Raising the Princess to Overcome Death


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Minseo was trapped in [Raise Lena].

With the emotionless text, “[Starting Raise Lena]” he became Leo and was imprisoned in an unfamiliar world.

“Leo! Are you listening to me?”
“Leo? Why the long face? You! Are you messing with me again?”

There, he met his childhood friend, Lena, skillfully picking berries.
The lovely Lena. Leo marries her in a peaceful mountain village…

[Lena is married! Congratulations.] [You have failed to clear Raise Lena.] [Restarting.]

The happiest moment.
Lena disappeared.


“Leo! Are you listening to me?”
“Huh? Lena!”
“Why have you been spacing out? And why are you looking at me like that? You wanna get beat up?”

Lena, clad in thick leather armor and a sword on her shoulder, stared at him with unwavering eyes.

It was a different scenario.

Associated Names
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A Princess Is Raised After Death
Desperately Making Her a Princess
Princess is Raised by Death
The Princess Is Raised After She Dies
공주는 죽어서 키운다
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New Nuage rated it
June 18, 2024
Status: c71
TL;DR: it's okay. Even pretty good if you don't mind the contrived plot.

It's not particularly original, but the start is somewhat well-executed. Good world building, good pacing, clear writing style (though the translation is not consistent in the spelling of names). Most pleasing of all, the NPCs are actually fleshed out characters and they feel "alive".

Unfortunately, the story is painfully, obviously, railroaded through the narrow-minded MC who rarely thinks things through. He is not a total idiot, his game-acquired skills make him competent, but the author seems a bit heavy-handed... more>> when it comes to the time-loop plot. Instead of a smooth world where every piece falls in place, and every situation is predetermined, the plot advances depending on the MC's inability. <<less
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Musfiqur Rahman
New Musfiqur Rahman rated it
June 15, 2024
Status: c104
Don't listen to anyone. Just give it a try and see for your self. Solid world building. Gripping story. Very likable FMCs. And a little punchable MC. Yeah, give it a try
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chump222 rated it
June 13, 2024
Status: --
I got hooked on it at the start, a beginning of the story similar to regression. I would say that the tragedy of the world is highlighted well in this novel, and here is where my problem starts. The protagonist knows that he needs to protect Lena, yet he neglects training for poor reasons. The MC has no concept of preparation and in the process ALLOWS lots of tragedy. The author seems to be making poor excuses for the reason the MC refuses to get stronger, an example being ... more>>

"even if I become a swordmaster it doesn't make me a ruler, since I need leadership skills and I am poor at that" What is the point of regression asides from continuous improvement? The MC just puts off the thought without even considering learning leadership skills or anything of the like. In addition, the MC being a swordmaster would at least stop Lena from getting into bad situations and would improve their living standard, stopping her from foolish actions

. The illogical thinking process of the MC exposes the author's shallow goals of tear jerking and makes the story into one where characters simply become puppets, really breaking immersion. Basically, the biggest flaw with this novel is that the MC does not utilize his (sort of) regression at ALL, and just waits for the system to hand out information and skills to him, truly incompetent. Character development? System handouts. <<less
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Dreyerboys rated it
May 26, 2024
Status: c10
An interesting take on regression novels, despite not being one itself! Though, in my opinion, it's much more chilling and unnerving than regular regression plots.

While the title is a bit misleading, as the FL is neither a princess nor needs to overcome death, that's essentially the goal.

The MC is "reborn" (as of chapter 10, it's not really explained what happened to him) into another world. There, he's forced to raise Lena (FL) to become a princess. At least, that's what he assumes. However, every time he fails, he's dragged to... more>> a parallel world with a different Lena, setting, and personality. Yet, the premise remains the same.

So far, each life is rather quick, not lasting more than a few chapters. The MC partially gains some of his abilities after each "run", but becoming strong seems so far away. It also depends on the world. In some runs "strength" might not be very useful, but that remains to be seen.

It's interesting to watch the MC struggle between his emotional and rational sides. Logic tells him that he should use each "life" to improve his skills and disregard the FL, but emotionally, it's impossible as he always starts off incredibly close to the FL, whether that be through an engagement, sibling, childhood friend, etc.

The only problems I see with the novel are:

-It's hard to get a read on the characters. Since everyone but the MC only lasts a few chapters, they're constantly changing. Even the MC is constantly changing.

-We're left in the dark (including the MC) regarding most things, leaving me a little confused and unsure of what's really happening.

-Lastly, what's the purpose behind all these different lives?

These could be good or bad things, depending on how you look at it. However, I'll withhold judgment as Chapter 10 is a bit too early to decide anything and the novel hasn't been thoroughly fleshed out yet.

My conclusion: Give it a try. With so many Regression, Reincarnation, and Transmigration novels out there, this one's a bit different. The translator is good, the updates so far are frequent, and it's not a chore to read. It has the potential to be something truly unique and I look forward to seeing how everything comes together. <<less
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Rasselon rated it
June 11, 2024
Status: c57
This novel is a brave attempt by the author to craft a complicated story with lots of moving parts, but it is just that. An attempt.

The core aspect - the setting itself and the background narrative are a success, but everything beside that falls flat disastrously.

So, the author has a story in mind, how does it progress? It doesn't.


MC is an incompetent, hateful prick, who can be described as a spoiled and cruel child at best. He could fail even while picking his nose, how can you even talk about navigating himself through an unfamiliar world.

But the story need to move forward... BAM!! DEUS EX MACHINA! Now MC knows how to fight with a sword... BAM!! DEUS EX MACHINA! Now MC knows everything about nobles and can act like one perfectly... BAM!! DEUS EX MACHINA! Now MC can find any person's location at any given moment, etc, etc...

But the only consequence for breaking any semblance of immersion and adding more and more instant chats arbitrarily is that MC keeps failing at greater and greater scale. It only highlights how incompetent he is. But there's more!

Not only is he useless and insufferable, there is another thing that brings him down even further.

Fundamental flaw of any possession story. Pointless drama about the original owner of the body still being around. It is already bad as is, but the author just adds more problems and complications into this conflict out of nowhere.

EVERY bit of progress is a result of author's arbitrary decision to add one cheat or another. Then, not to get to bored, author decides to add some convoluted complications for no reason at all. Wow. Such great drama.

This simply does not function as "a story" at all. <<less
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Extra07 rated it
May 30, 2024
Status: --
Just finished binge reading the manhwa and then just starting on the novel. When I first read the manhwa, I immediately fell in love with it. With the MC, Lena, the concept, the plot, everything.

Gotta say that this is not your typical reincarnation story. At first, you might get annoyed by the MC's weak will and flaws, but the story progresses, you might find yourself getting immersed in the story itself and Lena. And if you like some good character development and world building, this might just be for you.

... more>>

There are three timelines in which the MC is reincarnated to.

1. Childhood Friend timeline

> Leo (Aka Mc) is a hunter's son and Lena's childhood friend. Both him and Lena have mutual feelings for each other. However, Lena's dream of becoming a priestess is in the way of Leo marrying her or Leo making Lena a princess.

2. Betrothal timeline

> Leo is the son of a knight and is betrothed to Lena, the chief's daughter, since they were young. In the first playthrough, Lena is way stronger than Leo in terms of fighting and swordsmanship. In the end, Lena was dispatched to war in order to become a knight, while Leo couldn't follow her due to the lack of skill and experience. Lena was KIA by a knight of enemy country.

3. Siblings timeline

> Leo and Lena are a pair siblings (and presumably one of nobles blood). Despite being in the capitol, they're nothing but homeless. They struggle to survive because of poverty and Leo had to take care of Lena, who was still very naive, while making a living.

7 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
whitespade rated it
June 11, 2024
Status: c95
This is an unbelievably good novel that actually have CULTURE. The problem with other novels are the culture can be very modern even when placed in feudal or monarchic era. It's all haphazard. But in this novel, there's actual meaning in being a nobel or being a commoner, every single action and thought is being governed by your station in life.

Of course, because there's magic and mana it's still very lenient, even more lenient than modern times in certain aspects like women being priests and warriors.

I like all the characters... more>> in this novel, they all have reasons for doing what they do. Maybe logical maybe illogical, but humans are like that. Some commentors are very harsh on MC but MC is a loser, so I don't know what they expect from loser MC? If you are a loser you will still be a loser wherever and whenever you go, it's all the other MCs that just break character the moment they step into another world. He did his best already.

In addition, the translation is very good, though some words are just wrong so they need to check before just posting it after running it through chatgpt. <<less
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June 11, 2024
Status: c90
Okay let's say you were thrown in an familiar game world and you have a system telling what to do but you can get killed as many times you want and in each end of the story you get skills without any hardwork and understanding but " You're a failure ". Even with this things given out MC is still incompetent. This guy is not even trying to understand the reason why he should raise the fMC. If you are going to raise her stop getting emotional and raise her... more>> understand how world works then raise her but whom am I to say to change the story for my like. This is just my thought if it had gone with MC raising her without getting emotional and simping the fMC all the time maybe I would have liked the story


There is a prologue where MC was dumped by her ex girlfriend because he is a failure and after he was thrown into the game world he gets attracted to the fMC saying it's this body's fault really your ex girlfriend just dumped you but here you are trying your are best to get to that girl without any remorse and trying his best to make her like him. That's why she dumped you if you had atleast tried your best your ex-girlfriend might not have left you

3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Namelesswudangman rated it
June 7, 2024
Status: --
Hidden gem!

Readers beware though many things in this story have to be read between the lines or treaded carefully and then pieced together by yourself as often times the reason and hints are peppered here and there but never outright explained. It reminds me a little of traditional book in that sense more than webnovels.

A lot of reviewer also seemed to be confused about the writing but I think it seemed to stem from the translation quality than the story itself (continuity errors, spelling errors or awkward sentences)

... more>>

edit: I saw many comments bashing Lena. But I think she is purposefully written in a way that is like a blank canvas as she is the protagonist of a raising sim game. Many of her traits are something you find in such game (quick to learn things or weak to strong character) that is why I think its understandable that she feels so useless or weak because that is how our main character been treating her thus far. In a way he is not playing the game as how it should be.. And that is.. Raising Lena

3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
ghostrich rated it
June 5, 2024
Status: c74
Not really a review of the work per se. Just a rant. The actions of the MC are pretty reasonable all things considered. He knows he's trapped in a game and theres a good chance he'll die if hes not able to clear it. The game is supeeer difficult plus MC is held back by an artificially induced love for a game character. But the novel seems to make it appear like the MC was at fault? That he's a douche for doing whats necessary to survive? I dont agree... more>> with the message. And I dont think I can stomach reading further if it turns out that the solution all along was to be king himself. <<less
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NogardterceS rated it
June 4, 2024
Status: c134
I like it, the concept is unique and the MC really needs to try hard to succeed, nothing is handed to him on a silver platter. He was introduced as a lazy failure, and I like how he didn't suddenly become a super genius capable of fixing everything. He grows in character and strength in a natural manner. The side characters are interesting as well, even characters that only appear in very short segments stay memorable and show glimpses of true emotion.

Edit CH134: Wow. It got so much better. The... more>> world, the mechanics, power progression, everything became so much better. It's actually insane how much the quality increased. <<less
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salamone rated it
June 3, 2024
Status: --
the novel would be better if the author didn't include the permanent achievement that increase the favorability, and the achievement that increase the trust, and the MC synchronized with Leo. I would give it a 4 rating if it weren't for these things included. Now for me, the novel is just meh, not worth investing time into.
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Klacky rated it
June 5, 2024
Status: c59
I gave it a 5 star rating because for what the novel seems to be aiming to do, it does it incredibly well. The world the times are set in is fascinating, and most of the time I enjoyed the MC's story.

But I have more personal qualms.

For what I've read so far, the story is, for a lot of the time, uncomfortable with darker tones. As I read the story I felt a growing sense that Minseol, the MC, is alone.

He of course wants Lena to be happy, but in... more>> achieving his own happiness and escaping his own unfairly given imprisonment, he is alone.

Additionally as the story progresses, you increasingly feel as though Minseol is slowly be suffocated and snuffed out.


even Leo, the alter personality, wishes for Minseol to dissappear on multiple occasions.


I felt as though I was watching a man slowly but surely drown. It's uncomfortable.


it doesn't help that for Minseol to win, Lena seems to need to marry a prince. Leo will lose.

There are many happy, satisfying endings. All are deemed "failures"


Edit:typos <<less
1 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
rrobz rated it
June 4, 2024
Status: c74
Starts out very well, and the interplay between the three stories makes for a somewhat novel, well, novel. But the novel loses steam and goes downhill in the later chapters.

... more>>

First, as you see more of the FMC in the different lives, although the author continually notes that even the same version of the FMC changes character / personality in a different run, they have one commonality - they are somewhat s*upid and spoiled - think Buttercup from the Princess Bride novel (not the movie version). Second, the author turns the MC s*upid in the latest run, making the MC adopt the genius idea of having to get the FMC to hate him. It's contrived, its inconsistent, it doesn't fit the plot, and it has no possibility of working. So it's that classic, poisonous trope of "turn the MC s*upid to create dramatic tension."


I will keep reading for now, but will drop if it continues in this vein. <<less
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June 9, 2024
Status: c91
Tentatively 4 stars?

The summary makes you feel like it's just the protagonist Minseo looping only, but nope, turns out that there are THREE different individualistic Leo SHARING their bodies with MC. Their thought processes affect the MC, who's not exactly the sharpest tool in the shed, and the game system giving bad end warning vibes (feels arbitrary from author) that come out of nowhere isn't helping either. This ends up with MC going crazy over the influence of Leos and stress from the system's countdown.

MC gets killed? You have X/Y... more>> left.

Didn't clear the game (Leo+Lena's endings not satisfied) ? You have X/Y left.

MC perceives these remaining numbers as lives left. If MC gets killed, the synchronization with Leos slows down, and speeds up with them if he doesn't clear the game. If the number of X/Y is full, he think it's game over. I think the issue in this novel is Minseo is an ordinary guy and he's running like a headless chicken due to multiple hurdles in the scenarios he's in. You can't really blame him though, there's hardly any information given by the game system and clearing the game is unclear, even at chapter 91. The story and world building is interesting, but having the MC 'playing' the game poorly for so many chapters is boring,

In Korean terms, it's like eating sweet potatoes, something stuck in your throat and making you feel annoyed. You don't really see the path for a game clear and MC + Leo + Lena will keep on getting bad ends until MC is sufficient enough with his skills and planning, but once that happens, it's quite likely that the story will get exciting. For now, wait for more chapters unless you want to see the initial buildup. <<less
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