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Lin Feng was a diligent and hard-working person. He studied hard, did his best to make his family proud, and not get into trouble, but when he saw a girl being taken advantage of, he had to intervene. Being tricked, he was sentenced to 10 years in jail due to being framed for a crime he had never committed, losing everything. Before his life was over, he would first take those who ruined his life with him.

Suddenly, he opened his eyes. Instead of dying, he woke up in the body of a different world’s Lin Fen, alive. This other Lin Feng had been killed as he was tr*sh at cultivation. This world was one where the strong had no regard for human life, killing freely if they had the strength. Called “tr*sh” and thrown away, he will rise to new heights, going against heaven and earth’s will.

“Do not judge others ignorantly within my presence.

Those who think of harming someone should be ready to be harmed.

Those who are open and respectful shall receive my kindness and respect.

Those who plot against me are seeking their own death.

This is true, for I am death… I am Lin Feng.”

Associated Names
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God of martial arts
Jueshi Wushen
Tuyệt Thế Vũ Thần
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DestinyFate rated it
January 3, 2019
Status: c1753
This is such a bad novel, I can't believe I actually read that far. When I realized that there are 800 chapters more of this repetitive crap, I couldn't bring myself to read on anymore. I started reading this as first light novel bc of the Manga. I didn't really realize how poorly written this was until I discovered more and more ln. I want refund for my wasted time on this. No offense to the translator tho, she did fabulous work and deserves a way better story. It was... more>> always the same stuff. MC gets randomly offended, MC kills "villain", villain family wants to kill MC, MC trains and kills them, and sometimes (I'm not even kidding), these people come back with reinforcement and get killed too. I mean wtf. And it's not only in the beginning like that. No no. It stretches throughout the WHOLE FCK "STORY". His love interests are all characterless. Either he protects them, he gets protected or he deflowers them. Nothing more, nothing less. And let's not talk about his character. He's a psychopathic hypocrite. I mean he already was in his 1st life (and no not the ancient world, but he's actually from OUR world, and yeah, he didn't use ANY of our advanced technology, heck he adapted so easily to this killing thing, I wonder if he was a serial killer in his life before too). Whatever, don't waste your time like I did and read something else. Even juicy fanfictions are less cringey than this...

P. S. Not to forget, not only the fights/words/villains/dialouges are repetitive, the... Idk what it's called too! It's like, hhes super strong in this place, then moving to the next place he's weak again, then kills everyone, is the strongest again, moves to next place. And that's the exact same with the cultivation aspect. He reaches the peak, but finds out its just the bottom, then reaches that peak, and SURPRISINGLY finds out its just another bottom. And then the supposedly peak is divided into low, mid and high AGAIN. BUT oh no, there's also Celestial, divine, cosmic, Saint, God bla bla bla stage too. Oh GOD version 10.7.1 isn't realy the peak? That's just the beginning of cultivation? Then just make a season 2. <<less
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thenonymous rated it
April 22, 2018
Status: c1250
If you took out the words "tr*sh" and "die", the completed novel would probably clock in at around 200 chapters.

Also, I've yet to figure out why this is one of those "awoke in another world" things: it literally has ZERO impact on anything at any point in time other than to "explain" (the real world MC is an uneducated and unskilled virgin, so he literally brings nothing to the table) how the MC goes from "tr*sh" (this word is used so much it has no quantifiable meaning) to the OP... more>> MC every novel needs.

Props to the translators though, they may not be the best but damn they're fast.

Also, I WOULD recommend this for readers because it will honestly set such a low bar in quality that every other WN/LN instantly seems like a work of art in comparison. <<less
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Gadget rated it
August 17, 2016
Status: c333
Start: 3.5
Sect arc: 3.5
Follow up: 3 and decreasing

Protagonist: a massive contradiction
Support characters: passing shadows
Antagonists: clones
Cultivation: average
Battles: 1 interesting battle for 10 copy-paste quick kills with a massive amount of speech and comments between the start and the end

"Entertaining" value: 3
"Irritating" value: 4
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Aziru rated it
February 9, 2016
Status: --
edit 2020: Four years after my previous review (below), I've come back to change my rating to 2/5 stars. Having read more novels and matured a bit, I feel that I would not enjoy this novel If I were to read it today.


edit: now that I have read other WN that are on a much higher scale then this, I have to say, it does have many flaws. But from what I remember, it was still very entertaining to read.

It's true that like every single fight he is involved... more>> in the spectators are ALWAYS saying something like "Oh hes dead, this (bastard opponent) is way stronger and MC has no chance, its a shame MC is so strong (yet not strong enough) at such a young age, he could have grown up to be someone amazing." which can get annoying at some point but still fun to read.

There are repetitive and predictable stuff but the story isn't as repetitive and actually entertaining.

The harem.. I don't like harems all the much, especially when the MC cant man up to at least awknoledge all of them as his own, but eh

It's still great and you cant stop reading once you start. It's the kind of novel that you read and just laugh it off, don't take it to seriously :P <<less
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realdemonright rated it
November 30, 2015
Status: --
tr*sh. Tr*sh. Tr*sh. That is all I remember from this tr*sh novel. MC was tr*sh. Plot had potential but in the end was tr*sh. If you have noticed that I have used the word ”tr*sh” multiple times here, its a glimpse of what you will be reading for first 90 or so chapters. The word tr*sh is used so much that it plays a contributing factor in this novel becoming a son of a tr*sh. MC is incredibly idiotic (causing trouble for no reason), arrogant and is a massive tw**. Author says he is an honest and kind man, he is NOT, he is anything but that. He kills for no reason, eg:


When his sect was destroyed, he comes back a week later to see people collecting valuable skill scrolls from the pile of dead bodies. He kills everyone who is doing this without even an explanation or warning. These people had nothing to do with the Imperial clan that destroyed his sect, yet he kills every single one of them for no reason. I read in the spoilers that, he caused the destruction of village just because of his arrogance (I think).


In every single chapter there is pointless argument/confrontation that leads to MC killing a character. It all about revenge (every single chapter) and face. Someone bad mouthing MC deserves death, thats what I understood from the story. He does not forgive, he can’t make friends and the ones he does make goes missing. I feel that the author is purposely extending the story to no good avail. I dropped this at chapter 120. It was honestly a waste of my time. Yun Che in ATG is very revenge motivated (however he wasn’t focusing on revenge every single chapter), BUT Lin Feng (MC) kills people who offends him so often that it gets incredibly annoying, and you don’t even feel pleasure from the (supposedly) character dying, because the same plot is repeated every five chapters.

ATG, CD, ST and ISSTH are all in different leagues compared to this. If comparing leagues, this novel won’t even make the championship (english football), while the likes CD, ATG and ISSTH are in the UEFA Champions League. I advice people not to read it, as its incredibly annoying to read with an incredibly tw*t of an MC. Its waste time. Don’t bother. MC doesn’t care about anyone in my opinion, he supposedly cares about his family and friends, however I don’t see this. All I see is MC being arrogant towards everyone and causing trouble for no reason, or the author creating trouble every two chapters.

On the plus side, the translation is great and the updates are frequent. However I feel the translator should drop this novel.
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darksideskna rated it
August 26, 2020
Status: c300
there is a serious lack of vocabulary in the novel, it looks like jing wu hen (the Author) is a juvenile who never finished his potty training and is extremely addicted to curse words and 'tr*sh' in particular is his favorite.

the entire universe has the mindset of a raging bull ready to charge at muleta at the mention of word 'tr*sh' or colliding shoulder or being debased by others. The author probably grew up reading wuxia novels and lack the understanding of the reality.

if people start killing and crippling their... more>> cousins and siblings for petty reasons then could a proper family structure be formed much less a society even lesser a kingdom and the impossibility of an empire with strict laws and regulations in such a universe. <<less
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PercherTM rated it
November 16, 2019
Status: c130
I am sorry but anyone who gives this above 3 stars has a real shitty standard,

lets start from the beginning why


... more>> alright so we have a reincarnator, who reincarnates into a xianxia or whatever the f*ck this is even supposed to be.

okie he is a college student. Seems normal, except its not even relevant.

there is nothing different about him than anyone else in said word. Oh did I mention, the original body was tr*sh and smh being a reincarnating college student made him a cold blooded killer, like the only reason the author even put that there is to give him a 'badass' by his standard personality. I never knew college students were more cold blooded and killed easier than their wuxia counter parts. Its like, someone from the martial dog eat dog world is less bloodthirsty then a bloody college student.

So what else does being a reincarnator get him? Nothing, I your father. Ill cripple you, kill without mercy, provoke every young master, some sort of weirdddd loyalty problem like dude, come on we both know you aint a reincarnator your a fraud. What does your family matter? I refuse to believe chinese college students are more bloodthirsty then bloody martial artists who kill anyone who look at them wrong, now then the first point dragged on so let me bring us to the 2nd one, everyone is a bloody villain.

I am not making this up alright? Its around chapter 110. MC is going to meet the 2nd prince, (plot armor shh we all can guess)

he walks towards the door. Suddenly a young master is like 'get out of the way' and he is like 'what' and boom the young master tries to kill him and gets manhandled.

This isnt even the first or one of the first few times this happened.

Honestly I cant see any appeal in this unless you are literally out of novels, webnovels, royal road whatever novels, originals, invisible dragon level novels even fanfics cause literally, it adopts the most generic plots. Has the most generic plot holes and I dare say if for a second it feels like its something unique then I am sorry first novel?

I am pretty thankful for the tl group but honestly I wish you had just done a more interesting novel.

Like come on, I get all chinese novels have their young masters smh turn ruthless asap, got plotholes but you aint even trying, its like the author took the most popular xianxia tropes hoping some of their popularity can rub off on him.

All in all, read if you literally ran out of anything to do, including watching paint dry. Trust me I ran out of paint. This journey was torture uptil 130 and I can not torture myself more, forgive me dear masochists but I can not become one of you <<less
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iLoyalHunter rated it
September 7, 2019
Status: c1
I'm probably not ready to write a review but from what I've read I'm guessing it's gonna be along the lines of

"hey, tr*sh kneel or i'll cripple you! - Random famous prodigy who think's hes the best

"oh no that tr*sh just offended this important guy, he's dead"

... more>> "you can try (one shots bad guy) " - lin feng,

repeat this with some other pieces of dialogue and boom, 2500 chapters

oh and everyone will call him tr*sh apart from his one sister and one friend.

I've not read it but still I'm confident im at least 70% close <<less
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mKrytz rated it
December 19, 2018
Status: Completed
It was alright it could been better with the romance aspect much better. And the overall story was decent; nothing impressive, since I personally didn't like everything in the journey to become a transcended cultivator. However I rated it 5/5 just because it has low ratings otherwise somewhere between 3-4/5 can't decide but definitly a acceptable novel to read if you got nothing to do.

EDIT; 03/12-19 *Oh god, my English was f*cking horrible back then.*

I'll came back just letting all impending or current readers that the PMG sequel is absolute... more>> horrible. Don't read it, it isn't even worth your time or anyone in that matter. As for original PMG, it stills holds a place in my heart and even if I don't really remember much about it since I've read so many translated chinese novels with amounts and amounts of chapters, that I really can't recall the special moments that has happened in all these novels I've read.

2500 chapters and it took me 26 days to finish it. /FTU <<less
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Bukeski08 rated it
September 20, 2018
Status: c2500
Despite the obvious flaws, the almost constant fights is what kept me reading the novel all the way down to the end. Fight, fight, fight and fight again.

Also, no heartbreaking scene so it's healthy to read. People actually important to the MC never die so I can read without worries.

The ending was great too, all loose ends were tied cleanly. Sweet!
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vkg313 rated it
August 5, 2018
Status: c2000
I just want to give Totally Insane Translations some props for continuing to translate to the end. It's actually very impressive if you look at it from this angle. It would have been simple to quit, with all of the negative feedback this story gets, but they are going to the end, and I respect that.

The major problem with this story is that the villains are too 1 dimensional and almost always "arrogant young masters". The villains are always sprouting lies and covering the truth that the MC exposes every... more>> time. And somehow only the MC's friends are good people. Sometimes the MC offends people for no reason other than "they looked at him with disdain". Like, who the hell cares if people look at you like that. Everyone in this story is too extreme, including the MC, especially in later chapters.

On the other hand, unless someone died, they still show up later in the story, because the MC goes back home over and over again, so you get to see the changes in all of those areas. I like that about this story. It doesn't deserve one star, but its definitely not 5 stars either. I'd say 3 stars. An alright read. <<less
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Bakaleaf rated it
April 3, 2018
Status: c696
This is one of those novel that you would read if there is nothing else to read...

I drop this novel around chapter 500 a year later I am reading it again and after a hundred chapter more or less I remember the reason why I drop this novel a year ago...

Like everyone mention to much recycle chapters on every arc it's like a copy paste with different name only.

No direction what so ever in terms of relationship, it's like author are throwing girls to MC left and right but MC... more>> are putting them in FRIEND ZONE and LITTLE SISTER ZONE to much B*llsh*tng about this and that towards girl that will be drop and left later. You will notice this set up at the early chapter in other words relationship are the biggest B*llsh*t this novel can offer. It was like you don't want to read a love story that started and yet left you hanging.

Like all Chinese novel out there there is a sky above the sky no matter how strong MC he is like starting from level 1 every arc that it is so annoying the arc chapters are like MC start as weakest and the last chapter of the arc MC is the strongest.

The best thing about this novel is only it's translator I mean if it is one of those who only update once a week or once a month this novel will be tag abandon in no time.

This novel is not that horrible I mean it is still readable but you will have this feeling of dropping it after reading a few repetitive arcs <<less
4 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Ternal rated it
March 14, 2018
Status: c458
Review as of c290

This novel is hated on way too much. I'm not sure it deserves 5 full stars (maybe 4.5?), but I'm giving them to compensate for all those who give 1.

I might be wrong since I'm not far into the story yet, and maybe the novel changes a lot later on, but when I read other people's review I can't help thinking that they totally missed what this novel is about.

Yes, this novel is a cultivation novel. But that's not what it is about. At its... more>> core, this novel is a social commentary.

When you read this novel, what you should read carefully is the story of the life of the MC before he was reincarnated, which takes but a few paragraphs at the beginning of chapter 1 and sets the tone for the rest of the novel:

    • In today's China, he tries to lead a successful life through his studies and hard work but "it means nothing in this era where your parent's influence plays an important role".
    • He sees a "wealthy second generation kid" make a female student drunk to r*pe her, and when he tries to protect her he gets the short end of the stick: he's the one "expelled from school on the grounds of indecent assault on his female schoolmate"
    • He commits murder-suicide to get revenge on those who wronged him
This is what this novel is about: power, status and entitlement. It is full of :

    • people who use their power or their status to abuse people who don't have those things
    • people who suck up to people who have power or status
    • people who feel they deserve to be above others
    • people who feel others deserve to be below them
    • people who mistake their status for their own strength
    • and obviously, lots of hypocrisy and justifications those people make up to justify their actions and make it seem like they have the moral highground.
So what about the MC? Well, he's the guy from the beginning, so basically he prefers to die rather than to let people take advantage of him. Of course that offends a lot of people who have more power and status than him, so the whole novel is kind of a race in which the MC tries to get stronger fast enough so that he can keep up with the stronger and stronger people that he keeps offending (because killing someone's goon obviously offends the boss, etc).

Personally, I really like that the MC (so far) doesn't go overboard (unlike the MCs of some other stories that start killing people who offend them or even their entire clans) and pretty much reciprocates the attitude of others. If people want to cripple his cultivation, he cripples theirs. If they want to kill him, he kills them. There are very few cases which don't fit this pattern, and I find them rather well legitimate (like, killing enemies during war, getting revenge, punishing people who try to take advantage of him when he has legitimate authority over them, etc). Also it's very satisfying to see him call out people's bullsh*t in public or use their own rhetoric against them.

Other than that, purely from a cultivation novel point of view, I find it rather interesting. The strength of a person clearly depends on various independent factors: their cultivation, their understanding, the strength of their soul, the quality of their equipment and skills... This allows for cases in which the MC has a higher understanding but a lower cultivation, which is more interesting than novels in which the MC basically just looks weaker than he is.

Edit at c458

So far I stand by what I said. There was only one occurrence that didn't fit the pattern set above, with the MC stealing something from some people and the author justifying it as "if he didn't steal it, someone would kill them to get it". I must admit that I don't like this justification. That being said, the context is rather specific (something of value appears and people fight over it), and one could argue that attacking people in such a situation (especially when he's the first one to have discovered the things of value) is neither moral nor immoral. I'm not fully satisfied by the explanation though, it's still a bit of out of character. I can understand that some people were pissed by this part of the novel

By the way, I didn't touch on the romance aspect of the novel. So far it's handled rather well. The MC a bit too flirty for my taste with girls he's not planning to make on, but it's still handled well. At first he only has eyes for the one girl he's interested in and the romance progresses slowly but surely, then he slowly opens himself to the idea of polygamy in a rather believable way. <<less
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vaserick rated it
February 24, 2018
Status: c920
The MC pretty much kills for anything. A character can just look at him a wrong way and he treats them like his worst enemy. Almost every chapter he yells either "DIE" or "Kill." He just keeps making enemies with whomever. It just terrible that he is not patient to wait until he is stronger to make all of this trouble. Just bow your head at least once or play nice until you get a better backer.
4 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
RedWingFM rated it
December 20, 2017
Status: c457
This story is pretty good except for... good characters and lack of romance. This MC is veryyy strong and with full plot armor, his enemies are sh+t and very arrogant people, especially males. Some girls are lovely, some girls are not.

Well, three stars are accepted for this novel where I can't find story loops (yet)
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NoveLuber rated it
March 27, 2016
Status: --
This is a very good series although many people have said it is repetitive which I find it to be a bullsh*t reason. Every series out there can be considered repetitive although this novel shows it a bit more than others. Whats important here is how you can really hate the enemies and although the MC is ruthless he is the one wronged every time but he stands up against this unfair world. He also saves others that are actually worth saving. I loved this story for the emotions it... more>> made me feel the romance is quite nice too although im sure people can point out some bad points but idc I like the romance here. To enjoy this novel all you need to do is be able to ask yourself "what would I do in their position" and realize how dumb it is when people complain about "killing too much" the world isn't about ponies and flowers dammit. The translator translates very fast even though she has a very busy life. She has taken a one month break so far but she has already translated 409 chapters as of this post and I believe she started around august 2015. 409 chapters in 7 months although she took a 1 month break many people bit*h about chapters everyday even though she has done so much and is busy, so don't be like those *beep* just note that she translates a lot 409

Anyways, if you like an OP MC with some romance, a harem, is a good person that you want to befriend, while being ruthless and merciless towards really really disturbing and disgusting enemies then this novel is for you. It also has a bit of comedy doesnt appear often but the times they do it made me have a good laugh :D <<less
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whatswrongwithyou rated it
March 20, 2016
Status: --
ok, i'll start with the plot, all of you say this is repetitive but didn't he just want to remove first all of his enemies inside the xue yue country, then you didn't even read it till the moment he'll move to another country to continue his adventure. Then firsty he want to kill those likes of duan tian lang cause he annihilate his entire sect and he want to establish fear into the heart of people because in that world respect is non-existent and if your not feared then... more>> how can you stand at the top and achieve your goal, and it's not like the xue yue country. He's going to continue his adventure at another land and there whatever happens concern life and death. If he didn't try to kill people who may cause threat at the then maybe at some point they'll take their revenge so it's Better to end their life their and then.

about the repetitive arrogant enemies, that's because they thought they're stronger than the MC, if you encounter someone weaker than you will you give respect, of course not strength dictates everything. And what's the point of an MC without and enemy? The more the enemy the more the can show how heroic the MC. About the romance, at the latter part it get's more better and he'll also choose who he likes the most.

please stop talking bullsh*t about everything case it's only the beginning of the whole story. <<less
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Four95 rated it
March 18, 2016
Status: --
It’s cool and entertaining. Not everyone may like it but I would give it 10/10. Although repetitive it allows for the reader to better understand the character. We see that he evolves as a person who may come off as egotistical and a douchebag but it is also important to realize that in this dog eat dog world in which the protagonist lives in is one where you are either weak or strong. The strong do what they want but as the protagonist shows throughout the novel so far he... more>> shows how those who abuse their power or seek to use, manipulate, or harm others must learn to also experience what it means to be under someone who is not merciful. <<less
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rdawv rated it
February 10, 2016
Status: --
Review as of Ch.254.

I agree with those who say this is repetitive, that the MC is cruel, arrogant and not as likable as protagonists of other xianxias.

However, I also agree with those who say it’s an enjoyable read. It has the “monster-of-the-week” vibe of cartoons where things happen in a formulaic manner and the hero saves the day. As inevitable as Voltron unleashing its Blazing Swords or Ultraman’s Attack Ray, the MC Lin Feng always manages to uses his words to pull the spectating crowd to his side before killing/crippling... more>> someone.

The crux of the story is “eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth”. Other MCs are motivated after a tragedy or wants to get stronger. But if you give this MC a slap, he will slap you back. And if you persist, he will do the same and more to you, even if you’re the son of someone powerful. The main difference with other vengeful MCs is that the author stresses the myriad of reasons and probable causes for the retaliation. The victims die knowing exactly the reason why, unlike in other stories where hundreds and thousands are written off the story with a heaven-breaking, earth-shattering move because they stood together with the main culprit. You understand why he would kill Typical Arrogant Bully A, because he has actually done something and provoked the MC to deserve it.

Someone made the comparison to Yun Che of Against the Gods, but other than the decisiveness in killing; Lin Feng doesn't have the backstory or attitude to emphasize with, no romantic or lewd interludes to look forward to and no sense of raging wrath that you can see from ATG.

The main weakness of the story is the lack of development of the side characters. Friends and love interests often disappear for huge stretches, as if the writer couldn’t decide on a harem or a sole love interest and yet still want to keep the options open. One can’t help but wonder if the author spent a little more time describing interactions of the various women between themselves it would make for a much better story. <<less
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alexelielchain rated it
January 23, 2016
Status: --

The worst xianxia novel. Decided to drop it after kissing the “oh so cold stalker girl” and when it seems the MC just only got big ego and just decided to look/kill for more enemies. Nothing special with this the plot is very repetitive.

The MC is ret*rded and hypocrite who seems like he can take advantage of all female who suddenly falls for him, who can talk all righteous things but disgustingly no moral.

Note: When you read this novel it will not give you a pleasant feel at all but being annoyed. This novel might appear interesting at first but I think you will just drop this in latter chapters.
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