The Wrong Way to a Demon Sect Leader


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The number one swordsman Zhao Jiangui is the martial world’s best hope for peace: All he has to do is seduce the Demon Sect Leader.

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My Wandering Brother
The Birth of the Drama King
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New SuahLee rated it
April 9, 2021
Status: Completed
This story was unique and I really enjoyed it! The characters are really likable and you would feel the second hand embarrassment with the flirting. Even though the ending was too sudden. I could read another 100 chapters of these two characters. Ji Han is just way too adorable. And I like the two leads have at least some sense in them. In short, the are not s*upid and can stand up for themselves. I just wished there was more of the extra’s TT^TT
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New Ratiboise rated it
April 3, 2021
Status: Completed
Are you tired of evil Demonic Sect Leaders kidnapping and killing left and right in the name of "love"? Then this story is for you! Welcome to the land where love makes you a better person!

Here, people scheme and lie because of duty, but just want to be honest and good to each other : the righteous here is tasked with seducing the Demonic Sect Leader by his overly enthusiastic masters (they even wrote a very bad script for him), while the flustered Demonic Sect Leader just needs to deal... more>> with his own sect troubles.

It's short and simple but not simplistic. The characters inner dynamic is never lost and always makes sense. It might have been more memorable and unique if the story had taken the time to develop things properly, but it might also have lost some of it's breezy charm.

As it is, the awkward and innocent (and growing more and more sincere) flirting between two characters that respect and admire each other makes for a very funny and yet very touching story.

It has heart, and a good heart. <<less
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December 24, 2019
Status: c57
This book is the source of a great deal of second hand embarrassment for me, as the main character, a famed swordsman, spouts line upon line of cheesy pick up lines straight out of yellowing paper-backs featuring hot ripped men exposing their washboard abs, while holding another swooning individual in a passionate embrace (oddly specific I know).

Really makes you question the professionalism of this #1 Jianghu swordsman.

I oftentimes feel the need to burrow my face into a pillow and scream at their antics. Then afterwards, I always have a good... more>> laugh about it and wrap myself into a squirming burrito blanket.

But let's get back on point.

Zhao Jiangui, our MC (I'm so sorry (not) but I always read the pinyin as 见鬼 which translates to "what the hell", though his name probably, hopefully, has more elegant connotations), is a famed and skilled swordsman whose "swordsmanship is world-ranked, his appearance unrivaled, and the people of Jianghu say a swordsman of his match comes only [once] in one hundred years" (taken from chapter numero uno of the translation).

However there's been a rumor that the demon sect leader Ji Han, the scourge of the righteous factions, who ascended to the position after the death of the previous sect leader (his adoptive father), likes men. Or more specifically *waggles eyebrows* our MC, after a mole reported that he has a portrait of the MC in his possession, and hanging above his bed, no less.

Thus, the MC, who has absolutely no experience with the art of flirtation, is tasked with the job of. Seducing. The demon sect leader.

... whaaa-???

But luckily, the elders at the Haoren Alliance (which is like the martial group of righteous persons in their world?) have given him a book.


And what ensues is pure hilarity and mounds of tear choked laughter from a very easily embarrassed me. Also a very embarrassed Ji Han and a totally unflinching Zhao Jiangui (seriously man, how do you even say stuff like that without blushing?).

Like what user Shadowdrop did doth sayeth, so far, the comedic side has shone through far more than any undercurrents of angst and drama. And I say huzzah to that! ヽ (´▽`) /

But I feel there's going to be more.


Hints of it are peeking through with the details like Ji Han's status as an adopted child and possible grab for power from the not-yet-appeared biological son of his adoptive father. Along with how the MC has been accused of murdering one of his friends.

So yeah, this story is probably not what it seems on the surface.

But ending on a happy note, there's a live action drama (but of course it's watered down version) and an audio book reading!! <<less
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Shadowdrop rated it
November 2, 2019
Status: Completed
For now, it's more comedy than BL. Chapters are very short, so there is not much progress at this point. I'll rate after it's completed, but so far it looks good, around 4 stars probably.

Edit: OK, I was wrong, this novel deserves all 5 stars. But I cannot say much without spoiling, because the novel is very short.
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katiethairu33 rated it
July 17, 2020
Status: extra 5
Ended too soon but it's absolutely hilarious and moving. Weird combination. I know. But it's a light hearted comedy with a plot that somehow works really well.

The extras are great. They complete the story. Btw there's 40 of them and still only have a kiss Wuwuwu. But it's very sweet~ They are very cute together.
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rhianirory rated it
January 27, 2020
Status: Completed
cute, funny and with just a touch of mystery. It's better than half the fluff available here on NU and there are some very real moments in between all the light-hearted antics. Neither MC no ML are total idiots, though neither are very experienced when it comes to love and their fumbling will make you smile. It's not a long story even by danmei standards and the end seemed a little bit abrupt. Another chapter or two would have fleshed it out better IMO.

also, I think the drama version turns... more>> them into brothers instead of lovers and it sort of goes in a different direction than the novel; censoring and all that stuff. I can see fans of the novel version getting a bit irritated at the production company. <<less
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earlgreyt rated it
September 3, 2020
Status: Completed
Very funny novel, but regretfully, the translation is somewhat of a mess. I thank the translator for their efforts but inconsistencies all of over place make it very difficult to enjoy the novel without getting booted out of the story every other sentence.

... more>>

Pinyin like "senior brother" or "doctor" are completely untranslated, with no footnotes. Half of the titles (like literally what the character's position is in the sect) are untranslated too.

I understand Chinese and can sometimes decipher distorted pinyin, but it's impossible for regular readers to attribute any meaning to pinyin when it's pinyin. Pinyin is not English, it's a sound that has no inherent meaning in English.

Frankly, it's the same as leaving actual Chinese letters hanging around in the text, it has the exact same effect.

I'd even prefer Chinese characters because at least I'd know what they mean instead of pinyin where it could have 34 other possibilities.


Ending was somewhat of a big mess of confusion as well. I suppose the focus was on the humor/romance so none of the plots really mattered to the storyline, somewhat of a shame. The ending sounded just like the beginning with nothing that actually changed. Author dropped or left a ton of loose ends to percolate in the background. <<less
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Weiexol rated it
March 28, 2020
Status: c82
This is the first BL novel I read (only because it was "short" compared to other novels) and I really liked it ~ (≧▽≦) /~ I even listened the audio drama, but honestly I wished to see more moments between them. I don't particularly ask for smut (I would NOT refuse it (˶‾᷄ ⁻̫ ‾᷅˵)) but just a few more cute interactions :c

Zhao Jiangui's cheesy lines were so damn funny and embarrassing lmao xD Thumbs up for the elders who gave him the book! And lastly lil tsundere Ji... more>> Han... idk why but he gave me "need to be protected" vibe, he seems so cute when frustrated and the perfect person to tease hohohoho

Btw I really recommend this novel to those peeps who wants a light, cute and funny novel! You won't regret it!

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yumenokotoba rated it
June 3, 2020
Status: c82
Words cannot describe how absolutely hilarious this story is.

Almost each and every chapter had me bursting with laughter.

ZJ's straight and relentless pursuit of JH is one of kind. And LJ's tsundere response. Ah so good.

Highly recommended!
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Jan3Lauw rated it
January 10, 2021
Status: extra 10
Thank you so much for translated this novel...

Please please please translate more extra chapters of this novel..

There are 30 more extra chapters 🙏🙏

I like this novel, it has comedy, sweet interaction between MC & ML.. & good story line...
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anotherworld20 rated it
September 28, 2020
Status: Completed
I love this...
Very Funny...
Even the ending is satisfying for me...
I really missed this kind of novel....

I already finished the extra and to be honest it's better without the extra...

The main story is already perfect...I like how the ending made me laugh...
Almost every chapter made me laugh and I read the funny part a couple time...

STOP reading the review... just jump into it..
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ike_00000 rated it
February 3, 2020
Status: c68
Funny & interesting all together. It's definitely comedy, but there is a whole plot going on. The chapters are pretty short, but I've fallen in love w MC & ML already. Killer cliffhanger right now!
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DarkChocolateCherries rated it
January 24, 2020
Status: c66
I love this story! It's written with a lighthearted feel to it (not completely lighthearted; there's also the drama with the Holy/Demon Sect VS. The Righteous Sect and the MC going under cover in the ML's sect to seduce the ML.) ; you can tell that it's definitely a romantic comedy.
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Kikiji rated it
March 10, 2021
Status: Completed
The comedy and fluff were there as promised. Most of the cast were interesting, and it's a nice touch that many of the people who are mentioned throughout the story all appear at some point even when you think at first that they're no longer relevant.

However the overall plot, plot twists, and ending were all quite weak. It has a large potential to be a greater work but it didn't fulfill said potential.

I would recommend this as a light read at best, and to not expect anything too deep from... more>> it. <<less
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Chinatsu rated it
February 2, 2021
Status: --
This novel is very funny, I really enjoyed reading it. MC and ML are so innocent. The chapters are very short, which makes reading easier. I agree that the extras aren't really extras but a continuation of the story, I don't understand why the author did it, but the ending is so cute that it's worth reading the extras!
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Chichi rated it
November 4, 2020
Status: Completed
I would give this more of a 3.5, but it doesn't quite deserve a 4.

So! It's cute. I think the main pairing is sweet, the story is sweet, the tone is light and sweet, and the chapters are short and sweet. The problem is that the 'extras' aren't really extras, but a continuation of the story, which consequently ends right when things get to the juicy good parts. It's pretty disappointing at how little fluff there ultimately is for such a good pairing. What I'm trying to say is; I... more>> docked a star for not having enough of it.

The other half-star is simply for it being a bit too simple in terms of writing and plot, though it isn't completely devoid of intricacies. Again, it's basically the same problem; it needed more of itself than it had to be great.

That said, I don't regret reading it at all or anything. It's a nice and easy read, and I recommend it if that's what you're looking for. <<less
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sanlang3003 rated it
September 18, 2020
Status: extra 10
Translation: 6/10 for main story's translator. This is the translator's first attempt at translating, I believe, and I think they made such a wonderful effort. I could really feel the TL's love for the novel & I hope they continue to keep translating as I think they will only improve from here!

Story: Such a sweet & funny story! I was laughing the whole way & rooting for Zhao Jiangui & Ji Han. The chapters are super short & the story moves along at a fast pace, however I feel... more>> the characters are still fleshed out & have depth. Even though it was so short we still got glimpses into Zhao Jiangui & Ji Han's past/upbringing & how it shaped their identities in the present.

The story was light the whole way & we didn't have to tread through ten thousand misunderstandings before Zhao Jianhui & Ji Han "get together." There was minimal angst, but just enough drama & tension to keep things interesting & readers on their toes. The side characters are also fun & don't just conveniently come & go to move the plot along.

Overall, a really quick & fun read. As another reviewer said, yes, there is a lot of second-hand embarrassment! Lol but so hilarious! I would love to see a bunch of old sect elders gathered around writing a book of corny ass pick up lines. "The road to your heart...". <<less
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Bell29215 rated it
September 8, 2020
Status: Completed
It was such a fun read, in each chapter I wanted to bury my head for the shame of others when MC said so many flirting phrases sooo bad ("your torture machine" was unforgettable). Although the story is around 100 chapters, the minimums are very short and you can read it all in just a few hours.

It was a very satisfactory read regarding what I expected from the story, there was not much drama but a subsequent betrayal plot
1 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Oxbaris rated it
August 22, 2020
Status: extra 8
Waiting for the extras to be translated, but the main story is finished so I'm leaving a review.

You will laugh at every chapter either because Zhao Jiangui is saying the worst pick up line ever with the straightest face ever, or Ji Han can't find a proper way to react to such pick up line, or the secondary characters are poking fun at their relationship.

... more>>

It's all fun and games until around chapter 65 when the plot kicks you in the face. You saw that coming, you saw the knife ready to stab you slooowly approaching between a cheesy pick up line and the other... and still it hurt.


The best part of this is that... during their first meeting, almost immediately, Ji Han tells Zhao Jiangui he has his portrait in his bedroom only because he wants to fight him and defeat him, so teeeeechnically Zhao Jiangui didn't need to seduce him at all?!? He could have accepted to fight and be done with it, but he is too righteous and he gave his word to his sect so... he just vibes with the whole plan.

Everyone just... go with the flow, it's amazing. I never laughed so much reading a book. <<less
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CriTheMarshall rated it
August 2, 2020
Status: c82
This was a nice little read. Considering the length of this novel (which, do not be fooled, it may say it is 82 chapters but the chapters are really short) it was able to tell a detailed enough story with enough progression. There is no groundbreaking story with a twist at every corner but there is enough to sufficiently keep you engrossed in its narrative.

The best part of this novel is of course the comedy and the banter between the main pairing. I laughed so hard almost every chapter, though... more>> you would appreciate the humour more if you are an active romance reader.

Even though there wasn't much time for that the main pair got enough development to feel like distinctive characters. As for side characters, they do get some spotlight as well but do not expect much there.

Tl;dr A solid short light read, perfect as a breather between heavier novels you might be reading. Though it did end a bit abruptly, it seems like the extras expand on the ending and wrap up the novel more nicely. <<less
1 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Somavatey rated it
June 2, 2020
Status: Completed
It's so funny I laughed almost every chapter.
1 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Melange rated it
May 24, 2020
Status: Completed
This is a very short comedic series but it had me ROLLING. These two idiots are really made for each other and it's hilarious. Give this a shot if you're looking for a quick read and need some laughs.
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