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Luke has transmigrated to the United States, but eventually realizes that this United States is different from the United States of his previous life. Here, the superpowers and characters from the movies in his previous life actually exist. How will Luke fare in a world where such terrifying superpowers exist?

Fortunately, he has a cheat – the Super Detective System.

Join Luke on his new journey toward becoming a detective.

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New trowapeter
Nov 26, 2023
Status: Completed
Just finished my 2nd re read before posting this review.

I am glad that I discovered this hidden gem 2 years ago.

Like many ppl here, I thought this novel is about being a detective, but no. The super detective title is just the name of the system MC have or what I would like to refer to as Justice system.

... more>> The author did a great job by including various characters from different movie with Marvel Cinematic Universe being the main ones and how MC solve each movie plot for his own benefit.

MC will only come into contact with main MCU story in the middle of the story.

The story is engaging, funny (MC's sarcasm is very funny) and always make u wonder how he gonna solve this movie character plot.

The ending makes me happy and sad at the same time, I wish I could go back to the time when I started reading this novel, but all good things have to come to an end.

Give this novel a try, who knows ? Maybe u will like the story just like me.
Below is the ending that made me reminiscence the beginning of the story and the start of their (MC and FMC) journey together

Under the blue sky and above the ground, their words carried through the air as they moved further and further away.

Just like the first time they left Shackelford, the two figures moved forward together.

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Normie Extermination Committee
Normie Exter
Mar 31, 2020
Status: v1c60
This is a novel ABSOLUTELY worth reading. It is on par with novels like the legendary mechanic, reverend insanity, way of the devil and lord of the mysteries in terms of awesomeness and the mc's character.

The novel in the beginning is like a chore to read since it is so boring to read, but believe me that those chapters are necessary for the mc's (Luke) character building and for the system Luke has, to make sense. The novel quickly starts to pick up from c15-25 and goes into overdrive mode... more>> from c26 and beyond.


The MC is ruthless, and extremely decisive and smart. As soon as the enemy mexican gang (the carlos family) attacks his family and the town he lives in, he decides enough is enough and straight up goes to mexico and massacres the gang (c23-35 is the arc of carlos family attack and c36-47 is the carlos family massacre). Also do note the fact that even though the carlos family attacks his family and town, it was all a part of the fbi and police station that he works at plan (Luke also knows about the plan) So no one from the town dies, and the carlos family is hunted down like ants by the MC lol


This novel takes place in the marvel world,

and he even meets shield members in c58.

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Jun 07, 2020
Status: c50
Ugh... it's a novel written by a Chinese author who watched "Cops" growing up, a pseudo-reality tv show known for glorifying brutal police tactics and excessive tough-on-crime behavior.

Not to be too PC, but this novel probably couldn't be translated at a worst time given the current George Floyd protest movement (May-June 2020) going on right now.

Echoing everything @ResidentialPsycho and @ShadowMusamune said. MC is not a "detective", more of a bounty-hunter that employs juvenile skip-tracing tactics and brutality to go after criminals. Even the MC of "Dexter" (2006-2013) was way smarter,... more>> and Dexter was only an analyst, not an oath-sworn cop!

The cases are straight forward and boring. Just the first case alone was about teenage mu*der with the usual tropes (ret*rded high-school jock, jealous cheerleaders, etc). Feels like you're reading a dumber version of "Nancy Drew", which was a popular teen detective novel meant for kids -_-

Even the whole thing about MC being appointed as a policeman (basically deputized sheriff) as a teenager is incredibly problematic.
-- It's a known problem in the US where small town sheriffs have no proper legal or law-enforcement training, and corruption was and still is rampant. Author seems like he's trying to celebrate and revive the Wild West in a time where that's no longer needed.
-- There were a lot of references by reviewers that this isn't about a detective but a vigilante cop set in the Marvel Universe. So that somehow makes it all ok.
Guess what. It doesn't.
This CN author clearly got the inspiration from US military/cops who wrongly co-opted/misappropriated The Punisher symbol since the 2010s. Go read it up. It became such a controversy that both the creator and Marvel had to official deny it in the comic and press releases.
This controversy was addressed in Punisher Vol. 12 #13 written by Matthew Rosenberg in July 2019. In the issue, Frank comes across two police officers who are fans of his. They take a selfie with him and show they have a sticker of his logo on their car before comparing their work to his. Unimpressed, the Punisher tears up the sticker and tells them, "I'll say this once, we're not the same. You took an oath to uphold the law. You help people. I gave that up a long time ago. You don't do what I do. Nobody does. You boys need a role model? His name's Captain America, and he'd be happy to have you.... If I find out you are trying to do what I do, I'll come for you next."[90] In 2020, Marvel said this was their official opinion on the use of the image

MC wants to be a vigilante? Go ahead. Just don't be a cop while doing so. <<less
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May 03, 2020
Status: c40
This is an action/mu*der series in which a Chinese man is reincarnated as a Caucasian Texan kid in an alternate universe. The title and synopsis are very misleading. Although "detective" is in the name, the MC has not done any investigative work at all. THIS IS NOT A MYSTERY SERIES AT ALL. On the contrary, he becomes a police officer and goes around killing people with excessive brutality. Despite this, he hasn't even been investigated, suspended, or arrested for his crimes.

Aside from his system, there are no super powers or... more>> supernatural elements at all prior to the series going premium.

There is ample racism, sexism, and nationalism from the main character. Women are weak, even if they're police officers and have not demonstrated any kinds of weakness. The Chinese always do things better and are more sensible. Why didn't the author just reincarnate him as a Chinese American, then? There are plenty of Asian people here. This is very off-putting and distracting from the plot.

The MC himself is a Gary Stu with great grades, great looks, and great abs. Although he becomes excessively violent and even executes criminals who are incapacitated, there are no legal repercussions, and he's never risked being removed from the force. Is he even human? He feels no guilt, hesitation, or remorse after killing people. He is interested in his system and is savage, but he otherwise doesn't have any emotions. No bitterness, no sorrow, no regrets, no lust, no nothing. His morality is highly questionable, too. Although he has a girlfriend he likes, he wants to replace her with a better girlfriend or even develop a harem; later, he has no interest in dating, so his personality is inconsistent in this regard. His intelligence is clearly only average, and this has left many readers facepalming in the comments, including myself.

Weirdly enough, although he was already thirty years old in his past life, he doesn't appear to have any life experiences or to reflect on his past at all. Most people would plan things different a second time in life, but he really doesn't have any interest. It feels like his past as a Chinese man only exists to give him the excuse to continue with making hurtful prejudiced comments. I'm not sure what the point is.

It's also pretty bizarre that his system doesn't punish him for breaking the law or mu*dering people. It's as though it was designed to make a super criminal rather than a hero, and it's abundantly obvious it's not made for a detective at this point since intelligence doesn't count for anything.

There is some characterization of other characters, but the story doesn't give them much depth before going premium.

If you are looking for another casual action/killing type of series, then you might enjoy this. If you are looking for actual mysteries, detectives, investigation of any kind, or super powers, this series does not have any of them prior to premium. I'm not going to bother paying premium here, and I don't recommend it for others either. <<less
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Oct 09, 2020
Status: c325
A strange multicross fusion fanfiction that inconsistently and inexplicably draws in elements from various films and franchises (but primarily Marvel comics).

It's an odd little novel. It's written by someone who clearly has way more knowledge about the wider world than your average Chinese, but there are still weird typically mainlander Chinese assumptions baked into it here and there.

I think the thing that was most jarring was that the author doesn't seem to realise that Australian Spiny Lobster (rock lobster) isn't considered a delicacy anywhere except China. Certainly it isn't considered... more>> a delicacy in the United States, where the Maine Lobster is generally much preferred to any type of spiny lobster.

For all that, you could say that the novel is still fairly international and doesn't do anyone dirty with stereotypes or ignorance, except perhaps where names are concerned.

(It also, hilariously, features the most neutral description of the Japanese people I've ever seen in any Chinese web novel.) <<less
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Jul 16, 2020
Status: c607
It's amazing.

Maybe other people seeing the title will think about about stories supernatural detective, but unfortunately it's not, but it's still interesting.

The MC has a system, it's not a detective system, it's like A justcie system, that give MC experience after doing good deeds and deducted experience if he Doing bad thing. For example he will get experience by helping people, saving people from dangers, prevent big accident, kill gangster, crimminal, cartel, destroying illegal drugs etc. And the system will deduct a exp if, he doing bad things to good... more>> people especially innocent people.

The stories itself is so nice, there is some kind of slice of life stuff. Every character actually has personality, they grow up too. And MC is actually a chad.

But the most interesting is about the world MC live in. Many people who just read about 60cp, thinks it's actually a marvel world, familiar marvel world.

Well let me tell you something, it actually isn't fully marvel world. You'll be surprised by what you find inside a World where the MC is reincarnated


There is Fraternity from Wanted Move.

And Dominic torreto and gang in this world from FF series.

And there is Jason and Freddy Krueger too.

And xenomorph

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Apr 22, 2020
Status: c69
So it takes place in a Chinese version of the United States in a Marvel movie in the early 2000s at the start. Despite the characters being American, they do feel a bit more Chinese to me. Some of the character dialogues were just off. I did notice some prejudices that definitely didn't feel western and some that were somewhat from a biased perspective, despite the author saying it isn't biased. I would say some of the biases could be held by some in the US.

Definitely doesn't feel like a... more>> Detective novel, despite the name. It feels more like a Punisher like cop, with some slight evidence gathering. That is until monsters started appearing. The protagonist currently seems to have the ability of a lesser Captain America at the moment. He will probably get stronger as time goes on with his ability.

Overall, I don't know if I'll continue reading this one. There is just some things that feel off, because the author is trying to emulate aspects of the US, but it just isn't quite there. I might be able to ignore it, but who knows. I'd probably be able to ignore it more easily if it was just some fictional country instead, but I feel like that's the risk of choosing a real place to set your story in. <<less
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Dec 22, 2021
Status: c1308
It's basically a fanfic about an OP main character with a system of Justice.

The MC finds himself in something similar to, but not exactly the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and also throw in a bunch of other TV shows and movies the author likes. He clearly likes certain western actors, lol.

It's fun, though. If you think you will find it interesting how the author will combine unrelated media with each other, then give it a try. If you like fanfics, you will definitely be able to handle this.

Also, no racism. No... more>> nationalism. In a CHINESE novel with modern countries.

Huge +++ for that alone. <<less
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Oct 02, 2020
Status: Completed
This truly deserves to be one of the top series in qidian (as in its great, not like the overused brainless cultivation novels thats in the top ranks)

It got an MC that is very stable, not making rash teenager like decision, and true to himself, no plot armor too, everything is well planned by the author from the start and doesn't even feel 'false' or 'mechanical', it just flows well

The MC staying true to him not being an avid fan of marvel universe and not being an omniscient character... more>> that knows every little details helps a lot

The Name should be called 'Supernatural Detective in a Television World' though as it mostly used the TV Marvel world and some TV movies as the world they live in

The author also have a very deep comprehension of the American lifestyle as seen in his first few chapters

The lack of Chinese supremacy, rasicm, and deep brainwashing nationality is a very big plus

Too bad its completed in China, its pretty slow in its 1000's as it takes 2 years of continuous events, but it shows the hardwork, planning, research and foundation the MC have laid out that makes it flawless till the end

1200+ is where it picks out that time goes faster, all events branches and meets and more characters appear from the beloved Marvel world (ofc there is differences, but still damned great)

This may be the first Marvel-like world that portray Tony Stark closest to his essence/core as Tony is arrogant when they first meet (before iron man 1 movie, yeah he is damn arrogant), as well as his change for justice just like in the movies and the future changes (author interpretation) which still doesn't change much, but put the author imagination to test, and well made

Character have their short comings, all the characters feel alive, even closest character fights for realistic reasons (house reasons and fighting reasons), the character dynamics between the Characters that are not supposed to meet because of universe reasons and timeline reasons is also spun creatively by the author <<less
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Apr 07, 2020
Status: c17
At the time of writing this I'm currently at chapter 17 on the mtl translation version. I'm glad I read the review of "Normie Extermination Committee" else i'd drop this book because honestly its slow and boring at the start for me and I have a lot of other novels to read. It has started to pick up and get better. I would recommend to anybody who is like me and gets bored easily to just stick with it :D, You could even use google chrome app extention 'Read Aloud',... more>> a text to speech voice reader. The quality is nice doesn't sound robotic at all and helps with reading dull stuff because you only need to listen. I know this is hardly a review but I wanted to help others like me! Good luck and stay safe! Remember I love you who ever you are. <<less
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Dec 23, 2020
Status: c1700
Update: After MTL reading further in, I would suggest dropping the novel at chapter 1300, as the MC goes on a Pokemon hunt to collect all the heroes and micromanage them, and the word "detective" is all but discarded at that point. It is a great read otherwise as the MC relies on several works of fiction and other mature plots as a basis, so it's not dull but does get repetitive.

  • Pros: Reincarnation, Marvel world before the Marvel sh*t started. And a Detective system. I honestly thought it's another cliche garbage, but this sh*t is well written and not dumb. There's no excessive patriotism or China #1 stuff, and the whole novel is diverse and, for the first time, not racist. Highly recommended, but I would rather have you save up for this novel.

    Say start reading at 1000 chapters because it is SUPER easy to get engrossed and finish 400 chapters. The whole thing is entertaining and worth it.

    Cons: The MC gets too "OP" too quickly, with no imminent sense of danger. His identity is mostly "good." I honestly wished for the author to use the evil org in the Marvel world, make use of them and the like and become "Chaotic good." He also always sides with Shield, even though Shield itself has traitors and the like, which remains unexplored.

    Another con is that the novel's timeline is tough to follow; since we are in Marvel Alt-universe, things get a little confusing for people like me who don't have the faintest clue about what company X or Y does or when X technology comes into the mainstream. The author had some semblance of cohesion early on, but it is starting to get very loose hope he works on that.
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Jan 08, 2022
Status: Completed
One of the best fanfic novel I've seen

Does a good job keeping it grounded so far, though with Thor being introduced now, I assume power level is gonna skyrocket soon. It's also really interesting to see the many different other movies tied into this, into this multiverse crossover. Keeping in mind this is a giant mashup of fictional worlds will make this more enjoyable. Now, he's considered detective cause he goes out solving cases for the police force, where he works. Pretty simple explanation for the detective title. Also,... more>> no Chinese nationalism which is rare in this genre type. Dunno why people saying this having racism despite it. Also, @Lazy Dude, just because your partner is beautiful doesn't mean she must be sexed. They're just friends, you understand this word?

EDIT: Finally finished. Happy harem and power ending <<less
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Apr 18, 2023
Status: c1962
This is a new favorite. I'm a huge MARVEL fan (mostly Iron Man and Avengers, haven't really watched Guardians or other spinoffs) and I have to say I was greatly entertained by how the author made Tony a pretty key character in the story. Sure the author may have taken some artistic liberties, but imo he still stayed loyal to Tony's irreverent personality. The MC is very OP and there's tons of references to both DC and MARVEL, with a couple other series thrown in there for fun. In the... more>> end I kinda just got tired of the MC's personal life tbh. The MC's extremely ambiguous relationship with Selina is just annoying at this point. Like the MC keeps insisting that he doesn't have good feelings for women and only uses them as female friends but then treats Selina basically as a girlfriend and they keep having extremely ambiguous interactions? The MC is thirsty but also lazy and also keeps trying to pretend to be a good guy. Very tiring trying to keep up with all of that drama. <<less
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Jan 31, 2022
Status: c334
This is basically patches of any pop culture related shooting scene and the MC "solves" it. I was fine with it until the author barely made any effort for a build up of these scenes, it just scenes from different movies we know with the MC on it. No explanation or whatsoever why they're suddenly solving a normal case, to huge monsters and now ghosts?

The author have no idea what cops do, there was a statement from one of MC's superiors, that goes something like "barely half a year on... more>> this job and he killed 100+ criminals already". She said that like that's a fvcking compliment.

The Lazy writing is also bad, so he got this beautiful Latina partner, and she acts like this obedient puppy that follows the MC around. Their dialogue is also off because they talk like a Chinese character, and this hot Latina girl is supposed to be the fat comic relief character.

Also it was so s*upid that there's no google maps on this world, tjere are aliens and alien technology already way back in the 70s, and you're telling me the MC will make money on the most basic framework of the internet we know now? That's just BS. This is a freaking universe were average Earthlings would be introduced to Aliens and such by 2010 and you're telling there's no touch screen technology? <<less
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Jun 08, 2023
Status: c334
The story is basically a detective story and not some sci-fi fantasy similar to marvel. It's focus on solving cases as a detective with a hint of some serious plot on the background, but detective story part becomes so repetitive to the point that the whole Detective thing feels like a filler and not fun anymore. Too much of it is just bad. Only few of the cases he's solving is interesting, most are bland and skipworthy. The whole thing is long winded and dragging the story too much by... more>> inserting bunch of detective case for the MC that doesn't have anything to do with the brewing plot in the background.

Seeing the MC experience serious action fights but then go back to being just some detective is frustrating. I got tired of seeing the MC always works in the shadows, while it was fun it was repetitive too. The whole 'MC doesn't want to be promoted' part is also fun at first but becomes frustrating later on. Basically the author almost doesn't make a change in the story arcs, it's just different scenes and story but has the very same concept as the other.

The movies popping up without headsup is another cause of frustration, I wouldn't have known that a certain arcs and characters that appeared hundreds of chapters ago is actually based on certain movies if I didn't read the comments. The world building is just so chaotic.

While the side characters in this story isn't bad, they aren't fleshed out enough and had no depth. The ones who had it are basically fanfic characters that only appear once every 30 chapters before disappearing again.


I didn't get to enjoy this at all. I was reading it with lots of hope for the future chapters, after reading hundreds of chapters with hardly any changes, I decided to dropped it. I felt cheated. I just wasted the time I invested in the story goes unrewarded.

Story: 2/5
Concept: 2/5
Characters: 3/5
Enjoyment: 1/5
Overall: 2/5 <<less
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Sep 16, 2022
Status: c1302
I would first like to start off by stating some inaccuracies in the other reviews:

The crimes that the MC solves are "generic tropes" because their inspirations from movies, or TV Shows. So obviously they will feel similar in that regard, since any that aren't directly from Movies/TV Shows take inspiration from them. Also, his Super Nose is quiet literally just an extremely heightened sense of smell, that he's able to control, hens why he's able to distinguish between smells when he gets it at a high enough proficiency/level. Also he... more>> is literally a detective at the start of the novel, when he becomes a police officer hes in the detective branch, and THEN he becomes a Homicide DETECTIVE. So I have no idea what their talking about.

Anyway back to my actual review.

I absolutely love this novel. While it takes place in a mostly Marvel world, it does not let itself get swallowed up by that giant of a world. It incorporates other TV Shows and Movies into its world, and tries its best to stay within that time era, especially once the MC begins to

create phones and create his multiple vigilante identities

. The pace is borderline perfect for me, as I never find myself lacking any action or being saturated with too much action. The MC's personality helps with that honestly, since even though hes an extremely serious guy he can acknowledge when he should be a bit more loose to lighten up the mood, and it helps keep me invested in reading.

I don't have any bad things to say about the novel, other than at times it can seem as though the MC forgets certain things after their first introduced purposefully. Though, this can be chalked up to simply him being a human at the end of the day, he's not perfect. It doesn't happen a lot by any means, and even then, that was just me wanting to have something negative to say about the novel in this review as to not seem bias, since I genuinely don't care for people forgetting something every now and then, I do the same when reading.

Over all, the novel is a great read and since it isn't done, is a very nerve-racking story to continue reading. I'd 100% recommend it to anyone, and I still do recommend it to anyone that asks me about novels to read. Definitely in my Top 5 Novels that I have read. <<less
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May 03, 2022
Status: c977
This novels has its interesting parts and combines the plots of multiple fictions (Iron Man, The Hitman's Bodyguard etc) and modifies it so we could see our Main Character, Luke, grind points. I do appreciate that the system acts as a support system, and doesn't give/force missions to move the plot forward. Action scenes are also satisfying although it doesn't make much sense (Two middle aged detectives without super powers literally go guns blazing to a Mexican cartel with hundreds of men to get revenge, WTF).

That's all I could really... more>> say it has going for it as personally, I dislike how Luke always acts as a spectator and hides behind the shadows, never really making large waves. Yes this makes sense, except it feels lazy as it justifies why the mini arcs stick to their original plots. Personally I feel frustrated that the main character is still a "minor detective", I know the word 'super detective' is in the title but I feel it is unnecessary because most of the cases aren't that interesting and I always get bored whenever he returns to his boring life after kicking ass, and most importantly, his job takes up lots of his time, although the novel justifies this as Luke 'finding his purpose'.

There is no need for Luke to be a detective because Luke is literally a billionaire and has no reason to need the intelligence network of the police department as he has his OP phone network surveillance

If I had Luke's system, I would be out killing criminals or terrorists for 18 hours every day, and I would probably be ahead by at least 10 levels by now in contrast to him slowly grinding points. The system might as well eliminate the word 'super detective' as he just goes around, using excessive violence like the Punisher.

Combined with large amounts of filler in the form of meaningless dialogue and reactions, slow as a snail plot and timeline (not even two years), this novel is just above average, and except for its setting and better writing, doesn't stand out very much. <<less
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Lazy Dude
Lazy Dude
Jul 08, 2021
Status: c340

    • okay deus ex machina/op skill
    • no harem but there are sexcapades
    • no chinese named MC even tho author is cn

    • long winded, its a fanfic yet its stretched too far by fillers and useless things on every chapter
    • really? a beautiful partner yet you don't dare to taste the cake? yet you s*x up a suspect on a case?
    • op skill seems like just tacked on... we only hear it every once in a few chapters... usually during a filler scene
    • timelines are everywhere and forgotten... author seems to be drinking while eating a cake at the same time
    • is super nose just about heightened smell? it feels like daredevils radar sense... how the f*ck can you determine position, movement just by smell... in a place loaded with other smells? I can only suspend so much disbelief
    • no detective stuff... everything is gunblazing and explosions... the only detecting is when they are in their office reading files
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Mar 17, 2021
Status: c27
This is really awful.

MC is a moron -- "I'm gonna dump all my stat points in strength, because that's what I do in games!"

MC is also a typical handsome, ripped, smarter than everyone around him (but not in a good way as in the MC is genuinely intelligent, instead everyone else is somehow less intelligent than the MC.)

Boring as all hell, there was nothing that kept me interested in the story. The system is bland and basically doesn't exist until the MC does something good like helping Granny Lucy... more>> get her cat down from a wall. The MC is Basic MC #3 and there's nothing and no one really interesting except the fact that Selina is interested in the MC (but that's not gonna go anywhere, because the MC is a eunuch, ripped straight out of a JP novel- he has zero interest in relationships/s*x for some reason; though there's something different about Jimena (that's his ex-GF's name, I sh*t you not) that makes him almost give her a goodbye bang, but what it is I couldn't say, she seemed like a bit*h to me anyway, threatening to crush the MC's balls among other things.

I'm very disappointed that someone said this was on par with way of the devil, all the other novels that person listed were tr*sh that I dropped or haven't read because the premise (steampunk, looking at you lord of mysteries) is lame as hell, but way of the devil was literally epic and I was enjoying it as much as Warlock of the Magus World, how can this garbage be anywhere near those novels?! Someone is smoking the peace pipe a bit too hard!! <<less
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Mar 07, 2021
Status: c220
This is a strange novel for me. Lot of things happen but it is extremely boring. The first 200 chapters "borrow" from - Die Hard, Taken (and Taken 2), Wanted (the bullet curve part), X-men (glimpse of it), Hostel (the movie), Kick Ass (Hit Girl and her dad) and many more but it is still extremely boring.

The reason is these borrowed stories while interesting are not built upon. So you end up getting less than 20-30 chapters worth of these stories. And the rest of it is just fluff -... more>> some which are about Chinese good, some other slice of life stuff and others about the MC running around killing people (the author for some weird reason thinks killing 100s of people will not cause any enquiry), and other weird fluff. I don't get why is this rated so highly. <<less
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Jan 12, 2023
Status: c230
Pretty good, but also the world building is kinda weird, since this is an mishmash of movies that isn't very explored, like the "mist" movie, that's never brought up again after he escapes the area, I get that it was probably covered up by "sheld" or something, but it's still strange. There are other issues as well
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