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On the Third-Year of Kaihuang, as the Great Sui unfolds its curtains to welcome the glorious Tang Dynasty in succession to the Northern Dynasty, Yang Jian established a secret agency, the Jiejian Bureau in preparation to unify the world.

In a stormy night filled with snow, a convoy of tribute sent by the Kingdom of Khotan was ambushed and massacred with not a living soul left behind. The Second Commander of the Jiejian Bureau, Feng Xiao came forth to investigate the case under Imperial Orders.

A gathering of storms would soon take place in a little city which sat on the frontier, called the City of Six Crafts, where all the top martial powers across the lands would meet.

The ever successful Second Commander Feng meets a dead end when he ran into a Master Daoist with ailing health.

All would be unknown if they had never crossed paths, but once their paths crossed, Second Commander Feng realized this ailing man had more secrets than himself.

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Vô Song
Wu Shuang
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106 Reviews

New PotatoCakes
Jun 18, 2024
Status: c40
Preface: at the time of writing this review, I have not read Thousand Autumns or any of this author's other works

Despite the rave reviews for this novel, I simply couldn't get into it. My biggest issue with this novel and style is how much of the characterization of the characters are "tell not show". We know the MC is supposedly the smartest person around, but nothing about his decision-making actually proves this. We're constantly told how cunning MC's plans are, when frankly, I can personally think of 20 better ways... more>> to resolve a situation. MC can bear untold amounts of pain that would bring other people to their knees, but doesn't have the will to drink bitter medicine that will actually help him heal? There's a thousand contradictions that make me question the author's intelligence and judgement.

The ML is annoying. Literally the most self-absorb narcissist you can find. This is mostly used as comic relief because otherwise, he would be the most generic OP cultivator ML. The only thing more annoying than the ML describing how beautiful he is, is the author spending every other paragraph describing how beautiful he is. I don't need reminders every chapter, I have a working memory.

The plot is bearable. It's not intelligent, but not so full of plot holes it makes your head explode. Mostly, I just dislike how half of the plot is about the MC falling over at a stiff breeze. Usually, in such stories, the side characters can bring enough humor or personality to redeem the story. However, despite ample screen time, each of the side characters continues to have the personality of a 2D cardboard cutout.


The novel is set in an alternate wuxia version of imperialist China. The MC and ML and heads of competing factions (similar to FBI vs CIA). The MC reports to the empress and is in charge of more intelligence gathering. ML reports to the emperor and is more in charge of peace keeping. In the first arc, ML capture MC. Together they solve the mystery of a mu*dered ambassador and the missing gift to the emperor he was carrying. The next arc is about solving the barbarian issue the MC was tasked with. Both arcs are unmemorable. I dropped the novel before I finished arc 2.


If I had to summarize, the main issue with this novel is how boring it is. I just can't seem to muster the energy to finish it despite being halfway through it. This says a lot considering I've finished reading all kinds of tr*sh novels for completion's sake. <<less
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New harunomasu
Jun 02, 2024
Status: Completed
A-tier (4.1 star point)

The cases are fun and engaging. But to be honest, I only like the male lead, Feng Xiao. The story itself is about Cui Buqu, so while Feng Xiao is there and said to be as intelligent as Cui Buqu, he was almost never part of the most important story or important arc plot. Too bad for me, since I really really like him. Not that I don't like Cui Buqu, but to me, he's not as mysterious and as engaging as Feng Xiao. And it's... more>> also too bad that the author make Feng Xiao's past so boring.

As mentioned above, the main character in this novel is Cui Buqu and his personal kinda "revenge" story. I think that the first part or the first act of the story is actually the most engaging. I actually paid attention a lot during the first arc. But after third arc fourth arc, it no longer gives me that appeal. It was not bad, definitely, but it's also not what makes me want to keep on reading. I have to power through, since I still love Feng Xiao, but it felt like he's just the background character. I thought there would be the emphasis of brawls and brains working together, but it's mostly just Cui Buqu being clever and nothing else.

Though I still love the plot, so despite not liking the main character, I still give it a high rating for the story itself. <<less
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Feb 02, 2019
Status: Completed
Not gonna deny, I'm sold when I knew this novel shares same universe with Thousand Autumns.

Plot is very intriguing. the mu*der case is just tip of icebergs, many things are hidden behind it. and full of conspiracies~
this one is a rare kind where many characters can switch sides easily, all according to their own interests and benefits. it's seen more often in seinen than yaoi tbh..

Now about CP... boy, they're so amusing. our dear CP here are actually from different bureaus, but have similar responsibilities. it's just one receives orders from Emperor directly, the other from Empress. so ofc, the fierce competitions ensued. the battles of wit between them are hilarious. I say that because basically none of them gets much advantages. it's always draw.

The shou is a sickly man. he has no martial arts, even wind can harm him easily. but his mental fortitude is the best. can endure any kind of test. also he has very wide knowledge, mostly politics and names of famous people. and is a very good strategist.

The gong is what I call in modern term; a metros*xual man. he puts much attention to appearance like changing clothes before fighting, etc. but he's also very shameless and has no real concern about dignity as long as he can get whatever he wants. he's a total narcissist. he's very confident in looks and martial arts. and God forbids, there is indeed not many people who can beat him. basically only the shou whom he regards as rival, not in martial arts, but in tactics and tricks.

I chuckled when both of them smile to each other but curses flying inside. the gong call the shou as 'dead fox'; granted the shou call him 'oleander swaying around', a beautiful and and very toxic flower. lmao. and indeed, till end they wouldn't stop bickering even though they care each other more than their own life. wtf guys...


there's part when they must work together to escort country's ambassador. shou suggests they should disguise themselves, which got approval from gong. but then he said that gong has too much appeal so he could attract enemies, he must decrease his handsomeness like dirtying face and hair, wear shabby clothes. as a clean freak, gong is very reluctant. then shou suggests another, if gong don't want to be dirty, he should disguise a woman. and OMG, gong accepts that readily, but he has one condition. he would disguise as woman but must be shou's wife. then shou regrets a bit coz his 'wife' never stops talking and make his head ache. wtf, these guys never stop.
I'm dead every time I read shou thinks gong's face is very beautiful, and perfect as long as he keeps his mouth shut. his talking destroys whatever beauty he has. and how gong always wonders why shou is very interesting though his behavior is too cold, his heart is as hard as steel, his mouth is very poisonous, his face is pale and sickly, his smile is never sincere, either it's sneer or smirk. but they're similarly willing to put their lives at stake for each other. omg yameroo.


Edit: I heard there'll be anime adaption for this by bilibili. I also check from JJWXC, yes it's true! OMG OMG 1000x
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Mar 14, 2020
Status: c150
Rating: 5/5

"I still have a lot of questions to ask." Feng Xiao refrained from waving his fan. To wave a fan in the mist of wind and rain, after all, was very s*upid.

Cui Buqu said plainly, "I know. That is because this story has not yet ended."

Wushuang is a book that is very fast paced, with highly developed main characters and story that is equally interesting as them.

Side characters are a high bonus, they have really well dynamic with their leaders and are well developed.

The comedy is peak gold, there are many parts that will make you laugh, but will also make you cry.

In a way, this is half serious, half funny book, but mostly accented on cases that Cui Buqu and Feng Xiao have to deal with, and in the meantime discover what they mean to each other, beside ruining the reputation between themselves. Their relationship is honestly so amazing, because while they both have their own quirks and morals, they don't strive to change each other so they would fit into the mold for their relationship to work. Besides that, reading of how Cui Buqu and Feng Xiao went from enemies, to associates, to close acquaintances, and finally to friends and more, is really interesting journey.

Translation is amazing, wording is wonderful and really brings the quality of MXS's writing.

This is a sequel to Qianqiu (Thousand Autumns) and certain character fates will be revealed, so if you don't want spoilers for Qianqiu, head there first, and some things will be clearer in Wushuang.

To repeat, there is no need to read QQ at all, as Wushuang can stand on it's own perfectly, but the sect relationships and sect leaders are the people you might have already met in the Qianqiu.


✭ Characters: 5 - absolutely amazing, extremely well done characterization, will make you cry because they are so damn good.

✭ Side characters: 4.5 - detailed, you get half attached even to those who appear for a while, but they don't appear too much to get attached completely.

✭ Story: 5 - logical, easy to follow, the cases are very intriguing.

✭ emotional impact: 5 - if you don't cry reading this, I have no words

✭ humor: 6 - The humor is so good, that I have ascended reading this
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Feb 12, 2021
Status: Completed

I think I'm speaking for many others when I say that Wushuang is one of the best BL novels out there. The plot is steady and well-paced, although at the end it may feel a bit rushed, but barely - however, the rest of the novel makes up for it. I've only read a few novels that could actually compare to Wushuang, and that's not an overstatement.
    • PLOT : ML and MC work for the Sui Dynasty, coming together to solve a mystery and threads of mu*der cases. It's very heavy on politics and is kind of confusing if this is one of your first historical BL novels. There's no dumping of the entire plot in the first few chapters, and the mysteries unravel slowly. Everything is well-pieced together and makes sense. It really gets you thinking of who might be behind all of the criminal cases. Backstories are equally as good and strong. Warning though, don't read while unfocused and sleep-deprived, because let me tell you, you will NOT understand a single word if you don't read earnestly.
    • CHARACTERS: MC and ML are equally as unforgettable and lovable. Both are polar opposites and suit each other perfectly. MC is so headstrong and I admire him for that. His personality is carved due to his past suffering, but he's still willing to love. His health is not good, but he still manages to push through all his struggles. I like how MC doesn't have to rely on an OP ML, contrasted to a few other novels. ML, on the other hand, is adorably funny and thick-skinned. The dynamics between the two are amazing. The side characters are also written and weaved into the story well, and I can name all of them, proving they just don't appear to be forgotten.
    • ROMANCE: Very slow burn, and it takes a while for both of them to realize their feelings. Although once they do, it's so unbearably sweet. MC is quite the tsundere though. They know when to separate work from romance, and that makes me glad because I've read a few novels where the MC and ML flirt while they're supposed to be figuring some serious sh*t out (which is irritating tbh). MC and ML show their affections through tiny actions and sweet gestures, and their ability to understand each other is wonderful and heartwarming. It made me so happy inside, haha.
Wushuang holds a special place in my heart, and I would say it's one of my top three novels. It's just so beautifully written that I could reread it ten times. If you like heavy plots, politics, and that slow burn fr then this is a great read for you :)
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Jan 15, 2021
Status: c45
I'm only on Chapter 45 and i'd like to get this out while it's continuing to annoy me...... If FX was meant to be the mysterious dude examining the corpses of the Khanton people that died in the first couple chapters, then... where did this sudden "mysophobia" come from, cause uhh from what I read he was definitely sniffing the dead maid servants to see what perfume they wore, plus his jacket had been tossed aside like it was nothing?? so like, was that just the author unfamiliarity of their... more>> character before settling them into a certain personality/character? plus, he was cold and indifferent at first only to suddenly become narcissistic and outlandish after CB came out of the dark palace..

But anyway. I'll be honest the constant mention of him being mysophobic only for him to not care about touching whoever or drinking from whatever but suddenly developing it when it comes to things that most people would find disturbing just doesn't make sense to me. That's not mysophobia, it's a natural feeling when, puke, corpses, or dirt in general is contact with a persons body. (dirt is general, but by it I mainly mean like, most people wouldn't care to sleep in bed that hasn't been changed. or with someone who's been out all day and didn't shower or wash up before sleeping.)

Anyway, the way my brain works, this is something that just jumps out to annoy me every time his "mysophobia" is randomly announced after cuddling up to CB or whatever. mysophobia is related to ocd in which everything needs to be neat and tidy and touching things that our outside their control of clean or neat is out of the question. so... anyway anyway other than this the story is pretty interesting, I just can't help being annoyed by this fact. <<less
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Nov 05, 2020
Status: Completed
Wushuang very easily jumped straight to my Top-3-favourite-Danmei-of-all-time, within just the first few chapters, and the other two which share this No.1 position in my list are TGCF and 2Ha. In this, the characters, plot, humor... JUST WOW! This is the PERFECT Danmei that could be adapted to a live-action! The translations are so awesome as well!

Our Gong is a narcissistic peacock, whose martial arts and beauty are unrivalled, and our Shou is a scheming, ruthless but ailing tsundere, who is the biggest mastermind under the heavens. Their relationship progresses... more>> from enemies-to-rivals-to-associates-to-partners-to-friends-to-morethanfriends-to-lovers!😍 I just loved each and every step of it, from each and every banter to each and every flirt-line! All of their exchanges are so precious, since they are all stepping stones in their beautiful relationship.

If you are still undecided on whether to read or not and are going through the reviews right now... please don't waste your time here! Go start with the first chapter and you'll understand! My only hope is for this masterpiece to get the recognition it deserves!🙏 <<less
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Jan 13, 2021
Status: Completed
A novel with an interesting plot, well-executed storyline, well-fleshed out characters, adorned with scenes full of action, intriguing mystery, and very smooth and convincing romance development. Simply a must re-read masterpiece.

Well, do I still have to leave a detailed review? The above pretty much sums up everything xD

If you think you have the time to spare, come read my essay review below for this awesome read. 5/5 score — definitely!

... more>> STORY:

All right, my fellowmen. Although the provided synopsis up above may appear overwhelming, I have to remind everyone that this story takes place in ancient China, with events and figures with close similarity when it comes to politics historically—and very importantly, please take note of the wuxia setting. Some may find certain scenes violent and utterly disturbing, but this is the very reason why I prefer historical and ancient China settings more appealing and interesting to read compared to its modern setting counterpart. Fierce and violent people tossing poetic lines, the sheer beauty of long-haired manly men with a streak of badassness, the premise of lenient and less restricted rules for cut-sleeves (a.k.a gays) so I won't make too much fuss in case one of them seem more accepting and thought to themselves: "I think I like this bro" and such since you know, such case was really not too odd back in ancient China. Coupled with mystifying skillful martial arts masters and cultivation elements... Everything is perfect. The story plot will start with the tracing and recovering of a certain jade that was originally escorted to the capital by the ambassador from Khotan to serve as tribute for the alliance but went missing along with a certain concubine, where the case will be handled by Feng Xiao, the ML. This case will not only lead to the ML meeting the MC (Cui Buqu) along the way, but also to the unravelling of the people behind a certain great organization that pose a great threat to the current reigning dynasty. If you have already read the author's other novel before titled "Thousand Autumns", I think you won't find it hard piecing out the political bodies here in the story, but if you haven't yet, don't worry because the overall plot won't focus and revolve around court politics but instead to the 'chasing' of the certain organization I previously mentioned.

And now to give my verdict in the overall storyline... What to say? I'm in love xD

Well, just like the author's other works I've previously read, Thousand Autumns, the storytelling is very detailed; compelling, as it will certainly get you hooked as it raises many intriguing pieces around the plot with each arc, and also the characters themselves. Speaking of the arcs, I liked how the author and the translator (yep, translator-san) clearly mention each and every time when and where the start and end of each specific arc. For the likes of me who prefer reading novels that stretches from 70-80ish chapters long rather than the 100++ ones unless I trust the author very well for his/her writing style, since this one has 180+ chapters, if it had not been for this clear mentions and thoroughly STILL managed to link it to the main plot, I would've dropped this a long time ago. For me, nothing waste time more than reading a bunch of fillers unrelated to the main plot and thought to yourself, "Wait, what happened to the <enter plot hole here> now? Hey, hey—hold your horses!". Thankfully, this was handled very well.

And about the pacing side, it's well-paced, and the balance between the narration of the plot and the romance side is just right. And speaking of romance, it's one of the perfect kind for me — from rivals to lovers, gradual and natural development with a pinch of heart-warming touch and a bit of angst, and finally, both are manly. Just perfect! I should remind you though, if you're looking for fluff mindlessly being scattered every few chapters, you will not find it here. Well, you see, this is a plot-driven story, but that doesn't mean the romance was just planted here to call it BL. I'm telling you, even without explicit R-18 scenes, the kissing scenes is enough to make you say, "Ahh... they are for real~".

So yeah, nothing much to criticize about. Characterization is superb (details below). Maybe I'm just disappointed that the extra chapters didn't give much... dogfood. Lol~


One of the novels—and author as well—that gives good characterization in their story.

Let's start off with the MC, Cui Buqu. He is described as sickly; whose life is like a candle in the wind. In his life, he branded himself as someone who stubbornly 'defy' fate. But beneath his seemingly weak façade, a sly fox lurks. He closely reminds me of the MC of The Lawyer, Yan Suizhi — clever and a great 'actor', will do anything within their means to achieve their goals despite their lives always hanging by a thread. And then, the ML, Feng Xiao — the narcissistic peacock. No thanks to him, for the first time in my BL-reading life, I kept on checking again and again, reassuring myself that he's the gong. I mean, forgive me for my strange preference if you find it unacceptable but I 100% deny "too beautiful for his own good" shous, especially if he's the one proactively chasing the gong. Just imagine my relief upon reading the ever so kind notes there at the bottom of the synopsis (xD). But he truly cares about the MC through and through, which I really liked about him. He just doesn't want to be the one to take the initiative or express openly his feelings first (but he always ends up doing it anyway, lol) .

Well, moving on to the characterization of the two, it's simply one of the most detailed. Character description, display of inner thoughts and monologue, and the character depth. Despite there's nothing much to say about the ML's 'clean and easy' background, the MC's is enough to make your heart break and say, "Ah, he's truly alive...". Cui Buqu will forever be one of the best MC in my list. Fire and ice; maintains a tough outer core but housing a soft heart for the people he cares for. I remembered a single line from him that he said towards the ML where my tears literally fell. Like I was so damn surprised myself and realized I was into a deep pit already (chapter 116, dare to bet with me if you're going to cry or not? ^^). Ah shit, I'm getting teary-eyed again xD.

And about the named side characters and villains, this story has one of the solid ones out there. They're very alive; definitely not some plain paper man cutouts placed just for the sake of having side characters to get the show going — well-described, has background, has personality. If you give me a pen and ask me to draw them based on how I visualize them in my head, I'd definitely do a good job in portraying them (but unfortunately, I suck at drawing so I can't give no justice, lol). The ML's subordinates are one of the best, I gotta say. Most of the hilarious scenes were 'performed' by them.


A must-read. And worth re-reading.

A story full of awesome action scenes, mystery, with a good balance of comedy and angst, and mild BL contents suitable for newbie fujoshis and those who can't handle heavy 'brotherhood' bonding. I would like to thank the translator for a job well done and for having a big heart to share this gem with us. Personally, stories with wuxia setting is one of the most difficult to MTL so I'm very glad that this is almost fully-translated.

Prepare yourself for suffocating heavy scenes caused by conspiracy and betrayals as you move close towards the end to the point you'll start to curse, "The heck, make the pain stop! How will he ever solve that many problems? You a sadist, author?!". And nah, I'm not exaggerating. I binge-read this for 3-4 whole days with little sleep, and this author was so very good in bullying me to the point I was so worried for the MC and would like to share his burden but in the end got suffocated instead, so I had to stand up and face my computer and play Ragnarok to breathe!

What I'm trying to say is: this is so damn great! I highly recommend it!

And yeah, I'm a sucker for stories with MCs with lives going to snap any moment (unsurprisingly enough, will bacome my favourites), but rest assured that this is a happy ending ^^ <<less
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Feb 27, 2021
Status: Completed
ONE WORD, PEERLESS. This story is peerless indeed, one of the best BL novels I've ever read. The plot, the setting, the cases and all the characters. I particularly love the main character and the male lead of course, they made me laugh to the point that I literally can't go on a day without seeing them bickering at each other. All the side characters are worth loving for, the girls aren't the typical damsel in distress which I love because Miaoyu and Qiao Xian literally represents women during ancient... more>> times. They are also both adorable and funny. 𝐓𝐎 𝐅𝐄𝐍𝐆 𝐗𝐈𝐀𝐎, 𝐭𝐡𝐢𝐬 𝐮𝐧𝐩𝐚𝐫𝐚𝐥𝐥𝐞𝐥𝐞𝐝, 𝐩𝐞𝐞𝐫𝐥𝐞𝐬𝐬, 𝐢𝐧𝐜𝐨𝐦𝐩𝐚𝐫𝐚𝐛𝐥𝐞 𝐂𝐨𝐦𝐦𝐚𝐧𝐝𝐞𝐫 𝐅𝐞𝐧𝐠, 𝐈 𝐥𝐨𝐯𝐞 𝐲𝐨𝐮 𝐬𝐨 𝐦𝐮𝐜𝐡, You're my favorite character in this story along with your wife. I want you to live well and be happy. I've been attached to this story and it's very saddening to end this all here, so until then— I will meet you all again next year, I will come back and reread this fascinating story. To the author, to the translators, thank you for bringing this masterpiece into life. <<less
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Vik Blot
Vik Blot
Jun 28, 2021
Status: extras 1-4
If you're wondering about whether you should read Peerless or not, I'm here to tell you, do it. Do it now. And then join my Post-Peerless suffering.

Oh my Gawd what a precious gem! What a fun read! Hard to express with words how good this novel is!

The first thing I learned about Peerless was that it has minimal romance, and so I was a bit reluctant to read. But for me, it had just the right amount of romance to keep you on your toes and thirsty for more. Breadcrumbs... more>> here and there that the author generously left for us to follow. And lemme tell you. It was worth it. So worth it in the end.

Ay the chemistry, you guys! FengCui chemistry is OFF THE CHARTS! Sizzling. Earth-shattering. Heart-moving. Breathtaking. My soul combusted several times and was regenerated only to be crisped all over again.

Every single moment, every single page, every single sentence was a pleasure to read. Every single interaction between them was pure gold. I laughed so much at their antics. I would die for these characters without second thought. Cui Buqu is precious. Feng Xiao is... well, I can't find a word to do him justice. He's peerless!

But seriously, where to begin praising this novel?! The mind games. The strategic thinking. The competition. The rivalry. The schemes. The battle of wits. Well thought-out and structured plot. Well built cases. Intelligent characters and intelligent villain. I had a blast!

There were days when I would wake up thinking about it. Nights when I neglected sleep and pushed myself beyond my limit just so I could read one more chapter. And then another one. And then another. I did not expect to love it so much. I did not expect it would be this good.

You will not regret reading this novel. But you'll probably want to die after you finish it. Or get amnesia, so you can rediscover it all over again. <<less
11 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Apr 13, 2020
Status: --
this is one of those webnovels that needs to be adapted into anime. the way the plot flows, the pacing, the dialogues, action sequence, mystery... it's so easy to imagine it as an anime. every chapter is that vivid. no scenes are wasted.

and the characters are so memorable. Cui Buqu and Feng Xiao will now have special place in my heart, lmao. Other reviews have expounded on this so I won't get into it. No 2D side characters here, either.

Anyway, believe the good reviews. this novel is worth the time.... more>> I'm just here to say....i need an anime of this. it's a waste of opportunity if it isn't adapted into one. <<less
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Mar 31, 2021
Status: Completed

You really in no need to write a review, because the author already done it for you - it is Peerless.

Peerless plot, peerless characters, this novel is just magnificent.

... more>> I don't like heavy political plots, so does detective stories - both of them have too much unnecessary and heavy information that is little related to the characters. This is really too boring to read, makes you wanna skip half of the novel.

Here, on the contrary, the author managed to make politics and detective cases to be both compact and easy to perceive. They are not dragging the plot, but (as it should be) helping it's smooth development. Well, peerless.

The second reason - the main couple is equal in strength. The is no godlike ML in the end of the story, while MC is just struggling to stay around - nope, that are both strong and synergies with each other. Plus there is a good pitting humour) <<less
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Apr 06, 2023
Status: --
This poor review isn't because the story isn't good. It's because the translation quality isn't up to the writing quality. I made it to chapter 67, but it's as awkward and headache-inducing as reading MTL, almost entirely incoherent. Meng Xi Shi is an excellent author. I hope a better quality translation is made, to do justice to the author's skill.
8 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Jul 14, 2020
Status: c73
So glad I decided to read this novel despite its 'incomplete' status. I particularly registered today just to write the review for this novel and translation work.

It's truly par excellence when it comes to quality of English translation, when one considers the numerous translation works out there. The sentence structure make sense, with least number of grammatical errors. This is especially true for Arch 1 - the editors have done a great job; one can't even find a typo! That's saying something in this line of work, isn't it? Arch... more>> 2 is also similarly well edited, but one or two chapters have problem with tense - one supposes that editors couldn't smoothly iron out how write it in present tense, which is quite understandable, but after the superb quality of Arch 1 this comes as bit of a let down. Arch 3, which I'm currently at, has most number of editing issues - making me itch to edit the hell outta of it BUT they do seem to have a good editor team in place. I suppose it's work in progress for editor team. But one only feels that way because of high bar set by the Arch 1! :) When is comes to the novel, the plot line is very interesting - the world building from author is very sound and whilst one might feel it drags a bit here and there when compared to other novels of similar setting - trust me, it only indicates the dedication and foresight of the author, which is a Very good thing.

The two main protagonists - Cui Buqu and Feng Xiao are really well written and fleshed out from the very start of the story. Which is admittedly quite refreshing and hooks in the readers from get go - both of them are intelligent and cunning, with hidden depths and not so hidden intent to dig pits for each other!

From the very opening it's made clear that one is dragon amongst men, while the other is a very sickly, frail person who gets ill frequently and bedridden for days together - But that perfectly highlights the powerful mind and strong will that is hidden under his sickly appearance. This character takes the reader, and his opponent (who is Peerless both in martial arts and handsome looks) on a joy ride, leading us by the nose all in accordance to his game plan, thus establishing that he's not someone to be trifled with. He may be frail and sickly with not an ounce of knowledge about martial arts or the aptitude for it, but he has the mind to play everyone like a pawn in his chess game. This very juxtapose is what makes both characters Peerless in their own way, neither below nor inferior to the other, which is rare in BL novels.

I won't delve into the plot line, owing to the fact that many in this comment section have superbly summarised it; I'd only briefly touch upon it - it's about two secret agencies who have been competing with each other for recognition since their inception even though both have equal power and importance. Both are established by the ruling monarchy - the widely known agency is established by the Emperor whilst the other, shrouded in secrecy - living up to its name and purpose - is established by the Empress. In their constant battle of comeuppance for recognition, they are finally forced to join hands for a very important case regarding mu*der of an ambassador who's on his way to establish a treaty between their two kingdoms. From there on the commanders of the two agencies latch onto each other for their own benefits all the while trying to snatch the glory from under others nose.

Really want to give 5 stars but I have a premonition that from Arch 3 the editing will only get sloppy. A case of failing to live up to its own high standards. But it is indeed too early to say, for I'm not even halfway through! <<less
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Apr 23, 2020
Status: c128

I lovee this novel. It's world building, the plot, and of course the main characters. It is set up in the Sui dynasty in the north as our MCs travel and solve mysteries along the way in their adventures.

Cui Buqu is our very cunning MC. He has a sickly body since birth so he cannot practice martial arts. But boy do not, I repeat do not underestimate him cause people who do, well ehem. He uses his illness to his advantage and makes them think they got... more>> the upper hand.

Feng Xiao is our very gorgeous, very dazzling, and beautiful ml. His strength is in the top 10 in the whole continent. Commander of the Jiejian bureau, shameless, thick-faced, and as Cui Buqu says, peacock.

The two main characters are fleshed out and you come to understand their personalities when you read the novel. No info dump, no introduction of many characters, but a very delightful read.

The dialogue between them, the bantering between the two, (Cui Buqu's poisonous tongue will ruin you) , the mystery solving, plot building, the arcs, you will find yourself enjoying this novel as I did. Laughing out loud, feeling angst, or just straight smiling throughout this awesome piece of work.

Kudos to the translator of this novel, Dust Bunny for their awesome and high quality translation of this novel, Peerless and sharing it with us.

(5 STARS √√) <<less
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May 15, 2020
Status: c135
I came here after Thousand Autums, and... what can I say, I was totally not disappointed! This story is wonderful, I can't wait to read more. All the characters have a place and a meaning, and the protagonists have a steady growth.

For who wants the fluff and the romance: till now (ch135), there was... almost none (but the little we saw was YUMMY). It's very slow burn, but it's absolutely worth the wait! From now on it can only become better; it builds very slowly but it's absolutely sweet. Be... more>> aware tho that their relationship doesn't start like roses and flower, actually it's very complicated and makes you wanna cry for their cluelessness for a whole set of chapters.

This novel is set in the same world of TH. The MC is a weak man, while ML is very powerful... but the similarities for the two couples ends here, cause here the MC is absolutely able to stand his ground from the start, his body condition doesn't hinder him from digging pits for the ML... which is absolutely the funniest thing ever. And overally, the two sets of MC and ML are very different from each other, they don't behave the same, so it feels absolutely fresh even if there are a bunch of similarities with TH.
The setting is not as dark as TH, but there is still a good amount of angst (which I expected from the author, thumbs up for making me suffer with joy).

Overally? A must read, if you like slow burn romance and good character growth, mixed with a good amout of politics intrigues, combat and the protagonists pitting each other all the time. <<less
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Jan 16, 2023
Status: Completed
I love it. 5 stars recommended.

This novel hits all the buttons for me.

Enemies to lovers. Check.

... more>> A+ quality bantering and pitting each other. Check

A relationship of equals. Check

It takes time for them to fall for each other (it’s a slow burn people) but when they do, they will do anything to protect the other. Check

The plot with all the cases and all it’s intricacies is pretty solid. I am definitely somebody who likes a good plot before anything else. The story is based on the backdrop of real history which adds an interesting twist to it I feel.

But for me this novel’s peerless-ness is achieved by Cui Buqu and Feng Xiao. They are the perfect seasoning to the plot! Their interactions are hilarious. Those couples who bicker and scheme together, stay together.

Cui Buqu... that scheming intelligent mind and sharp mouth. I love him. He is a sly fox with too much pain tolerance and enough brains to take entire empires down. He might seem cold, but his heart is warm. His past made my heart hurt and made me respect him even more for the person he is!

And Feng Xiao... as he himself would say how can you not love somebody as peerless and beautiful as him. Our narcissistic oleander fairy is precious. Intelligent, martial arts prowess unrivalled. Easy going guy but when he becomes serious (fans self)

I just love how their characters are written. The two powerful Commanders of the Sui Dynasty. They really couldn’t have loved anybody else except each other. Honestly, this novel has very little romance, but the relationship was so solid. Because there is little of it, the moments where it happens is everything.

Feng Xiao couldn’t help himself smiling. “Their virtue is... when they scold people.”

Yang Jun: “???”

Feng Xiao: “They also like to scheme behind everyone’s back.”

Yang Jun: “???”

Feng Xiao: “They’re cold and bad-tempered; and if you caused them even a minor loss, they will swear to god to return the debt to you tenfold.”

Yang Jun was suspicious about it. “Are you sure you are speaking of the person you like, and not an enemy?”

Feng Xiao gave him an impossible look. “All my enemies are dead, but this person cannot die. I want them to live their life in perfect health, and to live as long as a hundred years.”

Yang Jun nodded his head. “I understand it now. You don’t like someone who is submissive to you, you love those that oppose you at all times around the clock. This is what we call masochism.”

Feng Xiao: “... ”

Did I mention how much I love this novel!!! <<less
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Aug 11, 2021
Status: Completed
I just love this book. MC is one of my favorite MC to read. Even though he has a weak body, his sheer determination and intellect make you awe him.... more>>

Even when the situation looks hopeless he can turn them around with a few words. It was so cool when the enemy's army was surrounding him, he was drinking tea. Then two sentences made the dude crumble in defeat. Even though he was a weak body, his aura and intellect make enemies bow in defeat.

He might be cunning and ruthless, but it makes sense with enemies left and right trying to harm the empire. There were many moments you felt anxious about if he'll make it out alive. I feel there needs to be a sequel since the ending was left open-ended. The side characters and villains aren't 2-D and have depth. It takes a while for them to realize their feelings for each other, but there is the type of I'll die for you. The mystery and conspiracies with foreshadowing, in the beginning, make it difficult to put down this novel. The ML is a huge narcissist but has the ability to back it up. I love how they bicker and try to pit each other. I just can't put into words how amazing the plot and characters are. Don't let the historical setting dissuade you from reading this novel. If you're a mystery lover and like to read fleshed-out characters with interesting world settings then this book is for you.

I kinda wish

that we can read about the Zhouyue vice commander 1 and 2 backstory because they are interesting characters. I just want to read more about fake monk because his fighting style feels so cool. In the end, the ML promised to fight this dude after 3 years and I kinda want to see what will happen. There are no papapa scenes in the book, but a lot of steamy kisses.

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May 16, 2021
Status: Completed
Definitely one of the smartest character. It's a nice wuxia story with mystery and plot twist here and there.

Feng Xiao is a powerful, top beauty, top in martial art, an overall OP.

But for me, the beauty of the story is Cui Buqu: with his sickly body but remarkable brain. He can overturn a country.

... more>> Cui Buqu was sly and crafty, Feng Xiao’s martial arts were unsurpassed; each of them is already such a powerful figure but when they worked together, they're unparalled.

I like the dynamic between our couple, their smart bantering yet care can protect each other. But if you want a romance, then this story is not for you. Hope we can get a glimpse of their days as a couple in extra chapters. <<less
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Mar 26, 2021
Status: Completed
It's 1:47am and I have work tomorrow. I couldn't put this book down and now I had to write a review.

Honestly one of the greatest stories I've read. The characterizations are amazing. CBQ and FX are the absolutely perfect intolerable shitters. Their chemistry is off the charts amazing and I love how they bounce off one another, antagonize one another nonstop, and still manage to work together and solve amazing conspiracies.

The buildup of their relationship is so slow and gradual. They go from not-quite-enemies to not-quite-lovers all the way until... more>> the end, all while remaining true to their core personalities.

I adore this work.

After my re-read, I have to agree with other reviewers in that the author was struggling to pin down Feng Xiao's characterization at first, so there's a lot of inconsistencies with how he's introduced and how he acts later on. I don't think she finally settled into it until around chapter 20 or so. <<less
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Jul 03, 2020
Status: c149
Currently I'm on chapter 149 and waiting for release of next chapter. This novel is 'chef's kiss'. The characters are so head strong and on level with each other even tho Buqu is physically very weak and diseased. He always has pits to put people in it and what could they do? He has such a brilliant mind. And Feng Xiao is perfect, his character, his mind. They are THE couple. And the cases they solve. He plot is soooo addicting and makes me use my rusted my mind. I... more>> love this. <<less
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Feb 12, 2020
Status: c45
This webnovel is simply amazing!

It was like reading Sherlock Holmes in Chinese Historical time! Ahaha!

I so love the MC and ML, they act like an old couples and it always makes me smile.

The English translation was so good as well, simple words that is so easy to understand. Keep up the good work translator!

Worth reading.
Just give it a try☺️
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