Sending the Divine


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The demon lord Yin Ci had lived for several hundred years and was thoroughly tired of life. He planned to go to the legendary ghost tomb to find the Vision Flesh and turn it into a deadly poison to kill himself. In order to act low-key, he captured a rookie master as a cover.

As a rare genius who only appeared once in a century, Shi Jingzhi’s life was not long. He also wanted to go to the ghost tomb to find the Vision Flesh and make a divine medicine to live a little longer. In order to smoothly enter the tomb, he took on an innocent disciple to go along as a smokescreen.

The two competitors faced each other, feeling very pleased in their hearts: not bad, they had successfully deceived the other person.

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New GhostFlute
April 13, 2024
Status: c105
I'll forever remember the arc of the village and the mu*der "goddess" and especially when the main couple fights in the "gods' cradle". That part was absolutely AMAZING to read, MC's so badass.

I had to skim-read after that since all the part about the Children of Desire and the Hanging Tree were not explained as well as I'd liked and I didn't want to get a headache trying to understand a mess.

Book's really great apart from that, I highly recommend it.
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MountTai rated it
July 9, 2023
Status: Completed
The novel is so so so good! I accidentally stayed up a couple of nights because it was intriguing. Mystery, comedy, emotional roller coaster, keeps you guessing. I will highly suggest you read it.

It's even worth a re-read. The plot is included well with the romance, I'd say this is the best example on how to have a romance and a plot at the same time without feeling like one overshadows the other. Everything ties up so nicely and I appreciate the author's efforts in sorting the logic.

... more>>

Though, MTL was a bit confusing in terms of the whole tree thing. I will come back to read the translation.


Don't skip this novel! MC and ML have great personality and are a breath of fresh air, especially as you keep reading, you can see them develop into full characters. Now I need to catch up on a lot of sleep.... <<less
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Goldeneyeddragon rated it
July 29, 2023
Status: c34
The plot is very intriguing, and I love the personalities of main characters and supporting cast! The dash of humor really helps lighten up the story too.

10/10 recommended
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January 2, 2024
Status: --
Honestly I think this story is more like a lite version of "Stray" (???)

I mean of course the overall concept of the two stories is very different, It's just that the vibe of this story given is too similar to "stray" so it makes me feel like "I think I've read this before..."

Apart from that, I also feel that as we get closer to the end of the story, there are several parts that are written in a long-winded way which dampens our interest for reading the story a... more>> bit.

Overall this story is still very good + worth it to read. <<less
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Alkale rated it
February 20, 2024
Status: Completed
Another absolutely amazing novel from Nian Zhong. I actually do not hate how it's reminiscent of 'Stray', another one of her novels. It's an adventure martial arts story that includes a small sect following the traces of immortality. The two main characters solve small mysteries and eventually piece together the underlying conspiracy that the two realize they're deeply involved in. Unbeknownst to the main characters, their hidden identities play a big role in their shared past. This basic premise goes like this,

After the legendary demonic leader of the Ling... more>> Sect died, he left a tomb. This Ghost Tomb emerged recently in the martial world, attracting all sects like moths to flame. The treasure hidden in the tomb was called the Shirou. It was a legendary treasure that supposedly granted immortality. Yin Ci, our protagonist, joins Shi Jingzhi, our ML, in founding his own sect. The two participate in the tomb raid, both wanting the Shirou for opposing reasons.

Yin Ci is immortal, hundreds of years old. He drifted around the world, trying to find a way to kill himself. After Shi Jingzhou told him about the Shirou, he decided to participate in the tomb raiding for fun. His internal energy was virtually nonexistent, convincing Shi Jingzhi that Yin Ci was weak and helpless. ;)

Spoilers are about Yin Ci's past and his immortality. I recommend you to just read the novel !!!


His immortality is ultimately connected to Shi Jingzhi in a complex way. I like to say that they are almost fated to be together. Yin Ci met Shi Jingzhi when he was a child. At the time, Yin Ci almost lost his sanity, and the child Shi Jingzhi saved him. Although they were parted, Yin Ci still remembers the little boy, and affectionately called him Little Mute.


Yin Ci's immortality was because of a tree. He is part of the tree, therefore sharing it's lifeforce. He has no internal energy because the strength and illness of one of it's branches is spread among the tree. His internal energy is comparable to a single droplet of water vaporizing in a fire.


In the beginning, Yin Ci felt detached from the world, like a proper immortal. His coldness contrasts with his playful Shizun. But after spending time with Shi Jingzhi, his personality began to rub onto him. The two actually have similar personalities, therefore having great chemistry!

Shi Jingzhi is the playful foxy shizun. His identity is shrouded in mystery, but his inexperience combined with his profound internal energy even confuses Yin Ci. Shi Jingzhi has a terminal illness, leaving him only one year to live. He decides to bet that year on obtaining the Shirou.

Spoilers are about Shi Jingzhi's special condition and his terminal illness.


Shi Jingzhi is called a 'Child of Desire'. They were experimental subjects that contained immense desire. This desire usually led to insanity or su*cide. Usually Children of Desire died at an early age. Shi Jingzhi's obsession was to live. But after meeting Yin Ci, his desire slowly shifted to him. ;) The leader of the Ling Sect was a Child of Desire, but he killed himself in his 20s. Shi Jingzhi's illness was because as a Child of Desire, his immense amount of internal energy couldn't be contained in his body. His secret identity was as a prince of the kingdom.


I think the romance fit perfectly in the story. The romance and story isn't separated nor is it surrounded around their romance. The romance fuses seamlessly into the story. The two's relationship is a bit secretive in the beginning, but after the attraction starts, they could honestly care less about the other one's identities and secrets. Their love is so trusting and open. (Which is ironic since both of them have many secrets.) They quickly develop a ride-or-die relationship, where they would do anything for each other.


It's funny since their lives literally are connected at the end.


The side characters!!!

Holy hell. I loved the side characters. Nian Zhong has a talent in making you attached to side characters. In Shi Jingzhi's little sect, his only disciple is Yin Ci. But.... they have two servants.

Yang Qing is a unique individual. He is a descendant from the legendary demonic sect leader, his blood red eyes signifying that. But he has no evilness, ambition, nor drive for power. Yang Qing is actually extremely pure. This contrasts with his childhood friend, Su Si. His beauty and talent was because he was a cuckoo's egg. But he has ambition and cunning that Yang Qing did not. They became Shizun Shi Jingzhi's unwilling servants after being rescued by him.

One storyline I especially loved was the one between the Demonic Ling Sect leader, Yan Budu and the Monk Kongshi. It was so heartbreaking and I cried...


They were total opposites of eachother, absolute evil vs absolute good. Yet setting their differences aside, they had many interests together. Here's an excerpt:

“It’s useless for you to wait here, and it’s useless to pretend everything is fine. I haven’t had some bullsh*t enlightenment, don’t you understand? I won’t help you. I never intended to save you from the beginning.”

Kongshi remained unmoved, continuing to recite sutras as before.

“You will die here with your corpse exposed in the wilderness, unattended, cursed for a hundred years. You... ”

Yan Budu didn’t even blink his eyes. He released his grip on Kongshi’s face and l**ked his lips. His tone revealed a slight wavering.

“... You’re a monster. Are you truly an emotionless and heartless stone?”

Kongshi halted his silent recitation and casually replied, “I confess, this humble monk enjoys eating apricots. It can be considered a preference shared by some living beings.”

He slowly smiled again, revealing a hint of bitterness in his smile. “So that’s how it is. A whole month, with thoughts and emotions exchanged... It was all in vain. I was the one who went too far.”

He had exposed his true intentions and worked so hard, but in the end, it was all self-indulgence. In the presence of this person, there was no such thing as closeness or distance in human relationships.

“Kongshi, from the beginning, the ‘me’ in your eyes was never really ‘me’, was it?”

Whether Yan Budu was a three-year-old child or a hundred-year-old elder, whether he had hidden motives or was naturally wicked, he was nothing more than an ordinary stone in this person’s eyes.

From the moment Yan Budu stepped into the cave, Kongshi’s attitude had never changed even a bit, not one bit more or less.

Indeed, equality among all sentient beings!

“People all say that I am the most heartless one. But now it seems that you, Venerable, surpass me in that aspect.”



This spoiler is for me to collect my thoughts, but it spoils the underlying mystery of the entire novel. Don't read if you plan to read. (PLEASE DO!)


Hundreds of years ago, when Yin Ci was a mortal, the imperal preceptor at the time, He Chang'an was part of a 'Hanging Tree'. He Chang'an made Yin Ci drink immortal wine, which attached him to the tree. He Chang'an, figuring out that Yin Ci was an anomaly, as his consciousness didn't get absorbed into the tree, convinced the emperor at the time to sacrifice Yin Ci. The imperial preceptor beheaded Yin Ci thousands of times to collect his bodies for material. After that, he was buried in an unbreakable coffin. But a vital piece was stolen off the coffin, allowing Yin Ci the possibility to escape. After tearing off his arm constantly and scraping at the coffin for 80 years, he finally got out. The Imperial Preceptor's lineage passed down the secrets of immortals and the Hanging Tree. They started the Hundred-Year project, which included trying to develop a Child of Desire to be the physical vessel of the Hanging Tree.

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Staringatastar rated it
December 30, 2023
Status: Completed
How is this not rated higher?! This is an amazing story. I love the HUGE and satisfying character development. And not just among the main characters, plenty of the side characters also get their plots and backstories and development. It's a bit sad that there are no side couples that develop, but a lot is left to the readers' imagination ☺️

I don't know where to start when trying to explain why this story is so good. I think the unraveling mystery and endless scheming is really well done and pretty... more>> realistic. This story will definitely captivate your attention and not let go.

I also like how the story illustrates how so much is luck. People live as best they can with what they have and strive to act as well as they can given what they're given. It so perfectly reflects real life. If someone finds themselves successful, however they define success, this isn't license to look down on those doing less well or think of themselves as any more valuable or intrinsically worthy than anyone else. If they were born intrinsically well off, that just meant they had more chances to try and get it right. If they were born less well off, it means they were lucky and able to take advantage of that luck. This isn't to say they didn't try, perhaps even try really hard. But lots of people try really hard and don't make it. And there's people who barely try at all and still make it.

I think it's also great how the main characters in this story accomplish so much, but it's clear that they're only able to due to the slow buildup and work of those that went before. Every great deed is a combination of many people's hard work, even if only a couple people end up being associated with it in the end. Like a research paper, there's a long bibliography and acknowledgment for every great work.

I think the musing on immortality and a person's inner demons was also really interesting. I almost found myself nodding along to some of the Buddhist philosophies the author embeds and interprets in this story.

Finally, I don't think this story would be half as impactful without the thoughtful translation. It captured the humor at the beginning perfectly (I was chuckling along to the many antics), the horror throughout, and the beauty/peace at the end. There are great notes and links when the story references something the reader might need additional context on.

Overall, I can't believe how fast I blazed through this story. I'm definitely now a convert for this author. This story was just so good and well thought out. <<less
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Shrike1978 rated it
December 24, 2023
Status: Completed
Another fabulous story by Nian Zhong!

This time the author dips into the cultivation world, although it's different than the majority of cultivation stories out there. (As to be expected from this author)

It starts in a goofy way with the MC and ML forming the smallest and poorest cultivation sect around, with two members and a couple bits of silver. Both think they've fooled the other in their quest for an immortal object. Of course, that's just the start of the story. Both characters backgrounds are more complex than even... more>> they know and their connections to the big conspiracy deeper than they expected.

I thought the big boss of this story was particularly interesting (not giving any spoilers!) and the way the boss interacted with the other bad guys.

As usual for this author, there are lots of characters that straddle the gray zone (especially the leads) rather than being just good or bad, some pretty darn creative horror scenes, great battles, totally ridiculous situations and plenty of snarky dialog.

For Nian Zheng, I am always going for a strong recommendation. Read this story! It's fabulous! <<less
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sbob rated it
March 7, 2024
Status: Completed
The main leads are really sweet and great together. Their romance progresses beautifully and their own vulnerabilities and how they open up and depend on each other is just lovely to read.

The side characters are also built up well and multi faceted; teared a few times from some of the more tragic stories.

My only gripe with this novel is that I struggled to understand what was going on 10-20% of the time. It’s a very complex story and world building and I couldn’t fully grasp some of the key points,... more>> which affected my appreciation of the story.


I still don’t get why ML has the physical constitution to become a root, like where did he come from? Why did his body react the way it did to the immortal wine? Also, for MC, I still don’t get how Children of Desire are created. Like are they natural born ‘monster material’ imbued with desire from birth??


Besides my confusion, I did enjoy the story’s ups and downs and the smatterings of dog food. The unveiling of vests in the beginning were also very up my alley.

Almost favourite, might re-read (if I do, hopefully I get a better understanding?). <<less
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SirhcSidhe rated it
January 6, 2024
Status: c163
This is a beautiful, heartwarming story, full of both tragedy and humor. The level of detail given to each character is amazing. A true gem.
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