The Male Lead’s Substitute Wife


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When Su Yaya awakened, she found herself in a novel world as the CEO’s Substitute Wife–-a mere cannon fodder. Knowing that divorce and a tragic ending was awaiting her once her look-alike, the President’s first love returns, Su Yaya only trusted one thing: Money.

She curried favor with her husband each day, saved up resources, and served him as a faithful wife. It was better to leave a good impression on him before separation so she could avoid her death flags.

The overbearing President was very satisfied with her and personally gave her his platinum card: “Take it and buy anything you’d like!” Su Yaya happily accepted. Of course, she would take advantage of his pampering before the female protagonist appears!

As the CEO unexpectedly falls deeper despite this transactional relationship, he never imagined that his wife would one day disappear from his side

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82 Reviews

Dec 08, 2019
Status: Completed
Rating: 1.5/5

I have to say, the real story is only 20% and the fillers are up to 80%. So many things that happened that have no correlation to character development, or conflict resolution.

Character development is nil, zero, non-existent.

... more>> Resolution to the conflict was so sloppy. It gave me pain to finish the novel without getting anything out of the story.

Why is the author so obsessed with Netizens opinion is beyond me. Like, the main characters are the netizens. As if their entitlement to the lives of the ML & FL is valid.


Can the author leave the female lead to fix her sht alone without dumping a pregnancy arc? She's not even given the time to process her feelings for ML, and then ML just has to coerce her into living with him again because she's pregnant.

It's a cheap trick to move the plot and hinders character development.

Plus, r*pe. Is there really no other way? R*pe is NOT romantic and it is NOT a punishment for wrong doing. R*pe is r*pe, and victims are victims. Period.

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Nov 10, 2019
Status: Completed
If I honestly have to, I would give this novel a 4 ? Review. The reason I give it 5 ? Is all because of that one dialogue in this movie, "Yaya, I've burnt my fingers". ? You won't understand the true emotions behind this one line unless you've read that part.

This story is of two girls named Su Yaya living in two different worlds who swapped their bodies (and lives) to heal their scarred souls. While one is thoroughly scarred with a romance in a (dog blood drama) novel, the... more>> other is tired of dealing with a sad, unfortunate and impoverished life. They are able to live a happy life with good husband's after they've worked hard to improve their lives by applying the bitter lessons they've learnt in their past life.

The entire novel is mainly filled with lots of fluffy romance between the main pairing (SY x CEO Shen). And how SY who knew of her Cannon Fodder identity strives for a better life while trying to avoid the death flags (mainly by buttering up the arrogant CEO).

Though the story is great and I've finished it in 1 sitting with no breaks, like another reviewer said I do not like how women empowerment for ladies in novels is only described through the film industry in the modern world (and by being a doctor or Assassin in ancient world). I mean they can be so much more than just actors. Besides the story is pretty light hearted with very little angst. It's a good read.

Edit: so after going through other review I'd like to add something to my original opinion. A lot of other readers have criticized the MC for having no other prominent characteristics besides her beauty. I agree, however I must mention that if she wasn't beautiful, the ML won't be marrying her because after he spent so much time and effort to create so much wealth why must he wrong himself by marrying someone who's not pleasing to himself. Secondly, her beauty is her strength and there's nothing wrong with capitalise on one's own assets. The choice MC made is pretty realistic, as no one would throw away the gold tree at hand and go to suffer on streets with no money unless he's masochistic. And I believe it takes a whole lot of effort to please someone 24/7 as that means you've to cater to evey whims and needs of someone regardless of your opinions or emotions. It's a tough job. I approve of her plan of utilising the resources at hand (the ML) to gain a strong foothold in the industry while polishing her skills and strengthening her own foundation so she live a stable and happy lifestyle post separation.

She has nothing to be guilty of. She didn't ruin anyone's marriage/ relationship, betrayed or harm anyone. She is legally married to him and enjoys the benefits from it while equally satisfying ML'S need of a sweet, understanding yet sexy wife. <<less
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Oct 07, 2020
Status: c103
I'm just saying that a better progression would be:

Chen Xiuqi was conflicted in front of the two women in front of him. One was his white moonlight while the other was his contracted wife whom he had hurt a long time ago due to his distrust. He held a special affection for An Yutong, but he also contained affection for his wife. Although everything started by contact, he started developing affection for Su Yaya. Finally, he opened his mouth and spoke, "I'm sorry. I can't choose between the two of... more>> you. Both of you hold a special place in my heart, so why can't we live together happily?"

An Yutong looked so hurt and pitiful while Su Yaya's eyes held a trace of determination. Su Yaya grasped An Yutong's hand to renew her confidence. "No! I'm going to marry Yu'er and live with her happily in the suburbs!"

Chen Xiuqi looked shocked. Both of them were girls, so how could they marry each other? Plus, didn't they love him? As if reading his thoughts, Su Yaya said, "Ha! Did you think I loved you in the first place?" Her eyes held a trace of bitterness and hurt, but she quickly regained her confidence. "I was only treating you well so that I could get a hefty alimony! Now that I have earned enough money and that you showed how much of a scum you are to Yu'er, I've decided to elope with her! Goodbye and I hope to never meet you again!" Su Yaya turned her face to look at An Yutong and said to her gently, "Let's go!"

As An Yutong was taken away by Su Yaya, she turned her head to look at the man who was once her first love. She said goodbye to him in her heart before resolutely following Su Yaya.

And so, An Yutong and Su Yaya lived blissfully in the suburbs until their deaths. "We weren't born on the same day, but we will die on the same day, " Su Yaya said as she looked at the dying figure of her beloved An Yutong. An Yutong's eyes contained only happiness as she stared at Su Yaya. Soon, Su Yaya's body also ceased to breathe.

A mature boy found the two entwined together on the fields. He comforted himself, "It's fine, it's fine. My mothers have lived for 100 years and died peacefully in each others' arms." The mature finally broke down and cried. "But, why? I wanted to live with my mothers forever and ever." The sobbing figure of the boy was comforted by his friend. <<less
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Nov 29, 2019
Status: c17
Stars: 2.5

Generic and no different from most of the Chinese romance novels on here. Poor female lead whose only characteristic is her beauty and a rich, over-bearing male lead.

The female lead doesn't really have a personality, the only quality that the author has really put stress on is her beauty. Is that what defines a woman? I guess it does, for a Chinese author, that is. She's cute, adorable, and all that jazz. Nothing different to note here. Her personality only ever consists of anything that would make the novel... more>> "fluffy" and make the ML (and only him) think that she's adorable.

The male lead isn't any different from most Chinese romance novels. Rich, handsome, commanding, arrogant, blah blah blah. Nothing new here, either.

I can summarize the novel in a couple of incidents which keep on repeating again and again with slight variations:

    • People underestimating the FL but the ML interacts with her, so she's not as useless as they thought she was because a rich man's presence validates her worth. Nice.
    • People admiring her beauty. That's all there is to admire about her. A woman's beauty is what defines her. Also, she must be 'submessive' and 'obedient'. You'll see the word 'obedient' being used a lot when the ML thinks of her.
    • 2D villains (women) who are either in love with the ML or jealous of her so they're always provoking her but don't worry, the ML is here to save the day! How brave, totally something a woman can't be! Saying this because the FL never solves her problems herself. Never.
    • The original FL of the world (AY) becomes the villain, predictable.
It's not something revolutionary but an alright read to pass the time. Nothing impressive for me because the author has such patriarchal ideas integrated in there, it's so very obvious by how the characters think and interact. <<less
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Apr 20, 2021
Status: c243
ML made contract to MC "Marry me and act as my wife, we will divorce afterwards and I'll give you 10 million. There will be no love okay but I get to have s*x with you (so basically sell me your body) ". Which is FINE because MC went in knowing and agreed because she also wants money (so I'm not complaining here).


Then to have ML later feel BETRAYED and ANGRY why MC WON'T FALL IN LOVE WITH HIM, makes me furious. Like, YOU were the one who made the... more>> contract and now you get PISS that MC won't fall for you... mentally ill much?

Also like other reviews state, when MC tries to leave, ML r*pes her. He rips her clothes by the door and f**ks her right then and there. MC let's him because she is weaker than him and she feels that it's the last time. BUT then ML continues after one round, he brings her to the sofa and f**ks her again. MC starts crying but ML doesn't hear nor care and keeps f**king her. Then he brings her to the bedroom and keeps f**king her until literally, as author wrote, "she curls up into a ball crying as she lays there."

MC wakes up and just walks it off and leaves next morning. ML wakes up and then we get to hear his POV "Well, my friend said women were EASY. If you just 'bully' (f**k) them once then they will OBEY (author literally used that word). If once doesn't work then twice, bully them twice. If twice doesn't work then double it. But why didn't she stay after all last night? She still chose to leave me..."

Boohoo, this is just a rapist deranged ML who believes woman should be OWNED and OBEY him! So I say, any woman who reads this and likes it, I hope you get OWN and OBEY too cause how else can you support (even if fictional) a character that talks like that about woman. <<less
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May 20, 2020
Status: Completed
Warning to current and potential readers: ... more>>

contains r*pe... Su Yaya is r*ped by the ML when she tries to leave him. He does it out of anger and she gives in to it (she just lets him do what he wants and rationalizes that it'll be one last time and she's getting mad moolahs after... she does this with almost all his shenanigans, but it had my *every-swear-word-known-to-man* prick radar blaring). It's not violent or hardcore or anything (if you're used to reading Korean novels, this might feel like a tiny love tap), but it's still very very wrong.


*At the time of writing this review, the translator has not yet reached this point in the story... having been on multiple discussion forums, I know this event may trigger some of you. It happens in c88 of the OG work (c92 of the English translation is roughly c38 in Chinese). Honestly, I don't think it was necessary to the plotline AND the frigging author later made light of the situation like what in the beeping beep beep beep BEEEP!

(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻


Author's note:

Su Yaya: Wuwuwu, there will be babies

Prez Chen: En, very good, let's go again

XX Prez Chen, XX Yaya, XX all my beloved readers, I love you~ ('XX' as in kisses because 摸摸 mo1mo1--literally to touch, but also sounds like kissing sfx mwah)


I just came off a high reading Noble Wife Wants No Love which has a similar premise of FL transmigrates into villainess role and does not try to woo or change the storyline but just wants to exit stage left. LOVED that story... so I came here...

This story started off great. I loved the dynamics between the two and how the characters (especially the ML) developed. I also liked how the author put in hints here and there teasing about the impending fallout. We knew from the beginning what's to come. The author baits us in with her notes as well (I don't know if those are going to be translated, but there are multiple author's notes telling the readers to be patient and that the anticipated event will happen soon).

At first, I wanted to see the dramatic fallout and then them hashing things out together. I'm not a sadist, just a friendly neighborhood popcorn eater here for some classic melodrama. As the story went on though, I started hardcore shipping them. I no longer wanted the author to mess with them. LIKE STAAAAHP PLEASE! For the love of God! I am happy where they are, just give me more

fluffy s*x scenes.

I don't think I've ever read a Chinese novel with more *ahem*. BTW if you thought they were already making enough pancakes, the translation hasn't even gotten to the juicy bits yet... („ಡωಡ„)

I'll finish reading the story because I'm a masochist who needs to finish everything I start... but boy am I going to start rooting for a Delicate Mother of the Villain ending (if you're not in the know, carefully look at the tags and think about what is not there).

I will not be rating this story as I myself am still quite conflicted. I really enjoyed the story up until that point and I loved the writing style. It was funny and light-hearted, but there are certain things that don't fall into that category. I guess I'm a little disappointed with how the author handled the situation and how it just plays into the Asian novel stereotype that this type of act is okay.

Edit: Having now completed the story, I can safely say it's 100% okay to stop reading at c87 or even earlier. Not that anything terrible happens, but the last third of the story was just the author tying loose ends. You can probably write the ending yourself. <<less
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Jan 20, 2020
Status: c124

I really liked it in the beginning but I just really couldn't stand the misogyny. Like I was really looking forward to this plot where the protagonist hones her acting skills and leads this life where she plans out her future where she can depend on herself while also trying to build a relationship with the ML which makes him grow into a good man/husband but I guess not.

The protagonist becomes a pretty good actress whether instinctually or as a skill from the body itself but anyways, she doesn't do... more>> anything with it except get jobs/money and suppress a rival; kind of a let down.

The ML is an absolute a*shole! Besides the fact that he got together with a woman because they merely remind them of their ex, he secretly marries them, doesn't reveal it to ANYONE, and doesn't even publicly support them until it's absolutely imperative; da f*ck! He only starts falling for the protagonist because she cooks for him, acts coytishly, and is "obedient". "As long as her requests weren’t too demanding, he will satisfy all her requests", rather than a girlfriend/wife he was probably trying to originally raise a puppy. However, after he tastes her cooking, you could say she got promoted to maid; he demands that she cooks for him until later when I guess he realizes he's in love with her. Either way, he is a complete domineering ass that doesn't change until she finally leaves him.

Also, the male supporting characters were just filler that lasted for 4 chapters each. The protagonist was outstanding solely because of her looks, and it was just REALLY DISAPPOINTING! I was expecting this great character growth for both the protagonist and ML but nah, the MC is basically the same and the ML just became a man with regular morals and ethics. They're not good characters at all!!! <<less
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Nov 06, 2019
Status: --
KEEP AWAY SINGLE PEOPLE! Theres just too much dogfood here that I think you'll vomit blood! Lol! But I LOVE ittt! Every chapter is just too sweet! ML is very doting on MC and MC is just too cute even if she acts too spoiled and a bit childish at times its not annoying.

One thing I want to criticize here../incoming rant

is why do transmigrators always turn to the entertainment industry even if they have a rich family/husband background? Especially if you're one who usually read this kinds of novel like... more>> MC is? Ive read enough novels that I already know that the plot will always be full of white lotuses, green tea b!+ches, scheming, drugging, public humiliation if the setting is the ent ind. If I were a transmigrator I think I would be paranoid everywhere I went to. If you have the money, why not try a different route like doing a business, learning a new skill or sth? Just stop with the ent industry pls! ? /End rant (゚∀ ゚) <<less
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Mar 07, 2020
Status: c63
I really like this novel because of the female lead.
It's a different perspective from all of those goody two shoe girls that are totally prudish. There's nothing wrong with it, but I'm just tired of the trope. There are so many different kinds of women in the world, women who would never sell themselves for money, women who would under stress, and women who just would. I don't think there's something wrong with it, and I would never understand why you'd respect a woman less just because she's an... more>> escort or a prostitute. My philosophy is that in every job you do, you are basically selling a piece of your body- whether it be your brains or your brawny arms, or your body. I also don't think that women who strive to be housewives can't be feminists or have no self-respect.

I'm very glad that I get to read about a female lead who doesn't hold qualms over sleeping with a man she just met. One night stands do happen, and it doesn't make you any less of a woman. I think sexuality can be so empowering. You go girl!

Also, might I say that it's not misogynistic to have more interest and fall more and more in love with someone who cooks for you, whether or not you're a woman or man. And yes, there are a lot of men who prefers a partner that is warm and sticky to them- this is totally fine. I must say, however, that he should not be as rough as he is on the bed. That's my only complaint. <<less
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Aug 22, 2020
Status: --
As I haven't seen other reviews mention it, I wanted to warn potential readers this work contains domestic r*pe. Happens more than once, but I've copied & pasted one example below.

... more>>

Su Yaya wanted to stop him but Chen Xiuqi had already pressed her down. The difference in power between men and women was huge. She wasn't his opponent at all. Quickly, she begged for mercy.


At first, she is rightfully upset bc Xiuqi considers consent optional for marital interc**rse. And bc he apparently has loads of stamina & is none too gentle with her. ?

The next morning, Su Yaya was woken up by Chen Xiuqi touching and rubbing her. The moment she opened her eyes, she recalled their lovemaking session last night. Her face was red from anger and embarrassment. Chen Xiuqi was overstepping his boundaries, as he spared no pains or effort in bullying her. She was just fixing the bed sheet! And yet he claimed that she was seducing him. It's too infuriating!


Then, bc these novels are what they are, Yaya is 100% appeased by an expensive gift from Xiuqi.


She was in a very good mood. Although she was bullied a little too much by Chen Xiuqi last night, anyone who received a valuable diamond necklace in the morning will end up being in a beautiful mood. She smiled at Chen Xiuqi and sweetly said, "Hubby, you're so nice to me. I love you."


This isn't a singular occurrence. ? Just wanted to warn people who might be triggered by s*xual assault. <<less
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Jan 29, 2020
Status: c45
Warning: Kinda biased.

A proud gold-digging woman turns into a transmigrated delusional gold-digging woman with less maintenance fees, but still pretty much the same deal.

I feel like 80% of the novel is just to satisfy the author's vanity. There are chapters focused on keeping a woman pretty and being the perfect wife, sucking up to the ML with an obvious motive.

This is the kind of FL that most transmigration novels use to make their characters look better. Y'know? Where they turn FL and ML around and make them the "bad guys",... more>> then some cannon fodder takes over and make the story more interesting.

It has the typical grumpy and sexist CEO ML, who's pretty much as delusional as the FL.
(For example: he gives her a credit card and she gets really happy. And he's overjoyed she's happy over a plastic card, when all other women are just interested in his money. What do you think a credit card is used for..?)

In the beginning, FL stated she had a harsh life before the reincarnation; but she really doesn't act like it. All she want all the time is expensive clothes, jewelry, makeup... It's just not expensive by the ML's standards. It feels like the way a spoiled middle-class woman who's just a little low on money "now and then" would think. She's only ever focused on looking pretty and getting nice things, and never on being practical or take care of herself in other ways, like you would if you'd lived a harsh life? For some reason, I feel like that's just a big joke. (I'm not sure why I'm so hung up on it in a novel...)

She did mention something about wanting to do something just for herself (which is getting into acting) and not just rely on the ML, but then she ends up begging him for a role right away, stealing someone else's spot...

The only thing I really liked was the translation. Kudos to them, but I really can't take either one of their personalities, and there hasn't even been any side characters so far which kind of proves how two-dimensional this story really is. <<less
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Nov 26, 2020
Status: --

This novel is ok to read if you want to pass time. However, if you are looking for FLUFF or HEARTWARMING ROMANCE, don’t read this. It is not tragic per say but it is rather weak as a romance story. Why?

First, the MC is DETESTABLE. While reading the entire novel (though I wished I didn’t), I honestly did not feel any sincere love that I should’ve felt from her. Up until the last chapters, I still feel like she was faking her feelings for... more>> the ML, despite everything the ML gave and did for her. This is because she still had the thoughts to DIVORCE the ML (for the sake of “saving” her life according to the novel) even when the ML literally PROPOSED to her and gave her EVERYTHING she wanted. It was quite disappointing how she was never smart enough to think that the ML is a real person now and so is she; and therefore, does not have to truly follow the ending of the novel.

Second, like the previous reviews, the white moonlight of the ML has yet to appear and seems to be nonexistent in this novel. Though after MTL-ing the novel, I can assure you that she does appear but they way she was written was not memorable or impactful at all - at most, she was just a temporary blockage that was kept until the ending to “wrap” things up.

Third, I literally did not know how the second male lead even FELL IN LOVE with the MC. The female lead simply talked to him twice/thrice (?), got sick, showed him her vulnerable side, and smiled. Like, what the? It felt so shallow considering how big the second male lead’s role is. It honestly felt like those tr*shy reverse harem novels where a female smiles and every guy suddenly falls for her. How sad.

Finally, the ending is RUSHED. With the amount of int*rc**rse they had, she only got pregnant when they split? How unrealistic timing. Plus, it felt like the baby was only there to make sure that the MC and ML stays together (I dont question the ML’s feelings, but I feel like one of the reasons that the MC gave the ML a chance is because of the baby.) [ /spoiler] <<less
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Jul 24, 2020
Status: c100
So, my rating for this novel is objectively around 3.5. It's never going to reach a full 5 stars, but since I think the reviews giving it 1-2 star is underserved, I'm rounding it up to counterbalance that somewhat. Need a short version of this long, long review? Jump to the TL;DR.

The setup is clichéd, but the execution is pretty good and it stays as an entertaining read you can get through with even half a brain. I'll try to address some of the concerns that I've seen in some... more>> low-star reviews and explain why I disagree with those.

Story Background: Original (OG) Su Yaya was a two-bit actress who was lazy and wanted to live well, so when Chen Xiuqi, CEO of Chen group approached her, she's flattered and interested since he's the most well off compared to other guys who had done so. She's very beautiful and Chen Xiuqi was certainly attracted by her beauty. His grandfather would have willed his immense wealth to him only if he was married before he died. Why not kill two birds with one stone? Get a beautiful woman to be in his bed regularly and fulfill his grandpa's requirements.

Et voilà, a marriage of convenience.

More info on that underneath the spoiler tag (no, there isn't any true spoilers there)


Note that both of them entered this marriage with their eyes wide open. Even up to ch 80, he hadn't said "I love you" to her. They have a contract written and agreed to before their marriage, for one, and they haven't had a wedding that would've cemented her position official in his social circles and would make divorce socially easy. That one's a dead giveaway of how not-serious their relationship is that I'm sure even OG Su Yaya wouldn't fail to miss.

New Su Yaya tacitly understood this and only said that she was his girlfriend. Look, you can dislike Chen Xiuqi for being shallow, but he never pretended that it was more than convenience for him. He didn't pretend to love her. Heck, OG Su Yaya is just as shallow as he is; she probably sees him as an attractive walking moneybag!


Su Yaya's Old Life vs New: The transmigrated Su Yaya's old life is one full of challenges, barely making her ends meet and that was while working like a dog. She woke up beautiful and in an instant marriage from a novel she'd read before. She's immediately sold on the perks of playing the dutiful wife to her (temporary) husband in return to being showered with riches and the prospect of bowing out gracefully from the marriage later on with a better alimony. It would be a win-win for everyone involved, she considered. Of course she's aware that she has to bow out later; she's determined that she wouldn't be crazy enough to go against the Female Lead of the story when she comes around and steal his heart, since in-story, An Yuting was Chen Xiuqi's white moonlight in his heart.

On Chen Xiuqi's behaviour: Some readers might get dissuaded at how it was stated at the beginning in Su Yaya's thoughts that her new face was 70% similar to An Yuting. Some readers might even blame Chen Xiuqi for merely trying to replace his first love. Note that this knowledge is something that New Su Yaya knew from the novel. When we follow Chen Xiuqi's point-of-view, he never compared her to his ex even once. Never. He seriously wasn't thinking of An Yuting when he decided to pick an agreeable pretty woman to be his instant wife.

What's my take on this? Even if he was attracted to Su Yaya at the beginning due to her facial similarity to his old flame, it was an unconscious one. What, are we going to blame people for their subconscious thoughts now? Pffft. I won't. Heck, even when An Yutong, the annoying sister to An Yuting tried to persuade Chen Xiuqi to give a certain role in a new drama to her, he didn't cave because he'd given it to Su Yaya (around ch 60-62).

More info under spoiler tag to save space (no real spoilers, just minor details).


When An Yutong said that she'd tell her sister about him, he just gets pissed off because it sounded like she was threatening him if she didn't give her the role. Why? Because she was just the loud sister of someone he used to like, while Su Yaya was currently his woman, who was his to take care of; why on earth should she be prioritised more than Su Yaya? He also had her back when someone was running a smear campaign against her on the internet.


For a guy in a marriage of convenience, he certainly fulfilled his role of supporting and protecting her better than some other male characters.

On Su Yaya's behaviour: She cooks for him since she knows she's a great cook in home cooking and plays the playful and obedient wife. What of it? She's buttering him so he will have a favourable impression and would increase what she sees as her severance pay when the inevitable happens.

More arguments hidden under spoiler tag to save space.


Is he sexist? Well, I don't really see it as that way because of how they have no true emotional attachments between them at the beginning. So of course their attraction to each other would begin at a superficial level. If she asked for a divorce after a bit of time has passed to part ways from him, he doesn't struck me as one who would make it more difficult for her and just let her go, what with their lack of deeper attraction—which is more than I can say about some other male characters in other novels. She saw that he liked when she was being cute, playful and considerate/cheering-him when she's with him, and she merely brought that side of her out more often when it was just them.

I don't understand why some people say that Su Yaya doesn't have a solid character of her own. The new Su Yaya is not that lazy because she's aware that her new luxurious life wouldn't last forever—she'd have to stand on her own two feet again once the marriage was over. Since she has the face and even the acting skills of OG Su Yaya, she was going to work hard to climb the entertainment world as far as she can go.


So, she took care of him at home. Wasn't this mutual support what their marriage was about, anyway?

This is an especially good idea since Chen Xiuqi can support her right now by passing the occasional female side character role to her. That way, even if she were to stop getting good roles after she'd divorced, hopefully she'd manage to save up a bit of a nest egg at that point to go with her alimony that she can just retire and buy a farm if she wanted to. (That was one of the first few thoughts she had about the size of the original Su Yaya's alimony; that she can buy a farm with it). If there's a notable difference between OG Su Yaya and the new one, I'd say that it lies here, in her new work ethic.

I won't pity her for doing her best to maintain her relationship like some readers seem to (he's kinda high maintenance in the sense that he likes getting pampered by Su Yaya being a domestic goddess and lover), and how they wish she'd get on with one of the side male characters.

This is her own choice, people, don't act like Chen Xiuqi blackmailed her to stay with him. I respect her agency even if I may disagree with her choice.

TL;DR: So, in summary, yes, this is not some literary novel and the plot wasn't anything truly innovative or surprising. We all know this. The narrative itself is well written and engaging. That Su Yaya is beautiful is a trait of the MC that won't surprise anyone who's been reading c-novels in a while. This is escapism, people, and the novel's usual readers probably just wanted to imagine that they can get all the advantages that beautiful people get in the world.

For all their superficial beginning, Chen Xiuqi wasn't a jerk, and the new Su Yaya knew enough of quid pro quo that she's not just leeching off him. Oh, he has his annoying sides too, but for all that, this is a relationship they can both walk away from easily (at least before feelings were involved). That he still stayed in it reflected his growing interest with her; that she still stayed meant that even if he bugs her from time to time (he has a high s*x drive), she still considers the relationship worth the support she can get from him (her nest egg isn't going to build itself).

Nobody is forcing anybody else to stay in the relationship here. I can respect both of them as characters even if I don't always agree with them.

Downsides: if you want more romance and deep feelings and/or deep understandings of each other, or if the almost-contractual nature of the first half of their relationship doesn't sit well with you... then yes, you might want to look for something else. Same with the overused (to me) trope in many c-novels of how s*x seems to be a challenge/work (even if she enjoyed it in the moment) for women and something that men can practically do all night long. Newsflash; even guys can get muscle fatigue from too much s*x and make them walk a bit awkwardly the next day, alright?

So yes, entertaining enough light reading if you can bear with the setup (marriage of convenience between two acquaintances with their own motives) as well as the tropes used in it. <<less
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Oct 20, 2019
Status: Completed
Love this! Mostly fluff, doting (not overly cheesy romance but sweet at most) and rolling on the sheet (not explicit). Drama and conflict starts when the story is near end.

Female Lead. Actress. The type who flatters, sells meng and hugs the golden thigh of male lead to avoid the death route after the divorce.

Male Lead. CEO (a proper CEO who actually works). Doting doting doting doting.


... more>>

I was hesistant to continue reading the novel because of this. The start of their relationship is very similar to a golden master and his mistress. Actually that's how they really act and think (I just assumed)

They will sleep together and then the next day, male lead would give a project or givr jewelries to the female lead and she'll happily receive it.



Showbiz. I'm not really fond of a romance with showbiz tag since most of the time co-actors of the protagonist are idiots and cannon fodder but thankly this novel is not one of those.

Of course there will be conflicts but it's realistic enough and not annoying.

??? <<less
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Mar 29, 2020
Status: Completed
This is so generic that there's no much to say about it. MC's doesn't really have any personality except that she's nice (but like really really really pretty as the novel will remind you in every chapter), and ML is just... well, he exists.
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Oct 27, 2019
Status: Completed
I enjoyed this novel very much although novels with showbiz elements annoy me to no end. Basically, FL does something, and netizens criticise her for that. Then FL or another person clears up the misunderstandings, and the netizens apologise. Rinse and repeat. Or on another occasion, something happens in FL's private life, and it's really none of their business but she still gets bombarded with netizens' opinions. This totally ticks me off. And it's not just in this novel. Almost every novel with the showbiz tag works this way. This... more>> is why I tend to avoid novels with this tag. But I quite adore the sweetness of this novel very much that I had to bear with this gripe. <<less
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Jan 07, 2021
Status: c31
I read up to chapter 31 and then started to wonder why I was even reading this.

In a total of 31 decent length chapters, one and a half days have passed and a grand event called "nothing" happened.

... more>>

So far, I spent more than an hour reading and all that's happened is MC waking up transmigrated, fainted (implied interc**rse with ML), woke up again, s**ked up to ML, went to a mall, went to ML's office, s**ked up to ML again, fainted (implied interc**rse again), woke up, went to her own work, met some random guy.


How exciting.

Pacing is important for a story. This one goes so slow, you've practically forgotten what happened a couple in-story hours ago.

Tiring to read. I'm stopping here. <<less
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Oct 28, 2020
Status: c166

So, we're 166 chapters in and nothing has really happened. We keep waiting, and waiting, and waiting, and waiting for the "real" wife to show up, and she still hasn't. It is 90% pointless, drifting fluff which keeps repeating (Yaya does something, CEO finds it cute, she makes him food, he gives her money, they have s*x, she pouts he's too rough, CEO finds it cute, she makes him food, he gives her money, they have s*x... etc.) Now, it's cute, well written fluff, but our patience is stretching a tad too thin by this point as we wait for the plot to turn back on.

The relationship is a very interesting, strange, and accurate example of two people being 100% ok with a transaction-based relationship. They both know what they are to each other, and are totally fine with it.

The CEO is extremely overbearing and selfish, demanding everything and everyone suit his tastes and moods at all times. Yaya is a simple, shame-free, bubbly woman who is totally willing to play along for substantial pay. It's actually really refreshing that there are no s*xual hangups or bizarre never-sleeping-together-though-married situations.

The CEO is happy with this arrangement because he has a wife who is basically 100% designed to his specifications, with zero of the messy negatives of being in a relationship with a human or equal. She never complains, always appeases him, and does everything he wants with a smile, bounce, and a giggle, while looking perfectly put together.

Yaya is happy with the arrangement because it has an expiration date, and until then, she gets to live in luxury. She fantasizes about the rural bed and breakfast she's going to open with her future divorce settlement, which gets her through her day, and remains completely unaware her husband likes her.

Slowly but surely, the CEO forgets the situation and fancies he has fallen in love with the dream of a wife Yaya presents (instead of the real Yaya), while Yaya feels nothing in return and feverishly works towards earning even a few cents more with a bit of extra fanservice if it means she can add on a garden, or a pond to her post-divorce dream house.

Nearly every chapter's comment section is clamoring for news on when the "real" wife will finally, finally show up and demanding that Yaya run off and dump the CEO's sorry butt, so he has to realize he never actually knew her at all and needs to try to earn her back, without using money.

Fortunately, the author chimed in on a recent end-of-chapter-note to confirm they've heard this feedback loud and clear, and will incorporate it into the plans for the plot. But I wouldn't hold my breath.

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Jul 14, 2020
Status: --
This novel is some real boring telenovela fuel:

    • Male lead originally egoistical for choosing a wife to get inheritance and as a flower vase that reminds him of his crush that's being described as a "counterfeit", morally corrupt, no boundaries or bottom lines will stop him from abusing his power
    • Vain plain FL, your average white lotus gold digger, opportunist in a positive light that sucks up to ML for money and money and... Money
    • A lot of vain topics are the main highlight such as beauty and brand products, social media fame etc. clearly aiming to elevate the characters but brings them down instead to a level of absolute tackiness.
Dude falls in love with her the moment she transmigrated because she was portraying a dimwit that embraces his toxic masculinity that puts him on a higher pedestal, so from the get go, everybody is acting like tr*sh, idk what more you want me to say for this one. You might as well as go watch the Kardashians instead. Don't know if you can handle all the cringe load of uwu that some people call fluff in this one particular novel.

It's also sloppily written, she just woke up in this new world like hours ago and author claims she just snapped out of the rich life trance to not to get too used to it, while her thoughts jump back to oh look at my 100$ skin care products. ????? And yeah generally promotes shitty toxic gender stereotypes or even worse... Their relationship has never been healthy nor normal, idk how people can even possibly label it as fluffy. Ew.
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May 11, 2020
Status: c91
The ML is the epitome of toxic masculinity and that alone turned me off so much. I kept reading hoping they would get better and till c91, there is none. This novel is so shallow and have so many problematic things that shouldn't exist in this century. I'm so tired of how people are obsessed with beauty standards. What if they have long legs, thin frame and white skin? That should't be the focus of a character's attribute. She basically has no personality other than looking pretty and pretending to... more>> be obedient in front of the ML.

The online thing about putting the MC underwater in this story. Is this how you sabotage celebrities in real life as well? That's f*cked up. And it doesn't even add up anything to the main plot. Why do they drag on with that arc? It was a waste of time.

In conclusion, I dropped this at c91 and would not pick it up again. <<less
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