Peerless Martial God


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Lin Feng was a diligent and hard-working person. He studied hard, did his best to make his family proud, and not get into trouble, but when he saw a girl being taken advantage of, he had to intervene. Being tricked, he was sentenced to 10 years in jail due to being framed for a crime he had never committed, losing everything. Before his life was over, he would first take those who ruined his life with him.

Suddenly, he opened his eyes. Instead of dying, he woke up in the body of a different world’s Lin Fen, alive. This other Lin Feng had been killed as he was tr*sh at cultivation. This world was one where the strong had no regard for human life, killing freely if they had the strength. Called “tr*sh” and thrown away, he will rise to new heights, going against heaven and earth’s will.

“Do not judge others ignorantly within my presence.

Those who think of harming someone should be ready to be harmed.

Those who are open and respectful shall receive my kindness and respect.

Those who plot against me are seeking their own death.

This is true, for I am death… I am Lin Feng.”

Associated Names
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God of martial arts
Jueshi Wushen
Tuyệt Thế Vũ Thần
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CE-NEX rated it
May 1, 2017
Status: c450
After reading through over 450 chapters I've come to realize the biggest weakness of this story; there is no character development for the MC and the antagonists. Which is incredibly interesting considering those two elements should be the driving force of the story, right? Unfortunately, both the MC's and his enemies are one-dimensional. In fact, a lot of the dialogue between the MC and his adversaries from arc to arc is recycled. All the reader has to do is move a few names around and each arc will read identical.

Now... more>> here's the interesting thing, the side characters are very well written. In fact, they're a hundred fold stronger in terms of character developments.

Take for example the two main love interest. For the MC, it's basically: You are my, Lin Feng's, woman!

For the two girls; the reader actually gains insight into their mind-frames, their thoughts and how they gradually fall in love with the MC. It's actually a breath of fresh air when compared to the mindless drones of women that usually throw themselves at Wuxia novel protagonists. The main female lead has a wonderful background story and, though she doesn't openly display her affections from the start, the small bouts of jealousy coupled with her small instances of 'bashful' flirting are damn adorable.

The second main love interest initially struggles with her identity as royalty as opposed to her growing love for the MC. Added on to that, the main powerhouse of her family was in a love triangle with the MC's parents; something she knows but he doesn't. Thus, she dreads that fact when he will inevitably learn about it. On top of that, there's the sorrowful touch of her knowing that she can't measure up to the main female lead, leading her to realize that her position and family will contradict her inevitable position as concubine instead of the main wife. It's a masterstroke of character development and storytelling.

And then there is the MC's parents! Stars and Skies, his parents! Their story and background is sooo good! I'd much rather read about them than Lin Feng. In fact, I'm temped to write a fanfiction on them and fully explore their past with my imagination, that's how amazing their story is! I honestly don't understand why the author neglected them. Given the choice between them and their son's adventures, it's a no brainier.

Sadly, all this praise is for what's going on in the background and on the sides, because the front and center of the stage fall horribly flat. Repetitive characterizations of antagonists and a dreadfully predictable and boring MC suck the life out of the beautiful backdrop and setting of the story.

Translations are good, much better than most others out there and the formatting and presentation are quite pleasing to the reading experience. No complaints here.

I would give this a 2/5, but the monstrous waste of potential and merit-warranting storytelling is beyond aggravating. It's borderline provocative.

1/5 for me. <<less
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Vejay rated it
August 17, 2016
Status: c421
I'm really "loving" this novel just because it's so ridiculous and i'll probably follow it till the end.

Yes every step the MC takes he either insults (if you can even call it insulting) some young arrogant special master or he gets insulted by one (How dare you argue against me! I'm a disicple of the "most awesome sect" if you kowtow 3 times maybe i'll let you off with a clean corpse.)

Have an "intense" dialogue war before every fight, annoying crowds "oh this country bumpkin insulted master bubu of... more>> the most awesome sect he is surely going to die." and after the crowd will praise the MC so much that its s*upid.

I do love his waifu Meng Qing, it's just a shame many supporting characters don't get much screentime.

Oh well looking forward to more laughs when more chapters get translated <<less
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statusquo rated it
December 27, 2015
Status: --
Story was interesting in the beginning but the MC keeps becoming more and more arrogant as the story goes along. He becomes exactly the people he kills..."you dare to give me the evil eye I will kill you, " "you dare to look at my girl I'm gonna kill you." The author has no descriptive sense. You can't tell what is going on around you and things just happens.

The fights are really boring such as "powerful sword qi kills his enemies, " and there's basically no detail descriptions of... more>> what is happening. I used to like this story but it has really gone downhill. At this point I'm just hoping someone will kill the MC because he is going around asking for it. <<less
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ninthlite rated it
December 11, 2015
Status: --
Start of the novel the MC is imprisoned by injustice, and when he is transported to wuxia world he states he will treat people fairly and kindly and always fight for justice. In fact whenever he was disrespectful he would speak up to not get beheaded for long ass monologues that end up saying it is wrong to kill someone over slights, and then everyone ends up saying the MC is smartest person ever. I was thinking wow that is going to refreshing not reading another chu feng MC, and... more>> instead a MC who does not approve of killing.... Then the MC starts f*cking killing people for not giving him face and being disrespectful.

Also the harem is shit, I honestly think the story started to become sh*t when the harem girls were started being added. The harem is so artifical and the girl’s reason for loving him are so unrealistic it just made me sick. <<less
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Flyingboots rated it
October 25, 2016
Status: c736
Reviewing this from reading up to chapter 736 through Machine Translations:

... more>>

If I were to put this novel into 3 words, it would most likely come to being bland, predictable and nonsensical.

This is a story about a guy who was a very timid person in his previous life, gets reincarnated and for some reason becomes an absolutely ruthless killer for no reason. He has no reason to cultivate and become stronger, nor is it truly stated why he is so talented. He makes continuous breakthroughs with very poor explanations of why, and in my opinion, simply has too many cards to play with in a fight.

Normally through your average Xianxia, the Main Character sets is focus on a main path, such as Ji Ning focuses on the Sword in Desolate Era, or Linley Baruch focusing on Earth Styles in Coiling Dragon. True enough Lin Feng also has this, but instead of having one main path, he has several. So in an occasion where usually any other MC would be facing someone who can counter that MC perfectly, this MC simply needs to swap styles and he can be the one to counter them instead. It's s*upidly overpowered.

But that is not my main problem with this book. My main issue is that there is simply too many enemies at once. And all of those enemies he has made is simply because one old man screamed "You dare!", the MC goes "Watch me", kills someone important and now everyone that that individual knew is gonna come for his buttocks. And this happens several times so that even now as when I got to chapter 736, he has made enemies with at least 5 different factions.

What makes it even worse is that the "main enemies" of those factions are very poorly introduced, they have almost no background and solely exists to be a "stepping stone" for the MC. To put some gravy on the taters, most of the enemy factions has very similar names, there are 3 factions where the main enemy names are Yu, Yun and Yue, so when you have already lost count on how many enemies Lin Feng has, you are already forgetting which faction of which Yu, Yun and Yue comes from. It's a total cluster-bomb.

What is also very frustrating is that whenever Ling Feng runs out of resources and needs more, he doesn't go to an Auction House with some wealth and buy the things he needs like a normal Xianxia, instead, he takes a massive army he has received for a very s*upid reason, marches into the home grounds of one of the factions that are his enemies, mercilessly slaughters everyone there even those who has only heard his name and does not know how he looks like, for the sole purpose of taking their resources because he needed them.

All in all, I find this to be the least of my favourite novels to read. The plot develops in a very amateur way, he makes too many enemies for a reader to keep count, his talent is never truly explained and even the levels of comprehension is only revealed AFTER he reaches that point. It feels like the author is trying to make a story about a "Lone ranger against the world", but instead it just becomes and utter mess.

These are just my two cents though.
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Espinasse rated it
June 22, 2016
Status: --
Well I like when MC is OP has OP skill has unique skill (and of course they should be OP) so the reason I'm reading this because of OP things but if you don't like OP things then for your health please don't read this. Characters one dimensional you don't feel like oh this guy has other sides, they only has one side. But I liked the spirit idea.

About MC there is nothing much the say but about him I have a theory, he has killer instinct he wants to... more>> kill everybody but he thinks himself as a good man so he finds s*upid reasons then kills people "this guy offended me he should die but that's not enough I want to kill more oh, I found lets kill his whole family. I feel lucky to have found someone who offends me. What was this guy did to offend me? Oh well screw it I can't remember why was I offended every time it happens a lot, oh sh*t I step on a spit whose spit is this I will find and kill his whole family!!!"

Of course this is just a theory and if you support what MC is doing, well you shouldn't. <<less
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Draeghe rated it
January 13, 2016
Status: --
An average Xianxia... no real plot or anything. Just the brainless “I need to get strong, because *insert poor reason the MC came across*.”

If you like mindlessly and repetitiveness, this story is for you.

One of the main things that disturbs me is that the MC often goes on a killing spree, while repeatedly saying stuff in the line of “oh, how arrogant others are and why must they kill so much, this world is a b****” and then he goes and kills some more people.

The highest death count in the... more>> story is entirely on the hands of the MC.
Don’t get me wrong... I don’t actually mind that he kills so much. I do mind the way he goes about it. He’s a pretentious prick to be honest.

The story doesn’t really progress and goes all over the place.


It felt like the author didn’t know what to do when the MC was in a sect... so he decides to kill off the sect, just to make the MC wander around again and give another motive for revenge.


This type of thing happens over and over.

The MC is highly revenge driven, and steps on other people constantly.
An example. At one point the MC breaks an unwritten rule, which causes others to step up (rightfully so), just because it interferes with his training... And with no mercy at all, he goes and kills the people who try to stop him. (he could’ve just as easily let them off after showing his strength, that sort of thing simply never happens)

There’s also plenty of people that are nice to him, for no apparent reason at all. Because he’s strong? or something...
Almost all the other characters have no real personality at all. They’re all just there to give the MC another reason to go on a killing spree.

The MC is anything but benevolent, kind or whatever. He seemingly goes by his own weird set of rules and in the process tramples on everything else. <<less
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bulls420 rated it
March 16, 2021
Status: c2500
Lin Feng smiled wrily atleast twice per chapter.

Every woman who meets Lin Feng will eternally fall in love with him because plot

Mu Lin Xue's husband is a sad man.
... more>>

Lin Feng helps Mu Lin Xue, the daughter of his benefactor, to make some weapons for some bullsh*t competition and bet with marriage for her involved.

The girl falls in love because MC is MC and does everything right. MC notices, rejects and maintains a certain distance.

After winning the bet, a master takes Mu Lin Xue as an apprentice to curry favor with Lin Feng.

With everything done, Lin Feng says goodbye and doesn't come back for a thousand years.

After 500 years of waiting and being courted by a man as talented as her and who only has eyes for her (0 wifes or concubines), she gives up the hope that MC will go back for her and marries the man.

500 years after Mu Lin Xue gets married, Lin Feng, on a whim, decides to pick up to his harem every girl he has rejected/ignored in the last 1000 years.

Mu Lin Xue breaks down and cries because she is married and can't go with him.

1000 years of unwavering love of a man as good as her < 6-12 months of MC helping her while rejecting her feelings and mantaining distance.

Mu Lin Xue's name never appears in Lin Feng's mind after leaving her behind.



The cultivation system is too messed up. At one point, more or less at the middle of the novel, MC starts comprehending something called ''abstruse energies''.

All the geniuses comprehend a handful of them at most, but MC comprehends 238190 and every energy more ret*rded than the latter.

If I dont rememer badly, after MC comprehends all the normal energies (fire, ice, wind, etc..), he starts comprehending/using nonsensical energies that aren't supposed to exist. If MC grabs a table he will use Table Abstruse Energy and if he grabs a potato, it will be Potato Abstruse Energy.


Lin Feng spends more than 95% of his life training alone and less than 0, 1% of his life with his family.

Since quite early in the novel, Lin Feng can make a lot of clones of himself with almost the same strenght as him and that won't dissapear unless they are killed. The clones are connected to his main body, what the clone feels and knows the main does too and viceversa.

Lin Feng doesn't give a f*ck about his family and harem as he dissapears for hundreds of years and doesn't even leave a clone behind while he is capable of leaving one for everyone.

MC is a self-righteous scumbag.

FL is a beastwoman and has the morals of a beast when it comes to relationships. In Fl's opinion, MC is a man who bullies women because instead of f*cking all the women who like him, he only f*cks enough women to fill a soccer team. <<less
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DripsLikeRain rated it
April 9, 2020
Status: c180
Honestly I just want to share my story so I wrote this shit.

So I was looking for something to read. I don't care if the MC is a crazy f*ck or he is bs overpowered so I found this novel titled Peerless Martial God. I felt that it was very familiar but I can't really remember anything about it so I've thought of why not give it a try?

I started reading it and I enjoyed the premises of how the MC reincarnated to the cultivation world. I seemingly remember that... more>> I've indeed read one novel like that.

I've read more and more, not caring about pathetic sh*t such as MC's bs preaching because I only want to read some badassery.

That's what I've thought until I read more and more until reading this feels like stabbing a spiritual knife to my head.

I was reminiscing on why I felt that I've already read this sh*t in the past and dropped it at almost the same part but now I finally realize why.

This novel is a total sh*t that a person like me who have a very low standard for reading just can't continue reading this.

I was looking for memories of why I didn't have anything related to this and the reason for that is that I've actually deleted everything about PMG because I just don't want to remember it.

Now I'm currently writing this review just to let me remember that PMG is shitty and I s*upidly thought it was good since it has a sequel with a lot of chapters too. I don' t even wanna talk about the sequel since it was so bad that the people who actually liked this ret*rded novel hated that sequel like it was a spawn of the devil that came from the deepest part of hell.

The future me, just stay away from this sh*t and if you ever find your way to this novel again then here I am telling you that you should just probably do something productive than just wasting your time on this s*upid novel. <<less
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MrNebulist rated it
February 19, 2016
Status: --
This novel is about a guy who has an Absolute serious grave problem with arrogance; he goes around killing everyone who shows even a bit of arrogance and pride and that’s a huge problem when 90% of the characters in the novel have an IQ of 20 something. Seriously, the characters of this novel are so dumb and predictable. The fight scenes usually goes as such; the MC is walking around minding his own business ; then, for a random (and usually s*upid reason), X comes and insults the MC... more>> or a friend of the MC, the crowd reacts by saying “oh, X is too strong. MC will turn into minced meat”, but the MC beats the crap out of X, usually taking an arm or X’s life. The crowd is startled “MC is too strong” rinse and repeat.

There were certain good parts, even unique ones, in the novel, but it was ruined by the repetitive meaningless fights that made me hate this novel.

The only good thing about ut this novel is the translator. <<less
8 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Jack Anda
Jack Anda
August 25, 2017
Status: c172
Once again, I'm speechless. Almost all reviews gave this novel a bad ratings. Sure, this novel had its flaws, but weren't many popular xianxia novels had the same flaws? Yet, why those novels got rated highly while this one labeled as a bad novel?

Well, in short, I like this novel. Unlike many novel that forcing us to accept the 'grey' morality, this novel had an MC with a 'black and white' morality. So, if you dislike that kind of MC, don't read this novel.
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May 14, 2017
Status: c231
PMG. An entertaining C-list xuanhuan novel.

Look at the other reviews and we all agree, PMG is far too shallow and repetitive a story to be good. It's enjoyable tr*sh. Sometimes you want something dumb, unchallenging and violent.

This story does the scene of face-slapping an arrogant, villainous git who disrespects the MC, or an innocent passerby, very well. It then redoes it over and over and over and over. It's like these random a**holes are zubats and the MC is always in a pokemon cave. If 3 chapters go by without... more>> ignorant bile from a throw-away villain then the author would have to actually try and flesh out his chapters with a proper explanation of things relevant to the plot. We can't have that. It's much, much easier to fill up the chapter's word-count with a breakdown of why the latest insult given by the MC was clever.

These scenes patch up the plot-holes the author was to lazy to fill with backstory, BUT! Do not attempt to keep reading big bites of this story in one go! It's BEARABLE if you are in the requisite mood, but once you start thinking about the story you are reading you need to find something else because the actions people take in this story do not have reason. It's actually annoying. <<less
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Parth37955 rated it
December 12, 2015
Status: --
people either love or hate it. Um, the MC is constantly called tr*sh and waste. Initially he killed everyone, but matures as the story goes on, while a little repetitive (what xianxia isn’t) I find a decent read. Also Meng Qing is best girl. DON'T LET ANYONE TELL YOU OTHERWISE.
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xihuankanshu rated it
October 9, 2018
Status: c2500
EDIT: FINISHED, a huge thanks to the team for translating it! Can't wait to read the sequel! Meanwhile, I'll start reading the new novel totallyinsanetranslations is translating, Heavenly Curse, seems awesome too!

Before talking about the actually story, those who criticize the translator or the whole team are really pathetic, I think it's unfair to insult people who work hard. The translation is actually the exact same thing as the Chinese, and they chose to convey exactly what the author meant. The original author made many typos and so on,... more>> but 2500 chapters is a lot so I don't blame him. And they do translate really quickly so I am grateful. Besides, one reason WHY I LOVE THE TRANSLATOR is that he often puts some "translator's notes" and that's awesome, he always tries to explain Chinese culture, there are often "fun facts" kind of translator's notes too which I love, and he even points us to further readings if we are interested. It's the first time I read a Chinese/Japanese/Korean web novel which includes such a thing. Even the authors themselves don't do it even though I doubt locals know those obscure Buddhist/Hindu/Taoist deities etc. MAIN REASON to read this novel to the end: most people who give bad reviews stopped reading after 500, 1, 000 or 1, 300 chapters, but as you read, it gets INCREDIBLE because you learn things which you would have never suspected. The novel is written in Lin Feng's point of view which means you discover and understand the world around him at the same time as him, and with time, you realize sometimes that he was completely wrong, he hadn't understood anything, etc. And some people whom I had completely forgotten suddenly reappear in the story 500, 1, 000 or even more chapters later, their lives have changed, they have changed, and sometimes WHAT SEEMS LIKE THE MOST INSIGNIFICANT word has a huge impact on his life, and if you're involved enough in the story, you'll find it amazing.
Anyway, I'm a huge fan! I love the story, I love the evolution of the characters. I've read 2305 chapters so far, apart from the battles against the flood dragons in July which were a bit boring, I love the story. I like the way Lin Feng has become. Lin Feng is becoming wiser and wiser.

Many people complain and say he's just fighting against arrogant pricks etc. And that he's s*upid and kills anyone on his way. Not true. That changed. It was true at the beginning, now so much has changed. I've been reading this story since the very beginning. And also many people who criticize actually don't understand Chinese culture. Face is extremely important in Chinese culture, and it's the case in many Asian countries. Some Japanese will even kill themselves for losing their honor. <<less
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rg1400 rated it
February 6, 2018
Status: c756
There is this MC who is f*cking overpowered, no one of his generation is fit to be his rival and every shitty person just wants to kill him for apparently no reason. I mean come on is he ugly?No. The only thing this whole world knows that he once was tr*sh but can somebody tell them he is now a genius. Why everybody else in the story is a ret*rd ?

Well if if you want read the Manhua you will probably like it or else this novel has lost my... more>> interest.

This is the first novel that I am giving a very brutal review. But I feel the Manhua and the translated light novel have a difference of heaven and earth. You know AGM by the same author has been an exceptional read till date Hope the story progresses well. <<less
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November 14, 2016
Status: --
Well, this is quite the bad story...

Man, there are Novels in this site that are repetitive but like this one? Not even Chaotic Sword God takes that so far D:

Most the time the only thing that you see is the MC being a walking disaster angering/humillating/killing others people that make other people angry to the point of wanting kill the MC only to end like the first one that were killed, then they are others that do the same thing, gets killed and... you get the idea.

Also, the people... more>> in this novel is so arrogant to the point of insanity... To much arrogant to live. And while that isnt exactly new in the chinese novels this one exagerate it way too much and the humble people it seem that dont even exist.

The MC is alive just because the autor wanted it, not because he is powerful, cunning or whatever. In fact the MC is pretty fool and insensate and just keep angering almost everyone that dare to say a word agans him disregarding whatever power is backing them D: If his world were at least half-realistic as the real world then he would have died pretty soon in this story due his actions D: <<less
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Kiritodrake rated it
July 8, 2016
Status: c420
This is an interesting story, though kinda predictable. But the parts about cultivation is good and the mysteries surrounding the characters is also very good. The story fleshes out the characters quite nicely and the romance surrounding the MC's harem is well thought out and is far better than a lot of the other xianxia harem stories.

The parts of the story revolving around the various plots and court intrigues, as well as war and battle parts are very intriguing. There are a few plot twists here and there but they... more>> all are major ones that play role throughout the story. The MC doesn't become OP too quickly but grows at a moderate and acceptable pace. He is ruthless but the story from start to end emphases this point greatly.

I find this story actually as very captivating and the translator is very good. I would give this story a score of 3.7 to 4.4/5. <<less
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bushwhacker2k rated it
March 11, 2020
Status: c427
I had a guess as to what I was getting into (I like the genre but am frequently disappointed by the novels) and at this point I feel that my initial guesses were mostly correct. Here's my list (made this before I started reading) :

  • Is the protagonist an eternal underdog? No matter how strong he gets, the odds are always stacked against him? Does every conflict result in their big brother, uncle, father, senior disciple, master or fourth uncle twice removed joining the conflict endlessly, never properly resolving anything? Does he need to constantly flee and hide to survive?
      • Basically, yes. No matter how relatively impressive he is supposed to be for his age, the forces stacked against him are simply unfeasible to be dealt with. Unfortunately, the author likes introducing more and more new problems before he gets around to properly solving old ones.
  • How do people behave? Are they raving psychopaths or rapists? Are such people all over the place?
      • s*avering lunatics, though I should note that the level of r*peyness in this story is slightly on the low side (only slightly though, there are most definitely rapists but no r*pe is portrayed or ever actually occurs afaik).
      • People in this world are utterly incapable of self-reflection and can never regret trying to maim, murder or r*pe someone without hesitation until their life is actually fading. Whenever anyone causes a conflict, no matter how obviously in the wrong they are, their clan, sect or whatever are absolutely backing them up, declaring all-out-war with the protagonist until they are inevitably utterly obliterated, never stopping to think for a second that maybe they shouldn't behave this way or that things might actually go badly.
      • EVERYONE is out to get the protagonist. The author seems to be utterly convinced that everything in the story works well as long as he has a neverending list of enemies. So many young masters finding any reason they can to hate him on sight and try to murder or cripple him or harm his loved ones.
      • The greatest disappointment is how predictable almost every interaction is. There's no complexity or unique scenarios, it just goes the same way.
  • How is the protagonist with women? Is he a monogamist (not sure I can think of a single example in the genre) ? Does he attract women and then ignore them? Is he in the habit of killing enemy women? Does he get with women but never touch them? Does he get with women and then abandon them for literal years at a time, possibly even forgetting them entirely?
      • Hard to answer properly, the protagonist comes across as a little indecisive and I don't actually understand his stance on having multiple women, despite the question having been brought up. He is very devoted to his main girl, which is something- but ironically that actually comes across a little annoying when he is surrounded by other girls who obviously like him and hang around all the time.
      • He has barely laid a finger on any of them. It will probably progress but it's absolutely not a major facet of the story. He has a harem because a protagonist of this genre would have a harem, not because they're actually significant characters who he spends a lot of time with.
      • He doesn't hesitate to kill women when they cross him sufficiently. Women he's in conflict with generally aren't redeemed and are just treated as more bad guys.
  • How do conflicts go? Are the protag's friends and family constantly in danger? Does he swoop in at the absolute last second to save the day, maximizing tension in a dull, predictable manner?
      • It doesn't happen to an awful extent, surprisingly. Most of the time he takes the majority of the aggro (which is a genuine saving grace of the story as I loathe constantly having protagonists constantly worried about their mostly unprotected loved ones who are inevitably constantly under the threat of r*pe and/or murder). Unfortunately it's not absolute and there are most definitely times when they are in danger and it gets dragged out (cheap emotional manipulation from the author, I hate this trope).
In regards to other things to complain about:

  • The protagonist is a sword cultivator (what is it with Chinese novels and acting like Swords & Sabers are the only weapons in existence? There isn't even a significant difference between the two compared to the vast repertoire of existing weapons which never get a mention), as roughly 95% of other protags are.
  • This novel doesn't have much philosophy. I don't hear many clever sayings. Basically, it's very shallow. Protag's stance of "I am a good guy who returns favors and feuds" sounds nice, but he only comes across as noteworthy in that aspect because practically everyone else in the entire world is morally bankrupt.
      • One thing I like about some stories in the genre is that they may actually be thought-provoking (could be fairly rare though), bringing up philosophy and the sayings, which have interesting meaning.
      • The protagonist actually had a conversation with one of the more likable side characters in the story not long before I made this review (ch427) and I actually thought it was going to delve into philosophy but it was so utterly basic and devoid of substance I felt it would have been better if they didn't even bring it up. The guy pretty much said he had two paths:
          • Run away because there are too many people aggro'd to you. (Can't, he has too many people he has to take care of.)
          • Kill all your enemies. (Not even kidding, this unhelpful piece of advice which doesn't at all change anything for the protagonist was actually put forward as something meaningful.)
  • Protag committed a cardinal sin (IMO), where he was in a situation where it was easy to see that he'd die but he prepared no contingencies and still stuck around with no plan. Things only went well because of luck. The protagonist can never have too many life-saving cards to play, but you can NEVER have them just RELY on luck, then they come across as utter morons.
    • Protag is not clever, he doesn't use schemes or plans to handle situations and instead is very straightforward in just taking people on in fights. If his enemies didn't politely only send guys just above his level, he wouldn't stand a chance. He generally doesn't have backup plans or life-saving cards, which actually makes him look really bad considering how quickly he gets into death-feuds. (Obviously he isn't at fault, but when every situation is going to go that way, have some escape plans or something... though on the other hand if he did have them, I imagine the author would then just write it in a way that he constantly has to use them and be on the run... sigh, catch22...)
  • World-building is poor. Places and events usually aren't mentioned until right before they're immediately relevant. It doesn't give the impression that there's a wide world out there with a large variety of people and things and instead gives the impression that the world is just being created on the spot as the author writes.
Let's see, what are some good points?

  • Protag is actually mostly surrounded by his women, even if he essentially never lays a finger on them. (One pretty major character has basically fallen off the face of the earth though, no idea what happened to her or what she's doing.) This is noteworthy because too many protags go on globe-trotting adventures, leaving their women behind for years at a time (which could still happen) which really cheapens the nature of their relationship IMO and makes it feel hollow and tacked-on.
  • The protagonist does generally feel strong when he fights, but it's because enemies only end up engaging him when they're approximately immediately above his cultivation level. The vast number of stronger enemies absolutely are going to keep fighting him until they're all dead, but the author drags it out in a way that doesn't really feel believable. (Oops, was trying to make this a pro, not a con...)
  • I'll reiterate that though this novel is not at the ideal minimum level of no r*peyness, it is actually pretty low and the threat of r*pe isn't constantly used to cause tension. Constant use of the threat of r*pe (or actually going through with it, which constitutes an insta-drop for me personally) is a pretty common sin for the genre, so this actually scores above average in that regard.
  • (I am desperately working my mind to come up with pros of this series and wow I'm having difficulty...)

  • The novel isn't the worst I've read, but it is certainly among the most repetitive. The single greatest problem of this novel is that it is SHALLOW. There tends not to be much meaning or philosophy in interactions, characters aren't complex, most interactions go basically the same way for the one-note characters. For this reason this story can NEVER be a 5-star story (I simply cannot take 5-star reviews for this story seriously, even if someone does enjoy reading it). The author is committed to maintaining the status quo of the story which means the protagonist will spend much much more time suppressed by problems than he does solving them.
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SummerMascot rated it
March 3, 2019
Status: c2500
Read this novel only if you can overlook/stomach the list of flaws below (or you simply want to know what is a typical example of a [redacted] xuanhuan novel) :

1) Novel is 2500 chapters long (because it was cancelled) and full of plotholes. Most western readers can't go past 300+ chapters (KR Novel average standard).

2) Author is an overaged, emo-chuunibyou (who is obsessed with MMORPGs) and creates the MC known as Lin Feng which functions as author's self-insert/wish-fulfillment character, thus by extension MC inherits all of author's sociopathic characteristics.

3) Author's... more>> obsession with MMORPGs leads him to create a xuanhuan world where DPS numbers, Status Text and Emojis floating above each character's head, ridiculous Neon-signboards-with-arrows are littered across the world pointing to gateways and portals are the unquestioned and accepted norm.

4) MC was a modern-day CN guy that got isekai'ed into the current xuanhuan world after [redacted] suicide due to being [readacted] by a s1ut (as how author describes it).

5) Despite being a modern-day CN guy, MC totally makes use of none of his modern-day-wisdom, except only in 1 situation where he plagiarizes a famous Chinese lyrical poem (https://en. Wikipedia. Org/wiki/Man_Jiang_Hong) to act-pro/act-gosu/act-like-a-raid-boss (https://www. Urbandictionary. Com/define. Php?term=zhuangbi). MC totally bypasses/ignores the problem of "no modern-day-amenities" in an ancient world setting isekai upon arrival and doesn't comment about the floating damage/status text and emojis floating above everyone's head during combat and the ridiculous Neon-signboards-with-arrows are littered across the world.

6) The new xuanhuan world and its inhabitants hates MC as much as MC's previous modern-world (as how author puts it again) except that MC gets more allies (who becomes useless and forgotten after each story arc and/or cultivation zone upgrade) and waifus (who needs to be rescued).

7) s*x scenes with waifu are cringy at best. If you think authors Mad-Snail, Mars-Gravity and Fengling Tianxia's sex-scenes are bad, this one takes the cake.

8) In order to get readers to be "addicted" to the story (to generate viewership income), author tried to spam as many unresolved mysteries, closed-room mysteries, origin mysteries, villain-hiding-in-the-shadow mysteries, higher tier existential mysteries, secret multiple identities mysteries which defies all logic and creates gigantic plotholes which threatens to destroy all of space, time and reality.

9) Author's solution to the unresolved plotlines problem is to throw in retcons, deus-ex-machina interventions and power-ups. And when all fails, author just throws in a rushed final combat chapter and epilogue and shoves a "take-it-or-leave-it-Novel-is-cancelled-because-author-lost-interest-and-$" at the reader's face. (I kid you not, author wrote this at the end of the epilogue chapter in the official CN raws).

10) There is actually PMG2 which is a "sequel fan-fic" written by another author -> https://www. Novelupdates. Com/series/peerless-martial-god-2/ <<less
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Pudding Girl
Pudding Girl rated it
February 6, 2019
Status: --
In my opinion PMG is a s*upidly over-popular low-quality novel. This was one of the first xuanhun novel I read, so in the beginning I thought I as good because I wasn't really clear about what was a good novel and a bad one. After I was one like 150-250 chapter I notice the big flaws that left a bad taste in my mouth, I read pmg to like 1445 chapters and the same things will happen. People bully him for being "weak", trains a little so he can face-smack,... more>> meets a female harem, then fights a villain, then goes to another place where the same sh*t happens. I'm serious the same sh*t happen and this novel was +2000 CHAPTERS! And in my view it sometime seem like the author was forcing himself to write this novel


First the MC is so damn annoying, he doesn't have character or personality like the author just made a robot who thinks he's justice and has 0 IQ. In the first chapter they talk about how the MC's past life, when he was nice and caring until he went to jail for something he didn't do. Then for some reason when he gets transported into a different world, he can kill people like it's nothing without blinking an eye, even if he went to jail and was mad at society for injustice that doesn't magically makes you a psychotic killer, this either means he was some serial killer in his past life or the author has some messed up logic.

The plot is so repetitive that it's actually annoying, like the only good part was about the mysteries like what happen to his mom or about the war but sometimes they wouldn't even answer the mystery and leave empty holes

This is the plot
Villain You Will Easily Forget : Oh you stood in front of me/ didn't kneel down/ stole the girl I like but couldn't get. So I'll have to kill you

MC: You insignificant bug, blah blah I'll kill and call you ignorant even though I'm little stronger than you or just a little weaker than you and give paragraph how you're not even that strong, even though I will say I'm not the strongest but I act arrogant .

I know how MC are suppose to have plot armor but this M<C has waaay too much, like there was one scene that the MC was captured in one of the villain's world which the author stated no one could come out alive, but for someone he did and it wasn't even him who got himself out I was one of his teacher/protector. This MC is a robot imfao, there was a time where he meet his mom for the first time who he never saw which is one of the reason why he was bullied and died, but his parents say it was for his own good even though if his mom was there that wouldn't happen because his mom is part of this huge clan and nobody would mess will him if they knew, you know what the MC does? He just acts like he knew her forever and no even the slightest angry at her, t hat right there is no character.


Don't even get me talking about the romance and harem

The harem is so s*upid, to me, it's not even a harem it's more like Meng Qing and MC other wives that he doesn't even care about. In the novel you don't know how much times it says "oh the only person Lin Feng loves romantically is Meng Qing" but then he talks about how he cares about his other wives, like what the f*ck! Then you have the love between his lovers which is nonexistent, like first they hate MC or are cold to him then he teases them, then they get jealous because Meng Qing is so "beautiful" it's so hard to describe (which to me is the author being lazy) like they live for the sake of being in bed with the MC, and every girl has the same appearance they even have the same personality like most of them are cold and elegant except for the princess who's warm but all of them are have jade skin, red lips except for Meng Qing who is soo.. Beautiful that I don't even have any characteristic of her appearance I can name. Also the s*x scene in the novel were so corny that it gave me goose-bumps on my skin when I read it XD. Another thing is in the game Meng Qings she looks plainer than the other girls, so the what the f*ck it all that crap talking about 'how beautiful Meng Qing is' when she looks less attractive from the other girls


The villains are sad excuses for the MC to get stronger or fight, they're f*cking the same, they all think if you don't obey or submit to them you're useless

Villain You Will Easily Forget: has no background, dies easily or dies later because the MC is weaker but MC escape and becomes stronger, Then they fight and the fight are so cringy like an middle schooler wrote it then the villain gets his father/master/sect to kill MC. But they all don't have any good morals even though they warriors and elders. And then the MC starts saying sh*t like " Oh elders you're so shameless your student/disciple/son lost to me and I killed him but now you'r upset" OF COURSE HE'S UPSET DIP SH*T THAT WAS HIS FAMILY/DISCIPLE AND YOU KILLED HIM, what do think you was going to happen that he accept his family/disciple death easily and gives you a hug ! So stop acting like a hypocrite because if someone hurt your family or lovers in a fight you would kill them even if it wasn't your fight but for some reason everyone applause him for that, like what the sh*t!


My middle school cousin could make a realistic dialogue than this author

Lastly the dialogue is actually tr*sh, it's the same thing every chapter and I had to go through the same conversation for more than 1000 chapters, like I'm pretty sure the author did control C and control V. And the MC needs to be more creative when he's insulting his enemies because he calls his enemies the same thing like "insignificant ant" or "frog in the well" when he acts like he's the strongest person, like when he goes against a sect leader whose way stronger than him, like the only reason why they couldn't kill him directly because of this rule where elders can't kill regular cultivator which is pretty dumb to me because in this world only the strongest survive and the weak die so even if you old you could still die if you're not strong enough


IF you want a novel with no plot whatsoever, hoes falling in love with the MC after 1 day, plot armor when the MC is actually suppose to die, a hypocrite for a MC who is describe as "smart, kind, brave" when he uses his fist before using his brain, kills everyone that says one rude word to him. And also has to escape when there's someone stronger than him then trains like why don't you just train all the time then this wouldn't happen, THEN this is your novel, GOOD LUCK (because you are really going to need it) <<less
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