Different World’s Okonomiyaki Chain Store ~Auntie from Osaka, Reborn as Beautiful Swordswoman, on A Mission to Spread Okonomiyaki!~


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Humanity’s strongest existence, is obviously an auntie from Osaka!!! Reborn into a different world as the strongest and most beautiful swordswoman!!! This is a story where an auntie from Osaka overloaded with cheat skills who opens up Okonomiyaki stores in towns and even dungeons!

The author has sneaked in loads of Osaka and Kansai related facts and information into the story. Anyone who wants to know more about Osaka, or things like Tsukkomi, Biliken, and the cheapest supermarkets in Osaka, this is the story for you!!

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Isekai Okonomiyaki CHAIN ~Oosaka no OBACHAN, Bishoujo Kenshi ni Tensei shi, Okonomiyaki Fukyou!~
異世界お好み焼きチェーン ~大阪のオバチャン、美少女剣士に転生し、お好み焼き布教!~
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kriztg rated it
November 28, 2016
Status: c2
Definitely not your typical MC, but she grows on you. The humor isn't very subtle (the story makes it obvious that it isn't a serious story), but it's not immature from what I can see.

Will update review at a later time.
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Renaxan rated it
July 6, 2018
Status: c8
Summary :

Its about fussy auntie that you can find in earth everyday get transported into isekai. (Except she is actually strongest on earth told by goddess so think about a yankee auntie I guess). Our MC are thinking short, overpowered of course and does anything she want as its her own perspective to surround of herself. The story being isekai slice of life, actually kinda refreshing, maybe because each chapter give a meaningful progression not a filler, well its too early to judge.

There's some part that concern me like attitude... more>> of MC being auntie before much more act like wild high school girl, civilization -world building detail kinda lacking, also theres no target etc. Give this 5* since its interesting to read. As its too early too judge, im gonna edit this review later in future. <<less
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