Picked up by the Protagonist of a Tormented! MC Novel


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A suffering MC novel—the main character must be forced to suffer, be oppressed until they’re hovering between life and death, dying and living here and there. They can have a golden finger, but before getting it they must pay the price. They can also have beautiful women, but all are snake and scorpion beauties, able to look at but not eat.

“Curse” is just that type of suffering MC novel. The main character Xi Wei, after being forced to experience numerous sufferings, had, at last, become the most powerful, at the same time linking together with the world’s qi and fate. After he was oppressed too miserably, he committed suicide and buried the entire world with him.

Zeno transmigrated, in the end arriving at “Curse”.

Zeno was adopted by the MC, finally becoming the number one person/wife.

Zeno: Help, I don’t want to be destined to be raised by this perverse person!

All living things (wipe away tears): You must rescue this world, ah.

Xi Wei: Come over here.

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Kleep rated it
September 11, 2018
Status: Completed
Is it conceited of me to leave a great review for my own translation?

When I first chose this novel, it was for a few reasons. The first was that it's a slow burn. Second was because I really liked the MC. Thirdly, the ending seemed quite lovely.

I appreciate that, due to the slower pace, there is good plot and character development. There are some very likeable and strong female characters, which is not always as common in BL.

There are some very sweet moments, as well as some very bittersweet moments.... more>> There are cute and funny moments, and some rough ones. Watching it metamorphose from the start, when they are two children against the world, to their end destination is a very worthwhile journey.

As for the quality of the translation, well, you'll have to decide that for yourself. <<less
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MofuMofu rated it
December 1, 2017
Status: Completed
Overall is nice story. Its kinda like scum villain system or Villain rehab plan if u read these nove in NU. But, just the main idea like this two story. The story is totally different. Like, in villain rehab plan, there will be many challenge for the MC and ML to achieved their happiness. But in this story, even though many many suffering fall into MC and ML live, but the finale is not tht satisfactory. Many plot hole I can find when I read. And the resolver from problem... more>> is not satisfing. But its have happy ending. Yess it beautifull ending. Nope. Not tht bloody HE, but HE in the true way.

Well but its a beutifull story I must say. Rather than focused on xianxia slash story like villain rehab plan and scum villain system, this is focused on slice of life of miserable days and precious memory of our MC and ml. But this slice of life in xianxia world. I never seeing something like this so its kinda wonderfull for me. 😶😶😶😶 <<less
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Attica rated it
December 10, 2018
Status: v3c10
Can a paranoid person ever trust someone from the bottom of their heart? Can you ever truly be in love if you lack a foundation of trust? If Pandora's Box is right before you, knowing that the potential for a horrible event exists, is it okay to just ignore it forever?

Picked Up By the Protagonist of a Tormented!MC Novel analyzes what it truly takes to defy one's own nature. We follow our adorable beloved MC, Zeno/Cino, as he transmigrates into a novel as an infant who's picked up by the... more>> protagonist. The only problem is, the novel he transmigrated into just happens to fall under the infamous "Abusing the Protagonist" genre. And this adoptive father protagonist Xiwei just happens to be the very paranoid and cold ML who will inevitably get betrayed and abused at every turn. As Zeno and Xiwei adventure together, they discover long-kept secrets both about Zeno's past and about Xiwei's future.

1. Plot

This story is very much on the episodic side, following Xiwei and Zeno's journey through different locations in this "Chinese version of Western Fantasy" world. This means there isn't really a coherent storyline, just what randomly happens next. Yes, there are churches and demons, elves and unicorns, nobles and peasants, mermaids and monsters... all the slightly modified spins on all your stereotypical fantasy tropes. And yes, some tropes were more interesting to me than others, so I did kind of doze off during quite a few of the arcs lol.

Still, I will say that the pacing and writing style of the beginning was absolutely wonderful at establishing this novel's world of hardships as well as the bond between the MC and ML. I really enjoyed how the MC was fleshed out as a character complete with a backstory.

And IMO, the ending to this novel was insanely good and fitting!! (NOTE: This ending does involve some Dubious Consent, but it makes sense in the context of the story.) This ending honestly brought my rating up from like a 3.5 to a 4.5 (a nice contrast to other novels which sputter out by the end). I'm a huge sucker for "Book Ends, " which this story nailed perfectly.

2. Characters

Our MC Zeno is probably best characterized by his extreme loyalty to Xiwei for picking him up and spending so much to take care of him. Over time, he begins to uncover certain forbidden secrets about his own origins, but he never loses that faithful heart. In contrast, our ML Xiwei is paranoid to the very core, whose only soft spot in his entire heart appears to belong to Zeno.

It was such a delight to watch the immense evolution in the dynamic between the MC and ML over the course of the novel. They start out as platonic father-son, which in itself had very cute interactions. Then after the two are separated for a while, they must carefully retread that old relationship, attempting to preserve their bond while also navigating new doubts and mysteries. And yes, it was very sweet when they did get together. (Not spoiling the ending~)

Unfortunately, most side characters didn't get screentime or development, so they came across as rather flat. The villains were not compelling at all. Any side characters who did appear more often sadly fit into tropes that were not my thing. The ending does involve some dubcon (it's complicated).

3. Overall Thoughts

Does Picked Up By the Protagonist of a Tormented!MC Novel have flaws? Absolutely, ranging from its chaotic plot to its flat-as-paper side characters to its messy worldbuilding.

However, above all, it understands exactly who to focus on to keep to keep its core message--its main character duo, Zeno and Xiwei--and deftly handles their constantly changing relationship with great skill. By the end, when Zeno and Xiwei reached their final answer to those questions of trust and love, I was cheering amidst my tears <3 <<less
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Jerome rated it
November 19, 2017
Status: v1c2
Sorry for the ratings, it should have been 5 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ But due to being an amateur in this section, I missed it by a hairs length.

I loved and will continue on loving this plot!!! It’s reallllllllly superbly written and presented;)

I really want to read more!!! And thank you for the updates🙏🏼🙏🏼
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turelight rated it
November 25, 2017
Status: v1c17
This is a Slice of Life (?) story of two children who try to survive in the cruel and greedy world.

One is a former orphan from the modern time, and another one is just a little beggar without any special or god like background.

Zeno is lovely, likable and compassionate. Sometimes he tries to act cute to get what he wants and it is really hilarious.

Xi Wei (希维, Seiver or Schwein or something. I don't know please help) is a walking iceberg, who completely ignore the surrounding and human interactions. He... more>> does not trust anyone. He does not believe in luck and rarely bet on anything. However, he is not a bad guy. You just have to leave him alone and do not provoke him.

Although I read this novel via MTL, which miraculously readable, the translator really did a great job in compile and edit it. <<less
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kukurisempai rated it
November 25, 2017
Status: Completed
Absolutely magnificent.

I may not be able to say the history on a whole is a masterpiece, but the final... the final IS a masterpiece.

... more>>

Its a HE, as the last chapters may not signal so.


I personally would have loved some extras, but meh, what can be done...

Sinopsis: A reader, obsesed with certain novel, ends up reading the final in which the protagonist, at the top of power, is betrayed by everyone he trust and commit suicide. The MC goes to sleep just to find himself as a baby given to the protagonist of said novel by chance, and decides to change the future of the protagonist filled with betrayals and pain. <<less
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niconico100 rated it
February 5, 2018
Status: v1c15
Oh my Kami! I love this so much... the transition of the plot is good and the developing relationships between the characters are simply amazing.

I could see how Zeno becomes a part of Xi Wei's life and the undeniable attachment between them... However, I also hate how 'Curse' ended since Xi Wei didn't get the life (love) he deserves, but I'm sure Zeno will change that. *wink**wink*

tbh the plot is similar to "the reader and the protagonist definitely have to be in true love", but it does have it's own... more>> uniqueness...I hope you guys would give this a try (come on~ just one chapter will do~~ *wink*) <<less
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readerz rated it
May 7, 2018
Status: v1c23
So far this has been a lovely and touching story of a beggar and a very young child (baby to two years old) trying to survive. Not much has actually happened since this is mostly a slice of life story about growing up. I haven't read ahead but it looks like a very interesting story. Hopefully, it will have a good ending. *Crosses fingers*
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darlingv rated it
March 28, 2019
Status: Completed
This story really struck a chord with me. It's a story steeped in human emotion and raises the question of what it means to love and trust someone. What do you do if the person you love has emotional baggage they can't put down? The author could've chosen to go down the usual route of ML possessively demanding MC's love and compliance, and MC giving in all the time instead of helping ML grow out of his insecurities, but this is so much better!

At first I was a little confused... more>> at what MC was trying to do, but as the last few chapters played out, I started to understand what MC's thought process was. I find myself concurring with how MC decided to handle the situation and get ML to face up to his feelings and deepest fears. I don't think it's "noble", to say the least. His method of dealing with the matter was bold, risky and also selfish. But then again, in love, sometimes we can't help but act selfishly.


Going through the worst thing you thought could happen and then finding out that it's not as bad as you thought after all, and gaining the strength to deal with your fears in the future is a gift that not everyone has the good fortune of receiving. MC knew that by "betraying" ML, the outcome could go either way; he could end up losing ML or he could finally gain ML's unconditional love and trust. By betting so, MC essentially shows his own trust in ML, because he believes strongly in ML's character and their relationship. This is definitely one of the best written endings I've come across for this type of novel.


MC and ML's characters are so wonderfully fleshed out. I wasn't impressed with the villain, and the side characters are more or less only there to push MC and ML along the plot, with little development. I'm not too bothered by that for this story because I feel like the focus of the author from beginning to end was to weave a story about MC and ML's love, and that was accomplished. This novel isn't the most interesting or most unique or most memorable but it's definitely one of the few that resonates deeply with me. I'd really like to thank the translator for introducing this novel! <<less
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November 19, 2017
Status: c2
Not going to rate since there are so few chapters, but so far I'm enjoying this. The premise is similar to The Reader and Protagonist Definitely Have to Be in True Love, The Scum Villain's Self-Saving System, Transmigrating into a Mob Character to Rehabilitate the Villain Plan, and others so if you liked any of that type I think you should be good giving this a go.

Also, usually in these types of stories I'm fairly ambivalent about the original story the MC transmigrates into, but at least in the first... more>> two chapters of this one, the original story looks pretty cool/well fleshed out. Anyway, I will edit this when more chapters are out. <<less
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kisa-chan rated it
January 4, 2019
Status: v4c6
It's just... different

It's lovely to see the MC and ML fumble their way through.. the MC initially starts thinking of ML bc he's a fanboy and needs ML to survive but it gradually turned to selfish reason unknowingly.. then ML thinks about MC eventually and also started to do things in the sly XD

Thanks translator!!!
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BobChan rated it
June 5, 2018
Status: v1c25
Ah! It's a great story, even though the elements can be a little dark but it's a fascinating read. I would recommend it!

The MC isn't stuck up or stupid rather he's actually quite thoughtful of the ML and also considers things before acting as he knows that it will influence the outcome of the novel.

I find the two of the extremely cute, the ML doesn't know himself that he's drawn to the MC and is protective of him. The level of translation for the novel is easy to read and... more>> follow, the translator (thank you so much btw) makes great notes and comments. <<less
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KKristen rated it
October 6, 2019
Status: v5c7

4.5 stars because of its unique qualities and good translation; but somewhat weak plot and worldbuilding.


... more>> Zeno is a diehard fan of tragedy-stallion novel -- where the male protagonist is surrounded by "golden finger" cheats, harem, and "younger brothers" -- but experiences an inordinate amount of suffering and betrayal. In the original story, he's betrayed by all of his so-called friends and lovers, and decides on mutual destruction in the end.

For no apparent reason, Zeno is suddenly transported into the world of the book, but years before the actual story starts. And thus a new story unfolds, in which the male protagonist is a cold-hearted beggar child, and the transmigrator is a weak baby determined to prove his fanboy loyalty.

Unique Qualitites:

  • For the first 3 books, Xi Wei and Xeno are just weak children trying to survive in a cruel world. The story takes precedence, and there is barely even a mention of romance until book 5. So if you're hoping for BL, just know that this is a slow-burner.
  • This is set in a fantasy xuanhuan world, but there is very little action. Most of the fight scenes are actually skipped over. Instead, the author focuses more on the main characters and mystery plot.
  • The two main characters are NOT over-powered at all. In fact, they are extremely under-powered and weak for at least the first 5 books. They are ALWAYS weaker than someone. This ties into why they have such weird personalities (the male lead being incredibly cold and untrusting, and the transmigrator being extremely obedient, and both being extremely simple and straightforward) -- it's all because of the survival mindset.
  • The romance, though late, is believable because of how slow it is. The characters are rational about it, too.
  • This novel has a different vibe than most BL novels. It's sort of a mix of enduring, depressing, struggling, slice-of-life, with a little bit of humor, and endearing main characters. I think that actually makes the book more interesting to read.

If you want to read a story about two weak, extremely hard-working, children (one who knows the future and one who is destined to become the main character), overturning "flags" and slowly unraveling a mystery in a fantasy world, with a very slow-burning BL romance in the end, give this a try. <<less
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dtfyg rated it
May 13, 2019
Status: v2c7
BL novels have always been overrated cuz of fujoshis but this is a particularely bad case. Most of the interactions between ML and MC feel awkward at best and the plot is completly destroyed by the BL sections.

This is one of those novels where MC keeps having irrational/illogical misinderstandings about ML just to progress their relationship. The gender bender theme of MC is also annoyying af as it adds nothing to the story. I just want a BL that naturally progresses the relationship an focuses more on the plot. This... more>> isn't fuccing Literotica, my god stop making up scenarios just for sexual tension. <<less
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Boinkers rated it
October 30, 2018
Status: Completed
I love this 😭. This is such a great bl story. Where in the ML and MC overcome many hardships. Other commentators were right, this is somewhat like "the reader and protagonist definitely have to be in true love" and "trnasmigrated in to a mob to rehabilitate the villane plan". I love these kind of stories where theres no system cheat 😂.

I just wish theres a side story. The ending is just squeezes my heart and made me both happy and extremely sad 😢. Sad because this story came to... more>> an end. *Sigh* I wish theres a continuation of MC and ML after the story.

Thankyou for the translator for the translates. Arigatou 😊 <<less
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April 25, 2018
Status: v1c22
Unique Start. Not Overpowered from beginning.

The power of plot foresight was mess from the beginning so the only knowledge the M.C had are the basic things like items and character names.

MC is so meng combined with a facial paralyzed ML.

The start is quite tragic but author to keep the story interesting despite the slow development.

Keep up the good work and wish for more updates.
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dona rated it
April 17, 2019
Status: v5c1
This novel is quite forgettable.

I read the translated chapters in one go a month ago and came back to it today when I saw a new update. To be honest I forgot what this novel was about completely, it took me a while to remember it. The first 15 chapters are really great. You get to follow two children on a journey as they work day by day to survive as beggars in a harsh environment and they only have each other as support. It was full of fluff and... more>> warmness reading about ML who is like an iceberg trying hard everyday to take care of a baby (MC) and how they struggle to understand and trust each other.

But then? Out of convenience MC suddenly jumps from a 6 year old kid to a teenager due to a "condition" caused by his race. Why I call this convenient? Because it´s like the author just wants them to hurry and hook up with each other. Their relationship dynamic suddenly changed because of this setup and you can feel a slight tension between MC and ML because there is practically no more father-son relationship, which I found a real pity.

Secondly there is nothing special about MC whatsoever regarding ability or intelligence but as a baby he was considered a clever, witty and cheeky little kid that was really adorable but once he morphed into his teenage form, all that disappeared, he became boring, almost like a side character, and you just can´t help but wish he´d turn back to being a child and continue his journey with ML. It´s really not a bad read, but I was disappointed, hence the 2 stars. <<less
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rhianirory rated it
January 14, 2019
Status: Completed
This is a story about learning to trust, among many other things. It's not a 5 for the same reason I downgraded scum villain ... more>>

i have a serious problem with the MC committing betrayal, (or making someone think you betrayed them), especially when someone does it for ML "own good" (same reason I stopped watching Kdramas; all that unnecessary noble sacrifice BS). Its one of my hot buttons, along with r*pe (scum villain has both so it lost more than 1 star).


The story wasn't exactly what I was expecting when I read the summery but it was a good read overall. <<less
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Aachiin0914 rated it
November 5, 2019
Status: Completed
Just finnished reading...

This novel is great...


The ending looks just like The Reader and Protagonist Definitely Have to Be in True Love.

Want more...

It's kinda frustrating that although the novel has a good ending.

But why does it have to end with them stuck in the traffic...

It makes me wanna look for more...
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akihiki rated it
November 19, 2018
Status: v3c7
It's an incredibly riveting story. The MC enters the story as a newborn baby and truly integrates into his harsh environment, trying his best to survive in the arms of his beloved protagonist, who's only a few years older than him. You can really feel their relationship (and lives) build from scraps and it's absolutely heartwarming and a page-turner. The descriptions integrate you into a hostile environment, where it's every person for themselves. It doesn't hesitate to push you into the grim environment, where tensions are high and death seems... more>> immanent for beggars, especially a child beggar trying to raise an infant by himself. You can feel their struggles, their pain, their desperation... and it just draws you in. It's not all pain and suffering either, you'll fall in love with their sweet moments, their funny moments, and their complete sense of belonging with each other build up from years of survival and trust tests. Just when you think one thing is going to happen, suddenly someone from the plot shows up and changes their direction. I was drawn in by the story instantly, and I hope you give it a try too.

Bless the author and translator for giving us this incredible story. <<less
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