Feelings in a Dream


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A one-time dream connecting reagent was made with the intention to meet Daniel, the prince that she has an unrequited love for, even in a dream.

However, it was her rival, Kaiden that took the reagent, and it wasn’t a one-time thing?

Lizen, who has perfect grades and physical skills, is bright and strong on the outside, but hides her wounds on the inside.

Kaiden, a man who is blunt and cold, but more warm-hearted than anyone else.

Lizen is connected to Kaiden through dreams every day, and not only gets caught in a huge conspiracy surrounding the throne, but also gets confused with her emotions…

An oddly continous meetings in their dreams. Is it because it’s just a dream, so it’s easy to pass off as a joke, or has it become sincere feelings because of the dream.

“There’s no point in ‘If’. I already have feelings for you. I like you now even if I don’t dream about you.”

Associated Names
One entry per line
Lucid Encounter
꿈속의 기분
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Happyrachel rated it
March 28, 2023
Status: --
Lizen is a pharmacist who creates a potion drink in the hopes of meeting Prince Daniel in a dream, but her potion is taken by Kaiden. The stories flow bittersweetly, and you can feel Kaiden's genuine feelings for Lizen. Lizen is a pharmacist who creates a potion drink in the hopes of meeting Prince Daniel in a dream, but her potion is taken by Kaiden. The stories flow bittersweetly, and you can feel Kaiden's genuine feelings for Lizen. The manhwa did an excellent job of expressing the character, but the... more>> book expressed a wide range of emotions. There is surprising side story of second prince and Lizen's aunt who are 4 years older than him. Their story started the tragic chain of throne battle. The novel's ending is quite good and the writer did a fantastic job.

Why the Prince Daniel is not meant for Lizen?

Due to his overly pragmatic nature, Prince Daniel failed to find his real love. He is the third prince, first and foremost, and he serves as a diplomatic ploy to wed a foreign princess. He understood his function and his aim is to headhunt for the most profitable princess who serve their role as potential bride. His function thus is more akin to that of a great crush idol in the academy of magic. After his brother (Prince William) died, he battled for the throne by asking Kaiden and Lizen for help. He was so DENSE too! When his sister (Princess Ashe) questioned him, he discovered Lizen loved him in his entire academy life and he wanted to use his throne's right to wed a commoner. Although it sounds like Prince Daniel wake up, I don't think a men would put the female he love in danger. I felt bad for Lizen because she had a selfless crush on him throughout her senior year of high school and even went against pharmacy code to look into a dangerous case for the crown prince.

I have concerns about Prince Daniel's capacity to keep Lizen safe and his ability for risk management. Kaiden regularly provided her with protection by remaining in her living room and even putting himself in danger to save her from assassination on a few occasions. The prince asked Kaiden not to defend her and sent some bodyguards to keep her safe. She barely escaped with her life with one knight while the rest of the bodyguards were slaughtered by the assassins sent by the Queen. Kaiden managed to rescue Lizen from the assassination and professed his love for her. Lizen at this time understood the potion switch and dream manifestation of Kaiden's feeling was actually a blessing in disguise. After all trials and error, Kaiden proposed to Lizen after she went to his hometown to search for him. He was exiled back to his village (over one month) by the Prince Daniel. I did not feel sorry for Prince Daniel for failing at his own proposal to Lizen.

In conclusion, he can't do anything extra for her and his own need for the throne tarnish his own chance for happiness. I'm happy Lizen went with Kaiden and be his wife. Prince Daniel did not deserved her. If you really analysed the novel, the writer is trying to point that self-love is self care and slice of life on human like Prince Daniel. Guys like him always need people to sacrifice themselves for their happiness and serve as a reminder that female should be more selfish to find their own fated partner who appreciate them.

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natanickii rated it
April 27, 2022
Status: c7
The plot seems really interesting and the smut is good. I came to read the novel after reading the manhwa and tbh I'm p sure the novel's gonna be a lot richer. The manhwa is very interesting, so am looking forward to the rest of the novel!
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