Strongly Pampered Male Wife


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How long would a marriage be able to sustain itself when it had nothing to do with love? Then how would a marriage based merely on power and a monetary transaction be able to last?

The person in Shang Yushang’s embrace was his male wife. A temporary wife that was bought to get rid of bad luck. But ever since the moment he had this person in his arms, he decided not to let go of him.

He Changning obeyed his so-called family’s decision and married himself off. Thinking that, when this transaction was over, he can live his own life happily ever after. But, little did he know that he had just stepped into a big net filled with warmth that was specially woven for him, and that he would never have a chance to get out of it.

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Qiáng chǒng nán qī
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New Surrealist
February 3, 2024
Status: c64
It started well but the last four or five chapters made me so angry I wanted to kick the author. Translation was amazing, the by-play between the translator and editor was adorable. Ending made me outraged, but not for the reasons you would think. Worth a read, be prepared for the ending anger.
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PurplexStar rated it
October 10, 2020
Status: --
Disclaimer - My review in no way reflects the transalators abilities. It is all aimed at the story.

Take any straight CN dog blood novel, swap out the female lead with a man, add in a cold expressionless CEO who is only warm to the lead, a shi*ty MC's family, then a few 2d villains, a little bit of mpreg and BOOM! You have this story.

The MC was OK, but the promise of his character growth dies a quick death after he meets the ML.

The ML is an as*hole.

... more>>

He didn't inform the MC that he could get pregnant and then slept with him without protection. It was basically forced pregnancy, which is not cool if you are supposedly so in love with your other half that you can't live without him. He then keeps calling the MC wife, even though he was told to stop on multiple occasions. His thoughts are basically, 'you married a man so you have to be the wife' (somewhere in chapter 39-40). 'Husband and Husband' is a term that does exists in real life. The author seems to have forgotten that bit.

Oh! Everyone who offends the ML or his 'wife' has to get ra*ed.

He also treated the woman who MC considers a mother, the one who raised him after his mother dies and basically made his life with his family tolerable, like sh*t, and of course the MC doesn't say a word against it. This happened because of a tiny mistake on the part of the elderly lady, which is completely forgivable.


One of the author's belif's that rubbed me the wrong way and something a lot of the characters were adamant about about the fact that a child is what holds a marriage together. Without a child the MC and ML were bound to divorce. A sentence uttered by the MC:


"Children play a role in keeping the family together."

MC also believes that they should have a child with the ML's DNA, but he was afraid that the ML would leave him after having the child. Like the child won't belong to both of you! The way he (MC) puts it is like it's his duty and obligation to allow the ML to have a child for the continuation of the bloodline. I'm sorry, but kind of primitive thinking is that? The original book is not very old, it was published in 2016.


Let's move onto the 2d villains shall we? We have the double bonus of the 2 evil half brothers, the corporate betrayer and the old love interest who wasn't actually a love interest, but still considers herself one.

You would imagine any sane person wouldn't keep trying to foolishly attack someone when they were thwarted more than once. But of course, the 2d villains are just that s*upid. They don't do it just once or twice, they do it 3-4 times. Then they go around leaving a trail a mile wide pointing them as the culprit. They then refuse to accept the blame and then push it onto someone else.

Again, a few of the attack ideas have to include ra*e and mu*der, otherwise the story just can't progress


Of course there's also the bit where the MC gets blamed for everything, and I do mean everything by the villains. It's like, 'He (MC) visited the city I lived in, because of which I broke my favourite coffee cup'. Such convoluted and hard to understand thought process -_-

So only read this story if you have nothing else to read, do or sleep. Otherwise don't waste your time.

If you want to read BL arranged marriage with mpreg, just read The Film Emperor's Death-seeking Fiance. It has much more realistic story development character growth and cute fluffy moments that make you want to keep reading. <<less
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ayyshadow rated it
January 6, 2018
Status: Completed
It's a pretty light sweet story, with the occasional face slaps, but nothing too heavy. MC is a calculating person, he can be so harsh to people who wish harm to him, yet he is also so nice to those who are good to him. I also like the fact that he can stand up for himself, and even help ML to solve his problems when he is able too.
ML is your usual puppy in love seme who would do anything for his wife (hence the title). My favorite... more>> type of ML really, so I might be a bit biased.
The dynamic of their relationship is pretty similiar with BMHS's couple, so if you like that, you'd like this too.

The pacing of the story is pretty nice too, it's short yet all problems are solved nicely. I have little complain about the story overall, but there are some things I do wish could be explored more:


MC's occupation: At the start the story makes it seems like a big deal, because it was the reason ML becomes interested in MC in the first place. But after the first few chapters, there is no further exploration of this. More often than not, it feels like MC doesn't even have any job.

Their twins: Um, this is a mpreg story btw. So, my other complain is the lack of additional chapters showing their children after they've grown up, heck even after they were born! But this is just a selfish wish of mine though, so yeah.

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Melange rated it
October 8, 2020
Status: Completed
It wasn't horrible, but it wasn't good either. The plot started off decently with MC growing a backbone and standing up for himself when faced with an unwanted arranged marriage. He makes contact with ML and vows to part amicably after 1 year. He's all set up and ready to make his way in the world as a popular writer!

And then... they fell in love. After like two chapters. Proceed to marry, have kids, the works. There are countless F grade Chinese novel cannon fodder floating around, but all are... more>> quickly slapped down by ML's flyswatter. The author really likes to use excessive and illogical means to do so. Everyone is getting r*ped. The side CP involves r*pe, second side CP involves r*pe, cannon fodder 1, 2, 3, all r*ped. Maybe the characters in this novel might want to think about investing in some chastity belts. Or just stop being horrible people.

This is basically your typical Overbearing-CEO-Loves-Me story except it's BL. Oh, and there's a weird fantasy element to it. If you replaced MC with a woman, there really won't be any differences.

The main CP is fluffy, and that's about all this novel has going for it. <<less
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Selax rated it
January 4, 2018
Status: Completed
One of the fluffiest BL stories ever written. It's just too good. Thanks to the translator for picking up this story. Once I started, I couldn't stop until I finished it. MC is strong and cunning to those who wants to harm him and ML while ML is happy as long as his wife (MC) is happy.
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takame rated it
July 10, 2020
Status: c31
Badly written, the descriptions goes round and round that it looses it's sense for a while and then will go back again after a couple of sentences. It messes up the pacing. The characters inconsistent, there is no sense of realism making them a cardboard. (Like, ML's description is different from how he is actually portrayed in the story. Other reviewers described it better than me). The relationship pacing is too fast and unrealistic. There isn't even any doki-doki moments they immediately jumped in to "very loving" despite implicitly stating... more>> shou is very straight and despite ML kept on being described as hard-hearted AND straight. Doesn`t make sense. While reading I kept wondering what is amiss and I realized the romance is made cheap by the fast pace. The villain is cardboard as well, they kept repeating their argument over and over, as if robots that merely existed to create minor drama to give uke an excuse for revenge. Face-slapping is half-baked as well. I`d rather read the 2k episode of Hidden Marriage. If you don't mind low quality writing but is just here for fluff then you will like this. But tbh? There are other better written stories that have low rating. And there are other badly-written stories too that I have finished and felt it's better than this. The only perk this novel could perhaps give is the smooth sailing, insta-love relationship. <<less
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Ecirteab rated it
May 1, 2018
Status: c25
Basically Insta love no matter how they try to package it. I was expecting them to become friends before slowly falling in love over their marriage year but the male lead is basically in love before they even meet and before you know it they're happily doing couple things despite the main character identifying as straight. (There's a brief period of resistance but it's so weak there's no point)

... more>>

Didn’t they mentioned that Shang Yushang was a person who doesn’t fool around easily? Then why would this person hold his hand on the first meeting, hug him on the second meeting, and even kissed his forehead? And now he even began to give kisses, hugs and get touchy at times. Can anyone confirm if this man was indeed the legendary Young Master Shang? The gap between his character and image was simply too far apart!


Yes, I agree with you main character. A stretch indeed.

Characters are okay, plot is pretty predictable. All in all, rather bland but still a decent read as long as your expectations aren't high. <<less
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Sabby rated it
January 2, 2021
Status: c64 part2
I was really enjoying this novel and actually re-read the beginning multiple times and I thought it would be one of my favorites........... until it got to the last fifteen or so chapters.

... more>>

Towards the end there are so many long, dragging chapters that do nothing except detail all of the He family's useless machinations. So much detail put into their plans to kidnap Changning's children, and then so much detail put into how the He family is fighting with each other. Then even more detail put into the He family's downfall. I honestly just skimmed most of it. It was so boring and felt like filler to get more chapters out of the story.


And after the babies are born, I could not stand the way everyone was acting.


Basically, Changning goes into a coma after experiencing heavy blood loss and shock during the c-section and nearly dying. When he finally wakes up, Yushang's grandma and Changning's biological dad, and Aunt Qin won't even let Changning hold his babies. I am not even joking. They literally refuse to let Changning and Yusheng hold the babies because they want to take care of them instead. Changing kept saying how all he wanted was to hold his sons, but the elderly folks wouldn't let him. This was SO frustrating to read like, what right do they have to refuse to let Changning hold the children he nearly died giving birth to.

To add insult to injury. Changning's bio dad forces Changning to take over his company that is based overseas basically saying "it's fine if you have to travel overseas to run the company because me, aunt Qin, and Yusheng's grandma will take care of the kids." Changing doesn't want to leave his kids and says all he wants is to write his novels and raise his kids with Yusheng, but the grandparents don't care and force him to take over the company. It's stated later that Changning only gets to spend six months out of the year with Yusheng and his kids because the company that was forced on him is based overseas.


I honestly have no idea why the author decided to end the novel the way they did. I don't know why they had the kid's grandparents acting like that, why so many chapters focused only on the He family and their downfall, and why the author had to make it so Changning didn't actually get to live the life he desired? Don't get me wrong, it is a happy ending, but pretty much the way Changning's life turned out was forced on him by his bio dad and Yusheng's grandma, and it is pretty much the opposite of what he wanted. The ending really ruined the novel for me. I actually meant to rate this 3 stars because the ending was really frustrating (again, it's a happy ending but it bothers me still), but I accidentally cl**ked on four stars and I can't change it. <<less
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Fisukisuki rated it
May 20, 2021
Status: Completed
I don't get why this has low rating. Sure this novel is not perfect. It has few flaws, but so are some novel that has high rating.

This novel has lots of Pros more than Cons.


... more>>
  • MC and ML are Great Characters. Not perfect, but great!
  • MC and ML's relationship always Sweet from the start till the end of the novel!
  • ML's full Doting and Devotion.
  • Spectacular Faceslappings.
  • Has great supporting characters.
  • Some people say the plot is mess? Where??? There's no plot hole here!

  • ML didn't tell MC that MC could get pregnant until MC already pregnant. But when MC get through the shock and depression, ML is ALWAYS THERE FOR HIM. Accompanied and taking care of him. That's the only flaw ML had and did.
  • The Loving Family can be Over bearing and Triggering the Readers. After MC gave birth the babies are adored by the elders (dads, aunt, and grandma) and everyone. So much that both MC and ML almost can't hold their babies for themselves. The elders' excuses is because they're old their job is to take of the children for now. They mean well, but it was so damn frustrating!
Some people think the way they faceslapped the bad guy are too much. But I personally think they only did what the bad guy almost do to them. They want to kill? Kill back. Drug? Drug them back! Non-Con? Non-con them back. Harsh? Duh. But this type of plot are normal in many novel. So I really don't get why this has Low Rating!

Is this Novel perfect? No. But do I Love it? Yes! It has lots of things I LOVE from the start! Loving Relationship and Happy Ending! I'm Content! <<less
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Amberkayl rated it
November 16, 2021
Status: Completed
The first part of the plot is good. That's the reason it hooked me. It presented and narrated the cold hearted, calculating, and smart Shou. But once the first family meeting with the Shou's (He Changning) and the Gong's (Shang Yushang) family, it all went downhill from there.

The Shou (He Changning) :

... more>>

He Changning was a character who was introduced as someone who hated the Yin's so much. Also introduced that he was an outstanding individual even if he was a young man in his 20s. HE finished his studies earlier than his PEERS FFS and then it all went down the drain like a very big disrespect for the guy. He is supposed to be smart and vigilant but he stayed in the house of the family who ruined his life instead of moving out after the marriage talks with the two family AT THIS POINT HE ALREADY SIGNED PAPER TO SEVERE HIS TIES WITH THE YIN FAMILY YET HE STAYED. He refused Yushang's idea of moving to another house before marriage even while knowing the people in that very house wants to see him suffer and be under their command. He got drugged by two drugs instead. After that plot, his supposed intelligence were never to be seen again even until the very last chapter. He got dumbed down and I didn't like that one bit. From start to finish, not one character in this story helped shape Changning into a better person after leaving the Yin family.


The Gong (Shang Yushang) :


He was a cunning and calculative guy. A president of a very large enterprise. A s*ave of his wife's every whim. That's the only consistent thing in the story. What I hate is that he also got dumbed down to the point that nothing else mattered for him and just glued himself to his wife 24/7. Every chapter with them is the both of them together like conjoined twins. The plot even introduced that the Shang family is a very dangerous family but after the part where Changning got drugged, he never had long moments in the office again. And both of them are present in every chapter and are always together. And Yushang new Changning could give birth to children but never talked about it with his wife and just made him pregnant without telling Changning. R*pe.


The Villains:


Please. Just kill me. The family feud with the Yin family was enough for me. But then the He family was introduced, I just wanted to skip to the end. BOTH FAMILIES DISREGARDED THE FACT THAT HE CHANGNING AND HIS MOTHER SEVERED TIES WITH BOTH FAMILY IN THEIR LIFETIME. Them continuously asking for support and the rights to have Changning's child is preposterous. Most especially the fact that the head of the He family claims that Changning's children should be in their custody when they didn't even contact Changning for the past 20 years! The villains here are too dumb it makes my scalp go numb.


The Family and people around Changning and Yushang:


After Changning birthing the twins, he and yushang were not allowed to hold nor be in contact with the twins for long periods of time. I understand the concern and reserve with Changning carrying the baby but Yushang was also not allowed to carry the baby. I find this ridiculous. How is this situation different with the Head of the He family's greed to take away the children? They were only allowed to carry the children when the twins reached their 100 month celebration or something. I got irritated and at this point I just wanted to finish the novel quickly.


Overall, This is okay for someone who has nothing to read but I really don't recommend the plot. :&Gt; Characteristics were forgotten, Characters were not developed properly and were dumbed down. But the fluff is still there I guess. Since Yushang is a very dedicated wife s*ave. <<less
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NotSoProud rated it
October 9, 2020
Status: ---
I feel like the novel's IQ and EQ are questionable;;

It also feels like my own IQ is getting lower as I go on reading (o_o;)

[this will likely get edited as I continue reading;;; No wait, I gave up.]

I'm so confused by the beginning of the novel, it feels a little like the author is inexperienced in writing because of some inconsistencies and overly quick progress. I mean in less than 48h they went from strangers -> more than strangers -> people who care about each other;; Changning accepted... more>> it all way too quickly, and the whole thing with Yushang falling in love made little sense... I mean, he fell in love because Changning had a double identity and was a writer??? What? xD Is that a reason to fall in love with and become possessive of a person that you've never met before?
The wealth of the Shang family also seems exaggerated? I feel like they might say at any moment that they have in fact bought the entire planet very casually. xD

The shareholders meeting feels like a bunch of kindergardeners getting together, playing house or sth. I mean... Would adults managing a company go around panicking 'we're in a bad situation', 'yes, the situation is very bad', 'yes, we're in trouble, something needs to be done, otherwise we'll be finished', when faced with slander aimed at their company? What.

But I still keep on reading. Although I feel a little frustrated... <<less
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ParanoidKitten rated it
January 16, 2022
Status: c64 part2

Making an objective review about a novel which makes me uncomfortable and upset at times is indeed not that easy. That's why, I finally decided to edit this review, trying to turn it a bit more objective and less personal. (But it seems I failed miserably once again....)

To sum it up, this novel is a fluffy one with some face-slapping while the story itself centers around the pregnancy of MC. In the widest sense you *could* compare it to "Back to the countryside". Just don't expect too much from... more>> this novel.

The novel starts with MC's family forcing him into a one-year marriage to a rich CEO in order to help his family's company avoid a financial crisis. His family consists of his grandmother, father, his father's second wife and their 2 or 3 children. His birthmother committed su*cide when he was a child.

It turns out, MC who grew up in the Yin family wasn't blood related to them at all. His maternal family is the He clan, his biological father (Gu clan) shows up towards the end of the novel with another unexpected plot twist.


MC is initially (the first 13 chapters) said to be calm, composed, highly intelligent and strongwilled. And he's straight.

Whereas ML... Shang Yushang.

He's the rich CEO. Overbearing, calm, stubborn, scheming and possessive.

No matter how I edit the following part, I'm sorry for being unable to remain objective.

The premise of this novel (until chapter 12) is good and normally I wouldn't hesitate to give this a top-star rating. But there are three points that prevent me from doing so.

  • The shou who is said to be straight, falls within a timeskip of a few days. The character who is said to be calm, intelligent, strongwilled and straight, turns into a "lacking in love but falling in love with the overbearing president and happily content shou" faster than you'll be able to flip a coin. From "I'm straight" to "what? I can get pregnant? No way!" to "Hey, I'm pregnant, I'm so happy!" the coin is flipping rapidly. This is the first point.
  • As for the second point: The overbearing CEO checks MC's background, discovers his true origins and identity, becomes interested and decides to get married. He ignores any rejection and objection from MC regarding this matter and insists on hugging, kissing MC's forehead and declares MC has to fulfill his wifely duties after marriage just on their second meeting.

    ML knows from the beginning about MC's ability to get pregnant. And his aim from the beginning is to make MC pregnant. Just take a look at the conversation between ML and his best friend before the marriage:
    "When granny decided that I'm going to marry a male wife, I got my men to investigate everything about Changning. It was by accident that I realized that he had such a unique physique. Plus, I really liked him, hence the decision to marry him."

    "He didn't know that he had that trait?"

    "In fact, most of Mu Yi Clan's men did not know that they had such a physique. Even if they knew, they wouldn't get pregnant unless they're homosexuals or if they're of the purest lineage. Which was why the clan had become close to extinction. Also, a pure lineage descendant like Changning only appears every few hundred years. There was a legend as well that once the descendant of the purest linage gives birth to twins the Mu Yi clan would rise again and the family that had those twins would also prosper for several decades."

    When he succeeded, he hid that matter from MC until the pregnancy could no longer be hidden and he had to tell MC about it.

    So it is clear that right from the beginning, Shang Yushang had one goal: get his hands on this rare species of a man, imp**gnate him and have him give birth to twins. The reason is also obvious. Just that the truth was forcefully covered up by having ML "fall in love" with MC.

    Maybe this part wouldn't be as upsetting for me, if there was a proper development of feelings between the couple, instead of simply declaring "they met once, ML wanted to marry MC because of MC was able to get pregnant", "they met a second time, ML has fallen for this young man who was able to get pregnant." and "timeskip, they were mutually in love and ML's main concern was the wellbeing of his future wife and how to get him pregnant as fast as possible", coupled with "I won't tell him about his ability."

  • Finally the third point:

    After MC almost died during childbirth, the grandparents (MC's biological father, ML's father) and great grandparent (ML's grandmother) prevent the couple, especially MC, from getting near the children because they want to take care of and raise them personally. MC is forced to take over his biological father's company overseas and thus is away for the larger part of the year. The fact that both MC and ML don't really retaliate against this is a plain contradiction to MC and ML's reaction to MC's maternal family planning to do the exact same thing previously (well, the He family was really just scum, but still!).

From my personal opinion, this novel could have been perfect if the mpreg part and the ending was removed. The author tried to make this novel interesting with several unexpected discoveries, but for me, they failed tragically.


First review:


I'm rarely voting or commenting on the novels I'm reading. I also don't know why I am doing it for this novel. Maybe I just want to rant a bit *shrugs*

I admit my rating of 2 stars is really low, but there IS indeed a reason for it. And that would be the fact that I detest Shang Yushang. Yes, basically from the moment on they met, he's clingy to MC and protects him almost to the point of imprisoning him and this novel could indeed be counted as a fluff novel. If there wasn't one point that makes me flare up in anger whenever I read the ML's name.

That point is the fact that ML knew about MC's identity as a descendant of the Mu Yi Clan (which meant MC was able to get pregnant) right from the beginning and married him really just for this one reason.

If you read the novel and pay attention to it, he mentions several times that he wants MC to get pregnant as soon as possible and therefore beds him daily for several hours straight!! Worst thing is the fact that he refuses to tell MC anything about it until MC's pregnancy can no longer be hidden.

And to top it off, MC who was said to be a straight shou should obviously be upset about being deceived and being pregnant, but he just brushes it off like: What? Pregnant? How? Why? Well whatever, I'll just give birth since it's already like this.

It's really ridiculous seeing him falling ill and being depressed over the fact that he's able to get pregnant, but upon hearing he was definitely pregnant, he just happily accepted it.

Also, the fact that this "straight shou" is only straight for one day is unreasonable. I mean, they meet once for the marriage talk. The next day MC is getting hugged, kissed and mol*sted and doesn't really react all that much to it. They call each other for a few days and suddenly without reason, MC has fallen for ML, has no qualms at all about sleeping in the same bed and shows no signs of being uncomfortable at all, even the "wedding night" happens straight during the first few days of the honeymoon trip. Why? When? Where's the development? There wasn't any development at all. He just gets overwhelmed by that shameless fellow and that's it.

I'm sorry, from my point of view this novel could have been so good, but ML deceiving MC like that and MC being stated as an initially straight shou is just... It makes me sad. If the author hadn't stated that MC was straight and ML wasn't such a scheming b... boy who is lying to MC for months straight until he can't hide his lies anymore, I would most probably praise this novel up to heaven!

Thinking about it, if you aren't as oversensible as me and don't mind the two points above, but like to read fluffy novels with tons of face-slapping and overly idiotic cannon fodder-villains, please try this novel, you should like it. Because the face-slapping is quite good. Nothing happens to MC and the instigators almost immediately receive their retribution. ML is also very powerful, in the later part of the novel (last 20ish chapters), there are also hidden identities, family drama will be discovered and some secrets about MC will be revealed, which nobody knew about until that point.

So overall, the plot is indeed quite good. I just can't bring myself to rate this novel higher than I did just now. But I wish for everyone who is starting or continuing this novel: Have fun and enjoy it :)

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glitteryjoon rated it
December 30, 2021
Status: --
Thissssss had to be written by an unexperienced teen because... I just can't see someone who has been in a relationship writing something like this..

forgive me if you're offended, but listen, the MC went from 0-100 in a matter of seconds. one second he was upset and wary over the whole situation and the partner and the next he's going to him for help, allowing him to touch and feel on him without much of a serious struggle aside from the first couple of struggling pushes and even "feeling warmth"... more>> in his heart from a couple of words.

Like, it really doesn't add up and it's making things increasingly difficult to finish reading. It's like author wrote MC as a love starved kid, which fine I guess he could be considered as such, but it's not like he had no one at all. Aunt quinn was there which means he had love in some form so jump straight into comfortable companionship with someone you're being sold off too just because he said a couple words of "let's get along" doesn't even begin to make sense to me.

If not for the fact that MC was said to be wary and "straight" then for the fact that he grew up with the people in his family, but that alone should make him someone that puts people at arms length until they feel completely comfortable. they make him seem strong willed at first, then the next second he's compromising himself with the ML all because what? it's his wifely duties anyway? make it make sense.

And the ML! don't think I don't have anything for his ass because how's he the cold silent CEO type when the first thing we see of him is his smiling face as he looks at a PICTURE of the mc?

author completely overturned their own character outlines for a fast paced au. like I'm so confused. I'm on Chapter 16 and the ML pretty much already in love. there was no going from "this guys interesting" to "i want to pamper him" they skipped past start and landed straight on home within the first damn chapter. I may not be fond of CEO types but if you're going to make that the outline, then follow it?

for now, this is where I am, idk if I want to continue reading or not but if I can't find anything better I'll suck it up and finish it


THE WAY I JUST SCREAMED! I think I got to chapter like 24 or something before I absolutely could not continue reading. Where the f*ck did pregnancy come from? like I know it's mpreg but they didn't even world build enough to allow or even hint at that being remotely plausible. just "lol he can get preggers cause he's a pure blood from this one clan." like??? wtf I can't. I genuinely cannot.

anyone that can read this and find enjoyment through it all.. idk if I should give you a round of applause or question if you're okay.. either way I now see why the rating is so low. thank you and good bye <<less
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MiRel rated it
November 20, 2019
Status: c35
I don't like how the MC was reduced to a nagging wife after they introduced him as "elegant, smart, sophisticated, graceful, and calm" it's like the MC is not the MC anymore.

There's also several parts where I find iffy, and also quite confusing. The only good thing in this novel is the fluffs. And even the fluffs can't save the bads. Every characters other than the main couple are really dumb and all the villains don't leave any impression at all. Overall, it's bland and predictable, quite boring.

I gave a... more>> review too soon. It's a 1.5 star for me. <<less
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Otwentyfirst rated it
January 26, 2019
Status: c34
if you haven't read this type of plot before, go for it so you can get a taste, otherwise just skip it. it's very poorly done.

if you want to read critique bordering on shade click the spoiler: ... more>>

i saw "fluffy" in the reviews so I bit. in reality it was flat. the story is ooooooooooookay but the translation is meh and at times cringeworthy, so a flat story was made even flatter. if you read it, then read it with the expectation of a sub mediocre story line and character development with inconsistent logic and time gap strangeness. it's the kind you can MTL and not miss a single detail. in fact i'd rec just MTLing; you can breeze through it without fear of missing any good lines or important story points.

i know the guidelines say not to review the translator but the translation is the presentation of the story so it's an integral aspect that can't be divorced from it.


it's mostly ok. honestly the english on par with some good ESL stuff. there are the usual confusion between adjectives, verbs and their progressive tenses. you know the kind that happens when you edit a line to change the tense and feel of something, but then forget to align everything else with the new tense so it comes across garbled?

like this: it incorrectedly mixing and using the tenses.

you stumbled reading it didn't you? now imagine reading that kind of syntax every few sentences.

it doesn't happen all the time but it happens consistently enough to be distracting, so I don't think it's a mistake in the proofing process so much as just poor english. combine that with the uncommon english used, like this from the story here:

"But the precondition to that was if it doesn't concern my lifetime's happiness." [As long as it doesn't concern my happiness yes. If it does, then all bets are off.//honeslty i'd have been happy if all the tenses just matched up.]


"... captured everyone's expression..." [... noted everyone's expression...]


".. external grandfather..." [?? i've never seen that before.//maternal?].

the expressions are definitely intentional and not typos because they recur all over the place. the lines are understandable but the verbs aren't used in the common way (or even poetically) so it's awkward to read.

there's an editor, but the work provided by that person isn't worthy of being credited. the difference between the edited chapters and the unedited chapters were... not noticeable at all. the translator (ebisu translators) worked hard on it, s/he/they should just take all the credit. yeah, I know all my examples were critical, but there were plenty of proper and perfectly fine translations in the story, i'd say half of it overall. it's just that the poorly done lines were so consistently garish they stuck out in my mind and left the strongest impression. so if you want to judge, then read it for yourself, otherwise just take my word for it.


yeah so... mm... i'd rec reading beloved marriage in high society over this one. that one is also awkward but it's got "the feels." ;) <<less
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WhiteVivian rated it
April 9, 2022
Status: --
This story angered me a lot with its questionable morality and logic. The beginning was good but everything else s**ked.

... more>>

for some reason the the author wrote the MC as an intelligent author who graduated college early in the start of the story but then never let the MC use his intelligence for anything. What is even the point of writing that the MC graduated college early then?


Also the villains are dumb and blame MC for everything. Even though I was in the mood for dog blood and drama, the conflict was just too shallow.


They also get r*ped which I find horrifying. In my opinion, r*pe is something that no one should be subjected to, not even villains. I know this story doesn't take place in the US, but in the US r*pe would probably by cruel and unusual punishment.


The ML can also be confusing and infuriating.


He falls in love with MC at first sight. I know this happens in other novels, but the depth and the quickness shocks me. In addition, all the ML does is pamper his "wife" who doesn't even want to be called that. I feel like the poor MC only loves the ML because the ML was the first to show him love. The MC also has no say in really anything, including his pregnancy. The ML didn't even think tell him he was or could get pregnant! What happened to communication between lovers? And when the MC finally found out, I was really hoping that he would be mad more and not just give in.


the way ML treats Aunt Qin is also anger inducing.


After the first incident with Yin Hao, the ML doesn't treat her very well. The author mentions that the MC thinks of her like a mother figure, but he doesn't seem to care about her after he lives with ML. How very filial.

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racyjohnson rated it
September 5, 2021
Status: Completed
I like to think that 9/10 I'm right, and I'll be standing by that statement. But this was one of those times. @Purplexstar was right. This story is shit. These villains are flatter than my a**. And the ML is a piece of sh*t. Honestly who the hell casually drugs their friends to set them up? Like that's creepy and the way the author tired to pass it off as giving them a "little push." I really hate this story but it was a good read for passing the time... more>> so I'll give it two stars. Lastly, the MC secretly being an author ain't the greatest thing since sliced bread. Literally he has no other talents besides being born from the right womb. <<less
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TheLovelyRose rated it
February 5, 2021
Status: Completed
This novel irked me something fierce. I liked how it started with the main character, He Changning, standing up for himself and having a backbone. He is being forced by his family to marry a man and in return the family gets money to save the business. It turns out that He Changning is a popular author and has money of his own. The main lead, Shang Yushang, at first opposes the decision to marry Changning but changes his mind after investigating him. He instead falls into like and from... more>> then it goes downhill for me.

In two chapters He Changning falls hard for Shang Yushang. It makes no sense. I should have listened to the comments about the forced pregnancy and stuff. But it actually happens. Yushang kept it hidden that Changning could get pregnant and had unprotected s*x with him to make him pregnant. That is so messed up.

Some of the elements in the novel feel very childish and something I would find in a wattpad fanfiction written by a 13 year old girl.

This story had potential. But it died a tragic death after 2-3 chapters for me. <<less
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Soaring_star rated it
June 13, 2019
Status: Completed
so good!!!

I MTL-ed more than 10 times!!

i don’t have anything to say. Just read it and you will addicted to it! Fluffy~~
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ColaArcie rated it
August 5, 2018
Status: Completed
The story focus on He Changning's family and His relationship to Shang Yushang (future husband).... There's also some revelations about He Changning's family background.


There is another BL couple in this story that will make you smile and laugh. I love them and I know you will love them too. ???


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Mazi rated it
January 5, 2018
Status: c1
There's only one chapter so far, so there's not a whole lot to go off of yet, but I really like this story so far. I already sympathize with the MC and don't like his worthless family. To save their own interests they sell off their son and then blame him for being heartless when he gets angry. Who wouldn't get angry when their family sells them for money just so they don't lose their business? Also the story is translated well!
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