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A chef found himself resurrected in parallel world. This world is almost similar to his own. Except there was uprising caused by vegetarians nearly 80 years ago, which made it dangerous for people to consume meat. As a result, innumerable vegetarian delicacies appeared and meat based dishes became almost non-existent.

With the virus gone, the government is trying to reintroduce meat based dishes again. But sadly, many recipes for meat dishes have been lost during the uprising.

Armed with his knowledge as a chef of all kinds of dishes, meat, fish and more, will Chef Ye Chui be able to bring about a revolution in this vegetarian based world?

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Rosver rated it
April 3, 2018
Status: --
This story is retarded. Unbelievably stupid.

At first it sounds like your typical transmigration story but focused on cooking... and then you encounter the world the story is set in... It is idiotic! It is stupid! It is retarded!

Get this: the parallel word developed a virus (named vegetarian virus. Stupid name I know!) than makes animals produce proteins that is poisonous. If you don't realize how stupid this concept is, let me spell it out for you.

... more>> The very fist warning of the stupidity of the concept start with this paragraph:

This virus does not directly hurt human beings nor does it wipe out all the animals. But this virus can make the animals' body produce a complex protein. And this complex protein is poisonous to human beings!

Okay that doesn't sound so bad though I have numerous issues with it. Like how can it be specifically poisonous to humans and not other animals? How could a virus makes a body produce this complex protein? Why didn't they just produce an antidote to render the poison harmless?

It sounds dumb already, but alright, I can go with that... But Oh! It gets even dumber!

This virus is difficult to destroy, and had wiped out over a third of the world's population. It also caused some of the carnivorous animals to go extinct. For people who love to eat meat, the virus is a source of despair.

Come on! A third of the world population died because they can't eat meat? Surely they didn't starve themselves to death because they wont eat vegetables, or grains, or fruits, or bread, or nuts, or tofu and numerous other things they could have eaten? Billions of people died because they are idiots! This premise already becomes stupid.

Not only is the protein poisonous to humans, it is poisonous to the animals too! The author tried to have an escape clause by saying that only some of the carnivorous animals go instinct. But think about it. The plague has lasted for 80 years. If all the animals are poisonous to eat, how is it that these carnivorous animals escape extinction?

About 2 years ago, scientists finally managed to overcome this problem. They developed a vaccine for this virus, and begin to inject these vaccines into animals. Finally, meat is once again, safe to be consumed.

Oh! Someone created a vaccine... now how about those wild animals? Did they inject them too? The rats? The rabbits? The moles? The pigeons? The frogs? Snakes? Fishes? The billions and billions and billions of animals around the world? No? Nothing?

Just think, how is a creation of the vaccine helps with anything? The vaccine would only work well if all the animals receives it. And vaccine is for prevention, not cure. Even with the vaccine, the infected animals would remain infected.

After the vaccine had been developed, many people had found that they had forgotten how to cook these meats. A countless number of recipes had also been lost to the ravage of time.

What? How hard is it really to roast or fry meat? And the recipes are lost to the ravage of time? It was only 80 years! The cook books can't have such short lifespan, can they? Heck! We even to this time documents aged thousand of years old and yet this parallel world can't preserve such culturally important information in the modern times? Just... Come on! I don't know how to cook but I'm sure I can get adequate skills by reading a cookbook and practicing. Really! And people buy this story's idiocy?

And of course. If meat is inedible, then all those business dealing with meat are going down. Think about it. Millions of cows and pigs and chickens and turkeys and quail, and those other animals domesticated for meat... what do you think the owners are going to do with them? Surely they won't release them to the wild? Can't guess? They are all going to be butchered and thrown away! You can't make money from them and it is dumb to care for these billions of animals just because. So, not only are carnivores going extinct, these domesticated animals are going bye bye too, or at least, become really rare!

But guess what, after two years when the vaccine was invented... meat is available again in the market! And at a very cheap price at that! Do you really think that the market for meat would recover just like that? Why would anyone care for pigs, or cows, or chickens and other animals when you know that almost no one is going to buy it? In fact, almost no one knows what to do with them! And where are they going to get these animals anyway. 80 years of no one caring about them and raising them, they should have been gone! Do you really believe that large farms would still exists after 80 years of the disaster?

The story just keeps getting dumber and dumber.

But the greatest gripe I had about this dumb premise is the extinction of carnivores. One of the function of carnivores is pest control. The snakes, the cats, the eagles, the hawks, and other carnivores all gone because of some idiots created vegetarian virus (again stupid name). Now imagine, there would be no more carnivores that would control the population of pests! Rats, mice, rabbits, pigeons, etc. We would have a plague of pests of biblical proportions.

Okay. In essence, this vegetarian virus should result to an catastrophe or even apocalypse. Really, after reading what the virus is supposed to be about, I expected a post apocalyptic world where everyone is starving because meat is inedible and pests overrun the whole world. That should be the logical result of this.

It is quite clear that the author devise such astronomically stupid contrivance so that he could put his protagonist into the position of being the only human on earth who can cook meat properly. This story's premise is so stupid that it is quite unbelievable.

And you who give this story five stars... No! I can't accept your decision! Like come on! Are you really that blind to this story's faults? Just a little bit intellect would make you realize that the whole story is one big plot hole! <<less
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April 12, 2018
Status: c42
This world has a dumb star system. A chef can be ranked with up to 9 stars. There is a dumb age restriction for each star. This ruined the novel for me. You must have at least 1 star to open a commoners restaurant. You must be at least 20 years old to become a 2 star chef and 25 years old to become a 3 star. There is no age restriction after that. The author did this to suppress the MC's fame. The MC is already good enough to... more>> be a 9 star chef. Everybody will look down on him being a 1 star chef now though. It feels cheap and tasteless. <<less
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FlowingWater rated it
March 6, 2018
Status: c6
(May contain a few small spoilers) This has an interesting idea of the alternate world going through a period of eating only vegetarian or vegan due to some virus in meat. Like all viruses, it gets solved, but too late. Most people had gotten used to eating vegetarian and have no concept of meat dishes. This is where our main character comes in. He has transmigrated from our Earth where meat dishes are still abundant. Being our MC, his cheat is the fact that he was a well-known chef... more>> in his previous life and knows how to cook good meat dishes. This is is our MC's starting point. Meat dishes are unique and he is the only one with the knowledge on how to make them.

The novel does not have a bad start and is a pleasant read. I just tend to avoid ones where romance can deviate what I consider the main plot. A few chapters in and I could tell that our MC will also have some romantic side plot. I rather focus on the food and the effect it is having in this new world.

Note: The picture will cause people to misunderstand the main idea of the novel. <<less
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jersanxx1 rated it
March 19, 2018
Status: c23
I found judging a novel solely from its cover image is a disgusting way to do. I bet all of this 1-star raters didn't even read the novel or just trolling. This story has nothing to do in the cover nor it is a parody of it, and definitely not like the shite parody novel that came before.

... more>>

This is about a peak world-class chef died due to exhaustion after reviving the long lost Imperial Feast. The next thing happened is, he reincarnated (possession) to a younger body that has the same name as him. He found out the world is not the same, but it is an parallel one, where the world succumbed to a disease that force them to become an herbivore, else they're dead, even after the vaccine was found, it's already too late, many of the meat-based dishes are lost due to the passage of the time. MC on the other hand, has the arsenal of knowledge inside his head, which is a huge advantage of him, and superstar chef in the past life too.


Though, the MC is an uncle (middle-age man), he still forcefully enter the springtime of youth because of his new body's influence, so there is an romantic sub-plot. Nonetheless, it still a great novel. If you like reading cooking novels, then I hope you'll try this one. It has potential, and sincerely hoping that the next reviewer isn't a prick, but a rational one that read the story entirely (or at least read it till the latest translated one). <<less
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LazyKitty rated it
March 23, 2018
Status: c61
Honestly when I saw the cover for this novel, the first thought I had was ' wow another parody of another popular manga' but I was WRONG!, the story is totally different and very unique, the only thing in common is cooking as the main theme. The weird thing is that in the original Chinese website the cover is that actual picture, why? ಠ_ಠ... I would like to know that as well. ¯\_ (ツ) _/¯ maybe he is a fan? ha ha ha 😂😂

In a world were meat dishes 🍖🍗🍤... more>> went through extinction due to a virus created by extreme vegetarians😱, 80 years passed after the great lost, a young and poor orphan worked everyday to keep his family alive ಥ_ಥ, after dying of over exhaustion the protagonist takes over his body and works his way to climb again the top of the culinary world, with no cheat codes or A.I., he uses his experience and skills accumulated over the years in his previous life to provide a better life for his parentless sisters👨‍👧‍👧 and teach all those people who looked down on his background, and lack of money. (•̀o•́) ง <<less
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criticalmind rated it
April 5, 2018
Status: c117
Not a bad story if you ignore the ridiculous setting. Just ignore the Vegetarian terrorists and the Gourmet police, replace them with whatever makes sense to you and it's a pretty fun read.
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bullistic rated it
March 14, 2018
Status: c19
So far the novel has been fun to read. The translation is fairly good and easy to read. Would recommend to anyone that loves novels with cooking/food as a key part of the story.
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hatoyin97 rated it
June 24, 2018
Status: c30
Cant even wrapped my head around why people rate this 1 star...

You might see the glaring 1 star review at the top and felt disheartened to read...

But allow me to explain how his reasoning make BS sense...

... more>> Like really? No more domesticated animals??!!! How do they make cure for the virus then???

Apocalyptic scenarios??!!! Plz people can easily survive without meat and there are fake meat to substitute the real meat...

And I am sure when the government distributed the animals to farm, im quite sure they would 100% Definitely teach and give manual about how to take care of the respective animals especially in animal health care...

(Rip for wild game)

All in all...

I would recommend this novel to people who like to read life stick and wouldn't mind some minor cliches.

While the cooking isnt that indepth like gourmet food supplier the author do put in effort to research them.

It cant be said that MC is smart but he is not dumb and hot blooded either (but if women is involved... really wtf man with all these chinese novel and jade skin females MC being smitten by them....)

Is a good casual read...

And it aleast deserves 3 star.. <<less
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