Quick Transmigration: Rescuing the Blackened Male Lead


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In order to be reborn, Shen Mubai took up the task of saving the male lead from the path of suffering. Xuanzang struggled through eighty-one trials before he finally obtained the true Buddhist scripture, and yet she, Shen Mubai, had to toss in her entire self.

Shen Mubai: Are all male leads this strange? Thanks. I want to make a complaint.

System: What does him being strange have to do with me?

Note: Xuanzang is a character in Journey to the West based on the historical buddhist monk Xuanzang. He journeys to obtain the Sanzangjing, “Three Collections of Scriptures”.

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melyn022 rated it
July 12, 2018
Status: c72
So far I like this story. I just finished the first arc with mixed feeling. The System & Shen Mubai conversation is so funny that I can't stop laughing until I can't breath. I totally love this pair. ????

... more>>

But It made me cry so much at the end of the 1st arc. When Shen Mubai leave the body and the body she occupied died but the Main Lead turned her to zombie but realized they're different so he killed the zombie while saying "Like.... Like..... Like..... Youu" that made me cry so much


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babypanda4u rated it
December 1, 2018
Status: c2377

If you don't like yandere ML, stay away!

If you don't like dubious consent, stay away!

... more>> If you don't like dense FML that isn't OP, stay away!

If you want a FML that falls in love with ML every time, stay away!

If you want sweet, lovey dovey good times, stay away!

Aside from one or two arch's that weren't my cup of tea I really enjoy this series. This is the type that has bittersweet endings. I say bittersweet and not sad because I guess it all depends on personal perspective. I think it would be sad if the feelings were mutual but they were not allowed to be. But the feelings aren't mutual and the one hanging is the ML. ML can only blame himself most of the time. Someone needs to let this guy know you catch more bees with honey than with brute force. But he is yandere so, meh. ? I will admit that there are a lot of times when what the FML does or says enrages me. But then the ML "teases" her and I think "HAH! You had it coming!"?

I also don't think the FML is "heartless" and it's not like she doesn't care about ML's feelings. It's just that to her the mission is what matters and the ML happens to fall in love along the way. FML also doesn't recognize the signs, because she's so dense with love level being 0, until the ML is right on top of her (most times literally). There are other times when she is trying to persuade ML away from having romantic feelings for her, but ML plows ahead on his own.


For the brave souls who take on MTL, here is my gift to you.?

Arch 29 (ch 2066-2148) is when she falls in love with ML and even has his baby!?


I hope this helps some of you. Happy reading!? <<less
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Sasa rated it
July 19, 2018
Status: c185
  • So far this is among few books that attracted me the most [That I decided to MTL] on the type of [rescuing the Big Boss] kind of story.... As far as what I read, this story is not much on face slapping as opposed to [QTC: Mysterious Boss don't tease... which I love so much!!!]
  • The MC also kind of silly and if I do not know about it, I suspected that MC might be a hungry ghost... She was literally on a eating tour rather than doing her task seriously!!!
  • As above commenter mentioned, the most fun things about this book is the snarky conversation between MC and her system... LOL.... Revised review after Arc 3


    The ML is borderline Yandere... BEWARE!!!I'm having mixed feeling over arc 3... This is a true blackened boss... There is nothing sweet over it in my opinion... so please proceed with caution!!

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Alina Moktan
Alina Moktan rated it
August 28, 2018
Status: c1970
This is best quick transmigration novel that attract me. I never feel boring and annoying when reading this gem novel.

This is typical novel that MC do task rather than falling in love. She is cute, funny, foodie I really find her and system interact hilarious.

Male lead is best, dangerous OP and yandere guy who is crazy for MC. He is willing to die for her. He is possessive and get easy jealous whenever MC talk to other guys/girls even animals. I am very sad for him in every arcs. Because... more>> MC was die in every arcs. I really hope he meet MC in real life.

My Favorite Arcs are cultivating, there are two male lead but had same soul that are split. It's hilarious how they fight and get jealous lot for MC. They act cute animal to win MC love. It's was one of my favorite arc.


I love every arcs. I prefer or love this novel more than other quick transmigration where MC live lifetimes with male lead.

Highly recommend this gem novel. If you every feel tired of MC always stay lifetimes with male lead. This novel is suit for you. Because in this novel, MC wasn't allowed to stay in world longer because of its rule. MC was akways die by unknown disease after she complete task. Male lead become crazy dark yandere. This is my cup of tea. It had its charm and great plot. <<less
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kari rated it
September 10, 2019
Status: c72
(Kindly read others of this genre instead)

I've just finished arc 1 (ch.72), and Unless the target audience are preteen girls who want to kill time, there is no way it deserves the five star rating!

I'd rate it a 2 or 3 star at most based on just this arc... And that's only cuz I'm a fan of these type of stories...

PLOT: Zombie arc 1. There was no rhyme or reason to what the MC & ML were doing in... more>> the story. It was simply travelling n trying to level up the ML? Story needs to be fleshed out more cuz right now it feels like a husk!

CHARACTERS: Quite a huge fail there. Our MC who has transmigrated is just a foodie/glutton who shows no distinguishable characteristics or intelligence & is just going with the flow. ML was a zombie who barely spoke 3 sentences in total and had more character than her. <<less
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April 12, 2021
Status: Completed
AHHHHH Finally finished all of it!!!

The romance development was done in a nice pace. Just that the ending was really rushed since the author got tired and could no longer write more. Don't give up on this novel just because the FL seems heartless and the arcs are full of angst endings. Well, the FL is pretty realistic. She loves food, can fight for a bit but isn't OP, quite dumb to the point where there are times where you'd just wanna scream at her for her bad decisions, and... more>> her heart was very guarded. The ML is definitely a blackened male lead. He's yandere, overly possessive, overbearing and overpowered, and his personality changes in every arc but the formerly stated qualities would always appear (Yes, there is only one male lead). I really like how the arcs were made and how there are arcs that are considered as plot points for the novel. Since I love most of the arc, I'd like to talk about the gist of all of them.


(Not all arcs with tragedy endings had an after story resolution sadly and I just want to rant why the hell did the author forget about Master and Xu Zhen which were the first MLs that the FL admitted to liking a lot :<<<)

Arc 1- The male owner is a little sick (Zombie ML x HS student FL)
Arc 2- Snow white in the black fairy tale (Snow White ML x Evil? Stepmother FL) - FIRST KISS
Arc 3- My brother is blackened (Delinquent Stepbrother ML x Nosy Stepsister FL) (Has after-story where FL meets ML again in another identity and says "I'm back, Su Huaiyan" :<<<)
Arc 4- Becomes a male owners cat (Emotionless ML x Cat FL) (After story: FL comes back as another cat and stays with ML for a lifetime this time)
Arc 5- Masters get up everyday (Martial Arts Master ML x Great Cook FL) (ML brings back FL in her new identity to his subordinates and they realize that it was FL because of her cooking. They have a cute son hehe)
Arc 6- Young child dyeing should be cultivated from childhood (Squeamish to sporty childhood friend ML x Soft and Cute FL) (FL meets ML again in their very young childhood and this time helps ML grow correctly and saves ML's mom uwu)
Arc 7- I heard you are refrigerated (Handsome Newbie Actor ML x Vase Actress with a Background FL) (I wanted an after story for this why author why :<<<)
Arc 8- Apprentice, let go (Black-bellied Apprentice ML x Cold yet doting master FL) - FIRST SNUSNU hehe (After story: ML goes back with FL and their hamster pet is now the Demon Lord lol ML always gets jealous of the hamster haha)
Arc 9- My sister can't be popular (Glasses-wearing Adopted Older Brother ML x Pretty and Popular Student FL) (FL wakes up from the coma and marries Lu Libei. They then have children and it shows how much of a good dad and husband Lu Libei is :<<<)
Arc 10- I want to eat you in my stomach (King of Zerg ML x Criminal s*ave FL -very sad but ye ML deserves it lol)
Arc 11- Two or three things about players and npc (NPC but actually a coma patient ML x Player FL) (After-story: FL plays the game again and ML finds her immediately uwu)
Arc 12- Forgetting to black out (A short arc about the monk NPC ML and his snusnu with FL hehe)
Arc 13- I am behind you (Cold Ghost ML x Student FL) - FL was so scared of ML here and she was eaten thoroughly by ML so many times lol she even almost married ML and ML in this arc sort of traumatized her because he tried to kill her to reincarnate with him
Arc 14- You are not a neuropathy (Patient suffering from mental illness ML x Poor FL) - FL was able to notice that the ML from previous arc was the ML of this arc because of the ring. FL was okay with ML at first but after knowing that, she ran away from marriage. FIRST MARRIAGE!!! (After story: FL waited for ML to find her and when she was found, she immediately clinged onto ML and called him husband lol They did snusnu afterwards too)
Arc 15- I like all of you (Obsessed manipulator ML x Psychologist FL) - FL admitted she kinda liked ML a bit after spending so many years together but still left lol
Arc 16- Found you (Powerful survival game player ML x HS student that tries to protect ML, FL - sad ending since ML also died) - First time that FL was quite sad for ML since she watched him die
Arc 17- Daughter of the sea (Fake Prince ML x Mermaid Princess FL)
Arc 18- Golden silk cage (Bullied Sixth Prince ML x Spoiled Ninth Princess FL) (After story: Second ML saw the FL in her new body and was able to recognize it. ML got jealous and told FL that she could only be his queen for a lifetime)
Arc 19- Hello Prince (Campus Prince ML x Study Nerd FL) - I think FL really fell for ML during this arc. She was so reluctant to leave him that the system had to erase her memories of all the previous arcs. (After story: FL and ML had two sons. ML was so jealous that FL spoils their son lol and wanted a two person world for a while)
Arc 20- Obeys my master (Killer Servant ML x Rich Heiress FL)
Arc 21- Heartbeat, tooth decay, blood (Sleeping Vampire ML x Student FL stuck in a weird place)
Arc 22- How the emperor was developed (Crown Prince ML x Minister's Daughter FL)
Arc 23- Master is on (ML has split into two bodies: Immortal Master ML & Demon Venerable ML x Beautiful Apprentice FL) - I didn't like the demon venerable ML that much so I could see how FL would only obsess on the Immortal Master ML lol Also Y NO AFTER STORY AHHHH FL really wanted to go back to her master :<<<
Arc 24- Go to school (Tall but at Academics ML x Short and Soft FL) - FL also really did end up liking ML here :<
Arc 25- Brother ask for the thigh (Reborn ML with overpowered abilities x Beautiful step sister FL - apocalyptic)
Arc 26- Wife I am so hurt (White Lotus Black-bellied ML x Princess with a lot of Concubines FL - matriarchal)
Arc 27- The west has a dragon (Golden Dragon ML x Holy Saintess FL)
Arc 28- Gongzi fenghua world unparalleled (Militaristic Crown Prince ML x Beautiful Disguised as Noble Son FL)
Arc 29- Is no allowed to call him (Game Capture Target ML (Song Ning) x Another Game Capture Target's Fiance FL) - START OF HAPPY ENDING ARCS Y'ALL YESSS (FL really fell for ML here and finally determined that all the MLs are just one person; They had a son in the end and stayed together for a lifetime)
Arc 30- Thinking about how to change everyday (Handsome Idol ML x Pet Hamster-turned-human FL) (They have a son in the end again lol)
Arc 31- Hello master, goodbye master (ML with four distinct personalities x Poor Student FL) (ML and FL had four sons; one for each personality lol I liked how they didn't "merge" the personalities into one)

Arc 32- My brother won't let me fall in love (Actually adopted older brother ML x cute younger sister FL) (Lots of drama here lol since they grew up together as siblings still not incest since ML was adopted and soon went back to his real family. Took a long time to convince their parents to allow them to be together. They had twin daughters in the end uwu finally FL has a daughter na lol)

Arc 33 - President won't recognize his six relatives (Cold and emotionless workaholic President ML x a bunch of random identities FL) (This one was funny lol since system has an error FL took different kinds of weird identities like the ML's eyes, ML's right hand, ML's male assistant, ML's cat, ML's dream (which was so funny) and finally her own body which started as as small as thumbelina and later grew lol)

Arc 34 - My boyfriend is a school flower (Beautiful "senior sister" ML x Honest-to-a-fault Junior Sister FL) - (FL really thought she was bent in this arc lol since ML disguised himself really well as a school flower sister. Her reaction to finding out ML was really a guy was so precious lol.)

Arc 35 - I NTRd my younger brother (Twin brothers with opposite personalities ML x Soft and chubby FL) - (I didn't like this one that much since FL had to make both of them happy and date them both. Both twin brothers then agreed to sharing with her and made me question my moral values lol. She had a son and a daughter? From both of the brothers and she married both with their parents' approval)

Arc 36 - Live Broadcasting my Ghostly Husband (Teenager ghost ML x HS student live broadcaster FL) (Despite ML being a ghost, FL was able to accept him more easily than the 1st ghost ML since she knows it's still her husband anyway)

Arc 37 - Falling in Love with a Piece of Paper (Coma patient NPC ML x VR Player FL) (Very similar to arc 11; this time ML played the Vampire Duke NPC, Guard disguised as a maid NPC and Emperor NPC lol)

So apparently, the points were cleared when FL stayed for ML in each arc so FL didn't really have points. The reason she was free from the system was because ML destroyed the time and space department so system and FL could be free from the tasks. ML was a very powerful nonhuman that the Heavenly Law wanted to destroy so he hid in the small worlds and in one of the worlds (FL's original world), he fell for FL when FL protected him so he chased after FL in all those worlds she went to lol. The novel ends with FL going back to her original world and seeing ML making a speech on the podium. He then asks her to have lunch together uwu.


I also love the system and the MC's interactions lol. The system is pretty savage to MC. Anyway it could've been even better if the author didn't rush the end :< Ish still pretty good for a quick transmigration novel tho~ <<less
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Ihartkimchi rated it
December 9, 2019
Status: c56
This novel is extremely mind numbing and boring. All the characters are one dimensional and lacking personality, MC has extremely low IQ AND EQ and her entire personality basically revolves around food. ML has almost no personality but somehow has better character than MC. In fact system has more personality and IQ than the entire cast!!

There is a plot but you can barely feel it since the author choose to focus on things that are not essential to the plot which is dumb. Like seriously there are chapter where they're... more>> just walking around in the market and it barely did anything to move the story!!

Interesting concept, terrible execution of story, overall not a reccomended read. I've read plenty terrible light novels that I didn't drop because atleast they're interesting enough to be so terribe its funny, this one is not even worth being time killer.

Would rate this 1 star but seeing how many chapters author has written, I'll give an extra star for effort. <<less
7 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Empress M
Empress M rated it
December 8, 2019
Status: c2000
Yandere ML? Yes.

Ordinary MC with low IQ and EQ? YES.

I read it for the Yandere ML, so I didn't have high hopes for the MC.

... more>> MC, even though she's gone through SO. MUCH. WORLDS, she's still as s*upid and weak as when she started.

Like, literally no improvement, Still the same foodie with low IQ and EQ. When she went through the 2nd Zombie Apocalypse world, I went 'F**k, it's like this is the first time she's seen a zombie, what the f**k is she doing?'

I really want to smash a rock over her head. Then after that, I started losing interest in the novel.

Sorry, couldn't take it. I know she's supposed to be an ordinary foodie, but character development... nada.

Edit (3/17/20) : Forgot to mention that the ML met my expectations, possibly even exceeded them. As for MC, not much high expectations for her, so.. yeah. Definitely read if you want a good yandere ML!

Arc 1 was alright, we didn't see much yandereness there. Arc 2, yandere level shots up REAL QUICK. Arc 3? Sister/Brother, I found out that I'm a fan for incest stories XD Arc 4 started out in jail or something, don't remember much about it because I kinda.. skipped over half the chapters.

Arc 5 or 6 (not sure) was my favorite one. MC and ML are childhood friends, (well uh MC came as what was supposed to be a stillborn baby, so they literally grew up together. ML wasn't yandere at first, he was a sweet, innocent little boy, like a little prince. He only changed after they were assaulted by some people.

He worked out, got more active and tall, and basically became a handsome, tall male god because he hated being weak and wanted to protect MC. His first yandere thought of MC was when she was doing a school play as Snow White, when everyone was amazed and admiring her, he thought, 'I want to hide her away.' Then he became startled of his own thoughts. Then we start to see the development of a yandere! :D

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Alexania rated it
March 20, 2020
Status: c83
I was hopeful for this story but really it can be summed up as:

The MC finds and gluts on food, oh, and some other stuff happened.

Really, even if just all the MC obsessing/eating food bits were toned down, it'd make the whole thing easier to... digest. (*badum-tsh*)
6 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
August 10, 2018
Status: v3
I loved the first arc of the story. I think it was really cute even if the ML is a bit posessive it is perfectly reasonable and akwardly cute (in my opinion). The second arc was cute but the ML turned reaaaaally creepy in the end. And I just finish reading the third arc and I must say - I really hated it. There is noving cute/loving/great or whatever about the ML in this arc. I think it's just creepy as hell. (though I feel sorry for the ML in... more>> the end.. the way the MC leaves this world is cruel to him - even if I hate the way he acted before). So for now I'm taking a break from this story. I guess I'll come back once the translation reaches the 4th arc.

What is confusing about this story is that the MC generally wants to make the ML more human (in various different ways/different goals) but from what we see it always turns worse than before once she leaves the world... is she really helping?!?! <<less
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Dragon_Reader rated it
August 6, 2018
Status: --
I loved this. The MC is smart, cunning and her conversations with her black-belly system is hilarious. MC has an adjusting attitude, she keeps her calm even with in front of the hugely blackened, Yandere ML and even manages to trade jokes with the system while being stared at by creepily, crazely, insanely in love ML. As arcs go by, the ML turns progressively more blackened. As in Arc 1 ML is not Yandere at all but from Arc 2, gloves are off. But he is not an abusive, assholish... more>> type of Yandere but the let the whole world burn down and only me and my waifu remain alive so she can't pay attention to anyone else type. Sweet in romance fiction but horrifying in real life.

For now, story seems good. Typical transmigration, face slapping. The arcs are moderately long. And the arcs have a weird twist in them which confuses both MC and the system, they don't understand why the plot has gone so awry! I will totally recommend reading this. I liked it well enough to go and MTL it.

Hope this gets a regular translator soon. <<less
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jklm rated it
January 24, 2021
Status: c197
A bit of a mixed bag.

The first arc was decent. The ML being a zombie and essentially dragging the MC around as a back-up food supply was pretty entertaining. The way he becomes attached to her and increasingly protective/possessive is cute.

The MC's focus on food is pretty funny and her interactions with the system are comedic. Neither is super original or anything, but is it done well (at least in the beginning).

The first arc ends rather abruptly, with the last few chapters being pretty rushed, but overall it was relatively... more>> satisfying.

But the second arc takes a sharp nose-dive in quality. It's basically just creepy. The ML is just full on yandere at this point, completely obsessed with an oblivious MC. Even more annoyingly, there are other men around the MC who are randomly obsessed with her too. The MC somehow not really noticing this just makes her seem idiotic.

Furthermore, at this point the MC's food obsession is just kind of tiresome. It's repetitive and not really that funny anymore. It was okay as an aspect of her personality, but now it seems to be her entire personality. She doesn't even seem to engage in the plot or attempt to complete her mission tasks anymore, all she does is eat. The only reason she still succeeds is because the ML is obsessively in love with her from the very beginning, so she achieves her goals without doing anything. The ending of this arc was abrupt again, but in this case it was a relief because I wanted it to be over.

The third arc was much better. The ML was not instantly in love this time (although it doesn't take long). At least he is putting a more genuine (if still very yandere) effort into pursuing her.

The MC had a much more interesting and active approach to the ML and the mission that didn't only involve food. There was still the annoyance of her female lead halo attracting flies, but they were handled better this time. Overall I was much happier with this arc (although the ending was a bit of a let down as usual).


It's become pretty clear that she is going to abruptly die every time. Which not only sucks for the ML, but also seems a bit in-congruent with the plot. In the first arc it generally made sense. Her mission was to help the ML's powers stabilize, so once she helped him get enough power stones to absorb this was accomplished, the mission was complete, so she could die and go to the next world.

The second arc was a bit less logical. Part of her mission was for the ML to achieve happiness. Yes, he was happy once he got to marry her, so again the mission was complete and so she died and left for the next world, but that makes the mission pretty cheap. I mean, his happiness was dependent on her, so as soon as she's dead he loses it. Which makes the mission pretty pointless if it is only successful for a moment (at least in the first arc after her death the ML still has the stabilized abilities that were the mission object).

But the third arc really doesn't make sense in this regard. If her mission was to make the ML a good/successful member of society, I don't see how she achieved it at all. Yes he started studying a bit and wasn't getting in as many fights, but he hadn't really changed. Plus, it makes no sense that it would somehow reach 100% while he is trying to find her when she is kidnapped. He definitely is not becoming a good member of society while rampaging to her (failed) rescue. Then after she is dead he ends up in jail for killing her murder. What exactly is the system/missions trying to accomplish!?

In every arc it seems to me like the MC is making things worse for the ML, and she is definitely not rescuing him. He would be perfectly fine without her but instead ends up miserable every time. I don't really understand what her purpose is except some dogblood drama, and I think he is more blackened each time.


In conclusion, I will still keep this on my reading list for now, but I won't keep my expectations too high because of the variability of quality and the rushed endings to each arc. <<less
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Mashumello rated it
December 30, 2020
Status: c193
I'll go 3.5 for this one.

MC died, system came, she refuse as no free meals exists, but with a deal or perish, she agree anyway if she could be a worry-free salted fish at the end. Then she goes along with sticking up w/ ML for her tasks meanwhile enjoying foods (aka selling her soul for foods at every opportunities). And while she n system dissing each other out in her head, ... more>>

ML slowly fall for her/turning possessive as the completion rise before she got pulled out after she's done leaving her corpse for ML to blacken futher

My impression is that a glutton airhead MC somehow

got the ML to complete her tasks for the sake of facilitating his possession of her while she still eat, sleep, eat, and got unknowingly taken advantages of while trying to get the tasks done instinctively avoiding him going yandere instead of her rly using her wit and capabilities for the tasks.

I already lost all hope for her EQ (;

she must have dropped it somewhere before the end of 1st arc, and her IQ halfway through 2nd arc, and just let nature take its course through latter half of 3rd arc 😂 while still being that hungry ghost she always be... Just, I dunno whether to smile looking at her pitiful self.


For Arc 1-8 spoiler title summary (around 500+ ch) ​---

Arc 1 : OP zombie ML rearing the ration MC

Arc 2 : Cross-dressing SnowWhite ML going dere dere at tsundere Step-mom MC

Arc 3 : Cutie school gangster younger step-bro ML and s*ave-step-sis megane MC

Arc 4 : Emotionless obsessive-cleanliness​ school prince ML and his silly gluttonous Cat MC

Arc 5 : Demonic Cult's Master split-personality ML and his personal nanny MC

Arc 6 : Ex-crybaby little prince/ High school grass ML and popular childhood sweetheart MC

Arc 7 : Talented shy no-backing young actor ML and big-backing vase actress MC

Arc 8 : Genius blackened Disciple ML and his cute exposed Master MC


ps. I saw a spoiler below that MC finally fell in love in like Arc 29 and Gosh!! 2000+ch! That's so frickin ages to come!!!

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honeytea rated it
November 4, 2020
Status: c15
I kept re-reading this forgetting that I hate it, so this review is a reminder to myself: don't read it.
It's not good.

It's not well-written, nor well-translated.
The plot meanders without moving anywhere.
The MC sounds like she's written by a 13-year-old or written for one.
The ML has little distinctions from an average mob character aside from his "cold blue eyes".

Maybe it gets better later on maybe it doesn't, but it's better to spend time looking for other novels than on this one.
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Tristan0000 rated it
September 4, 2021
Status: c118
The only saving grace in this novel is our Yandere ML. FL is your typical "too s*upid to live" -type character. She stumbles through worlds, eating everything in sight and often forgets her mission due to only being able to think about food. Don't waste your time--just keep scrolling.
3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
August 14, 2021
Status: c131
After snow White, I could not help but sneer. Sigh this chick, the author could have tried a little hard and give her a little more brain.

I was looking forward to it but it's not worth the read.
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Devoted slacker
Devoted slacker rated it
July 16, 2021
Status: c400
It should be called breaking the ML instead of ‘rescuing’ and 3 stars rating

i can’t possibly understand how this will go on up to 2000chs?? I don’t think ML is a trembling m but maybe? And it seemed like ML used to know MC in the past that’s why the mission mls always fall for her till they’re s*upid and act the same as previous mls. MC is really heartless and I can accept that but not she being a fool who can’t gain any experience from the missions and... more>> acts like a fool again and again. <<less
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June 6, 2021
Status: c300
Tbh I don't really get it why the title was rescuing, but the MC action and the title is pretty misleading imo.

Rescuing? I don't think the male lead that 'blackned' compare with any other QT that I've read.

Rescuing? But in the end the MC always leave ML behind, not sparing a single moment after the interest reach 100% it's seriously irritated me. So for me it's not rescuing at all, but adding more sadness in ML heart.

Huft— I think I couldn't go on. Sure the ML is pretty likeable for... more>> me, but MC and the system somehow pretty heartless..

Well— 3 star? <<less
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LunarWolf rated it
July 1, 2020
Status: c133
i understand why its tragedy. MC dies every arc leaving the ML all alone to suffer sadness after her death. I cant handle it since I like happy endings. Also, the mc's realization of love takes forever which is heartbreaking to see because I just want her to reciprocate the ml's feelings.
each arc can be read as individual stories so you can skip around but you might miss development of MC over time but very small.
does not deserve the mature rating since theres no heavy smut. And there... more>> is no heavy smut till much later. I was annoyed since translator kept leaving side comments hinting at it and I was waiting for the MC to be 'eatten' but it just doesnt happen till many worlds later =/
its an okay read. Depends on you if you like how the story is written and if it excites you or not.
i like extreme yanderes but I also like well written stories and this falls a bit flat since the MC is just there eatting and passively waiting for the world to progress. The author also randomly adds things so you can tell its more of an amateur piece of writing rather than professional piece. But thats how it feels to me in terms of flow.

for me, after reading "the villain has blackened again" which set a bar for world hopping yanderes, this story is only worth 3 stars. <<less
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cutecatpawn rated it
May 3, 2020
Status: --
I hoped so much from this novel. But I'm disappointed.. The MC is so dumb and extremely dense. Yeah, I know there is dense protagonist tag, but MC is overly dense make me want to knock her head. The target from the system is not clear.. Also, I can't understand why ML must fall in love with the MC. Like, first they meet, ML just like MC. Why? We need development.. I dropped this.. But 3 stars for translator. Thank you for the effort..
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