Evil As Humans


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There were three paths before Yin Ren:

A force presented a blood sacrifice, asking him for his evil qi.

An organization administered a spiritual contract, asking him to walk the path of righteousness.

An enthusiastic person called the police on the spot, saying he was carrying a controlled knife and cordially invited him to the police station.

The Thousand-Year-Old Great Evil Mr. Yin: Thank you for your invitation. People just broke the seal to the world and all I want to do is to lie down. I choose option three.

Wasn’t it just acting dumb and pretending to be pitiful? This he could do.

The people who maintain peace of the world vs The Ghost King who just wants to be a salted fish.

Let the game of hide and seek commence…

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22 Reviews

Nov 01, 2022
Status: c128
It's a novel of two extremes, ugly human faces and horror of monsters penetrating this world and incredibly sweet romance between main characters!!

They navigate through the foreign territory that is for them friendship at first; that changes into romantic relationship later on. And they're extremely cute doing that!

First about our MC, Yin Ren, who inexplicably gets recruited into a department fighting against evil beings while being an evil being himself.

... more>> Yin Ren: You could say I'm somewhat of an expert here

Then Zhong Chengshuo, our precious ML! He's a completely normal lawful citizen just living a simple mundane life, until he meets His Future Boyfriend looking like he'd just escaped from mental hospital facility while carrying a knife.

Zhong Chengshuo (serious) : and we were roommates


The story is divided into many arcs and many cases, as they solve cases of mu*der, more dead bodies, and terrifying evil spirits changing parts of the world into something unrecognisable.

There are also wholesome stories! There's comedy and more light hearted topics so the novel isn't exactly heavy as our protagonist aren't weaklings and know how to protect themselves.

Warning for horror, body horror, psychological horror, um, just remember to light a night lamp after reading. <<less
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Jun 12, 2023
Status: c153
This is by far one of the best Horror BL novels I've read. Possible the best. It just keeps getting better. Fantastic descriptions, complex characters, compelling relationships, and so many intertwined mysteries to be gradually unfolded. Also the translator gives end-of-arc summaries, which is great, because there's a lot to keep track of.
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Dec 15, 2022
Status: c23
The first act was brilliant.

So far, MC and ML was both mysterious. ZCS as ML appeared to be mild in temperament but stubborn as well as socially awkward. He is more sus than the real evil spirit, lol. His origin is still unknown and he seemed to be one with 'circumstances'. YR as ML is cheerful, gentlemanly, but chaotic and as an evil spirit a little out of touch with common sense I would say.

Their combo makes for interesting interaction.

The first act alone was interesting and mild enough as an... more>> introduction, maybe the author did it on purpose? I'm looking forward to the more gruesome acts. <<less
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May 28, 2023
Status: c67
One of my favorite novels! It really is my cup of tea and they're both so cute as well. The plot is interesting and kept me engaged. It makes me look forward to their cute small interactions and I love them so much! Thank you translator for your hard work.
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Aug 28, 2023
Status: Completed
I've just finished the novel and I found it to be a really, really good read. The start of the novel involves a sealed Ghost King waking up and he tries to achieve a salted fish life passing as a human in a department that handles supernatural matters, while partnered with a hilarious (unintentional on his part) serious, thoughtful (in that he's full of thoughts...) human who is obsessed about scientific research and sometimes seem less human than the Ghost King. They have arcs where they deal with individual supernatural... more>> cases but it's all part of a much larger intricate plot.

This novel isn't a straightforward supernatural novel and it's not a creepy, scary type of horror story, which I think should be obvious from the summary. It's not trying to be any of that. Anyone looking for a regular horror novel with this one should probably turn away now. It basically starts as a light, supernatural story, where it's funny and not scary even with all the supernatural stuff happening because the MC is so OP. But the first couple cases are like easy mode in a game, it's just for the writer to introduce the concepts and get the readers familiar with the worldbuilding. Once it starts ramping up, the action is exhilarating, everything gets more and more gory and brutal, the monsters' descriptions become wilder and fascinating, some situations reach a bizarre type of creepy, and some subplots get pretty sad. Hats off to the writer's imagination!

Rather than straightforward supernatural, it's more a story that mixes the following genres:

supernatural + sci-fi + multilayer mystery-solving + action + save the world


In my opinion, the writer has a very funny comedic tone (for those familiar with the horror-comedy genre, there's some of that going on too), an excellent grasp on action, very good at maintaining a long-running plot (weaving what seems like inconsequential matters in earlier chapters into later chapters) and very good at making me shed tears, whether it's over tragic events (mundane tragedy or at a grander scale) or even just over the smaller, more human moments in the novel. The writer is also a big fan of 'show, not tell'.

When it comes to the characters: I love them. They aren't the typical cold ML and warm MC. The main characters just can't be pigeonholed. They're too hard to describe, too human and at the same time, not. They're not characters that could appear outside the mix-genres I listed above. Their romance as well is very sweet and also very unusual, due to the genres. The character and relationship development were very interesting to me. I also find the side characters equally wonderful. The side characters I thought would be done in an arc ended up being a big part of the overall plot and I got invested in so many of them. They're relatable and/or interesting in ways that I find engaging and moving at times.

The one point I have to make is more the choice in translation which I think might confuse things. Evil Force, Evil Spirit, Evil Qi... Too many similar phrasing. It's a tough job balancing staying true to the writer's words and using phrasing that makes sense/easy to read in a different language so this isn't a real criticism. More of a heads up for why some things might get confusing unless you really sit down and think through the concepts or get familiar with it after a couple arcs.

All in all, I really like the overall plot and the characters. The first couple arcs are an easy, slow read, and then after that, it speeds up to an incredible pace where I found it hard to put down the novel. I really appreciate the writer's wild imagination, especially in the middle parts of the book. So many unexpected developments! <<less
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May 18, 2023
Status: c86
What makes this story really interesting is the mystery about the ML and how ML/MC interact with each other.

The ML's personality is also a gem! He's unlike other MLs. I love how when he fell in love with MC ... more>>

he was very straightforward about it. He just accepted it and he even confessed to the MC but when he confessed, he also rejected the MC lol. ML knows that he doesn't deserve MC's half hearted or spontaneous 'yes' and I love this about the Ml!!!


The only con for me perhaps is that it's hard to imagine (for me) whatever's happening around the MC/ML and it's not so interesting for me. But that's just my personal preference.

What kept me going is really the mystery of who the ML really is and how they would get together. And at chapter 86?

I love it!!!!! I love how MC and ML developed, I love how they are with each other, I love how ML is in love with MC but not madly in love (yet), I love how they continue to scheme behind each other's back lol

I love how they become accomplices!!!

Note to self: To continue reading?

I love the interaction between ML and MC but the storyline isn't really for me so I'll pass on continuing this novel especially since the ML and MC are already together and they get along well at chapter 86. That's enough for me

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Aug 13, 2023
Status: --
I think you can think that the book is "well written" / translated and also think it's boring at the same time.

I agree with all of the reviews personally that the plot / writing is dull outside the romance. That's not because I don't understand foreshadowing and etc. It's because I understand TENSION and I don't feel it within this novel personally. Also, I think even if there are reasons why details may be shown or a case happened, I can also think "this case is boring to read".

I think... more>> you have to like romance a lot to read this or I guess not need a sense of tension or fast pacing or excitement to get into a novel. That's fine. But for me, if the pacing isn't there, if the details (although it may be foreshadowing) are dull to read, if I don't feel like there's anything fun refreshing details enough to hold my interest, then I will drop it. It is a valid criticism because reading to the end won't matter if most of it's details bore me. That one below me got really heated, but I'm just here to say ppl who don't enjoy this novel are not dumb either lol and it's totally valid to not enjoy the plot.

Personally, I am a big fan of supernatural and I've read so many of them that I know what the writing needs to be to be enjoyable, interesting, refreshing, or exciting. And I don't feel it here. Maybe it's just the phrasing or the choice of events and focus. I think if you're a big supernatural fan, I dunno. You could like it, but I think ppl new to supernatural may tend to think it's more interesting. <<less
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Dec 13, 2023
Status: --
First, this is Nian Zong's work... so there is no doubt about the quality of the story.

However, among all Nian Zong's works that I have read before, this story can be said to be one of the weakest in terms of character and plot writing.

I mean, I can understand the concept of the problem in this story as a whole, but it's still hard for me to understand why only love, disgust, joy, and sadness who become strongest elements??? I mean wouldn't using the concept of the 7 deadly sins... more>> will be more make a sense???

Apart from that, there are also several characters who have quite crucial roles in the story, but lacking in delivery and depiction.


Such as the twin pair Xiao Jiang and Xiao Hai and also the ghost Hu Tao.


Not to mention several minor characters who seemed to have just been forgotten.


There is a grandfather and grandson pair (I forgot their names) whose grandfather actually still has a contract with Yi Ren, and there also Ge Tingting adoptive brother (I also forget his name) which last appeared was in the "archive" arc.


But overall this story is still extraordinary, like the other author's previous works. <<less
3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Sep 12, 2023
Status: Completed
A very good and long read. The chapters are lengthy and there isn't much filler material... took 9 days to read but I still had to make notes since the dense content made it hard to recall all the specifics. The plot is complex, logical, and entertaining. I got confused with the different definitions of evil at first (evil qi, evil force, evil being, evil spirit) but eventually understood the gist as the plot progressed.

MC, Yin Ren, has a carefree nature and wants to live the simple life enjoying life... more>> and delicious food. ML, Zhong Chengshuo, has an android-like personality but values human life. Their relationship isn't sparks and drama but cozy like soft butter melding with fresh warm bread. I especially like the images of the ML napping while holding MC or MC resting on ML.

This is a real spoiler so don't open it if you prefer a lil mystery


MC woke up after being asleep for a thousand years. He encountered ML right away and they ended up working for Shian, an organization that dealt with the supernatural. MC wanted to work at Shian to make lots of money while coasting. ML wanted to obtain information from Shian.


MC has the identity of Great Celestial Master Zhong Yi. ML has the identity of King Yama and also the Primordial Elemental Fear.

Over a thousand years ago, ML was attacked and thrown from his world into MC's world. Parts of ML's body were scattered and became evil force. MC's mother was pregnant with MC and exposed to the evil force. This caused MC to be born as an anomaly... a human but also an evil being.

Hundreds of years later, MC made a contract with ML before his death. ML gave MC half of his power and they both fell asleep for a thousand years. ML woke up and bonded with the body of a deceased baby and grew up as a human. Twenty-eight years later (at the start of the story), MC woke up.

Due to ML sharing his power with MC, MC became a unique entity. He was a new "Fear" but not really. In the end, MC and ML worked with Shian to stop the conspiracy between Sunken Society (a criminal human organization) and the Primordial Elementals to take over the world.


Of note: The horror tag is for real... not something you wanna read while snacking. 😬 <<less
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Sep 05, 2023
Status: Completed
I have now completed this novel. Absolutely fantastic from beginning to end, plot stayed interesting the whole way through, twists and character development were both very satisfying, ending tied up loose ends nicely.

My original review from chapter 91 is below.

... more>> ---

Plot, excellent, I enjoy the mystery of each individual arc and the slow progression of the overarching plot as well.

Characters, excellent, multi-faceted and interesting with well done and well paced development.

The horror parts tend towards gruesome/gory/psychological/tragic, and especially because the progatonists are very OP it's not scary except worrying for innocent bystanders. The casual bits of added horror like the water dispenser that was actually a colleague who disappeared and who died slowly while believing himself to be a water dispenser add to the overall feeling of the book, because it has a very specific kind of flavor of horror having to do with parallel dimensions and cognitive distortions and things like that.

All in all this is a very thoroughly enjoyable read, I'll also add that the sense of humor is subtle but fantastic, several times I've laughed out loud at the casual way the author will sneak in a joke.

The overall relationship between the two main characters is excellent, very fun and funny and sweet.

I'm enjoying it so much I'm going to expand my review a bit. I see there's some weird reviews here so I'm going to try to provide more information about the horror and plot levels.

Arc one: intro arc, joining the institution. Very basic "horror", not very scary just some mild gore, that sort of thing. The main character is completely unworried and playing around, so you the reader are also not stressed, it's just introducing you the world. The plot is also very basic, no big twists or suspense. Arc two: the cat person disappearance. The world building explaining the basis of the horror in this world is starting to accelerate, so if you're paying attention there's some more horror going on, but overall this was a lighter arc. The climax confrontation wasn't scary, it was cute.

Arc three: terrible transmigration. Here's where you get to really meet some of the main antagonists, and see how ruthlessly and cruelly they use even small children. Imo that's the real horror of the arc, even though there's also some body horror and plenty of gore. The climax confrontation wasn't scary, it was more setting up just how BAMF the protagonists are.

Arc four: human furniture. This arc gave me nightmares. A lot of the horror is psychological and not fully stated, you need to be paying attention to the clues to really thoroughly traumatize yourself but the surface level is also bad. The climax confrontation — I didn't have any doubt the main characters would be fine but it was much creepier than previous ones and more shocking.

Arc five: mind invasion. After the intensity of arc four this just wasn't as scary, more like basic horror. It was also sweeter in its twists, more kind than cruel. I didn't really feel scared I just felt invested in the characters succeeding against the odds to earn a dignified happy ending.

And that's as far as I've gotten. Aside from the mini arcs above, there's slow slow progression of several overarching arcs - the mystery of MC, the mystery of ML, and the mystery of the world. All of these contain horror and suspense elements but they unfold gently, piece by piece. And separately there's also the plot thread of the relationship development between the various characters — the main characters of course, but also various side characters that get fleshed out.

Imo its a very satisfying reading experience thus far, well crafted, and with an excellent translation by a translator who does a great job balancing readability, explaining references, keeping a good flow, etc. Deserves every one of the five stars j gave it. <<less
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Sep 03, 2023
Status: Completed
This is just a fabulous story.

This time Nian Zhong has gone for and urban fantasy/police procedural. I have to continue to mention that one of the things that I like about this author is that each story is very different than the last one. Each has their own unique setting, theme, and time period. That's a lot of skill.

This novel, I think, is one of the most complex, plot wise, of the author's works because each arc is an individual "case" for the main group to solve but each "case"... more>> is a component in the overreaching story and contributes to the final outcome. It's a bit of a Matryoshka Doll plot and it works!

I will say that with this story you need to have a high level of tolerance for the horror genre because it's stronger here than in the previous stories in my opinion. Still, it retains humor, witty dialog and interesting side characters that are characteristic of this author.

A highly recommended read from one of my favorite authors. <<less
3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Sep 02, 2023
Status: c228
I loved this novel, not only because of the characters, but also because of the plot. The plot is interesting and well planned out, with hints sprinkled around all along the story that start surfacing later on, it makes everything make sense and you come to realization one by one of: oh! This is how it is!

The characters are quite endearing, both MCs and the side characters, they all have their story, motivations, fears and so on.

I like how it gives such a complex insight on what humanity is, how... more>> humans convey their emotions and are affected to certain extents about their surroundings, but even so, it clearly shows how "evil" is not inherent, if your parents are bad people, you are inherently a bad person, if the environment you grew in is unkind, it doesn't mean you're forever bound to be so too, it all comes to oneself.

I love how it takes the complexity of human emotions, such as love, fear, joy, anxiety, loneliness and more while making them deeply resonate with the reader and the characters. Many of the characters are people, normal people, some high school students with broken dreams, a young girl isolated from the world, a young man having to work from an early age, a pair of kind police officers, some energetic elementary school students, broken families, loving families. Because we are all humans, all this universe rich in emotions and feeling occur deep within us and we convey to the outside world, we are a world of our own.

I love the concepts the author created about the antagonistic characters and the way of using the "xuanhuan setting in modern era" the way she did, the story has a lot of world building and many concepts that make you realize the author really spent quite a lot time planning it out.

About the main couple, I love them, they are sweet, dedicated and kind, yet they are not selfless nor selfish, they are mature and steady, have a mot of trust and communication with each other, adding to the fact that they have such a well-fitting mutual understanding, they are one of my favorites couples.

Last but not least,

I get that we are all different and what deeply resonated with me and turned my world upside down, leaving its footprint, maybe mediocre or unimportant to somebody else. I understand that many readers may not feel happy about the story pace, since it is long and every arc takes it time to develop and close logically, I also think though, that people nowadays are too accustomed to having answers too quickly, as if they weren't reading a book, but scrolling. They are too impatient, a story takes its time to build up and develop, you can't expect the climax in three chapters, but to each their own, I guess.

Personally I think you should give it a try, the romance is sweet and the plot is creative and logical, it talks a lot about human nature and their sociability, empathy and such sociological aspects.

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a greedy seed
a greedy see
Aug 16, 2023
Status: --
Does my nose smell drama in the reviews? I confess I read the story partly because of them and because I was in the mood for horror and this seemed to fit the bill. My baseline for horror is generally old school Koontz and King, so that is what I judge on.

This one isn’t so much horror as romance. The relationship between the two mains is enjoyable to read to a certain extent. It was good enough to sustain my interest to chapter 48, but no longer than that. As... more>> I a said, I was here for horror and the reviews suggested this would be promising, however, I was disappointed. To be fair, horror isn't in the tags, just the reviews.

The pacing is incredibly slow and the writing is awkward. It wasn’t good enough for me to spend time on. I would have liked better world building and consistency. However, that said, if you are craving romance, but not so much plot and horror, then this should fit the bill for you. It just wasn’t what I was looking for right now.

Relationships: Yes. The characters have interesting personalities and the relationship experience is good. You will like it. Check out the five star reviews on romance for that front.

Pacing and horror: No. It was lacking. I dropped it. Check out the review from the other lower stars to get a better breakdown.

Atmosphere: Up in the air. Could get better as the story progresses, but I was no longer interested. The explanation for how a person who hibernated for so long could get up to speed so fast in the modern socially connected world wasn’t good. It kept nagging at me and was irksome enough to be the primary reason for dropping it. The second being the slow pacing. It just wasn’t for me. <<less
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Sep 30, 2023
Status: c170
I am kind of surprised by the amount of high reviews and rating.

I dropped it as I found it over all tedious. I admit that at times it seems rly good and interesting but as story progressed it just seemed to dig a deeper pit for itself.

Not a fan of the characters. They both seem dull to me.

Not for me.
2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Jul 07, 2023
Status: c37
8/15/2023: regarding Rainbow..
So... I see your feelings are hurt that I shared my opinion of the story with other people. I see you're a fan of the story and want to support it, but that's no reason to attack me. It is not OK. As a reader, my opinion is no more BS than yours.

Also I must applaud Shortk for explaining things so well. Thank you.

... more>> ---Story review below---

This was boring. The relationship may be interesting, but the world setting and events are slow and not meticulous enough. Too many missing points.


The characters aren't fleshed out.

Nonsense bits sprinkled around. Maybe it was for word count or maybe it was poor translation, not sure.

Illogical and inconsistent explanation for how yin is able to integrate into society.


Good looking characters. <<less
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Jan 26, 2024
Status: Completed
The story is so good. It is like a collection of spices and other ingredients that blends perfectly to make a good dessert with rich aftertaste. Right amount of comedy, sadness, horror, mystery, love and familial relationship.

The story is coherent and every small plots and details tied together beautifully. It is a long story and it is difficult to remember all the details.

A big shoutout to the translator who summarised the arc, at the end of each arc so that we can follow the story without any confusion.
1 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Jan 12, 2024
Status: Completed
Fun, addictive, cute. There's just enough mystery and twists to keep you engaged the whole time. There's tons of connections, which I might have missed if the translator didn't point them out. It is quite a long book - I felt like I was bingeing it but still took almost a week to finish.

I love how casually good the MC is. His laziness, but empathy and desire to help others if possible perfectly represents how I think most people are (or want to be). You don't have to be a... more>> saint to do good in the world.

The ML is also adorable. I love how simple his logic is and how straightforwardly he does everything. The way he and the MC develop feelings for each other, and then get together, feel so authentic, with just enough worry and angst to realistically represent their situation. They talk through their troubles and try to support each other and share the most important parts of themselves with each other. It was such a lovely relationship to witness (even if it's only fiction).

The side characters and their stories are also really well crafted. I found myself weeping at one point when reading one of the side character's backstories. The way the author flashes back to events or does big twist reveals is sometimes awkward, but honestly pretty effective regardless.

While the plot was thrilling and seemed really well thought out, I do think the author missed an opportunity to make meaningful commentary about the state of emotions in modern life. However, the framework she proposed for the world was really interesting and so well fleshed out.

Overall, I loved this book. I think I'm becoming a fan of this author and translator! <<less
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Dec 28, 2023
Status: Completed
This story is just so so so good! I love it. The translation is awesome and the characters, plots and world building all were fantastic. The whole story would make a great series. There’s alot of reviews already, so I won’t say much. Just that I love all the characters, storylines and the whole small interconnected arcs all came together.A very awesome read for me. I have an enjoyable time reading it. Highly recommend. Tq
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Oct 20, 2023
Status: Completed
Storyline and characters are very thoughtfully written, and I've enjoyed everything by the translator that I've read. As with all of the author's other novels I have seen, there are philosophical explorations made in a more lighthearted manner- the developing relationships between the leads.

Characters: I love her characters- each one plays an important role no matter how fleshed out or not they are, or how "unlikeable" they would be to the main characters or to standard societal standards.

Plot: I found it fun- I enjoyed the cases; they aren't anything super... more>> spectacular but they play a purpose and I find them to be generally meaningful. Most cases give me a feeling of a thought experiment, but framed in a manner that develops the MC/ML's relationship. Some reviews have talked about horror- honestly it depends on your threshold and what themes you find horrifying. For me, I didn't find anything that I would stick a bright red notice on in terms of what I tend to get scared by, but I also find this somewhat Lovecraftian style (not an expert in true Lovecraft so please don't quote me on genre placement) more thoughtful, dramatic, and fun than horrifying. There are tinges of horror themes and some gory elements, but this novel was not meant to be in the horror genre.

Pacing: Can be slow, but I thought it was tastefully done. You do have to be in a mood to just chill, enjoy, and maybe think a little bit. <<less
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Sep 29, 2023
Status: Completed
This was a rabbit hole...

I say this with good intentions because it was so hard to see where the plot was going. It sure did give me New Times, New Hell vibes—which is interesting enough for me already. I like stories that mesh old-fashioned traditional concepts with modern approaches. Or in other words, I like when centuries-old ghosts fiddle with cellphones.

MC wakes up after a thousand-year nap. We know he’s not human & that he’s probably packing one hell of a punch. Add in our OCD king of a... more>> male lead & the setting of working together in a paranormal investigation corporate company... I had no idea where this was heading.

Overall, this story was a total web of intrigue, mystery, & a sweet slowburn that had my heart sobbing. Ghosts & plot aside, I adored the main CP. It’s a great example of truly being made for the other person. What MC embodies is what ML lacks & they complete each other perfectly. It’s a relationship that incites growth & I am absolutely for it.

My favorite moments:


I’m tied between the whole chocolate & minty wipes gift trade as well as yamaglad vs yamagald. Both were memorable for different reasons lol

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