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When Xu Yue woke up, he found that he had become a monster.

To the left, there were two slimes—the old couple next door. To the right, there was a young dragon—the junior high school student downstairs. They all met and were equally bewildered by their different races.

It wasn’t until Xu Yue accidentally opened his personal status bar.

(Former) Game Developer Xu Yue: ……

His game successfully launched, but something seemed off.

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Resplendor rated it
August 24, 2023
Status: c24
Shaping up to be another masterpiece from this author. They write dark fantasy so well.

Sweet and vicious all at once. Holding no punches when it comes to the dark nature of humanity and the underbelly of the world but also not holding back on humanity's graces and the beauty of the world either.

Well worth a read along with their other stories.
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Wintercreeper rated it
August 24, 2023
Status: c24
I liked nearly all of the writer's older novels, that's why I'm baffled by how generic and unprofessional this one is.
There's even a plot hole in the first 24 chapters.

Characterisation is extremely flat and indistinct, they all have the same voice, you wouldn't know who's talking if their name hasn't been mentioned.
Characters act in ways that just aren't believable, players show no anxiety, desperation, or really anything you would feel when you are suddenly trapped in a game, instead they seamlessly integrate and still treat it as a game.
Others play heroes at the expense of their own safety, like most of humanity would risk their life for random strangers.


While human players don't die for real, they experience death like it is, pain and everything included.
Yet they go adventuring, cause chaos for fun, etc.
Non-human players die for real, they put their life on the line for "NPCs", aka total strangers they aren't even sure are actually real or just A.I.
Sorry for being too realistic, but the majority of humans won't take even the slightest risk for people they never met before, especially when these "people" might be just a string of code.


I'm really not sure what happened to the writer's skills, if they are trying something new, or if this novel is just for fun, whatever it is, the low quality is unexpected and disappointing.
I'll probably continue to follow it for a few more chapters but the plot hole isn't a good sign even if the characterisation gets better later on.
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Excelezreal rated it
January 29, 2024
Status: c70
Unfortunately, the author threw it.

Initially I was going to rate this as a 4/5, but the author seemed to lose their marbles half way through. Felt like I was watching a marvel film where they create things in the world to supplement the characters. It's supposed to be the other way around; when your cringe characters are just that, your writing won't become much else.

Amazing storylines become cringe fascinations of a teenager when you suddenly introduce ... more>>

overpowered tower, MC knows every spell in the game, MC made the game! He knows everything MC is cool! MC is cool! MC cool! ML is crazy!? ML is dark wow, omg ML kills for fun, oh wow he's so deep, oh my god what beautifully deep literary writing


The writing is dogsh*t and I think the only thing keeping this above 1 star is the fact that sometimes the MC and ML act like normal adventurers as opposed to a pair of Mary's doing whatever they want because they can 'b-b-but they have a goal!' once you read far enough you'll realise any goals the authors hints to, or any goals the MC claims to have, are just temporary assertions made to fill either a potential or a past plot hole.

Another reason why I have this at more than one star is because sometimes, the author alludes to a deeper lore and premise, though they seem to have dementia and forget it as soon as it's no longer necessary. I can tell the author had a lot of fun writing this. I will be finishing this novel, simply because I want to read smut between the main two characters, but I wouldn't expect any readers to find gold here.

I've tasted the poison! It's definitely poison. This sort of dog sh*t quality is expected after reading 500-700+ chapters of a web novel, not within the first 60 chapters of a short story.

Short stories are short because instead of quantity, we are given quality, in this novel we were given neither. I honestly despise this caricature of writing and I hope it dies off like the authors career will. It contains no quality and simply hopes to draw you in with having amazing initial chapters, but later having the most unscrupulously dogshit, utter garbage, complete was of electricity-chapters that you question whether the author dropped dead, like did they seriously have an ai come up with the rest of the story after chapter 30?

Read, read, read. I recommend you read this, just you so you realise I'm not bullshitting you, i've never seen a novel fall of this hard and I seriously doubt the mental stability of any of the reviewers below me. <<less
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BestBLlover rated it
September 18, 2023
Status: c41
Fits all of my tastes, smart MC, kinda lunatic ML, interesting plot, sort of an europian ambience with full fantay backgroud, game elements, yes please! Super excited to see where this one goes!
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Ivy_hera rated it
February 15, 2024
Status: c192
(Sorry. I read it in Chinese but my English is based on Google.)

This is a story that starts like any other adventure and fantasy story. The first chapters are very reminiscent of the Japanese Isekai of the Dungeons monster genre. But the story progresses with some surprises along the way, the protagonists are more than they seem (this is, in fact, a hallmark of this author, her protagonists are always something beyond the image created at the beginning). Be prepared because a certain amount of horror and mystery... more>> mixed in here and there has replaced the original fantasy atmosphere, and at times it becomes a little darker. Maybe it will please those who read “Stray” as it takes place in the same universe, but the two stories are not even related to each other, so they can be read separately.

Regarding a previous comment, which I read here: I didn't understand this person's level of hate. Even if the story doesn't please you, if you are mentally normal you won't have this level of hatred, as there is no point that is really so revolting. At most, you just won't like it, you'll come back here and give it a low star rating, and maybe complain about something you didn't like. You won't be like:

“sh*t, sh*t, sh*t, die author, I’m going to stay here just to read smut”

As with any other novel, please read and draw your own conclusions. I recommend it to anyone who would like to read an Isekai BL with a focus on adventure and mystery, a little romance and maybe a little dark. <<less
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ria.green rated it
January 31, 2024
Status: c63
Great so far, not sure why this is rated as only a 4 as it is better than a lot of danmei I've read that's rated higher. Review from my rec list: 5/5 for isekai a la Sword Art Online where the game producer along with players and non-players transmigrate into the game he created but find that it seems to have become a world of its own. Surprisingly touching, sometimes a little sad but still warm.
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TamedFox rated it
November 23, 2023
Status: c82
I'm gonna come back to this review once I finish reading. I would usually use mtl at this point but I like the novel and I don't want to miss some details because of mtl so I'm patiently waiting.

This is exactly the novel I was searching for currently, smart MC, which is why I'm satisfied with this novel. It fits my current reading needs.

I think the tags are pretty wrong on one part "weak to strong" because I think "strong to stronger" might be more appropriate.

I like the author's other... more>> books too so check on them hehe <<less
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Hannalrd rated it
March 18, 2024
Status: c125
So awesome! 5 starts for me!

I really like MC, ML is meh. The supporting crew is also awesome.

Stuff I wish I knew before I started reading:


Its a bit confusing at first, but as the story unrolls the points get addressed. ML and MC are both lunatics, with ML being a certified psychopath and I don’t have the correct diplomas to diagnose MC.. But yeah. They basically start off using eachother- its a slow burn, almost crawling really. MC falls first, ML gets obsessed first.

The descriptions are.. Disgusting. Don’t read while eating. The imagery is worst than a horror novel.

The story is divided mostly in “quests”. Each quest has a beginning, a climax and an ending, with barely any room to breath between them. Few characters get fleshed out, and there’s definitely an unreliable narrator since we follow mainly Nol or Teest’s POV, with some others sprinkled in. Its hard to form a big picture, but if you manage to connect the dots you’re good to go until the climax and resolution.

Hope I can keep my sanity by the end of it, lol. See you on the other side~

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littlesisterjim rated it
December 21, 2023
Status: c101
This story so far has been pretty entertaining. It does drag on at certain points, and other times it feels rushed but I do like it.

Romance wise it's very clearly a slow burn, but the communication is good and honestly in bl that's hard to come across.

Translation is very good, although sometimes it's hard to distinguish which character is talking. Translator has added in definitions for certain phrases which is always a plus imo.

Plot is definitely interesting, it's had several interesting arcs and reveals however as I said before the... more>> pacing can be off at certain points which is why I am rating it a 4 for now. <<less
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