Stagnant Water of Apocalypse


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The world has changed into something like a game.

It resembles a survival virtual reality game where people were attacked by zombies and monsters.

And I was the last user of that game.

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아포칼립스의 고인물
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Slimy_Toad rated it
February 18, 2022
Status: c15
Hey there,

I honestly want to give this novel 4 stars cause of how good the translation is and how well the story flows.
Please don't feel discouraged by this review, give the novel a go, it might be to your tastes.


My main issue is with the protagonist.
He is a selfish, anti-social machine.

I'll cover the above traits in reverse order

Why do I call him a machine? Cause outside of playing his favorite game, whether on console or in real life, he has no other interests, no human quirks, vices that make him feel real.

Do you ever wonder why sometimes we get endeared to a side character in a story? Its because that side character usually has some level of independence, character development, and competence.
Expect none of that in this story.
Our MC has opened his food shop for at least three years but he doesn't know the name of the woman who's his daily customer. She later introduces herself as Mikyung, and she had to take the initiative to approach and give her name, the protagonist didn't ask for it or took any initiative.
All of the interactions with Mikyung are designed to show her vulnerability and incompetence. Her only redeeming quality is she actively seeks out the most poor, over-weight and anti-social loser who just so luckily happens to be an encyclopedia about the apocalypse that is gonna happen.

I'd normally give Mikyung bonus points if she at least knew he was a treasure trove of information about the apocalypse but she doesn't and our MC doesn't tell her. All of the interactions Mikyung initiates with MC don't have self-serving intentions behind them. And that's what vexes me!

Mikyung actively approaches this anti-social, over-weight, poor loser when she is aware he has nothing to offer.

Keep in mind Mikyung knows an apocalypse is going to happen, so it baffles me she even talks to MC instead of joining a more active group of survivors and ignoring MC altogether. She doesn't know MC is OP!

I'm hoping Mikyung secretly knows our MC is a treasure trove of information about the Apocalypse and all of her interactions are for selfish reasons.

Why? It will add some depth to her character. I would like to call Mikyung shallow but there has to be some water there for it to be shallow.

Mikyung also acts clumsy, insecure and a loner in front of the protagonist.
Why act? Mikyung runs a hair salon. You have to be assertive, competent and social in order to run any type of salon as you have to chat your customers up into a good mood and not be so clumsy that your scissors snip necks instead of hair.

Again, I hope Mikyung is manipulating MC to help her. You know, the male instinct to protect a helpless woman and all that.
Why? Character Development!

But I don't hold any hope for that with how things are going.


If you read till now, chances are you'll have guessed my favorite characters are selfish, self-serving a**holes who don't give a damn.

I can't believe it, but this MC actually made me hate selfish characters for once...
MC gains a unique ability in CH1 or CH2. This ability allows him to open a portal to an alternate world. Like a whole other different world that lets you level up in advance for the coming apocalypse. Not only that, you can stay in this alternate world forever, build houses, make weapons etc.

While other players are gaining mediocre abilities like flying or teleporting or invisibility.

Most of my dislike of the novel is cause of MC's ability, it would've been fine if he gained something like fire-hands, or gravity manipulation.

Instead, he gains an ability that can literally save humanity from the apocalypse. What does he do? Tells no one, hogs it to himself while 99 percent of humanity dies from the apocalypse.

Yes, I like selfish characters, but they have to be rational at the very least.
Some people might argue, but then the men in black from the big bad government are gonna come for him and use him like a tool!

Let me ask the people who made the above argument a couple of questions.
Do you like electricity? Do you like running water? Do you like going to a masseur and paying him to rub your foot for an hour? Do you like scantily clad women running on the beach? Do you like the questionable content saved on your hard drive?

If no, do you perhaps like the option of being able to pay for quality shelter, clothes and food instead of doing a shoddy job yourself like a hobo?

All of the above are only possible with one thing. What is that thing? A lot of living Humans.

If our MC contacted the government from the start, when there is still a one month deadline to the apocalypse, Korea could've evacuated 50, 000 to a 200, 000 people to this other world. Effectively giving humanity a fresh start in another world.

And you know the best part, if MC had done this, the government and people would've treated him like a king; anything he wants, people will literally bend over to get it.

Why? He is the sole human with the ability to travel between worlds and when humanity builds back up in the other world, do you think they'll give up on Earth, No! They'll send expeditions to Earth to start its reclamation process.

The Smart & Selfish thing to do would've been to contact the government.
The s*upid & Selfish & Anti-Social thing to do was to let your obsession with an apocalyptic video game run so deep that you don't even consider the above option. Instead MC says Jolly-Ho and starts prepping for the end that the video game is based off of.

Like he isn't even being selfish at this point. He is just to self-absorbed and detached from reality to truly consider what options will bring him the greatest benefit.

Humans need other humans to survive. If we don't talk with another human for 24 hours like in military solitary confinement, we start to go insane.
Our MC doesn't have that very human problem. He is literally a machine who's only goal is to survive the apocalypse.

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littlecatinitsshell rated it
September 6, 2021
Status: c61
Stagnant Water of Apocalypse is about a man who has played several thousand hours into a game that was notoriously known to be difficult. The story details his discovery of his status window and the surrounding events, which ultimately leads to his deduction that an apocalyptic world will break out in the setting of the game.

... more>>

Up until now, the novel seems to do a good job detailing how he plans to survive in an apocalyptic world. He uses a combination of his experience in the game with the technology that we have available - YouTube, to prepare himself for D-day which is when the meteor will crash and bring with it spores that will turn people into zombies and also corrupt metal.

His power is extremely useful for his survival plans, and forms the core of his plans and gives him great confidence in surviving. I think because he is able to utilise everything he has, this novel becomes all the more intriguing, especially because he isn't OP from his physical strength, but rather from his use of knowledge.

In terms of his character, I find it interesting how he is all alone until he finds the wolf, and although he shows signs of wanting to share knowledge, he knows he will only attract people who will take advantage of him if he makes known that he has such useful and indepth knowledge for survival. His suspicion is for survival, but I can imagine that being the only human in a world full of zombies and monsters will still be lonely, even with a canine companion.


The narration is mostly in first person, and it is detailed, coherent and translation makes the reading experience very smooth. Although at times it may feel like all you really read is a guide on how to survive for the end, which is full of laborious and tedious work- the narration makes the preparation feel realistic and necessary. I personally enjoy it, and makes me all the more excited for D-day, when preparation for survival turns into survival.

So far, makes for an enjoyable read, and I'm checking consistently for updates. Although it might not be for everyone until more action kicks in.

Update*at ch 61 now*

Still an enjoyable read, now that MC is living in the apocalypse, everything he did in the prologue paid off. Although his daily life is still full of events, his unique power lends itself useful in making his life rather laid-back compared to others who are clamoring over resources and leveling up.

I especially found it fun to read about the scarabs who are sentient beings who live in the world beyond his portal and help him in a variety of ways. And also on the other stagnant waters and how they have found their own ways of survival.

Most of them are also rather laid back such as Rabbit Pwi- who can wander all over without worrying about dying or Duck who is able to utilise zombies as her henchmen which allows her to have a surplus of points. They all are on top of their game, not surviving, but thriving. Kind of makes one think- maybe they weren't really living before the apocalypse struck, because of how much they are in their element now.


Excited to see how the flow of the story will change when the stagnant waters meet up. <<less
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Joesphj rated it
September 27, 2022
Status: c67
Ok, I've read 66 chapters of this novel and I am currently halfway done with chapter 67. This is my first review so I will try and be brief. The first 30 chapters were very entertaining.... The chapters that followed began to feel stale, but they were still acceptable.... But as I kept reading I began to notice something that, while not a big deal at first, began to grow increasingly annoying and eventually disgusting. It's how the author depicts men, as well as the treatment of men compared to... more>> woman.


Throughout the story, even before the apocalyse, a large majority of the men that the author introduces are s*x manicas that only think about raping woman. Like half of the men introduced that aren't backround characters, are uncontrollable lust driven s*x predators. A group of men trying to corersce Mikyung to join them so they can r*pe her, or attempt to brainwash her. It isn't so bad at the start but this just gets so much worse after the apocalyse.... Like besides a hand full of male character every man is a rapist and every woman is a potential victim.


Then there is the treatment of men.


So when the MC sees a man attempt to r*pe a woman, or overhears plans to r*pe a woman, he always kills them in the end. Although there are some times when the MC acts disintrested in the womans fate, he always ends up killing the men... as he should..... I am alright with this... But..... The problem I have is with the MC's Gamer friends, who meets up with the MC around chapter 66. It's a woman with the ability to control zombies..... Throughout the journey to find the MC, The Lady, Duck bu*t is her gamer ID, Is attacked by a couple of men. Now I want to make this clear, There was no indication that their intent was to r*pe her... Rather they tried to sneak attack and kill her. She defeated them... After she defeated them she has her zombies haul them over..... After that she brutaly steps of their g**italia. She shows no mercy. Now remember these people weren't trying to r*pe her.... They were just normal scum, not degenerate scum..... Can you imagine if whenever a female character attacked the Male MC he gripped their breasts or v*ginas very hard until they were screaming? Very disturbing image.... But I was fine with this..... Well, I was a bit preturbed but just brushed it off..... Moving forward a couple of chapters, Duck bu*t enters a new region... She tells her zombies to go and fetch a couple of random survivors... They find and bring forward two innocent men, forcing them to their knees infront of her.... She asks them some question and they showed reluctance in replying... So what does she do? She puts her heeled foot in between one of the guys legs, non verbally threatining to step on his g**italia if he didn't comply.... Eventually he answers her questions.... After getting her answers which were all true, she points at the group of male zombies behind her and says if he's lying to her, she'd have her zombies humiliate them.... After saying that, she makes her zombies thrust their hips back and fourth...... Implying that she'll let her zombies r*pe these random innocent men that didn't do anything to her.


My last grievence which really destroyed my mood for this novel.

Basically Duck bu*t is a bit crazy. Now I was already dissatissfied with the male r*pe thing, as well as the unnessesary stepping on g**italia... But later when she finally comes into contact with the MC. MC tries to run away because he knows she is a bit crazy.... Well he fails and gets captured.... When the MC tells her that he is to weak to fight the end game monster alongside her and the other Stagnant waters, Duck Butt, who was unsatisfied hearing that, then begins to step on the MC's d*ck until he changed his answer... This completly destroyed the image of the cool MC I had built up.


Yeah... It was a rocky, yet ok ride until that last one.... And that's the end of my "brief" review. I will continue reading it for now. But if this disgusting $hit keeps going on I'll drop it.... The only reason I haven't yet, is because it's hard to find a decent zombie-apocalypes-reggressor novel. Not really a reggressor but similar enough.... <<less
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BigBadBoi rated it
September 13, 2021
Status: c28
This book has a lot of potential. I'm not sure what it will turn out along the line but the current chapters are prety great.

The MC isn't blessed with a godlike power that will make him easily win against any adversary he meets. He just gets a simple ability to make a portal to a forest in a dungeon. He doesn't slack off and just tries to prepare for the apocalypse as much as possible by ... more>>

preparing a base inside the forest in his portal, getting as much tools and supplies in that base in a limited timespan befote the apocalypse, getting weapons (metal will corrode at the start due to disease so firearms won't survive unless you store it somewhere safe until the corrosion disease disappears), and collecting as many videos and books as he can that is useful for survival.


The prologue isn't even finished yet because the current chapers are still in the preparation phase before sh*t hits the fan but this will definitely be a great series just based on the quality of the current chapters. Shit's good. <<less
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ErikHarrison rated it
September 12, 2021
Status: c10
It's hard to rate the story since even at ch10 we're still at the prologue's prologue, but I think it's worth a read.

I'll talk about the writing instead. The author adds a LOT of flavour text, initially I disliked it, but the insight and interactions add depth. I actually like the MC a lot, he seems painfully average which gives him a strange charm. He'll get annoyed at headlights being too bright or the government at it makes him feel real. Actions feel thought-out and he doesn't take liberties he... more>> can't afford for no reason. It's the story of the thought process of a survival story rather than a telling of one. <<less
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River Spirit
River Spirit rated it
September 5, 2021
Status: v1c16
It's a hidden gem! A lot of people may not like MC self talks, but a truly lonely people often do that.
Because I did that too to all my MC in a fanfic XD

there might a good chance of MC being OP in later chapters~


I edited this because it's my first time posting a comment, I placed the spoiler outside the context lol.

Anyway, good translation, translator-nim~
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Asf rated it
November 24, 2021
Status: Completed
A Nice apocalypse system OP MC novel.

You wont have a hypocrite MC here. He's pretty ruthless and apethic towards his enemies. Although he feels rather cold to his friends at the beginning, later on he began to open up more to them..

The action is going on pretty much non stop. Though I feel like they should make breaks once in a while its not bad.. The only breaks he havr from "work" is only at the end.

Its a good read overal. Deffinitely recomended
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Leinyl rated it
November 16, 2021
Status: c46
Another so-so novel for me. I appreciate how the author provides as much information and monologue from MC to make his actions and certain events happening reasonable.

... more>>

Such as how the MC didn't start out as a incredibly skillful hunter that can move like an expert and dodge attacks mainly because of his game experience. He started out as a regular person in his late-twenties that gets tired easily, even after he had already become fit he still has a reasonable amount of stamina and strength.


However beyond that it just starts to feel like other novels with a similar premise in which the MC is much more knowledgeable about the current situation than others. He will reap everything that he can for himself, occasionally help others if he can benefit from them, is capable of providing everything he needs that is inaccessible from others, have a crap ton of skills while other characters are barely significant in the story. The slight differences in this one's premise isn't enough to provide a different reading experience for me. In addition, it is just a grind to read through certain parts especially the prologue (as it is only about the MC's preparation before the apocalypse for the most part). It also guilty of providing some incredibly advantageous things for the MC out of nowhere.


Doing it one or two times isn't that much of a problem but any more just makes me roll my eyes. His unique ability being extremely useful is acceptable as it comes with its own dangers and complexity in using it. Him adopting a friendly wolf is fine since it is a long process for him to nurture it to become a viable fighting force. But him finding insects that not only provide him precious items every now and then but are also capable of smelting different types of metals/minerals into high quality weapons and other useful tools is just too much. It becomes hard to appreciate his tactical prowess whenever his plans heavily rely on these cheats.


With the goal being quite obvious (which is to survive) and the procedure feeling incredibly similar to that of other novels, I can't rate it any higher than average. I guess I'll see once I read through it more, hopefully until the conclusion. <<less
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PSpaulo rated it
September 19, 2021
Status: c33
33 chapters of prologue.

Yet, it's pretty good so far, MC is kinda apathetic towards other people, he's not 'dense', just doesn't care for them much, he's close to a couple people but that does not make him go out of his way to help them with info, he doesn't even consider letting them join him.

But let's see how things will turn out now that the apocalypse began.

Translation is very good, I hope they keep the release frequency.
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JamesClan rated it
January 12, 2022
Status: c68
The novel isn't that bad and is definitely much better than a lot of things I have read. The main reason I will be dropping it, is because there isn't really a goal or something for the MC to strive for. It is essentially just survival and base building. The story feels like a slice of life most of the time and there are no stakes at all even though it is the apocalypse. What makes a survival story so great like the Walking Dead or Sweet Home, is the... more>> danger that lurks around every corner or how someone can be betrayed at any moment. So far in 68 chapters, nothing of note has happened to change the MC, there are no stakes, and there is no goal to be accomplished. The overall concept of the story is fantastic and I was hoping that it would be built on but I am bored now and nothing is happening. The author includes a lot of "the world is dangerous" but you never once as a reader feel any danger from people or monsters.

Characters: None of the side characters are all that interesting and two in particular are very cringe inducing. Whenever one of them appears I begin to skip paragraphs so I don't have to read all of the weird sh*t I know I'm about to read. There are two notable females that just feel gullible and unintelligent and don't feel like real people at all. There isn't a single villain that has been introduced yet which means there is no personal or internal conflict with the MC up to this point.

TLDR: No character development or growth, no noteworthy antagonists, boring and uninteresting side characters, no goal for the MC, and a boring plot. <<less
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NOVEllUPdATEss rated it
October 17, 2021
Status: c51
One of the more complete translated KR novels out there. You can clearly tell how much effort the author put into the world building (the preparation FOR the apocalypse lasts for like 30 DECENTLY long chapters. That's insane for KR novel standards!). P.S, the harem truly doesn't start until much later into the story, and the only real companion so far (as of ch.51) is the silver wolf in the cover. If you like survival, apocalypse, or KR game element novels, you'll definitely enjoy this one–don't let the harem tag... more>> persuade you otherwise! <<less
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December 17, 2021
Status: c91
I love this...

really really love this that I hope the Harem come waaayy on the back.

Totally appreciate the long chapters, the building and the preparation. What a way to hooked reader.

Impressive MC as it gets as real as it is, so human. What a gem. As serious as it is funny, it held good amounts of humor and quirkiness to maintain the gloominess around the novel.

how nice...
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whitespade rated it
April 13, 2022
Status: c50
The novel is pretty dry. There's no up and down in the story and everything just go smoothly for the MC. It's not like the MC is not hardworking, I think he really is, but his personality is like a video game character personality - very flat. He doesn't feel anything, he just do. I'm not against a stoic MC, but usually that MC will be surrounded by annoying sidekicks or despicable antagonists so you as a reader is still full of emotions hating on these characters. But nothing of... more>> that here so you just go - meh. <<less
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Gsichtselfmeter rated it
February 21, 2022
Status: c115
Top! A little bit slow-paced at the beginning, but the adult world, badass MC and the crazy "stagnant water" antics simply deserve 5*! Very exciting read. I especially like how the MC is full-focused on survival, not trusting anyone, not helping anyone, not saving anyone.

Small tip: If you can bring your computer to the apocalypse, you should definitely download Wikipedia. And maybe Project Gutenberg. You can do this in the form of "zim" files, readable with Kiwix.
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bnap rated it
November 14, 2021
Status: c73
Nothing but positives. The protagonist is smart, careful, average at first to powerful later, not overly or under trusting, etc Basically everything you want out of a protagonist

The world building is done remarkably well. A lot of detail is given about the game and game mechanics, and for the first time in a long time... it wasn’t boring to me. You really appreciate the fact that as a reader you feel like you understand the game just as much as the protagonist, *with* him. That there isn’t some secret twist... more>> going to appear out of nowhere when plot armor needs to happen.

I am surprised but not surprised that it goes harem, I guess around 150+? Not sure. Will have to re review after that happens. <<less
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satoshi1 rated it
February 16, 2024
Status: c287
Kind of predictable and samey. They make him out to be some kind of smart, cool, loner guy but he's about as milk toast as the rest. Story is just the same old a**holes coming for trouble but main character cannot take an L and the author loves their OC too much. I stopped caring for the cast after the first 40 chapters as they became more or less npcs in the MCs world. There isn't much "stakes" to speak of as the author will constantly write in a crutch... more>> for the MC. Ending is also pretty terrible. The upside is that the translation is nice. <<less
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Cindyboy rated it
February 5, 2023
Status: Completed
Everything is good, But I just don't like 1 of the personality from this MC, which is so too paranoid... I mean author blatantly write lot of paragraphs of thinking from paranoid. It's so frustating reading such paranoid shy*t. It just like author keep trying to prevent every route which make MC strong early like looting more firearm etc with such paranoia thinking bllsh*t.
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JKingSniper rated it
January 8, 2023
Status: c146
Great novel with an intelligent MC.

Be warned however, the MC is kinda logical thinking character, and selfish with few exceptions. Very paranoid and prepared MC, decent strength in this new world.

Don't read if you expect the naive handout type of MC who saves everyone
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Child rated it
October 15, 2022
Status: c95
This is the dish that can be eaten for ten times~ The world, the plot, the protagonist, ahhh, I only complain that the lemon is takes too long to bake, sob.

Highly recommended, especially for those who like MC that can realize that they can die, and 'spoiler', he's only dense because he's alert to both genders' danger, he's equal to both sexes. No, he's straight. Since there's no tag of bl.
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