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Shiyu, a modern-day chef, was minding her own business one day when she was hit by a car and her body died on impact. Her soul transmigrated into the body of a beggar in a strange world.

To her surprise, Shiyu found that she knew this strange world.

It was the fictional world filled with cultivations, powerful immortals and magical things created by two of her best friends (both professional novel writers). Shiyu loved this fictional world so much that she begged her friends to write her into the novel. These two terrible friends agreed and wrote her in as a beggar.

Shiyu really wanted new best friends…

Especially now that she had found herself transmigrated into the life of this pitiful beggar! What second chance at life? Money is needed for food and shelter you know? Also, as dregs of a society that valued strength and bullied the weak, beggars were the most bullied and taken advantage of, ah!

Modern soul Shiyu refused to give in to fate. Let us improve our life together. Fellow beggars, we are a family and I will not let any of you starve!

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Gumihou rated it
May 15, 2021
Status: c170
Hello everyone,

Translator here ~

Here's my unbiased view of the story:

    1. The main characters are unique and properly developed, for the most part. Sometimes, there are issues of consistency, that's when Gumihou will fix things. Footnotes are provided whenever that happens.
    1. The plot is interesting, though may or may not follow some cliches, it's still unique enough to keep readers on tenterhooks.
    1. The cooking is... at times shitty and covered in Mala Oil, but as the Translator, I try to mediate that issue either by providing actual recipes that work or show the natural progression of what would really happen if you follow the actual recipe. Footnotes are provided for any changes made. As an aside: Please do not deep fry raw octopus.
    1. The minor characters are protected under USMiC (Union in Support of Minor Characters)
Overall, I really enjoyed the story. Otherwise, I would not have hesitated to abandon it. Come over and check it out ~

Lots of love,

Gumihou ^_^

PS: Gumihou gives it 4 star because she has to do a lot of work...
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pinkrainmi rated it
June 12, 2018
Status: c865
I thought this was just going to be a cutesy foodie novel with some romance thrown in.

It's not. It's so much more! There's a hint of romance and the author keeps teasing us with flashes of the future. I'm personally not for the ship (couple pairing) that the author has for our female MC but...I can accept it, haha. There's dry humor sandwiched between serious moments, melancholic moments, happy moments, and definitely sad moments as well. Each character is unique and has their own story (often bittersweet) and our MC... more>> changes a lot after all she's been through (800+ chapters and counting!). She becomes stronger, physically and emotionally, as she learns to handle growing up (she starts out at 13? I forgot...), new experiences, first love, deaths, and loss.

There was something I both loved and hated about this novel -- the romance did not go the way I thought it would. The MC doesn't fall in love with anyone for a good few hundred chapters (once again, I forgot the specifics, apologies!) and in a non-spoiler way, I'll say that she does have a happy ending romance-wise (author hints at it). And in a spoiler way... be forewarned...


The MC knows the "original male MC" from the story her friends wrote (and the one she consequently fell into) has a harem. So while she doesn't really want to get too close to him, they end up spending a lot of time together and he helps her in her time of need. Slowly, those feelings grew to love, at least for him. He confessed to her but she didn't accept him at the time. But as they became separated temporarily, she mulled over her feelings and decided to take a step forward, better to have a sad ending than regret for what could have been.

Here comes the bittersweet (mostly bitter...) part -- they keep accidentally missing out on each other. I want to blame it on plot-sama... And then, she dies. Yes, literally. But!! Since this is a cultivation novel, the MC resurrects... after 100 years OTL (and with a new appearance, although it was her real one). And in those 100 years... the original male MC had been waiting for her. There was another girl who was silently by his side for the entire 100 years. I'm sure you know where this is going :c.

The original male MC didn't acknowledge that girl or accept her for the 100 years. She just stuck to his side, quite like a stalker... When the MC happened to run into him, he didn't immediately recognize her yet and just when they were about to reunite... that other girl protected him from an attack and he was concerned over her. This... showed that very quietly, that other girl had started occupying an itty witty part of his heart. Our MC is not the type to share what's hers so...T_T. Goodbye my ship, goodbye.

MY HEART BROKE. He had waited for her!! Really, he did!!!! There was something like "It was not his fault, it was not anyone's fault, it was merely the flow of time."...I'm sorry this turned into a rant :c.


It would take too long to express all my love for the side characters and their stories, but it's so warmhearted at times! And at times, very melancholic. And for a lot of the times, very hunger-inducing. *drools* Give this story a try, it's worth it! <<less
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Zzonkedd rated it
February 5, 2021
Status: c90
What I like about this story is the effort the translator put in to ‘fix’ the story. Especially the cooking part. Nyamu is right, there are a lot of food failures here, but the actual story itself is strong. I like that the MC, Shiyu, is properly fleshed out and not just a ditzy girl. Even though there are lots of good looking and capable male candidates around, Shiyu looked at them with the eyes of an adult and viewed them as ‘high school students’. She made friends and enemies... more>> realistically-ish and the plot develops in a fairly logical way.
I must admit, the translator contributed a great part of the fun. Especially after chapter 36. I lol a lot at Translator-san’s frustration, hahaha. Keep it up Translator-san and don’t give up! <<less
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Person8 rated it
October 30, 2018
Status: c29
The story starts off okay, but the lack of editing in both the original story and translation effort unfortunately takes a bite out of how readable this otherwise cute story is in English. The author could have badly used an editor to buff the prose and improve the flow of just how the reader is supposed to take in the story.

Quite frankly, the premise and setting are fun and unique, but there's too many assumptions on part of the author that just suddenly skips to standard isekai cheats (especially how... more>> the protagonist suddenly discovers her source of internal magic with all the finesse of "oh, after thinking about it for a bit, it was there in her stomach chakra zone lol"). By chapter 29, a dangerous fight is resolved with essentially "she killed the creepy pe*ophile who was attempting to r*pe her because she was thankfully slightly stronger and then she threw away the body; the rest of the party was mostly okay with this event, " in more words and actually less sense. There's benefits to simplicity and direct writing, but the way it is in this story, it's just plain bordering on incomplete.

And with all due respect to the translators, the English prose is somewhat stilted (but considering what seems to have been the author's original writing, they can't be blamed overmuch for that). <<less
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laexdream rated it
April 2, 2021
Status: c127
Okay, so as a story, it doesn’t hold up. Specially the cooking. But reading the translator’s efforts to fix this novel is entertaining as hell, and I appreciate their efforts, as it seems there is a lot of research out into it.

Admittedly, there are a few grammar mistakes littered in the translation, but nothing that renders the story unreadable. The author creates interesting scenarios, though there are some tropes that get featured that you may have read in a million of these stories.

I think the draw to this novel is... more>> the plot. The author does do a good job of writing a journey I've become invested in, and each chapter has a lot going on, so it never seems dragged out. On the flip side, that sometimes means that certain parts are rushed out without detail. However, the author takes creative license in editing that, and I shudder to imagine reading the novel without those changes. Overall, if you don’t want to read the story, read it for the translator’s notes (frustrations) about the author’s lack of knowledge regarding cooking and storytelling. It’s hilarious. <<less
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Nyamu rated it
December 7, 2020
Status: --
(P.S. I sneezed and clicked 1* by accident. Sorry. Meant to click 2*)

This story should be between 2* and 4* depending on how particular you are in regards to food. For a cooking fic, the author himself knows little to nothing about the food and ingredients.

Take sashimi for example. Its a raw fish food best eaten in thick fatty slices. The characters however, call those fat slices crap and throw their praises for thin paper slices. As for ingredients, the author made wasabi grow under pine trees when... more>> it shouldn't. Thats like telling you the best pizza have no cheese and that you can find seabream on dry land.

Food failures aside, this is a standard cultivation fic with weird spirit creatures and all that which might make it 4* if you like those (I don't). I tried escaping the horrors of cultivation and where did I end up? Back at cultivation. I'm starting to sound like Thanos. <<less
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November 8, 2021
Status: c108
Dear Gummihou,

I'm usually not a person to leave comments because I'm just some lazy cat. But I really do like your translations and the same goes to the changes, you make. Usually when I read novels I just go over really strange things with the mindset: "Alright... Yes... Aha... ok, It's unrealistic, but it's a cultivation world... Just leave it as that."
But it's just great to have you translating it because then I don't need to jump over all those "details" which are sometimes a mental challenges because... more>> you already rant about it too and I really enjoy it. I also like your cooking advices and links. So, thank you, Gummihou.

Regarding the story. From my view it's a typical set-up of a cultivation story, a bit random and unlogical sometimes. Challenges are really solved fast and the cultivation progress seems easy, Like usual. The character set-up is mostly consistent with the occasional "What-the-heck?" in between. But I really like the comedic undertone and food related stories, so here I am.

And I really do love to get ideas for cooking recipes along the way. <<less
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adurian rated it
July 23, 2021
Status: c60
Honestly it's a more of a 3 star alternative cultivation story with an author that plans his/her story on a 20 minute bus ride to work. However at this point I'm just enjoying my time malding at the cooking with the translator, as the author takes a bucket load of 'simplification' with the cooking, and as someone who likes to cook is pretty triggering in so bad it's good way. Go read stories like fields of gold (and try to ignore the paedophilic ML interest) instead if you want somewhat... more>> accurate representation of dishes, but if you wanna watch the translator's sanity whittle away give this story a whirl. +1 star for effort <<less
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Becky Rikku
Becky Rikku rated it
February 5, 2021
Status: --
This is one of my favourite food novels and I can’t believe there are so few comments!
First off, the subtitles are all in food names, so that is quite charming. The novel is set in a xuanhuan world, but the cooking techniques are fairly realistic. I read this novel a couple of years back and found it a little lacking in details, but after Kitchennovel took over, there was a tremendous change.
A lot of lost details were suddenly in and the cooking... okay, the cooking was still based... more>> on reality, but Author-san seemed to be a bit lacking in practical knowledge. Not so Translator-san. Part of the fun in this novel is reading the pissed off notes left by Translator-san on the cooking parts, especially bbq! No, Shiyu, you can’t cook crabs like that!
However, I must say that MC is refreshingly practical and smart about her transmigrated status. On the other hand, she also made blunders out of ignorance, which makes her very human and not an omnipotent Mary Sue. Thus far, the guys that appeared were treated like bros. Keeping my fingers crossed and hoping this doesn’t turn into a reverse harem! <<less
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DeepSeaLove rated it
April 27, 2018
Status: c21

Before reading this novel, you have to eat your fill or eat while reading this so that you will avoid shaming yourself. You might feel pangs of hunger and find yourself drooling while reading.

Honestly, I became hungry while reading this that gave alot sweats. Just imagining the food p*rn description made my drool flow out from my mouth!
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bafflinghaze rated it
March 9, 2021
Status: c51
The translation (and retranslation) by kitchennovel is great! Highly recommend to start from ch1 on kitchennovel's website

I love all the fixes Gumihou (translator and editor) makes, and their fun notes. With this, the MC really becomes badass and consistently characterised. I like how the MC realised that although she was a pro chef in her previous life, there are still many things in the new world to learn to cook. I also love how she also acts her real mature age!!!!! Thinking, aiya, these kids, and for the most part... more>> not squabbling with them unless it is to teach them a lesson--since the other characters are technically kids compared to her real age. <<less
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gryffinpuff rated it
October 14, 2021
Status: c52
Not sure about all those glowing five-stars, but I find this story highly lacking in not just the food p*rn but in substance too. A chef from modern world transmigrates into a story her friend wrote, and supposedly started a journey as a chef or cultivator or both... Her skills get upgraded randomly, whenever author feels like it for no rhyme or reason...

MC started out low key and more cautious when she was a mere beggar, but is getting more and more careless and flaunting her 'wealth' as the story... more>> goes on...

It's understandable when she is ignorant and new to the world, but even after knowing its value, she's still using the 'Jade Lotus' and various other precious medicinal herbs as a stuffing for her chicken recipe! In open! cooking with lots of witnesses! in a place where people would kill for such precious herbs! Not to mention, there's a fight happening in her vicinity.


Story keeps jumping, as author (and probably with the translator changing story to suit themselves) remembers and randomly inserts the previously stranded plot lines... She came to see and support the original-book-ML in his fight, but randomly entered her space, and more randomly started cooking... what happened to her wanted to support her housemate!??? Two-bit antagonists randomly appear for like a second, get face-slapped and then get lost, for a while before appearing to repeat the process again.

Translator-notes starting/ending abruptly in line, confusing with the story, and sometimes TL-notes end up being longer than the chapter itself. Not being ungrateful, but the translator's website requires to turn off the ad-blockers, and on doing so, keeps trying to download stuff on my PC - I kept getting pings from my anti-virus about download being denied... <<less
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My Tofu098
My Tofu098 rated it
March 21, 2021
Status: c96
I love the translations!!!!!!!!!!!! The translator is literally the best and their footnotes at the end of the chapters can rival the plot of the story since they are just that interesting and Yes I do take the time to read each footnote.

Now on the actual story Shiyu is a good protagonist and I like her interactions with San Pang (kudos to the translator for the added humor). She is very funny especially when she started that rumor about the male lead hehe.

The cooking is eh the actual author probably... more>> has no experience in that area but do not fear for the translator makes it readable. I feel like the reason it is actually that interesting is mostly because of the translator and their effort! Like seriously it is not a half assed translation and I seriously love that the most.

This story is definitely worth your time, you won't get bored reading it, it has a lot of funny moments and the plot isn't cringe at all and you aren't angry or unsatisfied for most of it. 5/5 because of the translator!!!!! <<less
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grenfunkel rated it
January 15, 2019
Status: --
Cooking, a bit of cultivation, a bit of fluff, a bit of blood and tons of food. Coupled with a smart MC makes this novel an interesting read. Romance? As of chapter 36 there is none. Who cares about that! I prefer food! Read this!
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April 9, 2018
Status: c11
I'm a sucker for production-type jobs so I'll forgive how the cooking parts aren't as engaging and detailed as other novels. It's still early but her advantage so far seems to be having recipes that can make use of unwanted ingredients. I'm worried it'll turn out to be a world where everyone is cunning enough to steal her recipes but too dumb to innovate with cheaper ingredients.

I hope the focus shifts to her skills rather than the recipes because that would not only up the excitement level, but also make... more>> the plot and world more believable. I've criticised Kitchen Xiuzhen for too much gasping onlooker filler but it does a good job of hyping up the MC's skills. Here, however, I can't tell that the MC used to work in a 3 Michelin Star restaurant. It seems like skill doesn't matter and any old chef can easily replicate her dishes so long as they get the recipe. <<less
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hatoyin97 rated it
April 5, 2018
Status: c7
While the flow of the story is abit chunky, the plot have all the spices that is needed to make a homy dish...

Also the characters are alot more realistic...

... more>>

For example the chef who bought the recipe from MC who is currently a begger, first try to cheat but MC use abit of common sense and managed to get a fair price with her current situation and status...

The chef was not demanding or murderous as you can expect of the average citizens...

Gotta say the only unrealistic character is one of the kitchen handy man easily taste the soup that MC made, even if it smells delicious, it is still from a begger there should be some skepticism


I am abit disapointed that the author does write the side ingredients... maybe in the future since the supposed mountain vegetables should have lots have variety rite?

Opps spoiler? <<less
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noeinan rated it
July 18, 2021
Status: c200
This is an extremely good and fun cooking + Cultivation novel. Usually I read this genre plus romance tag. The reason being I like interactions between characters and romance usually has that more. However, this novel is chalk full of human drama and strong bonds. I'm not sure if MC will get paired but there is romance in the cast and side characters.

Like most cooking genre, food is mostly meat based. However, even as a lifelong vegetarian I enjoy reading about cooking process, food descriptions, and people enjoying delicious food.... more>> I have found in recent chapters, especially after Shiyu finishes the 9 recipes (maybe a little before that) the cooking has started taking a back seat. She used to cook constantly for herself, for friends, or for strangers. Now they just go to the cafeteria.

I feel this is for a few reasons. The translator noted the original author doesn't know anything about cooking and they had to make a lot of edits to fix mistakes. Maybe the author realized this is a weak point and started playing to their strengths instead? Also possibly this is because the cast is getting stronger and as Shiyu finds more good things she needs combat strength to back it up.

MC has a good personality. She's not boring, she's not goodie two shoes, she's not unrealistically robot ruthless. She's a person with her own values. She's funny and she's fun to be around, good at making friends, but not easily tricked.

I'm almost certain this isn't canon but I ship Shiyu and Wen Heng. Especially after the recent development which I won't spoil here. Man I wish it were real tho.

Anyway, definitely recommend! The story doesn't get boring even after 200 chapters. Some plot holes but the translator does a great job at filling things in. <<less
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Lois. rated it
June 1, 2021
Status: c194
The novel isn't exactly the most sensible or sensical but I enjoyed the read. It's not cliched at all though there may be reoccurring events they don't seem to be so boring and instead comes off as fresh because of the female MCs personality. Do give it a read if you like food or feel like it.
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ooge rated it
June 1, 2021
Status: c167
Quite a fun read so far. Just ignore the logic and maybe not quite right cooking and just have fun.
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Xiaremae rated it
April 3, 2018
Status: c2
Pretty unique compared to most cooking novels out there.
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