediately before when the translation was absolutely nonsensical. Switching tenses/POVS, confusing names.

I did have hope that it would be edited and fortunately, when I came back to read it now, it seems the issue of changing tenses/POVS and names have been fixed! Theres still some grammar errors but most of the text actually makes sense now and is comprehensible TT thank you editor and translator.

Update: so far chapter 29,... more>> theyve been sticking to 3rd person which I appreciate. Theres som prob with tenses, theres also the use of certain phrases that doesnt really make sense in english (figurativ meanings). What I really focus on are the dialogues since most of this novel are interactions between the MC and mls <<less
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Oct 02, 2023
Status: c96
If you've seen the reviews talking about the bad translation, don't listen to them! The translation is actually quite good, but it sometimes messes up the grammar. I had this problem in the first 5-8 chapters due the constant POV shifts, but then I started the understand the plot, so the translation didn't bother me at all (and the TL stopped switching POVs at some point too, maybe c15 or something)

The plot is pretty good for now, and the concept is pretty interesting. The MC isn't too strong (not... more>> physically at least) either.

I definitely recommend it! <<less
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Feb 18, 2023
Status: c278
10/10 everything
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