Transmigrating With a Cleaver


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A talented genius chef,

A domineering and invincible Xuanyuan cleaver,

A cruel world rampaged by giant beasts,

In front of me, Qin Luo,

Let it be the immortal phoenix that soars through nine heavens,

Or the majestic dragon who dwells in the deep cave,

You all,

Are just food to me!

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Latest Release

Date Group Release
06/05/19 Fringe Capybara c16 part2
06/02/19 Fringe Capybara c16 part1
05/31/19 Fringe Capybara c15 part2
05/29/19 Fringe Capybara c15 part1
05/28/19 Fringe Capybara c14 part2
05/28/19 Fringe Capybara c14 part1
05/25/19 Fringe Capybara c13 part2
05/25/19 Fringe Capybara c13 part1
05/22/19 Fringe Capybara c12 part2
05/22/19 Fringe Capybara c12 part1
05/19/19 Fringe Capybara c11 part2
05/19/19 Fringe Capybara c11 part1
05/17/19 Fringe Capybara c10 part2
05/17/19 Fringe Capybara c10 part1
05/15/19 Fringe Capybara c9 part2
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