Detective Jiang Tian


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There are so many strange things in this world that make us wonder:

Why does the lone soul hanging in the cold classroom have a smile at the corner of its mouth?      

Why does the half-broken corpse hidden in the cave of Ghost Valley feel unresigned?      

How can a few puddles of flesh displayed on the lonely rocks of the beach have dreams?      

We saw the caged beast in the villa floor forgetting that he was once a human being.      

We see people in tattoo stores transforming into demons and ghosts and then painting themselves with human skin.   

We saw the couple walking down the aisle with their arms folded.      

We can see the lonely people in the dark mine relying on each other’s warm and decadent bones……… In the end what turned an originally good people into a heartless mu*derer?     

Thirty cases, thirty stories, thirty times the most essential interplay between good and evil.      

Let’s see how the reality of heaven becomes the heart of hell, how the angel of mercy becomes the cruel devil ……

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Jan 12, 2023
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If you like a smart main character that is good at solving mysteries, this novel is for you. Sadly it hasn't been translated enough and the translations that are out there are barely above mtl.
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