Obey Me


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At that time, she was dumped by the crown prince and was free to go on her own journey.


She had woken that thing, no, him up.

[I am Nathaniel.]

He said.

[People here call me ‘The End’.]

A beautiful man, like the king of winter, smiled in boredom and with arrogance.

* * *

“Let me out.”

Nathaniel stretched out his hand, but Kyrie rejected it. However, the white hands with prominent bones slowly and softly touched her ears and cheeks.

[You’d better not think about it. If you don’t want to be tied up.]

Instead of answering, she bit Nathaniel’s fingers.

He lowered his head slowly and put his head against her forehead.

The blue eyes in front of her seemed more ecstatic as Kyrie’s purple eyes shook with anxiety.

[Take off your clothes on your own.]

Nathaniel looked down at his ruined sleeve and smiled fiercely.

[I know how to put a leash on you if you do something s*upid again.]
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MonsterDuke rated it
December 30, 2021
Status: Completed
Okay, I have read few reviews, and let me tell you what this novel is actually

  • Kyrie: A typical aristrocrat till her bones, she is the perfect "Blue Blood" (blue blood is a term used for aristrocrats), Has a very high sense of responsibility towards citizens, people. A quality which is seen in rulers. The only normal people around her are Laura, Maria I wouldn't consider MarryAnne coz she did showed a slight obsession (obsession is a wrong word here but I would say "blind love") with Kyrie (it can be seen in vol 2). She isn't greedy at all, she just wants to play her role as the daughter of Count Buchanan, protect her precious ppl.
  • Nathaniel: An existence made from all kinds of evil that comes from humans and from Earth. He was there even before humans existed so just imagine the firm foundation of his beliefs and thinking process. He is the King of Winter. Death angel (that's what I assumed) he is basically a black existence, the shell of human he takes us coz he wants to be with humans he actually like humans he wants to fit in but he is so powerful, so strong, that it's impossible for him to fit in with humans. Once Kyrie said, it's like a prince is trying to fit in among beggars which is absolutely true. Now this existence has been betrayed by humans so much that how can he be shaken up by a single human? And tbh he did got shaken up in vol 2 but he vaguely realised that if he gets betrayed by Kyrie, he would really break this time so he dragged her to the end of the cliff

Now I think I have given a clear gist of the character's background. The story by no means is a fluffy romance or our typical "obsessive love" of humans... no honey pls go back if u r here for your heart warming romance, this is psychological thriller novel. The reason why this novel is so good is because of "Nathaniel" this character is so good and so unique that even as a reader u get attracted to him so I totally understand why the people around him just want him nd use him. He was made so that everyone gets seduced (not physically but mentally, emotionally) he just makes you obey him. He makes you greedy.

For the first time he saw an existence who isn't Greedy now u tell me what he will do if a very small existence is very unique and precious? Ofc put it in his drawer. Yet tbh he held it in for a good amount of time only if that royal family didn't f*ck up. So he went into madness because of the royal family f*cking it up. They blasted his patience and now, suffer.

If u r in for thriller, psychological thriller, obsession, and dark theme... this is for u, dark nd obsession tag doesn't necessarily has to come with smut and this novel proved it. You don't have to mix body with the FL to show your obsession. Nope not at all.

This novel shows how to f*ck A PERSON MENTALLY

So "people" who complained about not having ✨Romance✨ pls stfu and get out.

Now translation quality....

This is the translator's first project and tbh the quality jumped up as the chapters increased, I really like translators who improve themselves while translating novels. Anyways at the end of the novel the reader can notice how the translator has changed herself and improved her quality. So yes at the start it might me a bit annoying (?) But as u go on reading it would be a lot better, you can start reading from the point where the manhwa season 1 ended but the manhwa is going on a different direction as compared to the novel, it isn't exactly following the novel so few might want to know the plot more closely, so it depends on people

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Littlepho rated it
April 9, 2022
Status: Completed
Alright, the 3.9 rating is really bugging me and throwing me off so here I am, reviewing it because it deserves more than 3.9.

Looking through the ratings, it really bugs me how people are rating it low because of the ML. I can see why, but there is also something called tags and warnings, both which really do signify what you should be expecting when you read this novel. It's dark and the author doesn't try to shy away from it.

Spoilers might be ahead, so just a heads up.

However, I... more>> think what most people forget is that the ML is NOT human and the author never ever ever implied he was. Nathaniel has always been described as a god-like entity who is well, evil and twisted. And I think understanding that he is such a being really changes how you view him.

As he isn't a human, he shouldn't be judged in human standards (I'm not saying that what he did was anywhere near good) but I'm just stating that his experiences, which we get small glimpses of, really does carve out who he is. He is dark and twisted because of his personal experiences of who knows how long and I think you really have to understand this to understand the beauty of this story.

This novel really has amazing character growth, even for the side characters. Each character changes and matures, many of them are lovely. The character development in this novel is the epitome of what I wish it was like for others.

Anyways I would rate it a 9/10, it's amazing, but some parts are rather rough (it doesn't make much sense in some parts) and where's the SMUT?? <<less
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Wapdyne rated it
September 16, 2021
Status: Completed
the first 50 - 70 chapters were good after that it became bad and I regret wasting my time reading this.
There's no romance except after 100+ chapters and the ML is one of the most tr*sh male leads (imo). Idk how Kyrie fell in love with Nathaniel tbh...


he locks her, threatens to kill people she knows if he she doesn't say his name and actually makes her think he killed them, treated her like shit, and when she escaped from him he set up a whole city with people he hired and made Kyrie think she's safe all because he likes to see her cry tf ? There's more but I don't really remember because it's been like 4-6 months since I've finished the novel


Edit: there's a review saying that I'm lying when I said I completed the novel because the translation wasn't finished. I bought the novel and mtled it, I didn't lie... If you enjoyed the novel, then that's good, but I didn't enjoy it and that's my opinion.

Edit 2: My original review does make me like a hypocrite, I know... well, maybe I'll change my mind about it if It ever gets an official translation cuz I did read the 2nd half with MTL. And I get that he's not human and all, and that we shouldn't complaint cuz the novel is "dark.", but I've read more toxic stories that I've enjoyed... I just didn't enjoy this one idk why 😭 maybe because the author made FL suffer so much, so I didn't enjoy it.
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ashlynxx rated it
January 21, 2022
Status: c137

from shipping them for being cute, to praising the FL for always being strong, to praising ML for being so cute around the FL, to quickly cursing him & wanting him to burn in the fire of hell forever, to crying because the FL suffered so much, to sometimes cursing and sometimes praising the ML, to again wishing him the worst, then crying... more>> because of them & at last wishing them the best....... wow I don't think I have ever switched side so many times in any novel....i mean removing all his possessiveness I want someone to look at me that way....

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ravlyn rated it
January 19, 2022
Status: Completed
This was quite a dark novel I'd say. It's very well written imo. Gawd the amount of times I cried reading this is embarrassing 🧍

ML is not human, so his possessiveness and cruelty is somewhat explainable, I'm not defending his actions, in fact if you ever meet anyone irl with his characteristics I'd say run the other way, but I digress.

tbh my heart broke when he said this (cruelty) was the only way he knew how to show "love".

not really sure if the phase he went through counts as a redemption arc, but I'm taking it because man I just love it when MLs suffer 😋

FL went through so much omg before and after she met the ML. Her character is so stubborn she refuses to submit to the ML, which I totally love abt her

even though it backfired on her and then she went crazy but yeah

I do think her character was extremely resolute though, to the point where I was just hoping for her to give in but she didn't because girl boss sh*t 😎kinda rare to see in most novels I'd say

A few parts completely broke my heart but yeah! I picked up the pieces and continued because ✨tragedy✨

Translation wise, not the best but it's okay. Some parts can be confusing but it doesn't distract you completely from the novel ig. Hats off to the translator and the team for their dedication.

TLDR; not really a novel for everyone. Not a light funny and cute romance novel. But it's good and I enjoyed it.
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MusicalNostalgia rated it
December 10, 2021
Status: Completed
The story is a rollercoaster. You go climb up the top, suddenly you plummet down to the lowest point. Then you climb yourself back up. It is a pretty good read. There are a lot of Translator reaction/commentary notes in the beginning of the translations. They do improve a lot in quality after like Chapter 50.
I prefer if the interruptions from the translations were for clarifications or translation notes.
Thank you Nirellav and the team for completing this project. If there are more extra stories to be had, I'll definitely follow. Non-Spoiler review:
8.5/10 if you like yanderes. Lots of character development.
8/10 Story if you like psychological thrillers. There are scenes of gore, su*cide, and kidnapping.
9/10 Overall story of themes. Pretty good pacing. It is a long read. Story Review / Opinions - Below:

The world is a fantasy setting. There is magic. There are kingdoms.

Kyrie and Nathenial's relationship develops more, we can see that Natheniel grows to be more possessive for Kyrie. By the later chapters, it gets even more toxic.
This is what happens when you read a male yandere / psychopath tag. This is also a psychological thriller.

Nathaniel has a clear power dynamic that is "overpowers" others. This is based on his history, abilities, and power. He is not human. He does not follow human norms. He is "the end" from the legend after all. At the beginning of the novel, he is seen as a mysterious "noble." He knows how to be elegant and has social etiquette. As the story progresses, you start to learn more about him. He wants to possess Kyrie.

Kyrie is "interesting" to him. She woke him up, she does not ask or greed for his power. She talks to him, plays chess with him. She is overall like a companion to him. In the book, Kyrie is compared to like a pet. He finds a lot of the world, boring. This is due to him living for a long time. He is immortal after all. To an immortal, a human's existence is so fragile and short. It can also be insignificant.

He is a very interesting character. Just don't apply human morals or standards to him. He simply does not understand them till certain points in the story. Although you can't completely forgive him for all the horrific acts he has done. Throughout the story, you'll find that Nathaniel goes through a 'growing' journey just as much as Kyrie.
His crazy insanity starts around Chapter 40. That's where all the horrific events start to truly happen since the people of the world do not understand the consequences of the wrath of an immortal.
I find Kyrie a really likeable female lead. She has a strong personality but not to overly powerful. She comes from a respectable family, knows her social etiquette, and generally tries to be neutral as possible. She is really just looking after herself given how the environment around her is treating her.

Kyrie also has a strong sense of responsibility despite her father treating her like a material object for the familial gains. He is your typical really bad neglectful (abusive) parent. Overall, her entire family is one part of the toxic environment Kyrie is in.
She does have some likeable friends or allies in the story like MarryAnne. 80% of the people around Kyrie are pretty toxic. Her father, the royal family, and the nobles in some of the social events.

As the story progresses, Kyrie has to endure a lot of trauma. Trauma that is inflicted by Nathaniel's actions and the people's actions around her. She and Natheniel will go through a mental journey of trauma and healing.

One of the themes is "finding love." Its hard to put it as romantic love, but love can be in many forms. I Nathaniel and Kyrie both have different versions of love. They both have to find it.

Over all, this is a good read if you are into psychological trillers. This has very little to do with romance really. The romance tag comes extremely late.
The ending is an happy ending. I can find that understandable that some readers may not be satisfied that Kyrie and Nathaneil end up together happy.
It satisfied me enough for the review. The extra stories are fairly cute.
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NotYourBaee rated it
December 1, 2021
Status: Completed
There is a lot of hate for this novel because of the ways of the Ml. Let me tell you this, ... more>>

he has a complete psychopathic way of thinking. The way he loves the FL is a like a deranged sense of possession.


He just wants her. Doesn't matter what shape, size or mind she comes with. And that's what I think makes him different and complete another level Psychopath lover.

But while I said all of this, another thing that I should mention is, He is NOT human. Don't compare an average humans moral values with him, you'll never accept him that way.

It is later revealed in the story that,

the ML has suffered a lot of betrayals and loss of people whom he loved, which made him all the more admanant to keep Kyrie safe from harm and away from others.


That is it, read the story it is a good read and the translator has done a good job.

Also, it is a story with magic for heaven's sake, please don't be so harsh on the author and yourself. <<less
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Estelle_star_QAQ rated it
December 11, 2023
Status: Completed
As much as I would want to write few pages of review, I lack the time and mentality to do so because of how this novel drained me of my mental stability.

A lot would like to praise it as something thrilling and otherworldly romance between two different beings, or perhaps even a redemption story, but to me, it's purely the writer succumbing to their sadistic tendencies by making the female protagonist suffer.

The male lead is an irredeemable and atrocious entity, while the female lead is a damsel forced by the... more>> situation and circumstances. And no, I wouldn't describe her as 'strong' as some reviews are doing here, instead I would like to point at how she weakened with every blow she got. For me, she is the most pitiful, the most innocent and the most worthy of better circumstances.

Just changing his behavior slightly doesn't make the male lead anywhere near worthy of forgiveness and I really pity those who say they would like someone like him. Please take no offense, but that's pathetic of you to think so and I hope you change your view.

And to the few reviews indirectly mocking some for not appreciating the novel, I would like to politely state that reading a piece of sadistically written work doesn't make you superior. <<less
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harmoniche rated it
December 13, 2022
Status: Completed
I think the people leaving bad reviews did so most likely because the content of this novel is not to their taste. That is within their right, but that doesn't make it bad imo and frankly most of them also didn't even finish the novel but left a poor review lol. I think it's very well written and handles issues very realistically. Let me preface this by saying: this novel is not for the faint of heart but nobody takes any of the experiences within it lightly. That said, Nathaniel at the end of the novel vs. the beginning are two completely different people, in both how he treats Kyrie and those around her (even if mostly out of respect for her. He's incredibly sweet at the end, basically... more>> completely tamed and develops a lot as a character (not that being sweet justifies what he did, it doesn't and Kyrie doesn't let him forget it).

Spoilers below.

Kyrie truly gets broken time and time again and it's a testament to the human spirit. People need to understand that Nathaniel is not human. He does not understand things the same way we do nor does he feel the same level of empathy. He cares for humans, consistently longs for them but ultimately gets used and betrayed time and time again so this is his coping mechanism. He doesn't think he can have real relationships and ultimately, he is born from the evils of the world. You can't really treat him like a regular person with regular morals... It doesn't make what he does okay, but he cannot have the same standards placed on him, especially when humans are like bugs to him. This is also a consistent comparison throughout the story and reinforced by Leschaux as well. He also has a childlike innocence. Sometimes he genuinely does not understand/know he is being cruel. He just has desires and wants to fulfill them. An example would be (tw: gore)

when Kyrie runs away from Nathaniel and her brother, Gray, helps him look for her. He likes looking at Gray's eyes because they remind him of Kyrie. He asks if he can have one and plucks out his eyeball. He is then disappointed that it doesn't actually look that much like Kyrie's and then he unceremoniously drops it to the ground.


The comparisons throughout the novel and the language are very beautiful and elegant, painting a clear picture of their relationship as well as personalities in general. The author makes sure to remind us at every turn that Nathaniel is not human and he does not fit into this society. He is a wolf in sheep's clothing.

The worst things that Kyrie goes through are terrifying and horrifying and they are Nathaniel's fault. Some examples include:

locking her up after she is kidnapped to possess her and out of concern for her safety, gaslighting her into thinking she escaped by hiring the entire town to pretend they are either rescuing her or don't know her, pretending to kill her staff in front of her because he is frustrated and jealous with her PTSD from the guard that he encouraged su*cide from... according to him he was trying to "make her smile". This causes her to regress mentally to when she was 10 years old.

If you are wondering how Nathaniel and Kyrie end up together it's because he truly does try to change and fix things and ultimately he learns what happiness is to her and encourages her to do what she wants without responsibility for others. They only get together seemingly months (?) after everything is resolved and you see a lot of evidence that Nathaniel has genuinely changed. He is legitimately a completely different person by the beginning, middle and end of the novel. If you read snippets at each point you would not recognize him.

Kyrie and Nathaniel have an extremely complicated push and pull relationship that is illustrated beautifully. Kyrie has times where she breaks but she gets back up again. People act like them ending up together makes Kyrie weak but I strongly disagree. Kyrie made a choice. She wasn't forced to be with him at that point. In the end, Kyrie is the one that "wins". Kyrie is the one that remains stubborn and forces Nathaniel, an immortal and unchanging being, to adapt and rescind. If you can do that, especially after having gone to the lowest points in your life repeatedly... you are an incredibly strong person.

Ultimately, it's a huge rollercoaster ride and you will wonder how they even get together halfway through. It seems impossible, but the author generally does a good job naturally steering it in that direction. There is only one instance where I feel like things were a bit underplayed/off and that was the period after the cottage--but I think that is also because there wasn't much time between that and going to the capital. At that time, Kyrie truly starts to believe that Nathaniel is changing little by little (and it's true).

The side stories are super sweet and Nathaniel is kind of like a docile monster by the end of it. It's reiterated that Nathaniel is actually generally a kind and courteous person unless aggravated first. He also doesn't like to hurt women or children and tries to avoid it. Nathaniel inherently does not necessarily like killing. It's just easy for him.

If you like dark, psychological romances with a cat and mouse dynamic you will adore this. If you cannot handle toxicity, angst or slow burn, I highly recommend you stay away from this. It genuinely is a thriller. Their relationship is not normal and takes a lot of growing and healing for them to reach points of fluff. That said, if you are willing to wade the waters to get to that point it is 100% worth it, imo. Especially so when you heal reading the side stories. There are also R19 sidestories too which are really good.

And thank you so much to the translators that worked so hard on this series! <<less
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taniagrace rated it
November 17, 2021
Status: Completed
Okay, readers.

There is a review here that states that they completed it - which is a lie. I am reviewing it rn as it had just recently been completed. This story takes you on a roller coaster. Like many other reviews, it is important to not see Nathaniel as a human. He is anything but. And the FL does a good job of emphasising it. If you don't focus on their relationship 100% of the time, you will find very fleshed out characters with greatly described dynamics, beautifully translated descriptors... more>> of a world that you can imagine, and a great message on the toll PTSD, childhood trauma, public opinion, and death can have on an individual. It is not romanticised and I can understand that some readers want the FL to all of a sudden take charge and reek havoc on those who did her wrong. But that is not how she was written. She is cautious, responsible to a point of fault, and human. The story also did a fantastic job on commenting on the concept of immortality, and it's incompatibility with mortality.


Nathanial is someone who lived so long as an immortal without being given a chance of being human, that he does not have the same views on relationships, love, and human life. Throughout the story, he does many terrible things because he believes himself to only have evil inside, as that as how he was created. The guilt-arc he goes through was SO satisfying he COMPLETELY DESERVED TO SUFFER IDGAF. At the same time, I could relate to the FL to a certain degree. To be so traumatized, so helpless...


I am very curious to see what other actually fully-read reviews have to say. There's enough depth to this novel for there to be beautiful analysis done. Ah, to see this in a show or a movie. I am so grateful for the translator to finish this novel. A good novel like this is so rarely done well. (Forgot to star it - 5/5 guys)

I am excited for the side stories! <<less
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ConsiderableWave rated it
May 13, 2021
Status: c15
Nothing special, crazy psychopathic powerful male lead with winter powers is bored by everything but finds the female lead interesting so of course that's going to be an unhealthy romantic relationship. It feels like it's still a rough draft since there are very few descriptions of things and you're left wondering 'what does x even look like'? The plot has potential to be unique but I doubt it will be.

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3694 rated it
June 16, 2022
Status: side story 14
This reminds me of this bl: Spring Trees and Sunset Clouds. Its not yandere but the ml, reminds me of Nathaniel.

I thought this is not the yandere that im looking for. Usually series with yandere tag they just obsessive, possessive and has borderline. Or just plain crime. They dont go through in the bordeline or the grey matter as much as this one.

It started with cute, light, fluff and god be dmn it gets dark, to the point, possible, of no return. If ML pushes a little more or FL... more>> give up on him, this would be a bad ending. It was expected to have a bad ending with those things happened, it was accepted that they might not end up together cuz that's how much cruel ML to fl. And you as reader want a better life for fl, and that better life was ML out of the picture.

But you have this tiny optimistic side that hoping, yea and ML did learn to be humane.

One thing I really like about this is its never really about the physical attraction. The ML passed that alrdy and even afraid that FL the human will succumb to the human instinct to reproduce.

If possible ML is the perfect ML for me just not the part of being yandere. He never forces the fl, I meant not by force. He manipulate the things/people around her. And that how cruel ML is. He wants her to be by her side and since he's immortal that he forgot how to be human anymore, his way of doing things are not acceptable to the human society. He knew it so he did something like this:

Imagine this. Its like a bird in a huge cage, it was so huge that the bird didn't know she was imprisoned. FL is the bird and ML is the human who owned the bird and created this cage so that his little bird could fly as if its was free. FL didn't know that she was inside the cage until she hit the cage and made the damage. Imagine urself in that, you try to get out of the cage, multiple time but the owner keeps giving you a bigger cage. Would you keep ur sanity? Great to read 👍

Btw this is 5 star <<less
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znukhsoc rated it
November 20, 2021
Status: c15
I have the patience for the slowest romance ever but I have non left for the abusive MLs and frozen-doll-like FLs. I need some warmth in their relationship instead of constant tension. I understand that he is not human but I still don't like the fact that he loves to see FL suffer. Let's keep the angst at some understandable level, shall we?
Not only the characters but the writing is quite dry too.
Anyway, I understand this novel was really not for me. I can't comprehend if there are any positive sides to this kind of story.
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minchan_desu rated it
March 25, 2022
Status: side story 11
OH MY GOD!!! I advise you do not discourage to finishing this novel! This blessed my mind, my soul, my mental, and my eyes hahahah XD

I found the novel when I was reading the manhwa version. The manhwa was picked my interest so finally, and that was encouraged me to read the novel. This novel is so enchanting with a brand new plot, not come cliche romantic drama. When I was bored with the same storyline and those cliches in Korean novels, this gave me fresh air, and enjoy it... more>> A LOTS. A unique romance, tragedy, dark, sad, fluffy, gore... everything feels like a roller-coaster. The story was written amazingly. I spend 3 days finishing this novel, was mentally tired of the dark side but I can't stop because it was so GREAT!

You might hate the ML or even be frustrated with the FL, but they have their own dark past which makes them stubborn or have a mindset like that. But you could sympathize with why they were like that when the story later unfolded.

Thanks a lot to the translator for their hard work. I can't just give 4 stars for this for a small problem on its translation or its story flows, I need to give 5!!! It was so much and very satisfying. XD <<less
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Balanced rated it
November 2, 2021
Status: c124
This is absolutely a very much good novel but please don't see Nathaniel as a human, he is first of all not a human second he is not used to being showed love, he is used to do everything in twisted, so please give it a try~
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TeaPlease1717 rated it
May 25, 2022
Status: Completed
Wow! This was seriously amazing. A true page turner. I read the whole story in 2-3 days (staying up way past my bedtime because I was so addicted).

As others have said, this is not like those typical Korean love stories. It's dark. And deals with sensitive topics like harmful obsession, trauma, su*cide, and depression.

I see some reviewers think the ML is tr*sh, but I'd have to strongly disagree. I think the ML was excellently written. He is a very complex character who has been hurt by those he loves over... more>> and over again. So it makes sense he doesn't trust others. And, although I think his redemption could have been a bit longer, it really made sense and I loved how the FL slowly influenced him. She doesn't make him change. He wants to change and to understand her, and the path to achieve those isn't smooth. It's hard for him and he gets confused and angry when its not easy so imo, his evolution over the novel was perfect.

The FL was also really well written. Sure, she starts off as the typical Korean novel perfect golden girl and, although at her core she still is, it was interesting to see her character change (for better or worse) and to come to understand how she got that way. The author does a really good job fleshing her out.

If you don't mind complicated love and dark romance, this is a must read! And the translator did a fantastic job! The story was really easy to understand and the translator added helpful comments when needed.

I never expected to find a Korean novel as complex as this. The only thing that would make this even better than it was was if there was some smutty goodness. :P

Score: 5/5 stars. <<less
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Kyrina rated it
February 24, 2022
Status: Completed
Gosh, it was truly dark. I came prepare, but still... after the puppet play arc, I really need to take a break. It was too heartbreaking seeing our beloved FL shattered.

The story was good till chapter 80ish when FL stabbed herself, but it felt lackluster afterwards. Although the plot triggering the second nervous breakdown was gold, but the truce phase was not convincing, and the redemption phase was too short. It's not too bad, but not as good as before. Overall it was well written. It deserves 4.5 stars, rounded... more>> up to 5 coz the current rating too low imo.

Huge gratitude to the translators for the effort, but at the same time, I feel LOTS are missing in translation. Too often it was incoherent and really confusing to read. It would be nice if they can be reviewed and rephrase. It really needs good translation to make it flow and shine and I don't thing a review based on mtl will do a justice.

PS: Only side story is smut. Main story is purely psychological thriller. Do not expect romance. It's darker than typical human obsessive love. ML cannot even be called psychopath since he is not human to begin with. <<less
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xaa_sh rated it
September 23, 2021
Status: v104
So far I like how the story goes on (or maybe its just me who like this kind of story). The FL needs to think and treasure herself more rather than thinking about other people first. But its okay, I see progress there. As for the ML, IMO regarding what the ML has done so far, it was bad and it may find it hard to forgive his possessiveness and ruthlessness. Its not surprising since he isn't human. Don't expect he will have the way of thinking or common sense... more>> as human do. He doesn't understand human emotion and doesn't follow their rules. Even so, among many novels I've read, there are ML that is worse than him. <<less
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l8rose rated it
January 17, 2024
Status: Completed
This novel is dark. Like... super dark. Do not read it if you are expecting some light fluff.

The MC is a young woman who has been treated like a tool by her father all her life. She was expected to marry the Crown Prince and become Queen but he broke off his engagement with her. From there, she sets out on a journey that will change the world she lives in. She is a strong woman who suffers greatly as she becomes the focus of an inhuman being. She also... more>> has resting bit*h face so many people misunderstand her.

The ML is that said inhuman being. Despite looking human and having a very human seeming name, he is actually the embodiment of... well, not really sure because the story never really explains what he is. Somewhere between an apocalypse and an old god, he doesn't understand a lot of things about humans. Only that they will betray him. So, after meeting the MC, he chooses to break her completely to force her to remain with him.


It backfires spectacularly on him. For all his manipulation and emotional torture, she basically does what any normal human will do and mentally shuts down.


The story follows the rather traumatizing love story between the MC and the ML, from her setting him free to the moment he decides to give her the single thing she's wanted for her entire life.


Which also backfires on him.

She basically wanted freedom and no more of the responsibilities that her father and other nobles put on her. He does this by becoming the villain (The End) of the Kingdom and allows himself to be "vanquished". But other people got involved and she ends up leading a lonely life without him for a period of time.


In this story we have some very typical story beats like the s*upid former-fiance and a rather spectacularly tr*sh Royal Family. That being said, the new fiance of the Crown Prince turns out to be a sensible person and becomes a bestie with the MC once she understands a few things.


The new Crown Princess misunderstood the MC in the past and thought she was belittling her when in reality, the MC was trying to save the girl from getting made fun of by nobles.

She also comes to realize that the Royal Family is tr*sh but it all works out as she becomes Queen in the end.


The story has some graphic depictions of violence from mu*der to su*cide. The ML is literally a god (without saying he is) and goes right to mu*der without so much as a thought. Especially if someone is threatening the MC.


He straight up mu*ders almost an entire castle of people when she is kidnapped and drugged by the Princess. All this because the royal family thought the MC could control him and that she was his weak spot.


The end of it is satisfactory as the ML tries to change (or at least as much as an immortal non-human can) but it's a very psychologically traumatizing road to get there.


At one point, he fakes her escape from him. Even makes a whole town of people act like she's gotten free. The whole thing was the mind trip and a half.

However, once realizing that everything he's done to her has broken her, he spends time talking with other humans and figures out what she wants most in life. So he gives her that and then sinks himself into the freaking ocean so no one will wake him again.



His plan doesn't work as the other immortal in the story gives his immortality to the MC, which also activates her magical power which has been dormant because of her ancestor's actions. After that, she realizes just how boring it is to be immortal. Her changed mentality (and the words of the other immortal before he turned to dust) helped her understand the ML a little better.

Which causes her to go and find him.


I definitely recommend it if you like fantasy and want something that's a bit darker than the usual romance. The side stories involve their life afterwards (including smut when it's clear the ML definitely wants to bone her) and details some more information about the ML as an immortal being.

Otherwise, if violence and psychological are not your things, definitely pass on this. <<less
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tears of manhwa
tears of manhwa rated it
January 2, 2024
Status: Completed
This novel is dark. If you can't handle the dark stuff and then comment here, "Hiw can ML do that, it's too disgusting" thingy, I really would just throw my broom on you.

ML is not a human, so for him Human conscience; Honesty; Sympathy; Kindness; Pity; Afraid of losing the loved ones ~ these are practically unimaginable.

He had stayed alone for eons of years, being betrayed by even the most trusted person beside him, won't he be blackened like ink?

You can't judge him with a human perspective. It's like an Alien, who's wondering why humans have so many complicated things. If you're Ally = Alive; Enemy = Dead; Stranger = Keep a eye ~ Won't it be enough?

Why it's like "He's my enemy, but I still like him // He's my love, but I hate him too"!!

If we don't have Feelings; we will be robots; without feelings is our ML. An Alien; terrifying power + no feelings = BOOM 🌋

FL is strong too. My oh my, ML didn't f*ck her physically, FL was mentally f*cked and my emotions were disarray because of this.

I was terrified, was happy, was tensed, was sad, was feeling nostalgic, as well as feeling sweet at the end.

It's a free ROLLERCOASTER ride of emotions; enjoy it. 😉
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