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In the third year of the Kaihuang era, as the Sui Empire began to unfold between the fall of the Northern Dynasties and the rise of the glorious Tang Dynasty, Emperor Yang Jian created the Jiejian Bureau – an intelligence agency for strategies and conspiracies – in preparation to unify the world.

On a snowy night, a convoy of tribute from the Kingdom of Khotan was raided. Not one soul survived the attack. Feng Xiao, Second Commander of the Jiejian Bureau, was ordered by the Emperor to investigate the matter in person.

On the distant border, a storm brewed as major forces gathered from all sides in the City of Six Crafts. The strong rubbed shoulders with the strong; the skilled crossed paths with the skilled.

Here, the ever-successful Second Commander Feng ran into a wall for the first time – all because of a feeble Taoist priest with ailing health.

Some things would never be known if no fights were ever picked. Only through their skirmishes did Feng Xiao realise that this sick bastard seemed to have way more aliases and personas than he himself ever did.

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New Airisu rated it
May 15, 2020
Status: c135
I came here after Thousand Autums, and... what can I say, I was totally not disappointed! This story is wonderful, I can't wait to read more. All the characters have a place and a meaning, and the protagonists have a steady growth.

For who wants the fluff and the romance: till now (ch135), there was... almost none (but the little we saw was YUMMY). It's very slow burn, but it's absolutely worth the wait! From now on it can only become better; it builds very slowly but it's absolutely sweet. Be... more>> aware tho that their relationship doesn't start like roses and flower, actually it's very complicated and makes you wanna cry for their cluelessness for a whole set of chapters.

This novel is set in the same world of TH. The MC is a weak man, while ML is very powerful... but the similarities for the two couples ends here, cause here the MC is absolutely able to stand his ground from the start, his body condition doesn't hinder him from digging pits for the ML... which is absolutely the funniest thing ever. And overally, the two sets of MC and ML are very different from each other, they don't behave the same, so it feels absolutely fresh even if there are a bunch of similarities with TH.
The setting is not as dark as TH, but there is still a good amount of angst (which I expected from the author, thumbs up for making me suffer with joy).

Overally? A must read, if you like slow burn romance and good character growth, mixed with a good amout of politics intrigues, combat and the protagonists pitting each other all the time. <<less
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New eir rated it
May 10, 2020
Status: c133
I love this story, the translation is excellent, the humor flow so naturally, how the MC n the ML pit each other to their scheme, the romance is slow, but if you love a solid story, give this book a try
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meridianna rated it
February 2, 2019
Status: Completed
Not gonna deny, I'm sold when I knew this novel shares same universe with Thousand Autumns.

Plot is very intriguing. the murder case is just tip of icebergs, many things are hidden behind it. and full of conspiracies~
this one is a rare kind where many characters can switch sides easily, all according to their own interests and benefits. it's seen more often in seinen than yaoi tbh..

Now about CP... boy, they're so amusing. our dear CP here are actually from different bureaus, but have similar responsibilities. it's just one... more>> receives orders from Emperor directly, the other from Empress. so ofc, the fierce competitions ensued. the battles of wit between them are hilarious. I say that because basically none of them gets much advantages. it's always draw.

The shou is a sickly man. he has no martial arts, even wind can harm him easily. but his mental fortitude is the best. can endure any kind of test. also he has very wide knowledge, mostly politics and names of famous people. and is a very good strategist.

The gong is what I call in modern term; a metrosexual man. he puts much attention to appearance like changing clothes before fighting, etc. but he's also very shameless and has no real concern about dignity as long as he can get whatever he wants. he's a total narcissist. he's very confident in looks and martial arts. and God forbids, there is indeed not many people who can beat him. basically only the shou whom he regards as rival, not in martial arts, but in tactics and tricks.

I chuckled when both of them smile to each other but curses flying inside. the gong call the shou as 'dead fox'; granted the shou call him 'oleander swaying around', a beautiful and and very toxic flower. lmao. and indeed, till end they wouldn't stop bickering even though they care each other more than their own life. wtf guys...


there's part when they must work together to escort country's ambassador. shou suggests they should disguise themselves, which got approval from gong. but then he said that gong has too much appeal so he could attract enemies, he must decrease his handsomeness like dirtying face and hair, wear shabby clothes. as a clean freak, gong is very reluctant. then shou suggests another, if gong don't want to be dirty, he should disguise a woman. and OMG, gong accepts that readily, but he has one condition. he would disguise as woman but must be shou's wife. then shou regrets a bit coz his 'wife' never stops talking and make his head ache. wtf, these guys never stop.
I'm dead every time I read shou thinks gong's face is very beautiful, and perfect as long as he keeps his mouth shut. his talking destroys whatever beauty he has. and how gong always wonders why shou is very interesting though his behavior is too cold, his heart is as hard as steel, his mouth is very poisonous, his face is pale and sickly, his smile is never sincere, either it's sneer or smirk. but they're similarly willing to put their lives at stake for each other. omg yameroo.


Edit: I heard there'll be anime adaption for this by bilibili. I also check from JJWXC, yes it's true! OMG OMG 1000x <<less
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yuukine rated it
March 14, 2020
Status: c124
Wushuang is a book that is very fast paced, with highly developed main characters and story that is equally interesting as them.

Side characters are a high bonus, they have really well dynamic with their leaders and are well developed.

The comedy is peak gold, there are many parts that will make you laugh, but will also make you cry.

In a way, this is half serious, half funny book, but mostly accented on cases that Cui Buqu and Feng Xiao have to deal with, and in the meantime discover what they mean... more>> to each other, beside ruining the reputation between themselves. Their relationship is honestly so amazing, because while they both have their own quirks and morals, they don't strive to change each other so they would fit into the mold for their relationship to work. Besides that, reading of how Cui Buqu and Feng Xiao went from enemies, to associates, to close acquaintances, and finally to friends and more, is really interesting journey.

Translation is amazing, wording is wonderful and really brings the quality of MXS's writing.

This is a sequel to Qianqiu (Thousand Autumns) and certain character fates will be revealed, so if you don't want spoilers for Qianqiu, head there first, and some things will be clearer in Wushuang.

To repeat, there is no need to read QQ at all, as Wushuang can stand on it's own perfectly, but the sect relationships and sect leaders are the people you might have already met in the Qianqiu.

The ratings:

✭ Characters: 5 - absolutely amazing, extremely well done characterization, will make you cry because they are so damn good.

✭ Side characters: 4 - detailed, you get half attached even to those who appear for a while, but they don't appear too much to get attached completely.

✭ Story: 5 - logical, easy to follow, the cases are very intriguing.

✭ emotional impact: 5 - if you don't cry reading this, I have no words

✭ humor: 6 - The humor is so good, that I have ascended reading this <<less
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Jespiga rated it
February 12, 2020
Status: c45
This webnovel is simply amazing!

It was like reading Sherlock Holmes in Chinese Historical time! Ahaha!

I so love the MC and ML, they act like an old couples and it always makes me smile.

The English translation was so good as well, simple words that is so easy to understand. Keep up the good work translator!

Worth reading.
Just give it a try☺️
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Catzun rated it
September 3, 2019
Status: c1
First chapter is out! Totally good!

Bloody great tl by the wonderful peeps from the Blackbox translation team!

Can't wait to read more future updates. XD
3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Ilover rated it
April 23, 2020
Status: c128

I lovee this novel. It's world building, the plot, and of course the main characters. It is set up in the Sui dynasty in the north as our MCs travel and solve mysteries along the way in their adventures.

Cui Buqu is our very cunning MC. He has a sickly body since birth so he cannot practice martial arts. But boy do not, I repeat do not underestimate him cause people who do, well ehem. He uses his illness to his advantage and makes them think they got... more>> the upper hand.

Feng Xiao is our very gorgeous, very dazzling, and beautiful ml. His strength is in the top 10 in the whole continent. Commander of the Jiejian bureau, shameless, thick-faced, and as Cui Buqu says, peacock.

The two main characters are fleshed out and you come to understand their personalities when you read the novel. No info dump, no introduction of many characters, but a very delightful read.

The dialogue between them, the bantering between the two, (Cui Buqu's poisonous tongue will ruin you) , the mystery solving, plot building, the arcs, you will find yourself enjoying this novel as I did. Laughing out loud, feeling angst, or just straight smiling throughout this awesome piece of work.

Kudos to the translator of this novel, Dust Bunny for their awesome and high quality translation of this novel, Peerless and sharing it with us.

(5 STARS √√) <<less
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potxki rated it
April 13, 2020
Status: --
this is one of those webnovels that needs to be adapted into anime. the way the plot flows, the pacing, the dialogues, action sequence, mystery... it's so easy to imagine it as an anime. every chapter is that vivid. no scenes are wasted.

and the characters are so memorable. Cui Buqu and Feng Xiao will now have special place in my heart, lmao. Other reviews have expounded on this so I won't get into it. No 2D side characters here, either.

Anyway, believe the good reviews. this novel is worth the time.... more>> I'm just here to say....i need an anime of this. it's a waste of opportunity if it isn't adapted into one. <<less
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Nashi00 rated it
March 3, 2020
Status: c75
The story is super great! The translation is very well done so far, although there are grammar errors it's not that of a big deal at all (it's said to be rough translation and may undergo revision once the novel is finished).

I love the MC so much and how he's so vengeful lmfao.

The MC might have a sick body but he's in no way weak. His intelligence makes up for his strength 100x. Of course he's not all about intelligence, he low-key got a temper and is vengeful af. He... more>> also got strong will-power, determination, silently enduring great pain.

The ML is just what the MC describes him, anyone who sees his face and behaviour would be annoyed and want to hit him in the face. Not exaggerating. So shameless and narcissistic, it's funny I guess? Ngl, I was annoyed at him at the beginning cuz I pitied the MC but then, later on, I changed my mind. The ML is all good lmao. I mean, the MC is also very shameless... It's great.


The feeling of the MC pitting the ML is like the best. It makes me feel satisfied each time. The biggest reason I don't dislike ML anymore and can tolerate him. Basically, they like to pit each other whenever they have the chance to.


The novel giving out Sherlock Holmes vibe makes the story all better. <<less
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Icycle rated it
March 27, 2020
Status: c105
I'm only half-way through, but this is maybe the most entertaining Wuxia novel I've read. It's got intrigue, action, snappy dialogue. The main characters play off each other so well. The author infused a lot of history and detail into the novel, making it quite easy to immerse yourself into its world.
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January 21, 2020
Status: c1
I want to say that this novel is amazing! I began to read it because of a thousand autumns, but gradually I got distracted and did not even immediately remember that there was one author - these novels are very different (I love both!)
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