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[The gong (seme) and shou (uke) have no blood relation, are also not in the same household register, do not share a father nor a mother, this is a serious declaration. ] In this life, Shu Ning was a joke, even to his death. Treated as a stepping stone by his biological mother, opening a path for his younger brother, only to realise all this when dying.

The Shu Ning who was thirsting for maternal love was always extremely hardworking, acting as a well-behaved child in front of his father, while fighting with his elder brother, although his IQ was not high, he still played dirty tricks to the utmost. Constantly being encouraged by his mother’s warm feelings, the more he obstructed his elder brother, the more brave he got. When he met with a mishap, his mother took his younger brother and escaped to a faraway place, leaving Shu Ning alone to bear the crime and get thrown into jail.

Love is more solid than gold, his lover decided to embrace another man.

Attaching a great importance to friendship, not only did they take the time to visit Shu Ning in jail and laugh at him, they even rubbed salt in the wound.

His most loved and respected mother did not even bother to show her face.

However, when he closed his eyes, his elder brother came. Truth was, it was Shu Heng who had arranged for him to be able to live comfortably in prison.

If he hadn’t followed them, and was a clever little brother, would it all have changed? In the blink of an eye, Shu Ning returned to the time where he was a junior high school student.

Two-faced, controlling elder brother gong X Clever and cute little wolf shou

Elder brother thinks that younger brother is very cute, very adorable, very soft, how could he be this close to the ideal?

Younger brother is thinking, hahaha… … that elder brother with facial nerve paralysis could blush? What happened to your cold and handsome image? Becoming foolish with just one kiss? What happened to your mysophobia? I’m just sitting in your lap, and your whole body stiffened up? ╮(╯▽╰)╭

To prevent his elder brother from thinking that Shu Ning was after the company, Shu Ning relied on memories from his previous life to earn a bit of money, becoming financially independent while being a silkpants, also slowly raising that soft and immature elder brother, Shu Ning felt that these days were just too comfortable, however… … Why is elder brother becoming more and more strange? What is this sleeping together for warmth? What is this good morning and good night kiss? Do you really take me for a brat? Σ( ° △ °|||)︴

Note : The ‘Silkpants’ part means mean a rich and hedonistic son.

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B2j rated it
May 16, 2018
Status: c44
Oni Girl,

let me just say that in this story, pretty much EVERYONE around them is a villain? It's not just females, there are males too. The main villain needs to be female bc of her identity as the mc's MOTHER. Please do not focus on whether the story is 'fair to all genders, s*x orientations, races, ' and all that bullsh*t. The author is really not denouncing any of the genders. Just enjoy the story.


I dropped this.
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Oni Girl
Oni Girl rated it
May 5, 2018
Status: c31
I like this book a lot and I find the interaction between the main couple cute and funny BUT!!! Why does the author insists on writing all the women in the book as villains!? That is extremely biased! And I saw this happening in allmost all the yaoi books I have read so far. Again, I like this story, but if this discrimination towards women continues then my rating will go down. I still have hope for this book and I hope it will improve. My thanks to the traslators!
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February 23, 2019
Status: extra 2
I'm just so happy. First off, Translator worked his/her ass off on this and I'm really thankful. Second, each chapter has a good amount of length, like there's a couple times when it reached to 10k words.

In this novel, each character has their own live. Like if they were a cannon fodder, Author portray their feelings and also added details on them to make them more humane. It's so crazy cause these characters are portrayed so realistically. Basically what I'm saying is that the Author don't do those cliche things... more>> where an antagonist would be evil to the bone. They would have life, their own characteristics, and flow of thoughts. This novel is just very well made.

+1! <<less
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earlgreyt rated it
February 10, 2019
Status: Completed
I won't go on and on what everyone else has said already. The issues in this story can fill a line of trucks!

... more>>

Aka, the incest/pedophilia, the bad morals, the misogyny, the victim blaming, the status oppression, the prejudice against lower income people, treatment of servants, the guilty until proven... well, they're just guilty, including the unborn infant, etc.


However, the timetravel/business aspect was pretty intriguing. I also liked the main family dynamics (minus all the revenge parts). It was interesting to see how he tried to obtain the adoration of his dad & grandpa the 2nd time around. I wasn't too much a fan of the romance, even though it was tooth-rotting fluff, because it got more and more repetitive and turned into infantilism play.


The MC is carried around everywhere, told when to eat, what to eat, when to sleep, hand fed, bathed, toweled, dressed etc. by the ML.


Overall, fairly entertaining if you skim all the problematic parts or just wear an eye patch because you'll be permanently squinting. <<less
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UkyoCrevan rated it
January 22, 2019
Status: --
Honestly this is actually good I love the ending and everything about it.

But I can't help and notice few who disliked and stopped reading this because honestly compared to other revenge stuff BL Novels this is some what at ease and not that gore, plus it got a good if not well written ending.

Sure the MC is hell bent on revenge but he's a human who suffered greatly in the past and he obtained revenge by simply making them suffer the same way he did in his last life.

He was... more>> humiliated, used, betrayed, abandoned and were even killed. (possibly even raped)

In order for you to understand the story and like it you have to keep on mind why did the MC does the things he does because its not at all unreasonable.

Right at the start MC confirmed how things could go the same thing in the past so he was hell bent on living his life that he knows he should've have in the past had in not for those people who used him.

Countless times in the story proves that certain events that have happened in the past may have occured differently but still occured inevitably. (Shu Gao's and Shu Cheng's death)

People find it a hard time to relate with MC who have deep grudge and hatred to what happened to him in the past, thus don't realize that honestly MC is just trying to make a world where he wouldn't die because if he didn't, he would and he knows that right at the start.

After few chapters its clear that he cannot move on past those grudge because in reality, life its not that easy to remain alive in when everyone is against your happiness.

Although there is still some weak parts and its mainly on introduction of certain characters and even origin of what happened to MC are choppied and broken down.

Each origins and explanations are broken down in chapters by chapters hence the main reason why those who have stopped reading this, aren't able to relate!


I love the bromance, the angst, the tension, the sweet moments, the comedic ones, and even joined along to hate enemies of MC along with him!

Its a worth read because if it was not then why do some other people still find this good?

Makes one curious right??

And as a reader you have to find out why that is so by reading this through the end, instead of stopping and giving half assed reviews when you don't even want to learn what happened in the end!

I don't know for everyone but I was immersed into it the more I read!!

I felt myself in the same position as the MC that I said to myself I would do the same thing to those who have hurted and still tries to hurt me if were given a chance!

Part way through the part where romance started to spice up were even great because the first half does left you hanging but then BOOM here are spices one after another and its so Yummy~~ I love them..

I wish this hadn't ended and even have sequel because I want more More MORE MORE of the story after revenge!!

Yesh this is a revenge story and it is well done well done, its not like those others where MC have protagonists halos and everything would be fine for them right away and they will have happy ending...

Instead this Novel makes the MC and characters work! Like work how you be evil work how you help someone and stuff.. Compared to other novels I haven't read a much relatable characters such as the characters in this novel.

In real world people will try to leech of you and do bad things for the sake of greed, money or fame! Even in love! So I'm very glad to have read this all the way through.. No regrets at all!!! <<less
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oikawas rated it
November 15, 2018
Status: Completed
Cried a bit on some parts, laughed, and so on. I can't express how much I love this story..! Plotwise, it's not that unique, you can tell where it's going but I still enjoyed it nonetheless. The characters are great, I especially love the whole family relationships with Gramps Shu Gao, Shu Cheng and the Heng Family. If anything, I wish there was more familial love chaptersㅡ or maybe some more scenes where Shu Ning spends time with his sincere and loyal friends ㅠㅠ ♡

... more>>

I remember crying in public while reading the scene where Shu Gao died.. I got too attached to Gramps, unexpectedly! ㅠㅠ Even though it was only briefly mentioned, I still felt so sad when Shu Cheng died as well. I guess you really can't avoid fate. Shu Ning was really blessed to be able to rebirth, and get the happiness he deserves.


《It was pretty rough and depressing beginning but all's well that ends well! ♡》

Thank you so much to the translators as well!!! <<less
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Hannalrd rated it
October 30, 2018
Status: c60

big bro a big furry fan~ so adorable xD

this story sells the moe.. So much fluff going around, be careful not to get diabetes...
2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
MoniqGin rated it
July 18, 2018
Status: extra 2
Cute story!


The MC is super cute and don't understand much about bro love and so he goes along with what the ML does.

ML is really cute and wanna spoil his cute bro.

Very good story. Read.

They got kids together!

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Nostalgia21 rated it
July 6, 2018
Status: --
Im addicted! There's so much fluff in the story I cant even!!!

To be honest im only here for the development of the the elder brother and the MC. The family politics is a bit muddled to me. But the fluff in the story overpowers it so I dont care. Lol.

It can be disturbing for some since it's pretty much loli and while reading the novel you vant help but feel that the mc's age is younger because of his childish actions. But if you're not bothered by that, it's a... more>> great reead!

Definitely one of my top5 yaoi novels.


After finishing this, it's more of a 4star for me. It's still pretty good if you like fluff and no heavy plot. The last quarter of the story went downhill for me. There's nothing interesting plot wise after they dealt with the mother. And all they did was s*x after they started doing it. It got repetitive but I still finished it just for the sake of it.

# <<less
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Ziavory rated it
June 28, 2018
Status: c69
I absolutely love this book! If you're searching for a yaoi novel where the male lead constantly takes advantage of the MC (in a funny way though) then this is the right story for you.

First it started with the hugs, then bathing together, then indirect kisses, then cheek kisses, gradually into lip kisses then oh my f**king God cosplaying. I have no idea if they'll even start mastrubating in front of each other.

Although it sound so wrong I hope that it would happen because it feels so damn right!

This book... more>> is such a satisfying read, and the fact that the MC is oblivious to all this signs of love really makes me anticipate his reaction when he figures them out.😂😁😂😁🤣 <<less
2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
rhianirory rated it
June 1, 2018
Status: Completed
very fluffy with some moderately satisfying petty (so far) revenge.

i find the fact that the older brother doesn't understand why he feels so warm and fuzzy towards the MC offsets the borderline shota vibes for me. He's denser than a pile of bricks when it comes to relationships and still hasn't realized his feelings are anything more than (over) protective and brotherly and we're almost to c60 now.

the really funny thing is that our MC is the one who started all the touching, hugging and kissing just to mess with... more>> the ML, who is so proper all the time and suspected of having no sense of humor. The sudden animal pj fetish is a little weird though.

edit after completion.

the translator did a great job here. There was lots of fluff and lots of pa pa pa moments but the rest of the story was kind of messy. I'm never going to be a fan of rape in any form so the rape as revenge was a big turn off for me and they set this up more than once (it lost a star for this). The revenge ended up being kind of scattered and on the side so if your reading this as a revenge novel, it doesn't really work. I also have a problem with the emasculation of the MC and turning him into a female in all ways but physical characteristics, though I realize it's typical in a lot of Chinese BL novels. <<less
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Ao.May rated it
May 31, 2018
Status: c58
I've been wondering why people didn't give it 5 stars... Oh, no wonder. The MC is still 13 years old.

Well, I don't mind. It's just a kiss and hug and older brother is trying to restrain his hunger (although up until now he still doesn't realize his own feeling). So it's still safe for me. And I'm really addicted to their fluffy brotherly time. Yes, so it's still good for me.

Though I don't have any comment about the females... It made me think that females are scary (wait,... more>> I'm a girl)...

Other thing that has been bothered me is the translation. Sometimes it confused me whenever there are typos or dialogs between two or more person. I hope the translator will be more careful when he/she is translating. <<less
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unamirai rated it
May 12, 2018
Status: --
Fluffy and cute BL novel... Overall really deserve ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
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Person123 rated it
May 25, 2019
Status: c108
I have problems with the mysogyny. So you're telling me that a bunch of children were raised under the same mother (which is evil like every woman on Earth of course) but the only brother is the only one that turned out ok? Even if you look at the uncle, all the sisters are evil and Fu yu shu or whatever is the only one that's a good person? All the females are evil and all the men are good? Wtf? And there are so many subtle and not subtle... more>> moments of full-on mysogyny that it's disgusting to read at one point. Lots of plots holes and a sloppy book. Unreadable. I'm giving it a 2 stars because I assume this was written a while ago back when China still considered women as incapable of handling money like this book implies. It also implies that women are all gold diggers and pretty vases. It's just nasty through and through. I'm simply triggered <<less
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Dyna23 rated it
May 20, 2019
Status: c135
First of all thank you to Helli for the amazing job she did translating this novel. I give her a 20/10 for enduring to please us greedy readers. And endure she did because This novel turned into pure garbage towards the end

The novel also has quite a few trigger elements to it. However for me the story was an interesting read up until the MC became completely unlikable and started behaving more like the villain then the protagonist. His cruelty in many cases is so unjustified and makes him extremely... more>> unlikable. Seems the author lost her momentum towards the end of the novel and it turns into pure gibberish. Read at your own risk.... the novel had great potential but was very poorly executed as the novel progressed <<less
1 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
pinkumilkuu rated it
April 23, 2019
Status: c92
Dropped it at ch92.

I gave 2 stars because the first part of the story was nice. MC's plans in changing the timelime after transmigrating, ML's growing affection to his brother, etc but it went all downhill when the scenes about them snuggling together is repeated almost every chapter. The "conflicts" were boring and rushed. I find it a waste of time to read every chapter of this when I think the plot is going nowhere so I decided to just read some spoilers.

Kudos to the translator for finishing this though!
1 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
reasura rated it
March 24, 2019
Status: --
Ignoring the (non-biological) brother thing, age thing and everything else, the author had this weird fixation on bottoms and how they're "supposed" to be throughout the novel like ... more>>

ning would not chase another man because he's a bottom, and others thought him cheap because he's a bottom, he couldn't sleep around because of it?? Like tops could, but bottoms can't? He thought shu heng touching him was improper because he's a bottom?? He said weird stuff like "a bottom has a bottom's rules"or whatever and "proper little bottoms only have relationships in their rooms" (though these are the only ones I remember)


and it seriously felt like some weird version of how mysogynists look at women and decide how they're supposed to behave and treat their bodies like, idk, it just made me really uncomfortable. <<less
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hfrn rated it
March 17, 2019
Status: extra 2
3 stars because the author did a good job translating!!!

as for the novel itself, it had potential and was okay initially but I felt that halfway through the plot got lost and the author just half-assed the entire thing lmao.

it was quite creepy how all the ML could think of when he look at the MC is his body and whatnot, and MC's only 13!!! and ML is 18!! OTL. idk but it gave me a weird vibe. and I feel like all we know about the ML is that... more>> he's very, very, very cold like the author keeps emphasizing on how his gaze can make the entire temperature in the room drop lmaooo. I just felt that shu heng's personality/character wasnt that detailed, all he does is look angrily/coldly at people/have s*x with shu ning every time they meet/being possessive over shu ning lmao. I understand that the novel is from MC's POV but still.... I felt that ML only like MC because of his body considering how ML just keeps doing the pa pa pa with MC in each scene.

hmm, as for the drama aspect, it was certainly quite interesting to know about all the plots/schemes that the minor character is plotting so it was still okay. the family tree is so big, I almost forgot who was who lol. all in all, if you dont mind lengthy chapters or just want the smut ((still okay)), you can give it a try, but dont expect too much?? <<less
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February 22, 2019
Status: c73
The story of reborn with your memory intact and try to get revenge or prevent the bad men getting it. One of the nicest plot XD Who wouldnt want to read such thrilling story?

I read till chapter 73, and felt boring, I even skipped some chapter that has MC ML interaction and go through with those that has MC family instead. Believe me, you wont lose anything. After all they are just MC ML deeper and higher interaction, it gets boring and numb after you read a whole 70chapters of... more>> the same point XDD

It's quite good plot, added with BL element into it.


At first, I liked reading it, siblings love BL and all that, but I got uncomfortable slowly. I mean, the author or MC writes/says it frequently that he was a 13yo kid!!! With 30yo mind. How could he not mind his kid body getting mollested every day??? And s*x in another 3years?? Yeah, I get how 30u young man is thirty for s*x but your body is still a child *facepalm*

ML is your typical seme with power and might, possesive, jealous type, nothing strange with his whole characteristics, what you call it yandere type? No rape than goodness. I dont really like this type, but seems it's the popular type of seme to write and get the reader to admire.

MC is one confused character. Yes, they were bad people, but to purposely manage the whole 'digging pit and bury them asap' is somewhat one-sided. With adult, they might not change their attitude, but with your peers the same age? You can direct them to be better, why throw them to graves (not literally) even when they havent done anything?
And your younger brother? Even if he was bad before, this time he's just baby. If MC afraid of his misgiving, he only needs to get rid the mother, pamper and raise his younger brother as he likes it. Then you might get another liltle one for yourself lol



Author focused too much with MC ML interaction by that (wow, you wrote such varieties of bathing and the same situation), less with MC family and the whole revenge/business thing, and dragging the plot that it became unberable boring.. <<less
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Staringatastar rated it
February 21, 2019
Status: extra 2
I really liked the beginning and the revenge aspect of this story, but towards the middle, the plot became a bit haphazard and random. You could tell the translator (and maybe the author too) was getting bored of the story, it felt like there was nothing more substantial to add.

Also, the author's writing style is a bit repetitive and hyperbolic, which is fine in small doses, but makes the story a bit 2 dimensional when it happens as often as it does in this story.
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