A Depressed Kendo Player Possesses a Bastard Aristocrat


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Don’t worry, Mom.

This time I will be truly happy.

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A Depressed Kendo Player Possessed by a Bastard Aristocrat
망나니 귀족에 빙의한 우울증 검도 선수
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New Imaidiot862 rated it
June 23, 2024
Status: --
TLDR: Its bad, skip it.

The whole novel feels like a parody of what trauma, depression, PTSD, and panic attacks is. Its bad at best and malicious at worst and the author wrote the whole premise in 2 minutes without a single thought and research about those conditions, only basing on false preconceived notions of those conditions.

Characters are really one dimensional with the classic stereotypes attached to them, the worst being the MC being a disrespectful parody of what he is, that if read by someone that has limited experiences with... more>> an actual person suffering from those conditions, would lead to them having false notions of them. The MC trauma was done in a really sh*t way that I could not help but laugh because the reaction to that was really really extreme that it feels like, mom died go shoot up local mall type shit. F*ck I understand wanting to distance yourself from people that care about you but you usually would just stop talking to them and distance yourself instead of doing this attention seeking bullsh*t of harassing women and arguing with people that feels like a person from a broken home with parental neglect would do. That's from the MC's body trauma. MC's actual trauma is his mom died in a car crash, then his dad pushed his dying dream to the MC with some neglect sprinkled into it. Bruv didn't get the number one spot so his dad neglected him even further which led to the jumping. His behavior in his new life doesn't reflect the neglect he experienced at all and feels like someone that does not have that kind of trauma. You would expect him to have some degree of relationship issues with other people and maybe some kind of desire for attention and maybe some fear of affection but no he does not. Hell if he did have that then the pairing with his body trauma and his trauma would make more sense and would give him some complexity as a person but nope, author 2 min notepad as first year high school level writing ass cant give complexity because its just a shitty self insert story of him being "depressed" with girls jumping on his d*ck because he cant get a slick of pu*sy juice on his dick.

The plot is really contrived and forced and the worldbuilding is skipped with the excuse that the MC is too s*upid to explain it. I can understand if the author doesn't want to explain the world and only focus on the characters if the characters are not as equally s*upid. This whole premise could be better if the author actually made the s*upid plot simple and not whatever the f*ck he's cooking. Like if you're gonna cook something and you are not good at it, make it simple with good flavors instead of a shitty complex plot with shitty characters. <<less
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New Rockey rated it
June 20, 2024
Status: c9
This novel is decently written and has a great translation.

However, from the very begining I knew the novel was not from me. The possession of this novel is done after the character's death, done by his own hands. Although I have a lot to say about my issues with the circulation that led to such an outcome, I will keep my rewiew short and discuss my main "ick" of the novel.

The whole premise seems to say that by unaliving yourself you have a chance of becoming happy. This is the... more>> worst possible thing to convey to a large audience. While I do not know whether the author changes the mc's outlook on his actions later on in the story, it doesn't seem that way from what I read and what other rewiews said.

Everything else that made me drop the novel is purely subjective, so I see no reason to leave it here and waste your time.

While I do not usually write reviews, I wrote this one to convey a simple message to my fellow readers:

Even if you think the world doesn't care about you, know that I care, there is simply not enough of us out there.

That being said, if this premises does not bother you, give the novel a try, just don't let it get to you. <<less
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Mt Tai
Mt Tai rated it
June 2, 2024
Status: --
This one is honestly hard to read. I don't believe the main character could ever succeed at anything. His mentality is ridiculously bad. Not everyone has to respond to trauma in the same ways, and someone who could endure what he endured would absolute not be having a panic attack every 3 chapters at nothing. It's tiresome and just makes me view the main character as pathetic.
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TheOnlyChou rated it
June 4, 2024
Status: --
This story would've been fine if the random inconsistencies and misunderstandings didn't keep on occurring. A lot of situations occur simply to force the MC to be depressed or embarrassed.


The MC slaughtered and tortured the dudes who were part of a group that killed his mother which is fair. The problem is he did this while smiling like a lunatic and in front of a bunch of other students who were, understandably, EXTREMELY disturbed by the display. The next day, he becomes confused and depressed when everyone starts avoiding him. This would make sense if he somehow wasn't fully aware of what he did and what he looked like, but it was later stated that he very clear knew.


There are just so many forced moments that I couldn't keep on reading.
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LongXi rated it
May 21, 2024
Status: --
Tbh it’s quite a little bit cheesy and cringe, but relatable at the same time. It portrays depression quite good, first is the irrationality of it, the lashing out, the imperceptibility of it towards other people, and the challenge of moving forward with it. Second, is the contradiction of wanting to be truly alive, to love, and to be happy. And finally we have the lifeline, the one keeping us sane, tethered, and alive, which in his case is the system.

I really look forward to his journey I hope I... more>> won’t be let down by the developments in the future. <<less
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Pinkblood rated it
June 18, 2024
Status: -
The plot is too forced. The mood of the story is forced to be gloomy so that the depression and trauma experienced by the MC feels too contrived. Apart from that, the system and characters around the MC are too two-dimensional, very shallow, it feels bland!

This novel does not deserve a rating of more than 4!

Highly not recommended!
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Chaosrune rated it
June 13, 2024
Status: c63 part2
This is the Im13andthisisdeep novel, at the beginning you kind of feel bad for the characters, but after a while the story starts to read like a parody, because the author tries so hard to make life miserable for the characters that it has the opposite effect.

The characters are kind of a mix, most of the interactions between them is just depressing stuff, and the rest I weird slice of life stuff to try and mix the mood. Every character introduced so far is with them telling you how much... more>> they hate the MC and how much he hurt them because of how he acted in the past, and then stuff happens to show them how the MC changed for the better, and now they are literally stuck to his side, and it's always a girl of course, the story has to earn that harem tag. The plot is very much nonsense made to be depressing, and most of the stuff happening is only possible because the good guys are so incompetent that you are surprised they can even tie their own shoes.

All in all, this story really needs a parody tag at this point <<less
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Abaddon_the_abyss rated it
May 28, 2024
Status: c31
Yeah this is good stuff, if the release rate can stay like this it could definitely hit rank 1

Nothing terribly original just good execution. MC is transmigrated into another world and possesses a deadbeat noble, shocker. The writing is edgy as one would expect from Korea but what the novel does well is its theme of depression, some actual depth is given to the MC and its bodies original inhabitant. The depression presents itself on the most extreme end possible, but those with experience may find certain aspects of his... more>> world view relatable. Self stigmatization, self magnification, self loathing and blame, panic disorders. This guy has it all. Honestly he is definitely in need of a robin Williams its not your fault moment lol. <<less
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aborednerd rated it
June 10, 2024
Status: c66 part2
TLDR; Strong (not quite OP) MC struggles with the depression of two lives.

General thoughts:

Overall I feel the story is good, it is well written with ups and downs. Moments of recovery and progress while dealing with the setbacks of life.

... more>> I think the low star reviews are from those either unfamiliar with depression, or not wanting to read a novel with a character that struggles with depression (which fair enough I like escapism as well in novels).

Looking at the reviews and thinking about the work as a whole, I feel like this is a novel you will love or hate with little in between. <<less
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MarketResearchReading114 rated it
June 5, 2024
Status: --
I couldn't seem to dig further into this one. The protag, is just insufferable. They're so suicidal that they need an ex rank ability and that ability is insufficient. Well great, what a wonder of a notion you're selling there author. I really hate the design here. Not one for needless pain I gave up early.
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Infermite rated it
June 16, 2024
Status: c74
With so many academy novels in the wild, differentiating yourself has become a game of strengthening some core concept of these novels. This particular academy novel chose to strengthen the "emotional tragedy" aspect.

What I mean by that is a lot of headspace in the story is taken up with core conflicts revolving on mental illness and the resolution of helping someone under this aliment, or watching the protagonist explore his own illness.

Mental illness is not an explored topic in academy novels in most cases, and only the real best ones... more>> explore the personal suffering the characters could be experiencing. "The Novel's Extra", for example, explores this idea a little with the main character's lost parents, with a similar essence of comfort that, although the problem still exists, it has at least been said.

The protagonists emotions can sometimes be too intense. Not in the sense that someone in mental anguish cannot be intense, but in the sense that it did not convince me as something realistic. At times I find it akin to an edge-fest that is trying too hard to sell the scene.

To me, understated misery can be much more powerful when used correctly, and always trying for the big heights of shouting, making a show of obvious thematic oxymoron in "smiling crying" imagery, can come off as rudimentary.

The author is pretty amateurish, essentially. But the core of the story is pretty well built, at least to where I am, and thus its popularity is deserved. I think it's an interesting entry just for how much more it is focusing on mental health, even if it can come off as a bit brash in moments. <<less
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Smaties rated it
June 15, 2024
Status: c70
Honestly, did not expect much from this novel. However, to my surprise the novel has done a great job so far at portraying the emotions of MC that you can understand the pain they are going through, which is often rare. I feel that this novel is very promising and has a lot of potential to grow into something great as it story develops.
2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Furufula rated it
June 14, 2024
Status: c73
I find this novel a decent read and have good translation. While the vibe is gloomy, I do like that the MC is not really OP and he has a slight edgy vibe due to his trauma and the person he possesses' trauma. What I don't like is that the female characters that used to like him are hmm not portrayed in depths much and feels kinda shallow.
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June 11, 2024
Status: c44 part1
Don't read this novel if you don't like dark themed world. This novel basically describes how a depressed person is trying to improve in his life. Basically many not experience what is trauma and depression so they tend to say just don't be depressed. Depression and sadness are not the same word. And author has clearly described how a depressed person normally thinks and lives his life. And I really like thec how he is trying to attain happiness by simple changes. So once again I remind you guys don't... more>> read if you don't like dark theme type of novels.

Why four stars because this novels pace is too slow <<less
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plunged_toilet rated it
June 9, 2024
Status: c62
It's quite good. Basically, as you go through life, things happen. For some people, those things are good and for others, they're bad. Either way, they leave a mark and become your past, something you have to live with. How people deal with that is the basis for all of our imperfections. Most people don't come out of life unscathed. A lot of people end up with various insecurities and express those insecurities in unfortunate ways or let them build up until they can express it in a midlife crisis...

Anyways,... more>> the MC is someone who's past left a mark deep enough to, in his mind, eradicate his future. Some people can't move past it, and that would describe the MC without his EX-rank ability to strengthen his mind. This story is about the MC getting out of a dark place in his life and overcoming his past.

It takes some time, but I recommend giving this one about 100 chapters, and I'm sure there won't be any regrets. <<less
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May 28, 2024
Status: --
Hmm.... for now it look promising at least, although the MC frequently have panic attack episodes every few chapters, but well that's what trauma does ig, and as it ingrained in the mind.

Well, only 30 chapters tl'd at the moment (of this review) so imo still to early to judge as it kind of slow burn, although not as slow as many other academy based novels that milk the academy by the daily events every so often.

Btw, that cover art, why not fix it with some AI picture generator touch,... more>> at least it would draw more readers in, as we usually judge by the cover art first before the story nowadays, as there are too many novel these days.

:D :D :D <<less
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Yalex rated it
June 8, 2024
Status: --
The MC is downright boring. Always acquiescing to the demands of others and bowing his head. Also his personality..... Just isn't right to be a MC, I'm sorry. If you wanted to make it engaging, you should have chosen another character.

The plot is okay, if a bit cliché, but being cliché generally doesn't matter to people that read these kind of stories.

Personally, I'm not really for mixing depression and such heavy topics with this kind of fantasy/isekai. In my impression, most people read this kind of story with the... more>> express purpose of being disconnected from the real world/ as a feel good therapy kind of thing. <<less
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