Mr. Melancholy Wants to Live a Peaceful Life


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Yu Hua loses his job, and the weight of the household falls on the shoulders of his partner, You Zhengping. 

His husband is a temporary employee at the subdistrict office, with a monthly salary of only 2500; this troubles Yu Hua exceedingly.

You Zhengping is secretly engaged in the work of protecting the world from Destroyers, with a rather liberal subsidy. 

You Zhengping spends all day fretting: how can he tell Yu Hua that he has a few million in private savings without giving anything away? 

Right up until the day that You Zhengping receives a notice that a power great enough to destroy the world has appeared in his home. 

Worried that something will happen to Yu Hua, an ordinary person, You Zhengping hurries home with his team. Once through the door, he sees a peaceful home, Yu Hua wearing an apron, a lifted frying pan in his hand, and a fish, golden on both sides and its aroma wafting around, frying in the pan. 

Seeing You Zhengping, Yu Hua puts the frying pan on the switched-off electric stove and wipes his hands on his apron. “I wanted to save on the electricity bill.” 

You Zhengping: …

The entire world’s most awesome Destroyer is his husband. 

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Quý ngài sầu bi muốn sống bình yên
ชีวิตของพวกผมสงบสุขจริง ๆ นะครับ
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otpsfloat rated it
August 28, 2020
Status: Completed
It's so good!! Complicated plot that doesn't make my head spin around + soft fluff + a focused story on MC and ML with well-developed side characters WITHOUT the story veering off into a story about the side characters.

Our MC is a "saboteur" --> a transmigrator. He has a bit of a "black bellied" personality. The setting of the story is in a world where transmigrators that enter the world are a threat and wreck havoc in the world, hence the name "saboteur". The plot of the novel is intricate... more>> and original. There are also several deep themes and thought-inducing events that happen. The dialogues, character settings, and story for each character are interesting and well-thought out. Everything has a meaning (we slowly find that out later on).

I was a bit hesitant with the "seme protagonist" setting (MC is the gong) but actually there isn't much emphasis on their "differences" so to speak. MC and ML's personalities are more on the OP side than anything, which I loved.


The back story: There is a system who is trying to take over all the worlds. The system binds transmigrators and sends them to different worlds to cause chaos and wreck the "world's laws", then eats up the energy and becomes more powerful. MC was a transmigrator who peaked and the system granted him a wish. MC wished to live in peace as a normal person and have a normal person's life. MC is sent to the current setting's world where he seals his powers and meets ML.

The current world is a world that the system has never managed to eat up successfully. Every so often, transmigrators are sent over to try to cause destruction. Over time, an organization was formed --known as the guardians, to battle against these transmigrators (called "saboteurs") and protect the world. The guardians tried to interrogate saboteurs before, but the saboteurs would "blow themselves up" (because of the system) before they could tell the guardians about the system. Most members of the guardian organization have abilities (think of abilities similar to apocalypse stories, like metal, water, fire, space, mental, healing, etc). ML (who is the shou) is a guardian who is quite powerful. ML is the leader of the team who guards the district they live in.

Story starts with MC and ML already married, but neither knows of the other's identities. Saboteurs are sent with a new mission (that the system said would give them great benefits upon completing) to kill the mission target (a.k.a. MC) . Some saboteurs know of the legendary saboteur who cleared a bunch of levels and left (a.k.a. MC). Cue scenes of MC and ML with the guardians interacting with the saboteurs.

Eventually it builds up to battling against the system once and for all. Throughout the plot, we are fed with lots of dog food.


Quite easy to MTL. A plus is that the names were fairly consistent throughout MTL. <<less
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AbsoluteMeowster rated it
October 20, 2020
Status: c78

I really have mixed/negative feelings about Yu Hua (the MC). Like, his love for his husband is admirable, but he's really a huge d*ck to his employees. In real life, he's deplorable and would be the boss who employees hope every day to be killed. I know it's played to comedic effect, but at some point it's too much. He barely treats them as people, taking all their pay (even though he has millions in the bank) and making them eat expired noodles or starve. As an employee in the... more>> workforce, it really disturbs me. That, and he cares about his husband TOO much? Like,

Zhen Li is delivering earth-shattering (literally) info for a huge and consequential fight, but here's Yu Hua calculating the time that his husband gets to spend at home.

He cares nothing that people might die. I get that it's his character, but at this point it's beyond obsessive and gone straight to the creepy side. That, and his whole shebang and why he's one of the 'good' guys is that he 'cares' about people. He definitely does not. AND DIRECTOR HA.

Director Ha/192 was a Destroyer (enemy) turned into a dog by Yu Hua.

I understand he did horrible crap, but he thought it was all a game. Everyone's played games where they were dicks to NPCs, whether slaughtering them for rewards because we were told to or just messing with them because we were bored, and 192 was the same as us. I know I'm a d*ck in SIMS, but I am because it's a game, and the characters aren't real. 192 was just trying to clear a mission he thought of in a game. This slow degradation of his personality and soul is beyond torture at this point. Yu Hua is just reveling in his pain, in the slow erosion of this guy's entire life and existence as a person. We talk about people being treated like dogs, but 192 has gone beyond this point. It's disgusting and disturbing to read about Yu Hua's interaction with 192. Death would be a blessing to 192 at this point, because 192 has lost his entire meaning to life. At least he would die with some recognition of himself as a person.


I've been reading this everyday now, mostly due to boredom, but I don't know if I will continue. Stories are supposed to be enjoyable, and while I like a good anti-hero and all, I think Yu Hua is beyond even the anti-hero trope. Anti-heroes are supposed to have some redeeming quality about them, some shining light to their character (hence the 'hero' part of anti-hero). But Yu Hua crosses the line into just reading about a psychopath. He genuinely disturbs me, and all I think about when I read about him is serial killers and sociopaths. They're exactly like him - obsessive, with little regard for people, a deep lack of empathy, and a disturbing love of torture and pain.

The plot is good and the translation is terrific, so the three stars come from there. The characterizations of the secondary characters are amazing, just the MC is messed up. A bad MC can make or break a story, and for me, it broke the story. I don't think I can stomach any more of this. <<less
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idlehands rated it
November 20, 2020
Status: c55
I want to highlight the positive aspects first.

The "seme protagonist" tag is very misleading, there is no "seme" and "uke" in this story, the couple is manly and willing to switch, MC has feminine and masculine traits, just like the ML.

And while MC is the one who seems to usually top, it was clearly stated that it's only because ML likes to be "lazy", but he wouldn't be opposed to topping, neither is MC opposed to being the bottom.

It's quite sad that one of the few realistic couples in Yaoi... more>> still gets the seme/uke label.

The characters are wonderful, some are a bit cliché but not to a degree that would make them walking stereotypes, they are pretty flashed out, seem real and likable.

ML is your typical righteous type, he has flaws that make him less perfect in other aspects, so his overly righteous attitude isn't annoying or overwhelming but a believable part of his character.

MC is a wonderfully done morally "grey" person, he has his principles yet isn't unwilling to use violence and force to get what he wants, his priorities are clear.

He has yandere tendencies that fit his character very well and only shine through when the situation calls for it, usually he's just jealous quickly, but ready to destroy everything that really tries to get between him and ML.

It's nice to see that the author didn't pull the "good person despite it all", MC had to be cruel and violent to survive, that's something you can't avoid in this kind of environment, and it's nigh impossible to change back to your former self. Kudos for that.

His OPness makes perfect sense and is implemented in the right way, instead of hindering tension or being there just to make things easier, it's the sole reason why the story even exists.

Worldbuilding is excellent as well, it has enough detail and depth to be tangible, without too many unnecessary nuances that don't play an important role.

It's the pacing and execution that ruins it for me.


Even at chapter 56, MC's real identity still isn't out in the open, he desperately wants ML to find out, then goes and does so much unnecessary stuff to conceal it further, turns around and whines about ML's ignorance.

He wants to live a peaceful life, but when other levelers come to make trouble, he doesn't simply gets rid of them but makes grand plans that often involve the lives of other people, even ML's, for childish things like "I want to feel protected by my husband".

It just doesn't make any sense.

There's a lot of dissonance, just like with ML, who's normally an intelligent person, but overlooks everything and lies to himself because he doesn't really want to know, ultimately dragging it out even more.


A lot of the chapters are plain fillers, you could cut 20% of those 55 chapters and nothing important would have been lost, but it would spare the reader all the tedious, inconsistent, and redundant sections.

To me personally, it feels like the author tried to stretch the story artificially instead of organically, it's annoying and boring enough for me to lose interest and skim through at least half of every chapter instead of earnestly reading it.

I'm not sure I can bring myself to continue, but if you don't have a problem with these aspects, or don't mind to skim through parts that aren't interesting, then you'll get an unique take on the whole "system" business, with a realistic, manly couple and lovable characters. <<less
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OhMyKokoro rated it
September 19, 2020
Status: Completed
It was a satisfying read for me.

Contrary to how it may appear in the synopsis, the discovery of each other's identities (the MC and the ML) was not in any way accidental or sudden for the sake of advancing the plot.

The author knew how to let the reader feel the emotional path of the characters (both the main characters and the secondary characters) and the reasons behind their actions, without letting them suddenly get out of their configuration without a good previous growth for it. Each character had their own... more>> goals, motivations, and thoughts that made them attractive in their own way.

The relationship between the main characters was very nice to read without going overboard. Each had a stable trust and mutual respect for the other, the latter ranging from physical to emotional well-being, even if each had defects or certain not very good personality traits, they did not let that affect their romantic relationship or rather they welcomed those flaws in a range in which both could accept them. Even throughout the novel they always discovered details of the other (it is impossible to know all the details of a person's life even if it is your partner) that the other party would not let see with the naked eye and without proper observation, care and analysis.

The dog food was for the most part the demonstration of concern, care or signs of sincere affection between them, without becoming excessively uncomfortable for the secondary characters (as it usually happens in other novels) or cutting the line of tension in the scenes important. All of this makes their interactions sweet and smooth.

While in terms of power each of them was OP in their own way, it was not excessive to the point of making the novel boring and predictable. Each character's ability had its restrictions in terms of power, range, and knowledge of their own ability. And having an organization as standardized as the one to which the MC belonged, most of the battles of the characters had a prior preparation and strategic analysis based on the observation, expertise and records of them and their predecessors.
Of course, we have to get the MC out of that equation, but even he had the restriction of hiding his identity in the beginning and foreseeing the range that all things would affect in his calm life with his lover.

Each character was memorable and distinguishable, even I got to have several ships because of the great interaction between them.

After swimming in these deep waters for so long, my tolerance line for certain things has dropped to almost vanish, but for the same reason I have my well-defined tastes regarding what I like, what I tolerate, what I don't care about and what I hate. While this novel did not satisfy my dark tastes (see such as the misunderstandings with the dramatic approach of dog blood, confinement with unwillingness, among other things) it satiates the healthy tastes and makes me smile at certain parts of the story.

If you want a novel that is not so heavy, but also not so meaningless in its plot and character development. This is your novel for you. <<less
26 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
wistful rated it
May 2, 2021
Status: Completed
I adore this authors humor, but it's a little hard to describe. It's almost absurdist comedy or something akin to a farce, where you characters are absolutely serious in their decision making while coming up with ridiculous over-the-top plans. You as a reader are aware of how ridiculous things are, but all the characters treat it with utmost sincerity.

Where you as the reader are completely aware of everything that's happening, and your enjoyment comes from watching the characters fumble around, misunderstanding, all while building up a sense of anticipation and... more>> suspense as you wait for the characters to finally figure things out.

I love how she's also used this type of humor in her other work like Devil Venerable Also Wants to Know, so I think this is something of their trademark.

Because that's the style of this novel, you already know this isn't a story you're supposed to take super seriously. The characters do silly thing because this is ultimately a lighthearted comedy. You have the main couple who are hopelessly in love with each other, all while trying to hide secrets. You have fun secondary characters who get "bullied" and "exploited" or even

turned into literal dogs.

The plot is well developed, dialogue is fun and witty. It's ultimately a very fun and enjoyable novel. <<less
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calledout rated it
September 7, 2020
Status: Completed
ruined my sleep schedule for this. I love the multiple perspectives that we see here, the unreliable narrator, how we learn more about our protagonist through the lens of others, the steadfast relationship between our main couple. The adamant character goals and settings throughout the novel, which never really wavered -- a consistent plot and characterization is a blessing

usually im not one for "gong protag" or whatever but this was a really enjoyable read. The main couple honestly could be switches. The protagonist just was completely my favorite. I will... more>> admit I have a lot of guilty pleasures that line up with his personality traits, but unlike other seme protag novels ive read, the MC's narrative voice was just so refreshing. It wasnt blandly dominating and "gong", if that makes sense. You can really tell he is head over heels for his husband. The fact that its sort of an unreliable narration in that you dont really see some of his more penetrating personality traits until you read other characters insights rly was a treat.

the story did tend to drag on for me around the latter half because I just wanted to sit and read about their romance and relationship and less about the admittedly fantastic plot and worldbuilding and cast of characters, which I chalk up to the fact that I read this all in one miserable/euphoric night and now im dead tired but 0% regretful. So I was a little rushed, which was a shame <<less
18 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
mucheng rated it
November 30, 2020
Status: Completed
This is one of my favorite types of stories—cute dumb characters doing cute dumb things while a giant apocalyptic plot looms in the background and you pick up a few heartwarming, bittersweet life lessons along the way. I enjoyed every moment I read this novel. What I also really enjoyed was that all the characters had (very obvious) flaws and evidently had characteristics that might not have been very acceptable to outsiders (which is pointed out several times in the novel by other side characters), because of how each character... more>> is, the development and growth they all experience together and their innate characteristics make their relationship much healthier and supportive than it sounds out of context.

Also I highly relate to Zhen Li. I'd be equally as useless as him bc if I were ever stuck in an survival game setting like the System I'd focus on a giant wardrobe and being able to eat a lot without gaining any weight instead of actual useful things lmao <<less
15 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Potatoxxcake rated it
June 6, 2022
Status: --
You Zhengping: I’ve managed to meet a person who cooks well, likes washing dishes, and likes doing housework. I can’t let him get away. I’ll chase him all the way to the ends of the universe if I have to!

Yu Hua: I’ve managed to meet someone who wants a little dark room. Take him to the ends of the universe, and he still wants a little dark room!

this is what find most appropriate to describe their relationship. Both are flaw but they accept each other and match well. If just... more>> one of them alone, y’all probably call them toxic trait but surprisingly they match and have the most healthy relationship I’ve seen. <<less
14 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Avabliss rated it
January 4, 2021
Status: c93
Bit annoyed with some of the reviews and how they shade the story, so I decided I'd write one - I think it's very good. It's not exactly a very "BL-like" or a romance focused one, but this was a story, where the main characters happened to be gay. I think this is one of the stories which would slowly change the perspective towards BL and GL novels, that one day they wouldn't need to be considered a separate genre because of the nature of characters' orientation. That's how I look at this novel because there's so much substance to the story, a lot of gradual but definite character and plot developments - The pacing is quite realistic and enjoyable. Two things I found especially remarkable - First the world-building, - it was something really unexpected and amazing. The concept of powers, the responsibility they carry along with their powers, their worlds, it was all very well done, it was quite satisfactory and I didn't find any major plotholes or even any. Some scientific ideas are approached, and it's really nice because the author clearly went and made the extra effort to explain, and connect everything, so kudos to them. And secondly, the main characters' dynamics and character development. And how a lot of characters have many different experiences and lives, it's really good too. Small spoiler about the ML:


Truth be told, overall this novel would have gone in a very somber route if the male lead, You Zhengping wasn't present. I just couldn't help but imagine a lot of those events without his existence. But also his negative character development - he was turning into a worse person with the influence of his husband, all of them are human flaws and completely understandable. But his ideals don't change.


If there is a con - there is a very obvious lack of females here, if not for the occasional reminder that some of them have female fans, I sometimes thought that only men existed in the world lol No main character concretely placed from the beginning is a female. A small point which I liked:


A lot of people seem to forget the fact that MC is definitely not a human anymore, with enough gene adaptions to completely take him away from the 'human' category, which some of the characters even remarked. Nice addition I liked


Translation quality was excellent, one thing I struggle with Chinese novels is when pronouns get mixed up and you don't know who's doing what, but I never faced any of those issues reading the translation, the names and pronouns were super clear. Flow was good, there were proper footnotes. A simple but convenient website!
10 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
drollawake rated it
September 29, 2020
Status: Completed
Edit: Contrary to my original review, the novel avoids having too much brainless netizen chatter when many other authors would use the setting as an excuse to do more. The main character does not become a celebrity but he does manage a bunch of them. Netizen talk pops up only when those characters are in the middle of doing their jobs.

Much of the humor comes from (1) the protagonist hiding in plain sight as the people around him point away from him and (2) the reversal of status in how... more>> the seemingless ordinary protagonist bosses around the people with superpowers.

The novel is also great at conveying the depth of their love for each other be it through the various misunderstandings out of concern for the other, or through their trust in each other despite what the plot throws at them.

Original (ch 13) :


Alas, this is not for me. I'm tired of seeing brainless netizen chatter in my BL novels.

I had inklings when it came out of nowhere in chapter 7, but now one of the main characters is on his way to becoming a celebrity. I was looking forward to seeing how they would defeat the System but I'm not interested in hearing from faceless randos who serve as the author's vehicle for some nebulous court of public opinion, especially when they exist only to gush over the main characters' beauty.

Maybe let your readers do the gushing instead of artificially engineering a "cutesy" moment by having someone else explicitly say that it's cute or whatever? This is just another version of a writer telling instead of showing.

P.S. This is not the only novel guilty of doing this. I'm merely disappointed that a novel with such a strong start went in this direction.

9 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Ha-Ha rated it
January 18, 2021
Status: extra 3
It’s an excellent novel really. I recommend it 10/10.

The gradual unfolding of the plot, the foreshadowing and of all things, lovely characters. Everything you’d want from a quality novel, this has it.

The chemistry between the protagonists and their harmonious (lol) interactions with the other characters are full of comedy.

Also, for anyone worried about s*upid antagonists, don’t worry, there’re none.

So go ahead and read this wonderful book.

8 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
theonlybright rated it
November 24, 2022
Status: Completed
You see the author's name, you can expect something special. It is not the usual stuff I read but I gave it a chance for the author, and oh my, I loved it. It was funny, clever and strangely romantic. The MC and the ML are very likeable. The world-building is amazing. It is one of the novels I will most definitely re-read. The translation is a cherry on top, so good!
7 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
lilacwood rated it
November 27, 2021
Status: Completed
Wow this is a gem. Unique, action-packed, sweet, and funny.

Selling points:

  • MC and ML are married and in love from the beginning. There is SO much dog food, RIP Cen Xiao
  • Props to Cyan Wings for taking a relationship dynamic that could have very easily had a really creepy power balance and somehow making it feel equal
  • The world-building, while it can get sort of exposition-heavy, is a really cool concept and overall was executed extremely well
  • SIDE SHIPS GALORE, catch me in the barrage with the other studio fans
  • The comedy in this one LANDS for me, it's so funny (shoutout to Director Ha, everything Zhen Li says and does, "back exercises", and You Zhengping's pants)
  • Huan Zixu and Feng Kui made me cry real tears with my own eyes more than once
  • The translation by E. Danglars is awesome and you can download it as a a pdf/epub/mobi too
I will say some of the world-building can get a little bulky - there's a lot to explain and the author does their best to space out all the exposition dumps, but it still drags a little in a few places. I actually put this down for a while around the 40th chapter I'm SUPER glad I came back and finished reading. This one's going on the "gold star" shelf.
7 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Melange rated it
November 16, 2020
Status: Completed
A hilarious and well-written novel about an "ordinary" guy and his similarly "ordinary" husband. Having lived a lonely life for way too long, MC seals his powers and resolves to live a normal life and find love. He marries his cute little husband and they live a perfectly ordinary life.

Until his powers start to unseal, and the world becomes chaotic again. In the process, MC and ML discover they've been hiding secrets from each other. ML learns that his crazily OCD perfect, gentle husband is actually petty, vindictive, and takes... more>> pleasure in others' suffering. At the same time, MC learns to trust ML beyond affection, understanding that it's okay to show weakness and imperfection.

Poor side characters, bwahaha. When MC makes them suffer, it's true suffering, but there's so much well-deserved schadenfreude. All in all, a very funny and great action/comedy novel. <<less
7 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
XxShining_HopexX rated it
August 30, 2020
Status: Completed
pretty good; I didn't like the main pair very much until the end. The side characters are the life of the party for me. I had so many ships and none of them were definitely realized. I was very disappointed, but this was overall a great read. I definitely recommend.
7 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
BanniNotBunny rated it
April 20, 2021
Status: Completed
Just try to bear with initial chapters and then when the plot develops you won't be able to stop.

When I first picked it up, I dropped it around 20th chapter.

Later I started to read it again

and got hooked up.

Why to read?

    • The main CP is already married and really love each other. It was love at first sight for both of them. So there is no unnecessary drama.
    • Both are OP.
    • Plot is suspensive and thrilling. It's well developed... Doesn't feel like stretched.
    • All side characters are worth mentioning. (One of few novels where side characters have actual roles)
    • Comedy... You will be laughing too hard at times. Really really funny
The only regret I have is that we don't get to peek in their *Back Strength Exercises* ;) :P

Some readers may find that ML/MC has stereotype roles. Eg. ML thinks he has to earn money to support the family; MC takes care of cooking and all the household work. But you have to know that this exaclty the kind of life MC wants. He is happy to.

Totally Recommended.
6 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
BillionJellyfish rated it
March 28, 2021
Status: Completed
As much as I enjoy reading BL stories, I struggled to finish this one.

Don't get me wrong, I really enjoyed the story itself. But the character settings of the MC and ML are a lil too stereotypical "hubby" and "waifu" for me to handle. The MC acts like a domestic housewife and the ML acts like a egotistical breadwinner.

The misunderstandings between the MC and ML also got on my nerves as the "big reveal" was dragged on and on and on. The MC and ML also lacked communication as they... more>> tend to assume, deduce, and create a variety of scenarios in their heads without actually talking about their feelings and problems with their partner.

Overall, I am not the most patient person in the world, so waiting for the misunderstandings to clear up and for the "big reveal" to happen really took a toll on my interest in the novel. <<less
6 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
reia.krr rated it
January 12, 2023
Status: Completed
Really liked this story! The side characters are so cute and I love how they slowly integrate into the world. Yuan Luori is my fave. I love the interaction between the players.

A lot of readers seem to not like the work ethics but remember this just a fictional story. Yu Hua is not a particularly caring person, keep in mind that someone who passed through so many worlds surely learned to maximize his own interests. It would be more surprising if he didn’t exploit the people around him. And I... more>> doubt the players themselves actually mind considering they didn’t even know if they would live or die before. They finally have a home.

It’s a cute and fun story and I really enjoyed it. Please just enjoy it as it is and don’t substitute real life situations in it. <<less
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Geroker rated it
September 17, 2020
Status: Completed
Review from 11 Chapters (review from end below) :

I can already give this five stars at 11 chapters, because it's already that good. Really well done suspenseful plot, really well done humor, really well done adorable dog food couple, really well done interplay of those three elements together.

And of course this novel hits a lot of my weak point, I love secret identity shenanigans, I love "normie perspective" on things like transmigrators, enjoyably OP main characters against an evilly OP system (seriously this is now my third major favorite novel... more>> with that theme), this whole novel feels gift wrapped just for me.

Review update upon completing in MTL:

I stand by my 5 stars, but the story by the end was different from what I thought in the first 11. The plot stayed compelling and suspenseful while balancing established relationship romance and humor, but...

Of the couple, the focus became very clearly only one of them, to the extent that the other got about as much development as side characters did. I'd thought based on the first few chapters the focus would be balanced between them. Instead, a lot of focus was expended on the side characters (admittedly, enjoyably).

In addition, while a comedic element remained throughout, the story overall became more serious.

And finally, as regards dog food... Well, the couple remained devoted, loyal, and loving throughout. But the relationship became somewhat more complex and a bit darker.


the main character has a very controlling, very manipulative streak. He and his partner manage to work together to achieve a healthy relationship despite that (I'm defining healthy as "works for them and leaves them both feeling supported and autonomous", not "a role model for everyone of how relationships should work"), but it is a major factor, so this isn't really a shmoopy puppy love story because there's some serious issues being navigated.


The themes of this novel, about immortality, small comforts of life, how to retain your humanity when it's being stripped away from you.... I'm still thinking about it. <<less
5 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
January 19, 2023
Status: Completed

now for my review, the first half of the story has a slice of life pace which might make some readers to feel bored but it's very enjoyable and healing to read if you've come from a novel which is angsty. All the intrigue, action and drama will take place on the second half which is a little bit overwhelming to read sometimes because of information haha

i also love... more>> the world building here and I very much applaud the author for their imagination as well as the translator for the wonderful work.

all in all, this is a must read!! The feeling of this novel reminds me of the novel MIST so if u enjoyed that novel u will enjoy this too just take note that the first half doesn't have much action compared to MIST 🤗 <<less
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