Princess Medical Doctor


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She is the Crown Prince’s fiancee, but on the night of their wedding, an edict was made and she was given off to marry the crippled and paralyzed God of War.

On their wedding night, the paralyzed groom pressed her under his body: “Do you want this prince to kill you or poison you?” Lin Chujiu was a famous surgeon so she didn’t feel threatened that easily. She turned and pressed the crippled man under her body: “Say, do you want me to completely waste your legs or waste your third leg?”

She is a genius surgeon doctor in the Modern Era that was transmigrated into the body of the Eldest Miss of the Lin Family.

He is a famous prince named as the God of War and was feared by many.

“I, Lin Chujiu, am not a good woman. I do not know how to write melodramatic words.”

“I am in love with you and willing to do anything for you. I will bear the blame of our country or even help you seize the vast territory of our motherland…”

“I hate you, I am willing to pull out your heart, take out your bones and after you lose your life I will destroy this picturesque country…”

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83 Reviews

Sep 15, 2019
Status: Completed
I actually have 0 clue how I even found this novel. But I by chance happened on it, and didn't realize it was already being translated. I read this novel and all I have to say is...

F*ck Xiao Tianyao.

All right everyone. Sit down because this is gonna be a long one. Maybe as long as my angry rant from Poison Genius Consort. Because this story is a GIANT. STEAMING. PILE. OF. P O O. (I have other words for this, but I'm keeping this PG-13 with asterisks and children friendly... more>> words.)

The premise of this story seems interesting, right? I think I read the manhua because this has been adapted to manhua and it mildly annoyed me, so I wanted to see what the ending was. And after that, I had to keep reading, because I needed to see if this train wreck of a f*cking story would ever become resolved.

Oh my god. I have so many regrets. Somebody give me back the last like week of my life because MY GOD. IT WASN'T WORTH IT. I COULD HAVE DONE LITERALLY ANYTHING ELSE BUT I READ THIS STORY INSTEAD.

Let's start with the pros:

Right, let's move onto the cons!


I will warn everyone who is currently reading this. If you were hoping for super cute adorable romance, you are not going to get that. Even the stuff that's relatively cute ends up ruined because Xiao Tianyao will f*ck Lin Chujiu over and she will be grievously injured for him in some way that just, you know, RUINS EVERYTHING. And he will NOT think he did ANYTHING WRONG. HE WILL NEVER APOLOGIZE. (Until 900 chapters later, kind of. Not really.) He doesn't start being the "wife s*ave" until like... I don't know. Maybe chapter 900? Of a 1014 chapter story. Let that sink in. LET THAT. SINK IN.


Our MC, Lin Chujiu, is the eldest miss of the Lin family. She actually isn't her father's daughter, because her mother was pregnant with her before she married in. Her mother's sister eventually poisoned and killed her own f*cking sister and married MC's father and he had a daughter and son and he spoils and dotes on them obviously because he hates Lin Chujiu cus she represents the nice big green hat on his head. Her mother's maiden family treats her pretty well though. But of course, Good Father Lin here is a GIANT PIECE OF SH*T who DOES NOT GIVE A F*CK about ANYONE except himself. He steps all over her mother's maiden family because like, he hates 'em or something. His wife, a daughter of the Meng family, is like "lol this is fine" and thinks there's nothing wrong with that. Her family, let me tell you, her family. At first, Lin Chujiu's younger sister who's name I don't remember because why would I care about her? is all over her original fiance, then later, SHE TRIES TO GET INTO XIAO TIANYAO'S PANTS. This dumb b*tch AND YET SHE'S STILL ALLOWED TO LIVE. She does a TON of dumb stuff, tries to get Lin Chujiu f*cked over multiple times, her mother poisoned Lin Chujiu, poisoned her mother, and yet, BOTH OF THEM ARE ALLOWED TO LIVE AND ARE NOT DEALT WITH. AND, OF COURSE, THEY DON'T DIE AT THE END OF THE STORY EITHER IS THE BEST F*CKING PART. Her mother goes to jail, but she won't stay in there long because "Lin Chujiu is trying to be nice" or something s*upid like that despite poisoning her, the poison which has mostly destroyed her body and made it hard for her to get pregnant and has made her incredibly weak (never mind all the other BS her body went through) and the sister and younger brother get to stay alive too because if they go with the father, he'll sell the daughter off and probably the son too and Lin Chujiu is like oh no, you were only a little annoying this entire 1000 chapters, so I'll let you live cus I'm so nice! THE MOST UNSATISFYING ENDING EVER. GOOD GOD. SHE SHOULD HAVE JUST LET XIAO TIANYAO KILL ALL OF THEM. GOOD LORD.

Anyways let's move on. The ML is Xiao Tianyao, and he is probably in lead for Worst Male Lead I've Ever Had The Misfortune To Read About™. He is a cold hearted b*stard who does not know how to be interact with women, therefore, all of his things can be excused. Right? Right. That's basically what the author says and what all of Xiao Tianyao's companions say.

Everybody looks down on Lin Chujiu over and over, despite the fact that she has incredibly medical abilities and cures Xiao Tianyao and a bunch of other people of their problems. But like, cus she's a woMenZ she doesn't deserve respect? Whatever.

Lin Chujiu falls in love with Xiao Tianyao despite him being a giant flaming turd. Despite the fact that she nearly DIES because of him, because he uses her as bait. Despite the fact that she is harmed, schemed against, poisoned, literally anything and everything, she has ENDURED for him. She is used by him, which she has stated she is OK with at multiple points in time, because she knows that for Xiao Tianyao, she is nothing more than a pawn that is insignificant in the big picture of his Big Plans™, whatever they are because he never tells her until like, way later.

There are a sprinkling of scenes in between where they have some kissy interactions that can be considered romantic, but all of that is INSTANTLY DESTROYED when Lin Chujiu ONCE AGAIN gets injured, f*cked over, almost dies, bleeds, suffers etc etc for Xiao Tianyao and HIS RESPONSE?

Well, the woman who married him (a marriage she had LITERALLY 0 CHOICE IN) MUST be strong enough to stand next to him!!! He can't protect her all the time, so she has to be strong enough to deal with everyone!! Also, his plans ARE PERFECT. NOTHING WILL EVER GO WRONG IN HIS PLANS. THEREFORE, WHY SHOULD HE BE BOTHERED THAT LIN CHUJIU IS HURT? IT'S ALL FOR THE GREATER GOOD! AKA HIS PLANS AND AMBITIONS, WHICH ARE THE GREATER GOOD™!!!

Part of his logic I understand. She DOES need to be strong so she can defend herself. BUT SHE SHOULD NOT BE ABUSED THIS BADLY, SHE SHOULD NOT HAVE TO ALMOST DIE FOR HIM BECAUSE HE USES HER AS BAIT, NOR SHOULD SHE BE TREATED AS AN OBJECT TO BE TOSSED AROUND. But to Xiao Tianyao, all Lin Chujiu is is a PAWN. She is NOTHING MORE than a PAWN he occasionally kisses.

Several times during the story, Lin Chujiu has several mental breakdowns where the pressure and everything gets to her and she in turn screams at him, telling him she has done all these things on her own, she has gained prestige and everything on her own, she has healed these people all on her own, she has done it all without his help. How is it that she is not worthy of him?? It's more like, he's not worthy of her! She screams and cries, hoping that he'll say something to her, but he doesn't.

All he does is basically say, so what? You're not dead, are you? Why are you so mad anyways? It's not like I'll let you die cus my plans R peRFECt nOThinG can Go wRoNg bEcUz I iZ p3rFecT. Basically, he thinks that her bleeding, almost dying for him, and doing everything she does is just something she ought to do because otherwise, she isn't worthy of being his wife.

Mmkay. Lmao mmkay.

At one point one of his right hand men is like "You shouldn't treat her this way, because one day, she will hate you for it" and Xiao Tianyao is like "Lmao whatever this is for her own good."

Mmkay. Whatever.

And this same person tries to convince Lin Chujiu that Xiao Tianyao isn't so bad. He's had a hard upbringing! His life has been hard boohoo!! She should have some pity on him! And Lin Chujiu's response, which I was so happy about at first, was simply "well he didn't die, did he?" ThE SAME F*CKIN WORDS XIAO TIANYAO SAID TO HER. But of course, he keeps talking and says some other s*upid stuff and Lin Chujiu is a dumb bleeding heart and doesn't say anything else and promises to try to help but that was it.

Lin Chujiu, I wish she had more backbone. The entire time during the story, she loves Xiao Tianyao despite bleeding for him, almost dying for him etc etc and although she does rebel against him occasionally, Xiao Tianyao never actually does anything to make up to her. He has his subordinates try to convince her and never puts any effort into coaxing her himself or apologize to her. He just thinks everything he does is justified and therefore he does not need to apologize for almost letting her die or letting her bleed or letting her get captured or like, anything else. And Lin Chujiu, with her s*upid weakness, Xiao Tianyao like tries to kiss her and makes bedroom eyes at her after she freaks out at him 2 chapters earlier and she's like omGGG sw000) 00noOoonNN he is sooOOO HOT I just can't even help myself what was I mad at him about again???


Anyways Lin Chujiu eventually gets to the point where she's like, I know Xiao Tianyao cares about me, but I'm over his sh*t, and I'm just gonna do whatever. It's not like he'll beat me anyways.

And she does that, basically, kind of, not really, but what does Xiao Tianyao do? He doesn't bother trying to coax her at all, he has his subordinate convince her he's not so bad or something like that. Like wow lol such a great guy. (sarcasm over 9000!)

Eventually at one point, he does realize he loves Lin Chujiu and that the way he's treating her isn't good. At one point, Lin Chujiu is caught up ONCE AGAIN in some dumb scheme and she escapes it, only considering herself basically.

Xiao Tianyao looked really angry, and Lin Chujiu was like why was he so mad? I don't think I did anything wrong, and I think I made the right choice. He comes over and she asks him why he looks so angry at what she did, did she ruin his plans? Because she doesn't give af if she did, because her life was in danger.

And he looks at her and is like it was a good plan, but you only considered yourself.

And basically the entire point was that Lin Chujiu had become too independent, not considering anybody else but her own life, and he gets upset because he wants her to depend on him more, when this entire time ALL HE'S WANTED is for her to be INDEPENDENT and to NOT RELY ON HIS NAME TO GET OUT OF THINGS.

And she's like LOL what are you f*cking with me right now you giant flaming turd bag?

Anyways he doesn't get even remotely good until like maybe 900 chapters in and by then I just wanted to kill myself.

Ah, oh right, were you wondering about the overarching plot of the story? Right, right. So basically Xiao Tianyao is actually a prince from the Shengyuan (I think, can't remember) Empire that was destroyed in the past and that's what caused the fracturing into four kingdoms. His goal is to reunite his old Empire. Lin Chujiu is actually a daughter of the Lin family from the Central Empire who are a big power that dominate over the four kingdoms of Bei/Nan/Xi/Dong (cus I can't remember their full names rn) because they're like super powerful. And her family, the blood that runs through her, are the family that betrayed Xiao Tianyao's original kingdom and is his big enemy as a result. The only decent thing he does is separate the Lin Family in Central Empire from Lin Chujiu, who told him basically as soon as she found out so it didn't cause misunderstandings between them.

Anyways, Xiao Tianyao does it. He does it! He reunites his old kingdom, fights against Central Empire to get the land they took from Shengyuan Empire back to him and becomes woooo the KiinnnnGggGGG!!! And all of this happened in the like last 10 chapters.

Yeah, that's right. Basically the last 10 chapters is the highly spark notes version of how Xiao Tianyao conquered the four kingdoms, fought the Central Empire and reunited everyone under one banner and became Emperor wow!

I think the most infuriating part of all of this was just how much of a major d*ckwad Xiao Tianyao was and how, despite how much Lin Chujiu said she'd keep away from Xiao Tianyao and not just fall all over herself for him, it didn't happen. I cannot tell you how many times she'd freak out on Xiao Tianyao, he'd be confused as to why cus like everything he does is for her own good amirite and then he'd do one thing like try to make out with her and she'd roll over like the dumb b*tch she was and I'm -


Anyways, that's it, that's the plot.

The end.


I'm tired. I'm so tired. Why did I read this entire story. This is what I get for browsing randomly on websites and picking out titles without properly researching them beforehand god I'm so tired.

Anyways if you want to read this story, don't. Seriously, don't. You'll only want to gouge your eyes out and bleach your brain so you can forget that you ever read this giant flaming turdwad. <<less
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Apr 20, 2017
Status: c186

The plot is very very interesting, if you like the genre of a reincarnation doctor, once you read the first chapters, you are hooked, absolutely.

The main character is pretty good, the previous life of the girl is pretty sad: she was an immigrant orphan and became a spy in another country. Now she is, as the synopsis said, the daughter of the prime minister that had her previous engagement with the crown prince cancelled and is going to marry the brother of the Emperor that has become crippled (can't... more>> walk anymore) 3 months ago. She has the will to live, and that is what drives her existence, she is also "forced" to help and cure people with illnesses due to a "hospital system" that was implanted in her body and that followed her in this second life.

The Male Lead. Okay....... let's say it like this. I read so many novels of this genre that I can't even count, and compared to other male lead that are in a wheelchair that feign to be useless and wait only for the main character to cure them ad then fall in love with them with their cunningness and shamelessness, it's a little different. Because of this, the plot is interesting and refreshing, rich of novelties.

BUT. I HATE THE MALE LEAD. I can't even count all the times I cursed due to the male lead's misunderstanding of the main character, I hated how all the other people thought that it was natural for the female lead to always bow to the male lead like she is due to suffer all the injustices of the world and cannot say no. Don't get me wrong, he is also my kind of favourite male lead, cynical, cold on the surface, brutal with others and himself, prideful..... but PLEASE!! This is too much, I understand the female character, I understand her difficulties and I also like how we are showed her weaknesses, different from other novels where the female character is OP and without any weak spot.


like when we understand step by step that she starts to like the male lead.. how sad she feel for his distrust, her hopelessness


Every single time I read about the unhappy things happened to the female character... every time I read about her hopelessness....I wanted to stab at the male lead, and this kind of thing never happened really. Especially in this type of novels where normally you would love the male character.

Anyway, I wrote this review just to complain about that s*upid, dense, handsome and prideful male lead and in sympathy of the female character, that is a real person, with strengths and weaknesses, a woman that can fall in love and also feel loneliness and hopelessness.

I really do not want to give 5 star as for me reading is about being happy and having to curse every time at the male character's stubbornness was very stressing, but I have to admit that it is written pretty well, the plot is interesting and complex, the palace intrigues, the politics of that world.. all deserves a 5 star here.
So, unwillingly, I give 5 points, but really, male character, BEHAVE BETTER in your next life, please. <<less
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Aug 17, 2018
Status: c239 part2
A review in partial defence of the Male Lead

(it got long feel free to skip to the last two paragraphs if you want to know if you should read it)

This is as realistic a time travelling reincarnation in a world of magical-like martial arts, comes. At least it's the most realistic I've seen so far. Some of the spoilers will be pretty heavy and detailed, so be aware when you open them, they are meant to illustrate what I say just before them in more detail, so there... more>> should be no need to read them (hopefully if I did it right).

When I say "realistic" I'm not talking about the plots, which are classics of the genre (but not actually as ridiculously impossible to believe as these things sometimes get)

sister wants to steal her sisters husband (twice) (edit: make that 3), doctor of remarkable skill (not omnipotent though) meets crippled prince, attempted poisoning/wounding/crippling/mu*dering of characters, framings etc.


I am talking about the actions and reactions of the characters, in particular the male lead (because he's been getting a lot of flak by other reviewers lately, and I would hate for people to not read this story, which I quite enjoy, because of that). So this is a review in partial defence of the male lead.

The male lead is Prince Xiao Tianyao, the current Emperor's younger brother (I haven't seen his age, but because of this I imagine he's a little older than our average ML, hovering closer to 30 than 20, I could be wrong. For reference the FL is 18 when they marry). He's been in a secret war with the Emperor forever, not because he wants to be the Emperor himself, but because he was favoured by their father, and now by the people (as a great protector general, with a wondrous and powerful army). However his status took a fall after the last war, when he returned with essentially crippled legs (due to his elder brothers schemes), and the emperor took his military power away as a result. That's when, not content with the previous humiliation the Emperor bestows a wife upon him: Lin Chujiu. A woman originally betrothed and rejected by the Crown Prince (aka Xiao Tianyao's nephew), known to be crude and rash and careless in words and action. So he's furious, and hates her before they even meet (well duh). (This is all in the first chapter and it's such a staple of the genre I don't think it requires a spoiler warning.)

But then he does meet her. And it turns out she's not like the rumours or the reports of the people he had investigate her. She's smart, doesn't know everything, but can still read the situation, keeps her head in tense and dangerous situations, has medical knowledge and tools that come out of nowhere, and saves people none of which are truly on her side.

They get attacked by assassins on their wedding night just as Xiao Tianyao is threatening to kill her (for being a humiliating pawn in the Emperor's scheme), and instead of hiding and screaming for help or fainting, as one would expect a regular spoiled and sheltered girl to be, she walks around cool as a cucumber giving first aide to allies and enemies alike (allies who aren't actually her allies, since they are his men and he intended to kill her) and eventually uses a powder in self-defence that puts everyone to sleep (except Xiao Tianyao who has built a kind of immunity against poisons and sedatives).


As readers we get more of her point of view and very little detail on his, so we know why she's doing these things which look like they go against common sense, but he doesn't and it makes for one hell of a suspicious first impression. Mainly because of the contradiction between who his investigation says she is, and the way she is in front of him, which makes him wonder what is real and what is not. She loved the Crown Prince, so maybe she was asked by him to spy on Xiao Tianyao. She's the daughter of Prime Minister Lin, who climbed up from the lowest ranks, can't do that if you're not a good schemer able to fool the world. Is the Prime minister really oblivious to her skills or did she learn her tricks from him? She has a good relationship (ostensibly anyway) with the empress thanks to her birth-mother... All of these people are grade A schemers, and none of them are on Xiao Tianyao's side, and they are all linked to the Emperor (the number 1 thorn in his side). Add to that a whole lot of other small things that crop up and make her more mysterious, despite how good he is at discovering secrets, and despite seeing when she's lying he can't figure out the truth.

She's aware she's being watched by his highly skilled secret guards despite not having any fighting ability herself, she apparently can predict when her room will be searched (he has her medical box stolen several times to try and see her strange tools up close, but the only thing in there is a note addressed to him every time, and the tools are nowhere to be found), and he knows there's a lie somewhere about her explanation on how she got her medical knowledge and tools but as he can't find a trace of the truth he can't disprove her either (her master was a kind but secretive man who never told her his name but saw how she was truly treated in the Lin household and decided to help her by sneaking into her courtyard at night to teach her his skills... really?). Again as readers we get to know how and why she does all this, but Xiao Tianyao literally doesn't have a clue.


Suspicious, suspicious, suspicious. Nothing but suspicions everywhere. And Xiao Tianyao is a grade A scheemer himself. He's not a good guy, and his schemes are as evil as that of his enemies.

amongst other things, he leaks information to the enemy country so that they will start a war to force the Emperor to return his military power

In the environment he grew up and still lives in, he's never been able to afford to trust anyone even the least bit suspicious, and with that many ties to his greatest enemy? He'd have to be dumb. Which he's not, he's smart, but also very aware that he's not infallible. Unlike some other male leads of the genre who are never in real trouble. Even when they seem to be, it turns out they were aware and controlling the situation the whole time. This is not the case with Xiao Tianyao (it's close, really close, he tries and wants to be that guy, but small miscalculations appear often with devastating consequences, especially for Lin Chujiu).

And although Lin Chujiu helps him and his people on several occasions, and she goes out of her way to support him, none of her suspicious traits are ever cleared or explained. So when she finally does act in a way that seems to go against his interests, he turns on her,

She interrupts the treatment of his legs by the divine doctor he's been looking for and has had thoroughly vetted since before he knew her, making his recovery even less likely


But honestly his reactions seem a lot more genuine and realistic than if he trusted her and told her everything despite knowing that she's hiding a lot of things. His treatment of her and the way he kind of takes her for granted, controls her life and freedom, is also quite realistic for the time, if completely unacceptable from a 21st century perspective. Women, especially noble women, in ancient China (and most of the world really) were entirely dependent on the men in their lives (otherwise why would they ever fight and scheme so hard against each other to gain and keep favour?), so again realism, in a genre usually lacking in it (I love it anyway, but it's nice to find something a little different).

Same goes with the female lead's reactions and character, she's a remarkable surgeon, but she's no expert in every field of medicine, and the second it's not about surgery she's highly dependent on the device that followed her in death to make diagnoses, which makes her way less OP than the FL's I usually read about. I love that she's smart and savvy and tries to make the best of her situation, but is also lost and vulnerable in this unfamiliar time and space. I love that she doesn't let go of her modern day values even though it might make her life easier. And once he goes overboard, she values herself, and refuses to give in to his attempts at controlling her (it's just unfortunate that she lacks the support to do this successfully edit: and then ch 323 happened that was beautiful). And what I love most, is that she doesn't love him (I mean there's a short time at the beginning where she admires him that could have grown into more, and in fact a (very small) part of her still likes him, but he blew it and she makes a conscious choice to put those feelings away), and even if he does start to do things for her, she'll thank him, but she doesn't forget all the hurt that came before and she has no intention of forgetting and letting herself feel more deeply for him ever again. If she'd been the kind of MC to hopelessly fall back into his arms at the slightest sign of gaining his favour I would have stopped reading, but she didn't (I think it's been more than 50 chapters so far, with no sign of her changing her mind in the slightest). This is why I like this story and why I would recommend reading it, because it's good despite the fact that it's very hard to like the male lead.

As things stand (not even 1/4th of the story through) I don't think Lin Chujiu should be with Xiao Tianyao, which is why this review is only a partial defence of the ML, I understand where he's coming from, I even applaud the author for making his actions realistic to the point that he's hateful to any reader supporting the FL, but as a modern person she could never be happy with him as he is, and should never accept such treatment. I am happy that she has no intention of being with him at this time, and is looking for a way to live peacefully away from him. In fact I'm thrilled that she has shown no signs of falling back into his arms. I'm annoyed, like everyone else, that he doesn't care what she wants and is sticking to her anyway, though his actions can be cute in a Neanderthal sort of way (always fun in theory never to actually be with), and the way his people try to help him is funny. And why wouldn't they be on his side, their lives depend on his good will, so obviously they will help his goals and not hers even if they do love her. Not to mention most of them are servants, and aren't aware of the horrible ways he's used her or treated her, they only really witness his positive actions toward her, like taking care of her and being worried when she's been hurt (all his fault, but they don't know that) and the way he keeps her somewhat confined to their home, which again is perfectly normal for the times (though he does it out of suspicion, not tradition, something they don't know). Those who are in the know are his closest subordinates and are just as suspicious about her as he is. Again a realistic reaction from the characters.

I really want to see if the author can maintain those realistic reactions throughout, can they actually redeem him in the eyes of Lin Chujiu and the readers? Maybe this will be one of those bitter sweet endings Chinese stories are good at, where neither of them quite gets the perfect ending. More of a "peaceful ever after" than "happy ever after".

So if you are tempted to read this, but the reviews are making you hesitate, go ahead and read. And by all means rage about the ML and love the FL, nothing wrong with that. After all, isn't it great when a story can make you feel strongly both positive and negative emotions? <<less
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Nov 30, 2017
Status: c125
I've binge read this novel and as of this chapter, I regret doing so. This must be one of the harshest review and nitpicks i'll give. I'll just finish this arc and drop this novel altogether. tl;dr: Its a novel that will get you disappointed a lot of times more than it will give satisfaction. If you're into that then feel free.

Plot 2/5 - A popular theme with Chinese novels and girl protagonist, nothing new.

    • Reincarnation / travel to the past
    • Female protag is a doctor and has awesome life saving skills
    • terrible family
    • Cold male lead
    • etc.

A mash up of various cliches molded into a novel called Princess Medical Doctor.

Characters 2/5

Female lead - Portrayed as an independent individual that falls for the cold protag. Typical. Knows a lot of stuff. Typical. Typical. Typical. You can pretty much says shes likeable and tolerable. 3/5 for her

Male lead - Portrayed as one with disability. Typical. Cold. Typical. S*upid in relationships. Typical. Also portrayed as someone strong and powerful and always in control. Meh. 2/5

Supporting Characters -

Can be classified into three:

Allies that have some brain

s*upid people that are considered as ally

Scheming Enemies.

Typical. Theres no depth or two-faces or any backstabbing or a plot-twist that is so good as of 125 chapters.


growth -

There is? Well hot-dawg. As far as I've seen (Aside from some slow romance slowly coming [the pacing is kinda ret*rded by the way but who am I to judge; its an opinion. Don't bite.]) theres little to none. Yup yup. Female lead slowly falls for ML, Aaaand then ML fails to live up to expectation. ML likes FL buuuut heeees prideful. Servants are uhm again either s*upid or has some brain. Does their attitude toward FL change? Yes. With depth? If you consider simple admiration as a depth then oh boy. OH BOY.

Writing 1/5 -

The icing on the cake on this novel is its author and how he downplays every sh*t the female lead goes through. Im not sure but I think in this novel, nearly dying and being untrusted isn't as big of a deal as it should have been. The author also shows how to properly deal with drama. Time lapse. The only regret that I have aside from the fact that the Female Lead can't get away from the Male lead is that I've read this novel.

PS: Get ready for Forced Drama as well if you're reading this

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Feb 09, 2017
Status: c489
I wasn't sure how the romance was going to be with all the misunderstandings, the mistrust and the miscommunication, but it was worth to keep reading on. It's interesting how the author want to pass on the idea that their relationship is not a straight line. It's something that they build with time and that arguments, failures and mistakes could make them understand each other better when they opened up in the end.

Another thing I like about this novel is the independant main character. She doesn't relied on the... more>> male lead to go through storm. In fact, male lead is... That will be spoiler if I write. Well, I can say that right now, I'm at the chapter where male lead is away and she's kicking ass solving one crisis after another while doing letter exchange with male lead.

I'm giving a 4 because male lead is pissing me off at times. This is just personal opinion by the way. <<less
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Jan 30, 2017
Status: c71
Read some parts of the raws.

It's a slow romance in this novel. There are many character in it, and a lot of scheming is involved. I do like how crafty the female MC is. The male lead is ruthless, but in the later chapters, the readers can tell he is caring for a more and more, but very slowly. I'm looking forward to the translation, as reading the raws takes too much effort.
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Jun 14, 2018
Status: c204 part2
If you crave a Doc!MC that isnt as godly as 'Divine Doctor: Daughter of the First Wife' in terms of cheat abilities then this is the fic to read. MC is seriously admirable in personality and ability, she really tries her very best to fight against the bad situations (aka. Drama) thrust on her. The translator is doing a great job with this story. There's so many good things about her but there is just one thing I seriously hate about this story. That is the ML.


I've read a... more>> lot of infuriating characters before, like a lot, but omfg I cannot stand the ML. This dude takes the cake for being 'over bearing' to a different plane of existance. Every single character in this is scared of him, not just because of his ability but also his temper. Honestly, the things he does if done by someone without his appearance he would be deemed creepy, manipulative, abusive etc. From the moment ML

didnt trust the MC who already went beyond to get him to tolorate her and trusted a 'divine doctor' out of despararion to heal his legs when MC was falsely accused.

my opinion of him just went downhill.... as the story progressed (to where I am rn) he doesnt even feel apologetic and has the gal to feel wronged and that the MC must care for him.

I get that he is a general hated by his own emperor and is suspicious by nature and be rational/practical but jfc he is so freaking unlikable. Rather that calling it romance between MC & ML it's more like "let see how long her mental strength can last until she's pretty much nothing more than a robot to do what the ML wants her to do". Like the dude wont even giver her space to get to terms of what he did to her. Like even if every single pore of her body says for him to stay away he wont and forces her to always stay with him. She cant even do anything about it because ML will kill her- she doesnt even have any support from her family and the one friendly relative she has cant help her. She is alone and doesnt have anyone on her side. Because all the helpers/maids she has by her follow the ML to the death. Rather than thinking of her situation/feelings, like

when she ran from ML cuz she couldnt stand him (for a good reason)


I adore this MC but because of ML I cant enjoy her story anymore. <<less
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Sacred Feet
Sacred Feet
Jan 29, 2017
Status: c8 part1
Although this is your typical transmigration story, it does progress nicely and each chapter is interesting! I can't say much about world building at this point, but characters' development is pretty good. The first chapter/opening will definitely hook you. The plot so far is only being introduced so I can't say much except that I like it and hope to continue to do so. I will update my review as I continue to read! If you like Poison Genius Consort, you will like this.

Both heroine's have access to a medical system. The only differences are that while PGC MC can only detect and treat poisons and it is up to her whom she will treat, the PMD MC can detect all medical issues and once detected she must treat the ill person regardless of whom they are - at least that's what I understood from the last chapter I read.


Also, although the translator is not a native speaker of English/Chinese, the translations are very coherent. I didn't know the translator was not a native speaker until I read the About section on the blog. The translated chapters are released almost daily, which I really like!
14 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Aug 08, 2017
Status: Completed
This really is one of my favorites so far as it's similar to but slightly different from the other "reincarnated into a badass" novels. I was initially annoyed at this all-powerful medical system that never seemed to run out of anything, but it wasn't too bad for an OP cheat as the author was really true to the medical theme. The only equipment the MC could take out were really only those used in hospitals (save 1 instance but I was reading raws so it might have been my misunderstanding).... more>>

What I like the most, though, was the transition in feelings between the male and female leads. Like RannSy said, the male lead wins the award for most Mulish because he just refused to apologize or accept himself as wrong in any way. But it was perfectly in line with his character- he didn't just jump into being smitten, we can see him slowly go from thinking of her as his property, to wanting her to prove herself worthy to stand beside him, to wanting her to like him, to wanting her to be happy no matter what. I also really liked the female lead's response to the male lead's actions. She'd fall for him time and time again (really only 2 or 3 times), and then get hurt time and time again (also only 2 or 3 times). Until she finally gets fed up and decides not to bother with emotions anymore.

In fact, I think the author should have dragged out the ML wooing the MC more- she did a great job showing the depth of the MC's hurt but dropped the ball on showing how she healed. There were so many plot points planted earlier that the author never used, like

Meng Xiuyuan (may be translated differently), the sexy young scholar whose throat she healed. Or even the fact that she had the central empire prince prepare an identity for her in the central empire for if she decided to leave the prince. Would have LOVED to see the MC just up and leave, and the ML having to chase after her. But, nope, the author just planted these expectations in my head then never delivered.

Which brings me to my biggest complaint... the end of the novel felt rushed. Honestly, when it got to chapter 920 or so, I imagined there would be several hundred chapters left, only to realize there were less than 100. Don't get me wrong, 1000 chapters is A LOT. But not enough to wrap up the story when we just barely scratched the surface of who the male lead was, and the female lead was clearly still hurt, and they still had enemies left and right. In the end, the problems were resolved, but it was all so fast and convenient, it left a sour taste in my mouth.

Either way, it was still an enjoyable read.

TL; DR: It's gonna be a long, frustrating, and enjoyable ride. And you WILL want to choke the male lead. Several times. <<less
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Nana (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧
Nana (ノ◕
Mar 14, 2017
Status: c662
i think it was as real as it can be for a fiction story ^^

An old (sorry male lead) virg*n bachelor that spent his days in and out at military should not now how to sprout sweet-honeyed word, chasing MC all days long. But I really feel hurt for MC, she's being treated as a normal woman in those ancient era should be treated.

The non-logical and not-almighty system is there to push the story. So other MC got this super awesome system to detect the poison, came out with perfect... more>> antidote solutions, and free space storage, but not this flawed system that miraculously transmigrated with MC. Despite the fact that MC is not beating bad guy left and right with her powerful cultivation, she is strong enough, brave, and smart enough to not become your standard Mary Sue that only rely on her hubby.

Overall it's a good story for one who seek a realism story in ancient era. <<less
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Mar 17, 2018
Status: c205
PRO: the main characters have their personality, to this most readers find the ML is super annoying. But to me, this is more realistic, if XTY--the god of war who had been very hard to absolutely everyone (including himself) suddenly got smitten, head over heels shamelessly affectionate towards FL in 30 or so chapters... well, I cant blame if some people really want to read romance that leads to their diabetic worsening due to all the fluff and sweet honeyed scenes. In my case, I like it when ML and... more>> FL point of views are shown, not told to us reader.

CON: Most of the side characters' personalities are not very developed--just plain single minded accessories, not much different from other light novel. Other thing makes this novel doesnt get more stars is simply the translation is way too slow. But hey, those translator are doing it for fun. it's already great someone doing it for free to us readers anyway. so Keep the good work, translator/s!! <<less
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Dec 02, 2017
Status: c50
Worst novel that make you angry. Male lead is as*hole heartless cruel who toutured MC and treated her cruel when she help him and treat his leg. I hate this novel very much. This novel are like who dared touch my abondoned empress where ML toutured MC and kill her. In end she forgive him and love him. That kind of novel make me sick and wanted strangle ML and kill him.

i don't understand why they love this kind of novel. I hate this novel warn don't read this because... more>> it's make you angry and wanted to kill ml

translated should have pickup good novel. Not this tuoture novel where ML treat MC like garbage and trying to kill her <<less
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Jun 04, 2020
Status: c233 part1
I have mixed feelings writing a review when I haven't finished the novel - I'm actually about a quarter of the way through - but I wanted to step in and outline a few things for future readers.

First off - this is a really well written transmigration novel. The heroine overcame quite a lot in her first life to be a doctor (and also a spy) but she doesn't have superpowers or anything.

She does have an unexpected internal medical care and research system - actually the one she was spying about - but it can only help her diagnose and create supplies if there is a medical question. It doesn't work with spiritual "martial" powers.


The author does a wonderful job world-building with a lot of emphasis on personal pride and responsibility. The author also writes a wide variety of characters - rich, poor, martial, businessmen and families. She doesn't paint with wide brushes - not all nobles are bad or good, not all harem members are evil, some families are quite decent.

However - the giant sticky mess at the center of this story is the male lead. I've read a lot of stories where the FL is wise/strong/respected until she stands next to the ML when she suddenly becomes a klutz/s*upid/downtrodden. I understand the trope. This is not that. Our Heroine fights for herself, heals others, creates her own personal groups - and the ML dismantles every good thing she does.

Some typical lines from the man who claims (to himself only) that he loves her:

"How can Lin Chujiu be so s*upid in this game?"

"Xiao Tianyao couldn't help but had a headache with Lin Chujiu's s*upidity. She was so s*upid to the point that she couldn't even use her eyes clearly. Besides him, who else could bear this woman?"

Oh, I don't know - every other person she ever helped deliver a baby for, remove an arrow for, comforted when their child was ill? The word that comes to find is gaslighting. Heroine Lin Chujiu is no superhero - she is well written as a woman and a doctor - but she is told that she is s*upid/ugly/graceless that she is starting to doubt herself AND look at the male lead with affection and the novel is hardly even started at chapter 233.

So, I'm staying with it but as I wrote to the translator, "Reading this is like eating a delicious cake only to find a giant rock at the center of it." Everything is so good that I don't want to give a bad score but I must.

Edit: By the way, I'm at ch. 479 and I'm still standing by my thoughts on the male lead. The plot is moving along, secondary characters are growing as much as the main characters, the FL is learning and growing and developing her household and - the ML is regularly saying things like "Will I have to kill her if she's related to so&so?" He is really the sole character without much development. I'm still so disappointed.
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Dec 15, 2019
Status: c452
If you're looking for a powerful ML who falls inlove and obsessively pampers the MC because of some minor things like "nursing his body to health" or doing something miniscule and unbelievably gaining boundless affection in one fell swoop, please don't even start reading.

This is one of the few novels that I appreciate because of its realism. The ML has the mentality of a man from the ancient era. He suffered a lot and putting on his guard, even to the woman who he likes, is quite normal. Well, his... more>> sufferings did not induce the pity of the MC.

And that is what I like about the MC. She is not a saint but she is a strong woman who knows how to adapt to her surroundings, can see clearly what is really happening and doesn't lose herself in the name of love.

She knows that the ML suffered a lot of grievances which made him the way he is but knows that it's not a justification for the bad things he do to her.

She will suffer a lot of grievances, prepare yourself for that. It will not get better so soon but it will get better if you can endure and read until that part.

She does not blindly obey the ML's order because whatever she does, she also put her interests into consideration. She can bend when it is needed but has a strong sense of opinion which is normal for a woman from the modern era.

Another thing that I appreciate is the slow romance. It really is slow. Until this part, they barely has romantic scenes. ML and MC both have their pride and puting it down will not happen just like that. They have realizations which make their characters grow one step at a time. But when things seem inproving, some things happen which prevents them from being closer.

I don't know if I'm just a heartless reader, but I'm not heavily bothered by these misunderstandings. Because the misunderstandings arises not because the MC and ML are s*upid but because of things that happens on the background.

In general if you're looking for a light read, don't read this novel.

Compared to the Dreamer in the Spring Boudoir, which also has a realistic ML, I like this one better. Majority is because of the MC. I love her personality very much. And another thing is that for me, this novel has more depth and I like the ML here better (I like virg*n ML's compared to stud horses).

Aside from the story, I have to comment about the translation. It's not the best translation and only made the story readable. From time to time, there are lines which are awkward to read. I hope that there will be an editor for this. But rest assured, the translation is so much better than MTLs.

I said so much but I hope, you give this novel a try if you think you can handle it. There are a lot of negative reviews but I like this novel a lot. <<less
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Oct 01, 2017
Status: --
Same as PGC where MC are transmigrated with op medical futuristic tech to the ancient ages. With the same hypocritical cliche "doctor should save all patient" kind of stuff.

What does all these authors think their MC should be? A living budha or florence nightingale?

BUT ML in PGC alot better than ML in this novel. At least in PGC, ML doesnt wanna kill the MC. While ML in this novel successfully killed the previous owner of the MC body. (A certain chapter describe how ML subordinate kill the MC by ML... more>> order but assumed that she miraculously survive by fluke). For those readers who support the ML, thats the bitter fact u cant deny and must admit.

Also some scene are kinda irrational to accept. For example: when MC and male lead in the middle of assasination attempt. They just deeply lost in their chat up the bed after avoiding arrow shots. For real? Don`t they got something todo? Like finishing off all the assasins before talking bullshits in loveydovey mode?

In the end, I think MC is a masochist. Bcoz she fall for the male lead (a completely heartless d*ck).

I dont feel any fluffy, gentle, warmth feeling in this novel. It just feels like reading a S&M novel.

if u lookin for some mind tortures, this novel might be the right ones for u.

if not, stay far far away from this novel.

i dun care if ML gonna redeem his shitty acts in future chapters, because for now, what I want is take a bat n hit ML c*otch really reaaalllyy hard to end his arrogances.

Thats it!! *Burning this novel in my mind* <<less
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May 25, 2020
Status: Completed
Seeing this with just a 3.5 rating pains my heart.

For me, this is one of the stories with a real character development. He's got a reason for being the way he was. Being the younger brother of an emperor, surviving itself is difficult. He's been in a secret war with the emperor for years. Many wants to take his life, so distrust is only common for him. So, when LCJ comes in, a wife to be married to him by the order of the emperor, the distrust is big as... more>> hell.


When he thought that LCJ is stopping the treatment of his legs, he put her to jail. Imagine the frustration of having crippled legs and when you thought that someone's stopping your treatment, you'd be angry as hell, right? But ofc, we know that that is not LCJ's intention. So instead, our rage for XTY intensifies because of what he did to the MC. But XTY is only being realistic. And he can do that because he ain't got deep feelings for MC, so why would he be lenient to someone he has seen as an enemy? Though our innocent MC is really pitiful, I almost cried T_T


If I were to compare, XTY is a lot more realistic than the other MLs who's throwing fluff here and there, suddenly in love with MC after he's seen that she's interesting, relentlessly chasing after FL etc. Because real life relationships aren't like that (not all, but mostly).

Maybe if we put ourselves in XTY's shoes, we'll hate him a little bit less. You can call the MC a masochist, but that's just how love works. Very mysterious. <<less
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Oct 08, 2017
Status: c109
The only thing I hate about this novel is the Male Lead, how can you continue reading a novel if you dont like the male lead? I just dont understand him. I dont know how can the female lead like that kind of man, I'll be more satisfied if she comes to like someone else. It's just the start of the story but it's annoying already.
8 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Xian Piete
Xian Piete
Oct 06, 2017
Status: c110 part2
The quality of the translation affects the story telling, its not unreadable, but its very rough. That being said, thank you translators for putting in the effort, it is appreciated.

The story itself... Well, as others have stated, the male lead in this series is awful. I honestly can't even imagine a woman falling for a man who is this vile to her, specifically coming from a future where women have more rights and responsibilities. Obviously, it is early in the story, so hopefully he will come to have some kind... more>> of redeeming quality.

The female lead.. Is a very shallow Mary Sue with a deus ex machina device attached to her soul. As you read she will at times come across as tough as nails and then magically become as solid as wet toilet paper. From chapter to chapter you are left scratching your head at which version of the character will be written next.

The supporting cast are all card board cut outs that have no depth. Usually put in a scene to either make the ML or FL seem strong and or weak.

At times, I really want to like this story, but overall, it's just coming out as something that is frustrating to read. Flip and coin and chance it I guess. <<less
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Aug 11, 2017
Status: c90 part1
Its a story of a modern doctor girl who took over the body of a girl who died. Her father is a puppet that does not love her her step mom poisoned her, her step sis stole her hubby... The one she is set to marry is the current emperor's crippled brother who really doesnt want her

Despite all this she tries to win her place in the hubby's house and gain enough respect to stay alive.....

Its a nice read to plessently pass the time
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Sep 22, 2020
Status: c141
I really wanted to enjoy this novel, but I couldn't. I initially liked the story but it blew up in my face. I would rarely say this but I HATE the male lead. I think this is the first time I felt so much anger reading. At this point, I personally can't see any redeeming factors for him. I kept cussing at him Everytime I saw his face. I realized I can't continue anymore.

The story started out interesting. The medical system is not unique, and the story was pretty... more>> normal. I really liked how they developed the relationship between the two. Until the bomb.

Male lead. The author wanted to add character development. I understand that. But I didn't like how it came about. The male lead is cold hearted. He never lets anyone gets close to him. He doesn't understand how to communicate with our MC. This is the limit to my understanding.

One time I read a review, the reader had an common issues for these stories. The MC would always fall in love without a doubt with this genius cold-hearted ML. And I think this one tops the cake. It's still bearable until...

The first misunderstanding.


The MC risk her life for a male lead that doesn't even believe her. He said he knows when she's lying, but he doesn't believe her when she's trying to save his life. The MC was dying on the prison floor after trying to save the ML. He told the doctor not to help her, and he was too arrogant to take back his words after hearing she needed help. When the ML heard that she had a 30% survival and he should request a better doctor. He told them to "make do" with what they got. She pretty much only lived because of her self-care and medical system.

AFTER her innocence was proven. He now "believes" and trusts her completely. He never apologizes and he demands her to heal his legs. He treats her attitude as a tantrum. The author repeatedly tells us his heart is in so much pain and he feels like he lost something. Okay, if you weren't the ML I would be so happy. But it's pretty obvious she's sticking with this douchebag

The author says the ML was trying to protect her by keeping her locked up prison. It's said he believes she may have betrayed him. However, the ML is trying to trust her and is searching for evidence to prove her innocent. Although one of his subordinate keeps saying that the MC is guilty. The author keeps emphasizing that the ML would've killed the person if it wasn't the MC. Maybe he didn't trust the other doctor to save her...? He also didn't communicate because the ML needs to be character development. But I am so angry. I don't want all these excuses. I would drop him. Bye Felicia nah, she almost died. This doesn't float in my boat.


Apparently there's more than one. It's a good thing I'm dropping it early so I don't have to get even more mad later! <<less
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